NIS America To Publish Natural Doctrine On PS3, PS4 And Vita

By Ishaan . April 1, 2014 . 9:00am

Natural Doctrine, Kadokawa Games’ strategy RPG for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, will be published in the west by NIS America, IGN are reporting.


Natural Doctrine takes place in a world that revolves around a substance known as Pluton, which is obtained from underground caverns filled with monsters. These monsters follow adventurers to the surface and it’s up to you to protect the city of Feste from being destroyed by them.


As detailed in past reports, Natural Doctrine will feature a system whereby you’ll see a Game Over screen if one of your characters dies. However, later in the game, you will be allowed to finish the battle using your remaining party members.


The game also has a local and online multiplayer component, and will feature cross-play across all three platforms. As reported last month, the game was delayed for a second time in order to improve this aspect.


Natural Doctrine will be available this Fall in North America and Europe. The game will support Cross-Save functionality across all three systems.

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  • Interesting. Could this be the game that makes me get the PS4? We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Kai2591

      That’s my question as well.

      • kaotron

        it’s for the ps3 as well, I dont plan on getting a ps4 anytime soon for the next few years(until it builds a decent library)

        this game looks cool but doesnt look all that much like a console seller.

        • Kai2591

          Hmm yeah the graphics are lacking in the next-gen department too…

  • Kai2591

    This isn’t an April Fool’s joke is it?

    • Kornelious

      God I hope not :( Seems pretty official though.

  • AlphaSixNine

    I’m hoping this isn’t IGN’s idea of an April Fools joke. Better safe than sorry, I’ve been fooled far too many times in the past for me to believe just like that on this day.

    Hopefully it’s all true.

    • Manny Being Manny

      I’m sure IGN would do a story about something that more than 20% of gamers have even heard of if they wanted to do an April Fools joke

      • kaotron

        yeah, i dont think ign would make an april fools joke about some super niche sjrgp game that isnt mainstream.

        they’re more likely to make some “half-life 3 confirmed” joke…

  • Firekitty

    Soo this means dual audio will be a thing, right? Right?

    • AlphaSixNine

      If it’s NISA you can bet on it. It would be pretty weird for them not to. :3

      • Firekitty

        It would, but after the Ayesha debacle I’m afraid to take it for granted. Especially since it’s multi-platform, and Vita versions have been used as an excuse not to include dual audio before (albeit not by NISA).

        I should just have faith, though, NISA are good to their fans.

    • Sean ‘Geg’ Reddie

      NISA do duel-audio for all of their games.

    • Guest

      Would it kill you if there isn’t any? If that’s the case, I suspect you have not played even a single Persona game from Atlus?

      • Firekitty

        It wouldn’t kill me, but I also wouldn’t kill me not to purchase the game, or to import a copy.

        And no, I haven’t bought an Atlus game in a LONG time, though I don’t think I’d have been a fan of Persona even if it weren’t for their awful localizations…the school-sim aspect just does not appeal to me, though I did at least TRY both Persona 3 and 4 (And stupidly bought a US copy of P3 before realizing I hated it).

        Though with that said, have you really never heard of an ‘undub’? Because I can’t think of a single non-dual-audio JRPG since the middle of the PS2 era that DIDN’T get one within a month of release.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    Sweet. I was hoping this would be released ever since the first trailer. Hopefully NIS uses the Japanese box art.

    • Zer0faith

      I have no idea what this game is about but that artwork alone makes me want to get it.

    • Blackburn7

      The cover art looks amazing, I’d love to have it on our localized versions, too. But I’m afraid it doesn’t have enough gun wielding characters “in order to appeal to the western audience” on it. NISA, please prove me wrong!

      • Paul Rodriguez

        Sadly, Blackburn7 you might be right. This is one of the reasons most Western games do not appeal to me.

        • Kornelious


      • Xerain

        I think it will be fine if they remove the girl from the cover and just leave the city. Unless you buy the gamestop edition in the special box. But then you don’t get the sound track.

        Sorry this joke is so old.

      • darke

        They’ve have the same cover, but they’ll plaster a picture of that knight in armour with a sword in front of it, covering approximately 80% of the background.

    • DyLaN

      Let just hope NISA doesn’t edit the box art too much since most games localized by NISA tends to have an edited/”new” cover.

  • Hays Kronke

    It’s for Playstation 4 AND Playstation 4? I don’t know which to choose!

    • Sentsuizan_93

      Obviously the PS4. :V

    • Ash_Riot

      Vita, of course.

    • subsamuel01

      Going for the best looking version which is the PS4.

    • Kai2591

      16 hours later and it still hasn’t been edited yet haha~

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Good to hear this will be coming. :D
    Thanks, NIS!

  • Wow, this came out of nowhere and relatively quick. Good news and definite get for my Vita ^^

  • Guest

    NISA just confirmed it as well. Hooray!

  • AlphaSixNine

    NISA CONFIRMS! I can finally believe right?! >:D

  • JustThisOne

    I’m super down for it! I’m quite fond of strategy games.

  • MrTyrant

    According to IGN mods this isn’t a joke and in Twitter NISA confirmed it….so…I’M EXTREMELY HAPPY.

  • Masa

    Ps3, HELL YES!

    Still not got myself a ps4 yet so this is great news.

  • SprintsMcGee

    Huh, I’d completely forgotten about this game since I didn’t think we’d see a release outside of Japan. I’m quite happy about this!

  • Nyandroid

    Beautiful! I was wondering just last night whether this would get localized or not! Now to decide which system to get it for!

  • KyoyaHibari

    Sweet sweet sweet.

  • tturtlejosh

    I’m just hoping for them to say Aprils fools e.e huehue

  • Kornelious

    No Way! I don’t know what’s more surprising, That were getting this game to begin with, or that NISA is gonna publish the the west’s first PS4 JRPG. Now I gotta worry about Demon Gaze, Mugen Souls Z, Neptunia Idol, Fairy fencer F, AND Natural Doctrine! Keep up the good work NISA :D

  • raitouniverse

    Ah wonderful, now I don’t have to care about the PS4 any time soon. PS3 strong.

  • Ash_Riot

    3D SRPGs are such a rarity nowadays. Getting this day one. NISA have actually trumped the likes of XSEED and Atlus now.

  • laurenhiya21

    Nice! I only heard about it yesterday and it looked pretty cool from the gameplay I saw :> Can’t wait till it comes out~

  • neo_firenze

    IGN says: “The game comes toting both Cross-Play and Cross-Save functionality, though it’s unclear if there will be any sort of Cross-Buy between the versions.”

    Come on, Cross-Buy! Otherwise I guess I’ll be doing PS4 only and using Remote Play to stream to Vita when I feel like being in bed with the portable.

  • Finally another game for my PS4! lol

  • Yan Zhao

    Wow I wasnt expecting this out of NISA, this game doesnt look like any other game they published haha.

    • brian

      They did publish Clan of Champions, though that’s action.
      And do we know if this is physical?

  • Prinny Dood

    No thanks I’ll pass……. April fools dood! Vita version for me

  • artemisthemp

    Is Natural Doctrine the F2P game from Capcom or wait ain’t that Deep Down?

  • I-e-on

    This is pretty surprising considering I’ve seen the game play and…. No thank you.

  • Luis Camargo

    Thou shall ask and beg, but if you stick by our covenant thou shall also receive.

    Praise the sun and NISA.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    This game looks awesome! I hope the PS4 gets a lot more srpgs. I know the Xbox won’t.

  • ecoutercavalier

    My prayers have been answered! Uuuummbasa!

  • fool

    3D SRPG is cool and all but this honestly looks like an early 2000s PS2 JRPG

  • Crimson_Cloud

    The artwork of the characters look good. The system seems interesting. Gonna keep an eye on it.

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