Now That Kill la Kill Is Over, Studio Trigger Will Focus On Little Witch Academia 2

By Ishaan . April 8, 2014 . 11:01am

Now that the Kill la Kill anime has ended, anime production studio Trigger are making preparations to dive into their next major project, Little Witch Academia 2, which the studio Kickstarted last year.


“Our schedule for April is to come up with a solid plot for the title,” Trigger wrote in an update to the Little Witch Academia 2 Kickstarter page. “We thought it would be best for everyone if we can have [creator] Mr. Yoshinari illustrate an artwork based on the actual plot of the story.”


“We plan to present our backers with the wallpaper in mid to late summer of 2014! As an compensation for the delay, we would like to present 2 concept artwork today!”


Little Witch Academia 2 is a sequel to the first Little Witch Academia animated feature, which was part of the “Anime Mirai” project and helped put Studio Trigger on the map even before Kill la Kill. The sequel is expected to by 35 minutes in length, and is planned for release this winter. When it is released, Little Witch Academia 2 will be subtitled in seven languages.


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  • otakumike

    Oh cool I had no idea these guys worked on LWA, I randomly watched it while browsing crunchyroll and thought it was entertaining, will keep an eye out for this.

  • Shippoyasha

    Cute and nice show but damn it’s only another OVA. I kind of wanted a Tweeny Witches style series. Oh well.

    • McKinley Lockhart

      Good. I want it to be another OVA. Keep the same production values as the last one. None or not much of that bogging down with unnecessary padding to fill time or budget issues that comes with TV anime. Plus they get to take their time with how they want to make it so it better expresses what Trigger wants to present to the audience.

      • Shippoyasha

        Well, Tweeny Witches ran for about 25 episodes length and it had some of the most mind blowing animation I’ve seen in anime. I was kind of hoping it’d aim to be a bit more ambitious. Doesn’t bother me much though.

  • z_merquise

    I’ll look forward to LWA 2. The first is very fun and charming and that’s what made me interested in Studio Trigger.

    Trigger have 2 more anime series under development.


    And this (which looked bad-ass)

    • shafiq95

      That second one looks like something out of platinum games ,very anarchy reigns like…..Platinum is really destined to make a game from Trigger…..Didnt bayonetta also had someone whom can throw galaxies as well?

      • z_merquise

        Indeed, it is.

        There was a year-end interview by 4Gamer to the Japanese game developers back in 2013, I found that the director of Metal Gear Rising (Kenji Saito) is a fan of Kill la Kill. I would love to see Platinum develop an anime-based game especially if it’s from Trigger.

        • shafiq95

          link please

        • Ric Vazquez

          Kojima isprobably too since he is known to be an otaku.

    • John Hayabusa

      I love LWA so much. Hopefully, it will get a TV series one day.

    • MSJ

      I am gonna ‘Ninja Slayer’ so hard when that shit comes out, that poster looks friggin awesome!

  • Nightstar1994

    *reads KlK*

    Seems it’s not the time yet. I will wait…and be rewarded for my patience.

  • Awesome! Trigger has swiftly become a favorite studio of mine =^_^=

    Can’t wait for their new anime that’s supposed to come out soon too.

    Edit: Ino-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de (Ino-Battle In The Usually Daze) is what it’s called.

    • z_merquise

      Trigger has swiftly become a favorite studio of mine
      Same here.

      Little Witch Academia 2 is looking good but I’m really excited to Ninja Slayer.

  • Impressionnant

    I’m glad. I tried to get into KlK, but I just couldn’t enjoy it. I much prefer LWA.

  • Zypharium

    I’d love to see a manly Anime by Studio Trigger. Something like Golgo 13 or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure would be awesome. Inferno Cop was manly, yeah, but too short! Kill la Kill was great, and the OST was in German. :D

    • shafiq95

      InfernoCop is going to have a sequel just so you know

  • shafiq95

    I really hope Imaishi continues to make Gurren Lagann,Kill la Kill over the top cheesy like anime again…..As for Yoshinari,I absolute love his cartoon/anime fusion artstyle…..although kinda sucks that LWA wasnt popular in japan

  • Setsu Oh

    this art is SO reminescent of european comics….like Franquin’s,Crispin’s Crisse’s art!

  • Six

    I’ve never been big into anime, but Kill la Kill is probably my most favorite thing of all time.

    I’ll be there day one for LWA2, Inou-Battle, Ninja Slayer, and everything else that Studio Trigger does in the future.

  • SirRichard

    Can’t wait for it, the first proved that Trigger’s pedigree was more than just for show and they should really be allowed to do the things they want to do.

  • Slickyslacker

    Amazing. I think KLK is kind of overhyped, and I adore Little Witch Academia.

    Serialization or mango adaptation, eventually? I hope so.

    • GodLikesSnacks

      “mango”? u mean manga right?

      • shuyai

        no he mean adapting it into the ancient mango art style transcript created by the ancient mangolian.

        seriously tho isnt that obvious?

        • It reminded me of that old radio skit of a cheerleader, the quarterback who thinks the cheerleader wants him, but who she really wants is “Mongo,” the strongest in the team that can dish out the pain with lines like “Mongo big, Mongo strong, Mongo want ball!”

          Yeah… I tried to find it online but this was before the internet was ‘famous’, I doubt a recording of it exists, funny stuff tho.

  • artemisthemp

    The Main character look more mature

  • Qunton C.

    I feel they should have been focusing on it from the beginning honestly.

  • XypherCode

    Didn’t know they launched a Kickstarter campaign. Have I known I could’ve backed it up. XD

  • Looking forward to LWA2 coming out. I backed the kickstarter, and don’t regret it! They do some great work.

  • fairysun

    For anyone who has not watched Kill La Kill, watch it ! Best anime of 2013!!

    • PreyMantis

      And first quarter of 2014.

      • John Diamond

        what… it’s far from that… if anything i’d say space dandy is better than kill la kill

    • Revyatheworldeater .

      Koimonogatari arc of Bakemonogatari came out in 2013…. KLK doesn’t even come close to that…

  • PreyMantis

    YAY! Love the first one. I just wish that they made it into a full-on 25 or so episode series.

  • Darkwing7

    And the waiting game beings… (can’t wait to see it <3)

  • cj may

    actually liked Little Witch Academia more than most of KLK glad their working on 2 now

  • Rock Volnutt

    That’s nice and all but, uh, what does this have to do with video games?

    • doubleO7

      Nothing. Siliconera has been covered anime news for a long time.

      • Zero_Destiny

        It used to be more consistent but with the growth of the site it’s hard to keep up. I remember when weekends meant anime news and reviews. lol

        But yeah, we never truly stopped doing some anime stuff on the side, there’s enough overlapping between a lot of the readers and anime. :)

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    Little Witch Academia and Kill La Kill are both awesome. Studio Trigger is amazing.

  • D’aww no cour-length series? Oh well, another episode is just as good :)

  • 60hz

    after watching kill la kill it’s obvious that animation as a whole is way too easy for trigger… they need a challenge perhaps animating with no erasing allowed or something… geezush!

  • scdk

    Better yet, why not use that success to make LWA2 a full-length movie? I mean, they did quadruple their Kickstarter goal.

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