Square Enix’s New Crowdfunding Platform Launches In Full

By Ishaan . April 4, 2014 . 8:30am

Square Enix’s crowdfunding platform, “The Collective,” launched in full today, following a pilot testing phase conducted in January. As part of its launch, mecha action RPG World War Machine by Turque Games will be the first game to make it to the crowdfunding phase.


Here’s how The Collective works: developers make a submission with their game pitch, similar to what they would do on Kickstarter. Once the pitch has been made, the Collective community examines it on the website’s feedback forum for the next 28 days. If enough people support the game—which they express by voting for it—it moves to Phase 2.


Phase 2 is the crowdfunding phase. At this point, Square Enix steps in, helps developers figure out how much money they’ll need to fund their project and provide other kinds of support. If all goes according to plan, the project will move to IndieGoGo, where the crowdfunding process will begin.


In order to qualify for The Collective and Square Enix’s assistance, you need to adhere to a few rules. Your game must be:


  • Be developed for PC
  • Be digital-only
  • Have a budget that’s realistic for crowdfunding
  • Not have already been through crowdfunding previously
  • Be submitted by a person that can lead development (ie is an industry professional)


Eventually, Square will also let indie developers have access to some of their dormant I.P., starting with Gex, Fear Effect and Anachronox. Details on that front are still being worked out, and more I.P. will be added over time. In the meantime, The Collective is now accepting submissions. You can visit the website here.

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  • Zyker

    Anachronox!!!!! I hope I hope I hope!

    • Kaetsu

      I was thinking the same. I’m really interested to see if any companies will try to it or Gex up.

  • Death Saved

    Why dont they just head to indiegogo in the first place?

    • Kaetsu

      Square Enix will help publish and advertise the game. Sounds pretty good if you ask me.

    • Tonemanzero

      A good way to think of this is probably along the lines of a college project, where you get research money from a company or a group to take on a particular problem or research area in exchange for work experience and possible future employment after the project’s completion. In this case the developers aren’t getting money from the company but rather brand association and development assistance, which in turn can be as good as money as well.

  • Masa

    Ok, those two words, mech and rpg = me excited!

  • Minos

    Squeenix will give an accessory and win a part or the earnings for doing mostly nothing while other people takes the risk…

    Sounds like a way to scam indies and clients at the same time, its almost impresive.

    Makes you wonder how much Squeenix’s financiare issues really are.

  • Quan Chi

    Screw that. Put FFVI and FFVII on there….

    • seyEliveD

      I hope you aren’t implying an indie developer do remakes for FFVI and FFVII…

      • Quan Chi

        Indie devs can be real companies. And most remakes are done by other
        companies. For example: MGS: The Twin Snakes (Silicon Knights) or FFIV
        Complete collection (Bullets).

      • Minos

        They already did.

        Didn’t you see FFVI for iOS?

    • Ferrick

      screw that as well, we sure as hell don’t need another FF7

  • BlitzWhat

    If only this had been around when Chrono Resurrection was, maybe they would have backed it instead of shutting it down. Then again I imagine they’ll be more protective of IP like Chrono, even if they have no plans for it.

  • CirnoLakes

    I wish I could use this to help in crowding more Japanese titles. But it seems like, if I’m not mistaken, this only really applies to their Western studios.

    I want to crowdfund Japanese games and Japanese-like games.

  • raven772

    I don’t back projects that only have concept art.

  • yellowmage

    I hope Moon Hunters is successful. I much prefer that to World War Machine.

  • Abel_Nightroad

    How come there’s no japanese langage version of this site ?! When you hear that Uchikoshi and IGA never heard of Kickstarter before Mighty n°9 you figure that we need a JAPANESE crowdfunding version and one that allow projects without US based help.

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