Inazuma Eleven Go Rated For Release In Australia

By Ishaan . March 30, 2014 . 2:00pm

Inazuma Eleven Go will be making its way to Australia (and Europe). The game—or pair of games, rather—have been rated by the Australian Classification Board, under the titles Inazuma Eleven Go: Light and Inazuma Eleven Go: Shadow.


The “Go” series kicks off ten years after the original Inazuma trilogy, and stars a new cast of characters, along with some of the original cast, who serve as mentors to the new kids. Nintendo have not announced a release date for the game yet.

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  • Guest

    Fantastic news! And with no more new releases planned for the future in Japan, we can finally catch up x)

    • GH56734

      Were they scared off by Sega’s lawsuit?
      I mean the series was basically printing money for them in Japan, and the scenario was more or less an excuse plot, nowhere near the one for the original Endo Mamoru trilogy.
      There’s little reason to stop right now.
      If they are playing the creative integrity card they wouldn’t have made GO in the first place.. and I have to say the gameplay is the strongest part of the franchise. Who plays it for the plot?

      Oh, and technically the GO series debut will never be localized, for it wasn’t the 3DS game but rather an obscure cell-phone game (released around the same time frame the Ninokuni Hotroit Stories, and Layton’s Mansion of Mirrors enhanced version), and it wasn’t even ported, emulated or preserved for that matter.

      • Guest

        That’s right, what happened with that lawsuit? Any recent development?

  • sd28

    about time finally i can play the superior games in the series

    • Chogokin

      I don’t know if you are trolling, but GO is pretty bad.

      • Tonton Ramos

        Especially the anime…

      • sd28

        not trolling the games better in every way as far as i’m concerned

  • British_Otaku

    Looking forward to it and hoping that the translations become a little closer with the Go games. Otherwise, I’ll probably stick to the cheap imports of the Japanese versions… >_>

    • Pedro Tavares

      I hate that they changed the character names :S, there was no need for that and now we are at a world cup we are japan but ours characters are called Mark, Jude, etc…they kinda messed up in that.

    • Zero_Destiny

      From what little I read you can probably expect some name changes. Tenma Matsukaze to Arion Sherwind and Aoi Sorano to Skie Blue, for example. Though just like the previous Inazumas and Phoenix Wright games, it’s that different name–similar meaning kind of approach.

      • sd28

        the dog was renamed to spotter also

  • anthony apduhan

    So no word on another Inazuma Eleven series after Go Galaxy huh oh well take your time L-5…

    • Pedro Tavares

      Inazuma Eleven series ended for now, Level 5 president confirmed it, its a shame it ended with their worse game, maybe gameplay its fun but storywise Galaxy was awful.

      Anyway looking forward to the game :D, I’ve been waiting to play the go games for a while.

      • Guest

        At least Zexal’s ending cheered me up.

      • Guest

        Well, there might be coming that Online game, but yeah for this game the story should have been more focused on the Football Frontier International Vision 2 arc, then bring back some characters from the original tournament and new teams participating; release it strategically in Golden Week just in time for the World Cup hype… and presto! Better sales.
        But who knows? A hiatus could be the right thing to do for this series.

      • sd28

        cant agree with it being the worse game as it has way to many improvements that make the experience better.

      • Rokubato

        Oh man.. i didn’t know that.. when did he said so? :(
        can you provide source? I’m curios now.
        I was looking forward for the next game..

    • Renaldi Saputra

      they’d better end it for good, stalling for a long episodes will make it like pokemon
      also I prefer if they start a new series with different universe

  • Letrico

    Youkai Watch….

  • Oguri Murasaki


  • bananaking123

    Youkai Watch and Fantasy Life for this old dog.
    Haven’t heard anything about fantasy life and I feel sad.. so sad..

  • Tsurugi

    HOLY SH*T , I will have to buy a EU 3DS

  • awat

    Y no U.S release Q.Q

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