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Humble Capcom X Sega X Atlus Bundle Offers Sonic And Resident Evil

By Jenni . September 13, 2017 . 10:00am

People who pick up the Humble Capcom x Sega x Atlus Bundle could end up getting Sonic Adventure 2, Resident Evil 4, Citizens of Earth, and other games.

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Citizens Of Earth Campaigns For New Players

By Spencer . February 11, 2015 . 1:28am

Atlus and developer Eden Industries have a quirky RPG where you play as the Vice President of Earth. If you haven’t played Citizens of Earth yet you can try the game and hang out at Moonbucks next week.

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Release Dates And Launch Discounts Revealed For Comedy RPG Citizens Of Earth

By Chris . January 15, 2015 . 9:59am

Atlus has revealed the released dates for the RPG Citizens of Earth, as well as the launch discounts you’ll be able to take advantage of.

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How Atlus Saved Citizens of Earth

By Spencer . July 23, 2014 . 5:00pm

Siliconera spoke to Citizens of Earth lead designer Ryan Vandendyck about what happened to their humorous RPG after Kickstarter and what it’s like working with Atlus as an indie developer.

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Atlus Picks Up Clever Comedy RPG Citizens Of Earth

By Spencer . April 9, 2014 . 3:45pm

Citizens of Earth is a quirky RPG that puts you in the shoes of the Vice President of the World. Naturally, that means you don’t do *any* fighting so citizens fight for you during battles.

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This Comical JRPG Makes Has Suikoden Inspired Character Recruitment

By Spencer . September 20, 2013 . 5:00pm

Instead of a brooding warrior, in Citizens of Earth you are the Vice President of Earth and have regular people in your party. You know like a Used Car Salesman and a Barista that serves as a buffer.

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This Wii U Indie RPG Is Like Earthbound Meets Little King’s Story

By Spencer . March 27, 2013 . 12:37am

Citizens of Earth puts you in the shoes of the Vice President of the World… and like most politicians you have no special powers. But hey, you’re a charismatic fellow so you recruit townspeople to fight in battles for you.