Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.25 Adds Materia Transmutation System And New PvP Gear

By Ishaan . April 24, 2014 . 8:30am

Patch 2.25 was released today for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In addition to introducing a new event quest and new rewards, the patch also increases the maximum PvP rank to 40 (from 30) and adds new PvP gear.


Also included is a new Materia Transmutation system, which can be unlocked at level 19 by completing a specific quest.


You can view a full list of changes in patch 2.25 in Square Enix’s patch notes.

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  • ElAbuelo69

    I love, still love, and will probably keep loving ARR but this was honestly underwhelming.

    Why? Because nobody PvPs.

    • Rintarou

      Was probably an effort to entice more PvP action. I’m not a fan of it either personally, but some of those sets are really cool. :(

    • greeeed

      true to be told, most who play FF game play it for story so most players who play FFXIV -> play it for story

      but it is fan though we need 8/16 vs 8/16

      • Evil-Antho

        you sure about that? Yes I do play ARR for it’s story but everyone is all about speed running it ._. towards end game no one waits for you anymore. Still even though some people can be douches, I still love that game greatly

        • Crimson_Cloud

          Thats why MMO’s can be good or great depending on the community and the players that befall you. It saddens me that I had great gang in Mabinogi or Sevencore but had only one-time encounters in Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic. But thankfully those last two games can be on their own as they have pretty fun content for single play. During The Realm Reborn beta run, I could hardly talk to anybody, it felt like I was playing with AI on speed crack.

          • Evil-Antho

            my 2 main problems with Realm Reborn is mostly because (It’s my first MMO so I’m still pretty new to most stuff besides being a dps) at end game, if you do a single mistake, someone in your party will abandon the dungeon. The other thing is when you are new to a dungeon and ask for explanations and get welcomed with everyone abandonning the dungeon ._. on the same note, most speed running tanks are such pricks…I’m not used to do AoE attacks since I was told not to use them during the normal playthrough. I’m a BLM but that doesn’t mean I know every single spell I have ._.
            most speed runners have too big expectations I guess.

          • ネオフォトン ~ Neo

            As someone who does a lot of end-game content, my only concern is when people who are first-timers don’t bother to mention they are and cause people to wipe. Crystal Tower is where people are excessively guilty about this, when often times, people are more than willing to explain stuff as they progress through a raid or dungeon.

            Granted, it does annoy me when people leave after one or two wipes, or as soon as the Echo buff kicks in on certain instances. I often wonder if they know they can just right click it to disable the buff.

            That said, I only agree to doing speedruns if everyone in the party is willing to do it. If someone else isn’t for it, then I’m more than willing to play at a normal rate.

          • Evil-Antho

            well now that I’m doing a lot of end game content as well I do also understand how annoying it is that people don’t mention it’s their first time here. I got an entire party in CT of first timers and we constantly got wiped because no one in my alliance only was listening. we never got past the hum….3 demons with the bomb at that time and it still took us forever to get there. and I simply seem to have the worst luck with every tank ever ._. just the other I got 2 tanks in a row that didn’t do their job as tanks and got us wiped often. the other dps and healer and I were trying to explain them what to do but they wouldn’t even read anything we said and kept doing a bad job….I was leveling up my arcanist and my tank carbuncle was doing a million times better than the tanks we got…

            I know that feel. it’s not like we’re getting penalized for using the echo anyway either.

            and that makes you a better player than most I’ve encountered on this week. on behalf of other players, I thank you for playing that way

          • EvaUnitO2

            I just want to politely point out that I am someone who doesn’t like being told what to do in a game. I want to play the game for myself and not have someone else get upset with me for not following their instructions. I’m happy to tell you I’m new to an area but I’m not willing to allow you to effectively play my game for me.

          • Evil-Antho

            yes I can understand that much from other players but it’s an MMO, you can’t play simply for yourself in dungeons and it’s annoying for everyone if you make a mistake that ends up wiping the whole party.
            Most of the time also, people give out advice in order for others to use their class better.
            though that also depends on what you do, are you a tank,healer or dps?
            and thank you likewise to stay polite about it. =P

      • Brion Valkerion

        exactly, most FF MMO players are not interested in PvP outside of casual encounters. That “its fun, but I’d rather fight monsters with friends” mentality is ingrained in the community.

        Nice they are throwing a bone for the few who like PvP though.

    • Duo Maxwell

      I can hardly say nobody, because the PvP consumables are one of my steady income on the market.

      • ElAbuelo69

        It was obviously an hyperbole. Of course there are PvP aficionados. But in the grand scale of the game, it’s not as popular as other stuff. Queues take too long.

        Well, not anymore with this patch actually. Let’s see if the interest lasts longer this time.

  • icup ✔️

    new gear looks nice. but i’m not coming back to grind just to play dress up.

  • ネオフォトン ~ Neo

    Shame I’m not into PvP, so this update was a bit of a letdown. While I still have plenty of things to do on the game (been playing for 4 months thus far), I’ll just be eagerly awaiting 2.3.

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