Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Looks Really Good, Too

By Ishaan . April 9, 2014 . 5:15pm

The Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. looks great, but it’s the Nintendo 3DS version of the game that’s being released first—and this version looks pretty damn good itself. Nintendo have shared the first really good look we’ve gotten at the 3DS version of the game with a large batch of screenshots. Take a look at them below.


Smash Run Mode:


N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_01 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_02  N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_04 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_05 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_06 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_07 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_08 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_09 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_10 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_11 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_12 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_13 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_14 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_15 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_16 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_17 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_18 N3DS__SuperSmashBros_FieldSmash_Screen_19


Items during battles:


N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_02 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_03 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_04 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_05 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_06 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_07 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_08 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_09 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_10 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_11 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_12 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_13 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_14 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_15 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_16 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_17 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_18 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_19 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_20 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_21 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_22 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_23 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_24 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_25 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_26 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_27 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_Items_Screen_28


Pokémon that can be used with Poké Balls:


N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_02 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_03 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_04 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_05 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_06 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_07 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_08 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_09 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_10 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_11 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_12 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_13 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_14 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_15 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_16 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_17 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_18 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_19 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_20 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_21 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_22 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_23 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_24 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_25 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_26 N3DS_SuperSmashBros_NewPokemon_Screen_27


Stages in the Nintendo 3DS version:

smash3d_stages_01 smash3d_stages_02 smash3d_stages_03 smash3d_stages_04 smash3d_stages_05 smash3d_stages_06 smash3d_stages_07 smash3d_stages_08 smash3d_stages_09 smash3d_stages_10 smash3d_stages_11 smash3d_stages_12 smash3d_stages_13 smash3d_stages_14 smash3d_stages_15 smash3d_stages_16 smash3d_stages_17 smash3d_stages_18 smash3d_stages_19 smash3d_stages_20

smash3d_stages_21 smash3d_stages_22 smash3d_stages_23 smash3d_stages_24 smash3d_stages_25 smash3d_stages_26 smash3d_stages_27 smash3d_stages_28 smash3d_stages_29 smash3d_stages_30 smash3d_stages_31 smash3d_stages_32 smash3d_stages_33 smash3d_stages_34 smash3d_stages_35 smash3d_stages_36 smash3d_stages_37 smash3d_stages_38 smash3d_stages_39 smash3d_stages_40 smash3d_stages_41 smash3d_stages_42 smash3d_stages_43 smash3d_stages_44 smash3d_stages_45 smash3d_stages_46 smash3d_stages_47 smash3d_stages_48 smash3d_stages_49 smash3d_stages_50

smash3d_stages_51 smash3d_stages_52 smash3d_stages_53 smash3d_stages_54 smash3d_stages_55 smash3d_stages_56 smash3d_stages_57 smash3d_stages_58 smash3d_stages_59 smash3d_stages_60 smash3d_stages_61 smash3d_stages_62 smash3d_stages_63 smash3d_stages_64 smash3d_stages_65 smash3d_stages_66 smash3d_stages_67 smash3d_stages_68 smash3d_stages_69 smash3d_stages_70 smash3d_stages_71 smash3d_stages_72


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    I’m on mobile; I’ve never had to scroll down so many images before lol.

  • fool

    It’s true. The character models look really polished and solid and not cheap downgrades of the Wii U models. The stylistic differences don’t immediately seem like compromises.

    • This.
      This is what I’ve been telling my friends from the start.
      Someone gets it. I’m no longer alone.

      And on another note, smash run looks like INCREDIBLE fun. Such a cool concept pulled from Kirby Air Ride, and Air Ride’s best mode at that.
      Can. Not. Wait. For. Release.

      Edit: and my reason for believing as such from the very beginning is simple: Masahiro Sakurai-sama is a man of quality and undying commitment from what I’ve seen. Each and every game he’s put out is a product of his intense love for what he does and I have had no reason to ever doubt him in this matter when he hasn’t failed me in the past. And personally, he’s one of the only people in the gaming industry that I will never mind hearing that a game is delayed, because I have every reason to believe that it’s for a very very good reason and that it will make the game even better than it would be otherwise.

  • Mmm. Yes. Glorious. We will be trading in some games for this. I cannot wait.
    Also, I need to finish BD now so it won’t get neglected when SSB comes. ;u;

    • Ric Vazquez

      You and me both need to be done with Bravely Default before Smash gets here XD

  • TheGioG

    Upgrading to a 3DS XL is gonna be a necessity in the VERY near future. Be right back, picking jaw up off floor after witnessing the beauty of Arena Ferox and Reset Bomb Forest Stages.

    • Edzo04

      the graphics dont look nearly as crisp on the XL. i personally cant figure out why everyone thinks it is better. i have gone through 2 XLs now to try and force myself to like it but i ended up selling the 1st one and havent touched my current one since i bought it. the physical size of it + the weight also makes it very uncomfortable for long sessions.

      • Astralwyrm

        my main gripe with my own right now are the corners, compared to the vita they are really hard on the hands.

      • Bobby Jennings

        Well games that have been releasing after the XL are made to look pretty good on the XL.

        I’m sure the same will happen with this.

    • Namuro

      Although, I think the graphic will look better on the smaller screen, the fights will look pretty messy and harder to keep track of. So yeah, upgrade to XL, man!

      Let the fights unfold on the giant screen!! ヽ( ゚Д゚)ノ

    • Raltrios

      I’ve needed an XL upgrade for ages, but I’ve been holding out because I want a really cool limited edition one that wows me. So far the only one has been that black MH one, but it only got a JPN release. Well, the Fire Emblem one too, but that was only in Europe.
      Durn it.

    • Ric Vazquez

      Agreed on that, the regular 3ds size does not do the game’s visuals justice.

  • Ruins72

    Soooo what are the chances of us getting a Monster Hunter stage? On either 3DS or Wii U? I would love to have to try and dodge random monsters wandering into the stage.

    • British_Otaku

      So far, third party stages or assist trophies have usually matched the series of the third party character in the game. It isn’t impossible for Nintendo to chat with Capcom for us to get a little more, but your suggestion never happened with Brawl… Then again, neither did Megaman.

    • 하세요

      As much as I’d kill for a MH stage / assist, Capcom giving us Mega Man was generous enough as it is. I’d be hype as fuck if we did, but I wouldn’t shun them one bit if we don’t.

  • Kornelious

    Like I said before, I will be buying both versions, The 3DS version looks awesome and allows us to play Smash like never before, On the go :D
    While the Wii U version definently looks like the BIG version and will be well worth the wait :)

  • GigaNerd17

    I saw a Polar Bear. Seems suspicious…

    • Guest

      Can’t wait for Ice Climbers!

  • ZnTxn

    Plasma Wisp! <3

    • s07195


  • DarthSithZero

    Nintendo really knows how to use the max capacities of their consoles.

    • Jero

      Sakurai already worked on a game for the 3DS (Kid Icarus: Uprising) and he’s a really good programmer so yeah!

  • AuraGuyChris

    Dedede: Can I get a pear?
    Lucario: No! Go away!

  • SlickRoach

    Meowth’s still a pokeball assist I see. I always hoped he’d (the Meowth from Team Rocket obviously) would become a playable character since he’s so popular and ever present through the show. I thought that’s why Jigglypuff was a character because of the whole running gag with her marking up people’s faces when asleep, and even though she doesn’t appear in the show anymore they just kept her in future installments. Maybe one day Meowth, maybe one day…

  • Chaos_Knight

    I wonder if Kirby can get his power ups from his enemies. In Brawl, you couldn’t get the Beam ability despite that Kirby can swallow Dedede’s Waddle Doos.

  • Original Sayin Prince

    u def need an XL for this

  • XypherCode

    The screenshots really looks great when not stretched like in the videos.

  • Who’s buying both versions? I know I am!!!! ^_^

    • hazelnut1112

      Gonna hold off for a possible Wii U Smash Bunduru.
      I hope they do one, I already have a copy of W101 and don’t want another Wii U game (Bayo 2) sitting idly in my room taunting me.

  • Evil-Antho

    oooh that’s is actually pretty cool =D good luck to everyone participating!

  • Byron Kerrison II

    All we need is Bayonetta to be announced as a playable character (or even an assist trophy) and we will be golden.

  • Grape Monet

    Just remember: This is supposed to run at 60 fps, while looking this good. This is going to be amazing.

  • luckgandor

    Categorically stunning. “Hyped” doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling.

  • leingod

    I’m kinda bummed this version comes first than the Wii U one (The Wii U really needed that push) … but what the hell.

    • J_Joestar

      hopefully he will have some big unique console content to make up for that wait.

      • leingod

        I hope so too. As much as I love Smash Bros., I wouldn’t buy the same game twice.

  • notentirelythere

    I’ll definitely be turning the outlines off. The modeling is fantastic, but the outlines totally cut into the depth, even in screenshots here where they’re very thin.
    Those textures close-up are absolutely dreamy for a portable game, too… I wonder what they look like zoomed out.
    Any ideas on why the City Trial analogue is 3DS only? I’m sure it’s fun either way, but being able to see everyone’s screens at once in City Trial was half the conversation!

  • hazelnut1112

    Gonna put in a preorder for at least 4 copies of this game:
    Friend (Birthday present since this might come out in August and that will be my gift to him)

    Just glad I have more than enough time to pay this off. Just pay off a copy every check I get.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Smash Run is going to see alot of play time

  • chroma816

    I was a little skeptical at first, especially at the prospect of buying the game twice, but I think I’m gonna get this for both systems. Looks fun.

  • Waiting for an 3DS:XL Bundle to be announced on E3.

  • TheSegaMan

    I cannot wait to play this! After that Nintendo Direct all about it, I can’t contain my excitement!

  • Macreen Smith

    Franklin Badge + Mr. Saturn= Ness and Lucas confirmed.

  • popo123

    Wow talk about lazy on those pokemon models. I mean they already have new better models in Black and White but they still decided on using the N64 pokemon models(for the old generations). Oh and I’m talking about the ones that appear on pokeballs.

  • DRIG

    quite surprised they haven’t replaced goldeen with magikarp :(

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