Infamous Lead Designer Leaves Sucker Punch Productions

By Ishaan . March 19, 2014 . 6:13am

Sucker Punch Productions lead designer Jaime Griesemer has left the studio days before the release of Infamous: Second Son, his last project at Sucker Punch, reports Gamesindustry.


Griesemer mentioned the news on his LinkedIn profile, and later confirmed it via Twitter, in reply to a fan.



Prior to joinining Sucker Punch, Griesemer was employed at Bungie for 12 years, where he worked on Halo and Destiny. The news of Griesemer’s departure comes in the wake of Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig leaving Naughty Dog and God of War III creative director leaving Sony Santa Monica.

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  • Freud_Hater

    Huh… well, hopefully it was done because he wanted to pursue other projects and further his career and not because of some internal relation problem with the company ‘_’

  • PreyMantis

    This just begs the question: what happened?

    • Pyrofrost

      That’s a damn good question.

      In less than a month, three heads (Jamie, Stig, and Amy) are gone. There must be some sort of heavy NDA attached though; because, Naughty Dog came out swinging after all the “journalism” surrounding Amy’s departure. I don’t know if it’s a sign of tracks being covered or what; however, I doubt any details on the departures will be released anytime soon, if ever.

      • xavier axol

        there’s no reason to be freaking out nor been worrying about what those studios will do, remember when Jason Rubenstein left naughty dog after uncharted? as it turns out uncharted 2 was more of a critical success and the studio is now among the best in this industry. we live in a industry were there’s no shortage of talented people, besides it takes hundreds of people to make a game.

        • Pyrofrost

          It’s curiosity, not freaking out; or is being curious now a fault.

          It’s not like I’m really a fan of the three recently departed people; but when key people are departing in mass like this, my curiosity is piqued.

          It would be like if Nomura, Toriyama, and Yoshida all left SE in the space of two weeks, I would be curious. (though I would be actually be a bit freaked out concerning them).

  • Guest

    The reason he gave to left Bungie for Sucker Punch was:
    “(…) I’m just not comfortable on an enormous team with a lot of process – it’s creatively stifling.”

    Maybe the same it’s happening now for him?

  • DragKudo

    Seems like a lot of people are leaving gaming companies/teams

  • z_merquise

    There seems to be a lot of news of developers from bigger companies leaving lately. But I notice that it’s more typical in developers from western countries to move on after working in a game or two to pursue another opportunity, either in another company or in an independent studio.

    Unlike in Japanese game development where their figureheads are more bound in their company and that it’s more of a risk in their career if they left. I found the game developers in the west more ‘adventurous’ because they’ll still got more opportunities after they left compared to Japanese developers.

    I’m actually not sure if it’s accurate but that’s what I notice.

    • xavier axol

      I’m also curious as to the recent increase of developers moving from places to places, then again it could be not one but several reason behind it. one could be that their work is far from home, another could be economically, and lastly it may be that games now involve so many people that it’s frustrating to work in a stressful environment.

  • D. Collins

    The heck is going on? Everyone is leaving.

  • $51888021

    The thing is, I bet this happens all the time — maybe even every day, but it’s only a “big deal” when it’s the lead designer at a AAA studio. Just like xavier axol said, it takes hundreds of people to make these games, and I’m sure Sucker Punch has young, talented designers knocking down their door for a chance to work with them. No need to worry about the studio.

  • MrJechgo

    I’m so sorry, but… dare I ask Silicon Era’s mods to count how many stories were related to higher-ups quitting their companies in the past days?

    Is it just a coincidence that so many people are leaving the business?

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    Every time somebody mentions Sucker Punch, I can’t help but think of that awful movie.

    • Linhua

      … I enjoyed it… guilty as charged.

      … everyone else can lick a stick. XD

  • revenent hell

    Every time I read of someone leaving a company here on siliconera all I can think is

    ~Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust

    I swear this song wont ever leave my head at this rate.

  • Andrew Boyce

    Gonna attract the flame with this one, but I am kind of glad. Sucker Punch Productions are actually very good designers. I was already kinda iffy at Second Son since inFamous 2 effectively killed any chance of Conduits, and now that the lead designer left, they can actually put their talents to other games hopefully.

  • Kitestwinblades

    Sure would be crazy if all of the people leaving over the past few weeks joined together to make a new studio. Come to think of it… a lot of the people are a part of Sony projects (some pretty BIG projects at that). Even if the reason isn’t related, it sure is weird. Even Jack Tretton stepped down! :< Whose gonna give us a smug grin this E3!?

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