Persona 4 Coming To PlayStation 3 As A PS2 Classic

By Ishaan . April 1, 2014 . 9:30am

Later today, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army will be available on the PlayStation Network in North America as a PS2 Classic. Joining it at some point in the future will be Persona 4.


The ESRB has rated Persona 4 for the PlayStation 3. This is, of course, the PlayStation 2 version of the game without the added content in Persona 4: Golden.

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  • Malon

    Golden has been out for a long time now, this isn’t really a bad thing that the original game comes as a PS2 classic, but it also could have been a PS3 version of Golden, why not…

    • Unlimax

      Probably because P4G is successful and still selling on the Vita ~
      Its a matter of content i guess we still don’t know yet .

      • karldeck

        Basically the number one rule for new vita owners: Always own P4G.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          I’m a bit late for that but will do.

          • Sperium3000

            Unless you hate Persona will all fiber of your being, in which case, wow dude, chill, but unless you are sure you won’t like it, you should totally get it. The Vita is not as barren of good games as it was when it came out, but still pretty barren, so I don’t think there’s nothing to lose…. Aside from money, I suppose.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            What? No, I mean I never got Persona 4 on PS2 but I WILL get it on Vita.

            Let me tell you one more thing… I LOVE Persona 3! I have Persona 3 FES on PS2 and it was way better than any on the PS3 at the time. The only reason I didn’t get P4 back then was because it felt a bit off to me but I’ll get into it this time.

          • Sperium3000

            … You know you don’t have to defend yourself, right? I’m not saying anything that would lead you to that assumption. Then again, this is the internet…

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Reading words isn’t the same as hearing them because at least in real life, you can tell HOW the person is saying whatever.

    • Sperium3000

      I certainly wouldn’t object for Golden on PS3, but Hell, until I have the money to buy a Vita, this will certainly fill the void.

  • YES! YESSS!!

    Golden was the only reason for me to get a Vita. I don’t mind missing content as long as I get the core game.

    • Shippoyasha

      You are missing quite a lot actually. They made a lot of changes that made it less aggravating upon dying and making persona fusions less of a busy work. Tons and tons of awesome extras too. I would still recommend Golden to those who beat P4. I had a 350 hour save file in P4 but now I already have 120 hours on Golden

      • Of course, I would still want to play Golden. But I’ve never played P4 at all. This is my cheapest shot lol

        • Shippoyasha

          By all means go for it. Vita will likely get more pricedrops in the future anyway.

          I still have fond memories of P4. Just be sure you save every chance you can. They offer you no leeway if you die.

          • Thanks for the tips!

          • Dyne

            And if ask you to open a box, do not unless you are super powerful(like lv90 kind of powerful)

          • Crevox

            Only happens on second playthrough

      • Zeik56

        I think it’s kind of a wash personally. That added some nice extras, but also made some changes I don’t particularly care for, and kind of botched some ideas that could have been good. In the end, if I were to go back and replay P4 it would probably be the PS2 version.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      You’re not missing out on much. Golden has certain extra conveniences and some bonus content, but for the most part, it’s not that different to warrant purchasing an entire separate system for (although some did anyway). Most of the extras are pure fanservice stuff anyway.

      In fact, depending on how much you value difficulty, the original might actually be a better choice, since Golden significantly gimps two of the best fights P4 had to offer.

    • decus

      Yeah, if this isn’t a cruel april fools I’d say go for it. The added P4G scenes are all on youtube and, yeah, kind of weighted toward fanservice if you want them later and the gameplay additions aren’t much/worth $250 or whatever vita+game+memory card is, if you wouldn’t want any other vita games.

      Plus you’ll be getting the good Chie voice acting instead of scratchy chalkboard, why does atlus keep casting her in stuff Chie voice acting.

  • Barrylocke89

    Persona 4 Everyone.

    • Jared Powell

      April Fools’ Day Everyone

  • The Watcher

    At first i read it as Person 4 is coming to PS3, in which i thought it was an April Fools joke, then i suddenly remember how popular Persona 4 has gotten so i thought it was real, then i read the headline again and saw it was coming only as a classic.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      If EA wants to make games that sell, maybe they should compete with Atlus instead of Activisionless.

  • Zer0faith

    And it only took an entire console generation but still better late than never.
    I would totally recommend Golden though, the extra content and being able to play it on the go make it an absolute must.

  • Kamakuma

    I’ll buy it no problem. :’3 I’ll just have to find wallet-chan because she’s hiding from all the pre-orders… >> <<

  • Abysswalker90


    • haku67

      I hope that’s what this is. I rather have golden then the ps2 ver. But for the people who haven’t played persona 4 yet. This ver. Is good since its only 10

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    And there goes future Vita sales.

    • Brion Valkerion

      Pretty sure that’s why they even waited this long lol.

      • This one will only be bought by the Collectors. Then again, who would “collect” digital copies?

        • 5 Years from now there will be a way to “prove” a digital collection… I dunno, i’m aiming for something along the lines of “My cloud is bigger than your cloud dawg”

          Or something incredibly dumb like that… anything can happen, so we’ll just have to wait and see O_o

        • decus

          Or it’ll be bought by people who want to play P4 without having to connect their PS2 again? I own P4 for PS2, but having it on my PS3 would be way more convenient/something I’ve been wanting. For $10 or whatever price it’ll be it’s totally worth the convenience.

    • Koji Kabuto

      Why? Golden is way superior than the original game.

  • Neophoton

    Is it a bad thing I’m more interested in Raidou’s game over P4? I mean, I already bought P4 back when it released on PS2 and picked up Golden as well…

    • KoRLumen

      Then yeah, I don’t think anyone can blame you lol..

    • Timovisch

      If you haven’t played Raidou yet then no. Seeing as you own the PS2 and VITA version of P4 already. Raidou was a very cool game and I really wanted to play the second one. But this never came out in Europe.

    • Kaetsu

      I’m more excited for Raidou because I haven’t played it yet.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    is the difference between p4 and p4g the same as p3fes and p3p? I did get both p3fes and p3p.

    • karldeck

      No, P4G is a superior version with way more content, while P3P removed the answer and 3d outside of dungeons, but added a female option with new social links.

    • Mr_SP

      No, the difference between P4 and P4G is like the difference between P3 and P3FES.

  • xe7en

    Why not golden though?? :|

    • Because that’s already available for the PS VIta.

  • Will absolutely be getting this. Since I don’t have a Vita, I’ll settle for this version.

  • Eder García

    RIP P4G

  • Alexandre Dinh

    ;_; . If only all the WILD ARMS and Xenosaga could have the same processing ….

  • TheExile285

    People acting like this affects P4G and Vita are being silly.

    • Kaetsu

      P4G will still be the definitive version.

    • Fidelis

      People aren’t gonna buy a VITA to play a port of a game out on a much cheaper system, I doubt this will effect VITA sales at all.

  • karldeck

    And I cant wait for Atlus to announce Persona 3 Super Sexy HD Edition after the third movie.

  • Danny DeMent

    >Persona 4 PS3 Release Announced
    >April 1st

    …that’s just cruel.

    • What is cruel? This isn’t much of a April Fools joke if it was.

  • April 1st joke or real? Either way I already own Golden so there’s no point on downloading this one.

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    My Prayers Have Been Answered. Again

  • All of you in the comments should check the source. This isn’t much of an April Fools joke if it was. It isn’t the first time that a vanilla version of your favorite game is added to the PS2 Classics catalog, you know. Not even the 5th+ time.

  • DesmaX

    Part of me wanted both of the games to be HD remasters… I want trophy support for them

    Oh well, might just buy this. Been wanting to play this again anyway

  • Rocco

    It’s time to relive everyone’s japanese high school dream, with j-pop music constantly playing in the background. *Heartbeat. Heartbeat. It keeps on pounding…*

  • GameWinner

    Will buy even though I own the game on PS2 and Golden.

  • If you have a Vita buy P4G
    If you dont, buy a Vita

    • harmonyworld

      Everyone support the vita! Please!! I want more exciting games for it and also for some of the accessories to become cheaper! (that isn’t too hopeful is it?)

      • Timovisch

        Sorry I sold my VITA. :( Bright sight of the story I sold it to my brother and he buys a lot more games for it.

        • Martian Wong

          After selling it to your brother…do you still get to play it? If yes, you just do yourself a favor…

          • Timovisch

            Af course won’t deny that. But he doesn’t mind.

    • CycloneFox


    • artemisthemp

      They won’t be selling a lot of copy since, Persona 4 Golden is better game since 1. Marie 2. Marie 3. ??? Marie.

      So overall Marie

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        I thought it was because improved gameplay and added features

        • mingledorff

          Well yeah, that too. But I mean, Marie.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            hmm still will never beat hanging out with nanako

      • Samsara09

        Who knows.Many people wanna play persona 4 but probably are aversed to buying a vita,it is a corpse….Too bad about Marie,though…that sucks.But I suppose one can live with it.

    • Samsara09

      if you have a vita,buy P4G
      if you don’t,be free to buy whatever version you can afford,as long as you play this beast of a game.

      If the vita was as awesome as the 3ds in the rpg genre…buying a vita would be a must…but,well…life is tough,and the vita is sinking.

  • Revorse

    This’ll have to do. I had a lot of interest in Golden but not enough to warrant a Vita purchase. Not with my funds. Sure it’s not the best version of the game, but it’ll do.

  • Fidelis

    Ohoho! Atlus getting trigger happy with PS2 classic releases, I see!
    I know I’m not the only one getting antsy about Nocturne!

  • Leon_Tekashi

    And now people who are still b****ing about Teddie’s new VA can now calm down!

    • SerendipityX

      Wha? Teddie’s new VA sounds virtually the same or am I missing something? It was the new Chie, I thought everyone disliked.

      • Leon_Tekashi

        There was that and Teddie’s VA. That’s all I’ve remembered.

        • New Chie grew on me pretty fast even though the old voice still holds a special place in my heart, it was just so distinctly memorable it’s hard to forget.

          But to reiterate, new voice rocks too ^ ^

      • Lynx

        Sam Regal replaced Dave Wittenberg as Teddy in the anime, Golden and Arena because of scheduling conflicts, iirc.

      • Zeik56

        Chie’s voice was the one that was more dramatically altered, but unlike Chie, Teddie’s original voice was 100% perfect. Sam Regal does a decent enough job imitating it, but it comes off as a somewhat inferior copy, to me.

        But I have a better ear for these types of things than most people it seems, because I’ve seen plenty of people say they can’t hear a difference, but I heard it immediately.

    • Kaetsu

      I think the new VAs for Teddie and Chie are far better.

  • Rafael Martines

    Well I’ll get the Vita person :P in instant game collection sometime in the future, who knows?

  • Firion Hope

    Well that took long enough

  • Rake

    Even though we got P4G, I’ll take this~

    • Samsara09

      take my like,mister democracy.Thanks for not mocking or joking whoever is gonna buy this for PSN.

      • Rake

        Why thank you and you’re welcome. If we’re getting SMT games on PSN there’s a good chance we’ll see more in the near future.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    I want them to release the sequel to Devil Summoner. My PS2 can’t load it anymore :/

  • Nitraion

    Already have P4G
    Well is it april’s fool?
    I rather have Nocturne or DDS series complete

    • 하세요

      We have P3P and still got P3 FES. Not everyone has access to handhelds.

      • Nitraion

        Can’t say i have handheld as well because i play it on Vita TV XD
        buy yeah you have valid point..
        but it will be nice if atlus also include Nocturne and DDS on their classics meaning they have interested to bring series life again….

  • Finally!

  • SerendipityX

    Yes! I have P4G but for some reason I still love the original P4 more.

  • One of the best games of all time. Still have my psychical copy though, so I’m good.

  • Oguri Murasaki

    What? No golden? Lame!

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Golden isn’t a PS2 game so no~.

      • Oguri Murasaki

        So the sad! I demand golden the complete version of persona 4! Zzzz

  • googleisfriend

    I’m sorry, but Chie’s new voice ruins P4G for me. I’ll take the original any day.

  • Mimi

    ooh! i was just thinking about this and wishing it would happen a few days ago. Haven’t got a vita so this is real good news. I just hope it isn’t too expensive.

    • Zeik56

      Expect it to be $10, like all the other PS2 classics, and then it will go on sale for $5 at some point.

      • Mimi

        sounds good :D

  • sammy11

    Might as well just port P3 and P4 to the 3DS too.

  • D. Collins

    Cool. Oh and speaking of Classics I remember Capcom saying they were going to release Rival Schools as a Psone classic. That sure was a while ago. WHERE IS RIVAL SCOOLS CAPCOM!……..sorry.

    • Teh_Akod

      Screw PSone classic. I want a full HD remaster and online Rival Schools.

  • Teh_Akod

    This reminds me that I still need a third playthrough to Platinum P4G. Something I would do gladly one of these days.

  • ooo nice persona 4…already have it though, and still need to get golden.
    now please release nocturne and DDS…..


  • PragmaticSoul

    Hnng dat Original Chie voice. How I miss it so~

  • I’ll take it, albeit I would naturally prefer Golden on PS3/PS4 since I ain’t got a PSVita.

  • Kenyah

    It doesn’t make sense especially without P3 :v

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