Atlus Picks Up Clever Comedy RPG Citizens Of Earth

By Spencer . April 9, 2014 . 3:45pm

Citizens of Earth is a quirky RPG that puts you in the shoes of the Vice President of the World. Naturally, that means you don’t do *any* fighting so citizens fight for you during battles. When I played Citizens of Earth it had an Earthbound feel to it, but the character recruitment system is kind of like Suikoden.


Originally, developer Eden Industries tried to fund Citizens of Earth through Kickstarter. That didn’t work out, but luckily Atlus USA stepped in to publish the title. Citizens of Earth will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS in both North America and Europe in 2014.


The game has over forty characters to find including a Barista from Moonbucks that attacks by throwing coffee and a fan designed character. If you have an idea for a character submit it here.



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  • ThatGuy3190_7

    Oh Atlus, you never disappoint.
    I am already looking forward to this.

    • Franggio Hogland

      Hey Europe here………367 days since promised direct…..268 days since US release….

  • Ty Austin

    I was so disappointed when the kickstarter didn’t reach anywhere near its goal. So happy atlus decided to pick this up. I’d recommend downloading the demo, it’s pretty good.

  • Tiredman

    Wii U purchase from me if they don’t over charge. I won’t spend over $15 on a digital game, and I have a feeling this will be digital only.

    • CozyAndWarm

      The gaming market has changed. A lot of great games get released digital-only when a physical release isn’t feasible. Look at Umihara Kawase and Senran Kagura on 3DS for example.

      • Tiredman

        Aye, it all comes down to price. I know that market analysts said that digital games didn’t do very well on consoles, but I think most of that was overpriced games. People don’t want high priced digital games because many know that they don’t own the games then, and they also know companies are being greedy and trying to charge roughly the same price as they would for a physical game, and not passing any of the benefits they received on to the customer. I own over 240 games from the original nintendo up to ps3/xbox 360. I won’t buy a purely digital option that charges too much because I know the value of owning my games versus digitally owning the games.

  • rurifan

    Am I the only one who looks at this kind of art and instantly wants nothing to do with it?

    There are sooo many awesome digital artists on the internet, you’d think indie developers would be awash with their work.

    • brian

      I dislike it, but the game’s charm negates that for me.
      A lot like the new Atlus logo.
      I like the “this message was approved by the council for irresponsible advertising in video games” thing at the end.

    • BossBullet

      I’m pretty fine with the art, besides the developers probably wanted it to be like that in the first place.

    • Akimitsu

      I don’t understand the dislike about this kind of art? I find it to look absolutely beautiful and wish some more games would adapt to it instead of some of the styles they choose.

    • Saraneth

      It looks good to me. As long as it isn’t 8-bit or 16-bit. I don’t like it when devs make games with bad graphics because it’s cheaper and then try to cash in on nostalgia when you could instead play the better games that they’re imitating.

      • rurifan

        Agreed, “retro” style games have long since passed the point of being clever and now they’re just an excuse not to hire artists.

        • Cazar

          I disagree. Pixel art is an art form of it’s own.

      • zzzSleeping

        I love artstyles like the one in the video above and old school 8/16 bit art. It has a certain charm

    • notentirelythere

      Blegh, I agree.
      I don’t feel like the perspective works with these illustrations… the way characters are rendered with partial depth with soft shading paired with environmental objects with harsher cell(-ish) shading. A bird’s-eye map, littered with at-a-tilt set pieces, and front-view character sprites? It’s all so, “whyyy?!” Those hokey shadows, too…
      A lot of the character designs are cute but it really does look like a Facebook game like I-e-on said. The colors certainly don’t help (bland). It’s leaning on varied levels of abstraction that don’t connect. A tighter visual direction woulda gotten me more interested.

  • lemon

    Damnit, Atlus USA, your job is to localize games.

  • I-e-on

    Okay is it just me or does this look like a facebook game????

  • Prinny Dood

    Citizens of earth atlus is awesome dood!

  • Yan Zhao

    Im getting an Earthbound vibe from this, definitely will keep it on my radar.

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    Looks interesting.

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