The Attack on Titan 3DS Game May Come To North America

By Ishaan . May 1, 2014 . 5:30pm

A source at Spike Chunsoft has revealed to Siliconera that the company is looking to bring their Attack on Titan game for the Nintendo 3DS to North America, and has been searching for a publishing partner to do so.


Attack on Titan was released in December 2013 in Japan. The game sold 93,000 copies in its first week and sold out very quickly after that at retail stores. Over the next several weeks, Spike Chunsoft continued to ship additional copies of the game, with demand constantly outweighing supply.


By February 2014, the game had sold over 240,000 copies at retail—and we imagine even more when counting download copies, due to the short supply in retail stores.

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  • Well, I’m sure surprised.

    The game itself sounds pretty interesting, so even if it gets a digital-only release (or a Gamestop exclusive release, I’m expecting that pretty much), I might pick it up.

  • KazukiNanbu

    and ,like SAO hollow fragment, this game will sell like hotcakes because the fan base is huge, the only diference is that the SAO game look interesting, this game looks boring

    • Nintendojitsu

      SAO looks like a poor man’s .hack.

      • All Fiction

        Both games look like a poor man’s something, but at least SAO has swimsuits. I think we can reasonably say it is a huge advantage.
        Moreover if I remember correctly the Shingeki game has a crappy solo mode that is only like 2 hours long. Its online was pretty good and was the main attract, but it is certainly dead in Japan now and I’m not sure it would last long in the US or Europe.

        • mike dickson

          guess what both games suck swimsuits don’t mean jack by the way

        • Ferrick
          • solbalmung

            Yoshiyuki Sadamoto charac design so amazing, give me back my Balmung of the azur skies QQ

        • British_Otaku

          You are truly “All Fiction”*. This game takes dozens of hours to finish if you take World Mode into account, judging it on a playthrough of the campaigns is like judging a fighter on the arcade mode.

          Also, Attack on Titan’s game has swimsuits as well and no online so the game is surviving on local multiplayer alone which is worse for me as an importer but still proof that you know very little about the game.

          *Sorry about that, I know your name is a Medaka Box reference. I wish Kumagawa was in J Star Victory Vs.

          EDIT: This thread is pretty crazy with unrelated chatter. It seems you were talking about .Hack in the swimsuit thing but yeah. I’m pretty sure one of the .hack series must have swimsuits somewhere, it is an old series and Attack on Titan had them in the first retail game.

      • stephane3012

        I’m actually with kazuki on this one. The SAO looks more interessing than the AOT game. It has nothing to do with the anime. I don’t know why people hate so much on SAO and always have to act like hipsters and telling how .hack is superior. I saw the reviews and .hack is nothing to brag about really.

        • DeAndre Atchison

          Saw the original and roots. Got bored of both of them partway through

        • mike dickson

          theres a reason behind it .hack was the first of the genre even through it wasn’t that great it proofed its point the story is something compared to sword art online. SAO is unrealistic in comparison not to mention okay lets face it SAO plot isn’t good the author in my opinion didn’t try its just kirito who is laterally the author in his own imaginary harem so thats clearly not something to brag about

          • Ferrick

            .hack’s story is quite good and the character development also makes the game to be good (in my opinion), SAO on the other hand, the first arc was great… until the author starts to write kirito as
            the “super perfect being that does little to no mistakes” and the second arc that’s kind off insulting

          • stephane3012

            The characters themselves might have been more believable in .hack than in SAO but the game world were they develop is just plain boring. It doesn’t grab as much as SAO’s did. Even with a shitty plot SAO was always entertaining to watch cause it was action-pack from beginning to end. I know .hack deserves some credits for what it was but the same could be said for SAO too.

          • Ferrick

            i do agree that the world in THE WORLD isn’t exactly that good because it’s not as amazing as what the heroes do in the game’s main plot, but then again, there’s still Harald Hoerwick’s black box, so who knows. the plot on the novel was ok (except ALO), but the characters are the problem, like i said before, the MC is just too perfect, to the point where he has a heck load of harem… where even the guys go doki doki for some kirito tushies

          • stephane3012

            I think the author wrote SAO when he was 15. At that age you would only write self-glorifying’s understandable. As for .hack i don’t know in what state the author was but he could have made the story more interessing if he focused less on the characters tbh.

          • God

            When i was 15 i wrote pretty nihilistic stories based on how relative concepts like morals and ethics are, how we often demonize those we consider “bad”, and forgive everything someone “good” does, and other stuff like how extremely insignificant humanity is, and the lack of freedom in society, granted, my favourite writer from whom i gathered some inspiration was and is H.P. Lovecraft, but i still think that makes your argument invaild.
            PD: You should write your comments more in “i think”, or “to me”, if you make your opinions sound like absolutes, you are bound to start a fanbase war.

          • stephane3012

            Hey god, you are the enbodiment of self-glorification. You created lesser beings to worship you goddamit!

          • God

            I created you for my own amusement, that you decided to worship me is only thanks to thoso hobos on opium that wrote some random books claiming to be word of god.

          • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

            Pretty sure Reki was 27-28 based on year.. Seeing as the first volume which lead into SAO was written in 2002 (2 years after .hack a game btw. Lol) for a contest that even in Reki’s “writing” bio it mentions :

            “In Fall of 2001, Kawahara decided to
            apply for the 9th Dengeki Game Novel Grand Prix (Dengeki Game Shousetsu
            Taishou) [4]. He had no prior writing experience and only read other
            works. Kawahara finished Sword Art Online (SAO) in 2002, but he was turned down because it exceeded the page limit by 120 pages.”

            The Bio :


          • mike dickson

            I hope he did otherwise dudes a very sad. Individual

        • Nintendojitsu

          But I am a hipster.

          • stephane3012

            That explains everything.

        • Namuro

          It’s a cycle thing. People will hate on the “new hits”, and praise the “old hits”.

          I’m sure in the future, far, far away (or maybe not that far), people will hate on a new MMO based manga, or anime-turned-game (or the other way around), and praise SAO.

          • mike dickson

            You are kinda right but the story of anime became way to repetitive to the point of having copy paste moe romance comedy in my opinion giving praise to the classics is only reasonable

          • Namuro

            While I agree that many anime are getting a bit repetitive, you have to admit that they still sell. There are still loads of people that “demand” the same old formula, like a harem, love comedy, for example. As the saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

            Just like how all the Twilight-ish novels can still sell. Just because some people might be vocal about how crappy (subjective) they are, it doesn’t reflect the actual number of hardcore fans that still support these same old, same old stories.

            Besides, opinions on things tend to change all the time. Years from now, SAO may become the definition of “great classic MMO story”.

          • mike dickson

            SAO will never be consider a classic in my opinion sure if offers decent action scenes but the story overall can’t cut it compared to actual classics

          • Namuro

            Oh no, I’m not saying that it “WILL” becomes a classic. Just “MAY”, that’s all.

            Besides, it’s all subjective, anyway. Where I am, a lot of younger people consider SAO the pinnacle of MMO drama, and regards it as a great classic (seriously), and they don’t even know some of the older stuff like the .Hack series.

            I’m sure that there are some older films / novels / cartoons that I regard a classic in my eyes, but a lot of people would think otherwise.

          • mike dickson

            True it gives creators more reason for rebooted old series. By the way nice meiling pic

      • Renaldi Saputra

        duh, this argument still keep coming

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Let’s not continue fighting this particular war. It is quite possible and even logical that different people growing up in a similar culture could come up with similar ideas at a similar period of time.

        And the thread is about neither.

      • ishyg

        Rather a poor man than not have .hack at all.
        But I do want .hack.

      • hey hey hey, come one ~ everyone knows that .Hack»SAO in plot (at the very least)…

        Yeah .hack story’s are way better then SAO from a huge margin. But still, I admited liked SAO a little bit more.
        (Of course .hack//Quantum is my favourite exception to SAO and All .Hack Series :3)

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      Judging a game before you playing it
      is like
      judging a book reading it or an anime before watching it

      • Alter

        that’s the sole reason of demo version.

  • Jerry Rogers


  • subsamuel01

    I would buy this day one, love to beat up on some titans.

  • benhofb

    I mean, it is definitely awesome that it would a chance coming over, but honestly, I can’t see myself picking it up. It looks fun to a certain extent, yeah, but maan, I just can’t get over the wonky 3D models and whatnot. I dunno though, thoughts could change…

    • stephane3012

      Yeah me neither and the gameplay looks like it can get stale really fast.

      • benhofb

        Yeah… If all the titans only have one weak point, that would get reallly repetitive.But I haven’t been following this game at all, so if they’ve changed how you kill each type of titan, I have no idea about it.

        • British_Otaku

          You can hit the arms, legs, neck and face of titans (along with other body parts) for varying results on top of using a portable cannon but generally cutting the neck is the only means of killing a titan unless they are really small like 3 metres tall. In which case, even a cannon blast or grenade could blow their head off.

          The game usually gives you enough goals that you can stay engaged with other things though the bosses in World Mode can definitely fall on the repetitive end. Perhaps also, some armoured titans if you don’t know how to approach them.

    • I-e-on

      Dont forget the game is also about 2 hours long.

      • benhofb

        SERIOUSLY?! Wow, that is… kinda bad.

        • British_Otaku

          That’s a false rumour going around based on the admittedly poor story mode. The World Mode can take dozens more hours and has much more engaging scenarios on top of plenty of unlocks.

      • British_Otaku

        This game is 2 hours long just like any fighting game is half an hour long. Stop spreading misinformation when you haven’t played the game.

        World Mode adds plenty of time and content to the experience.

        • I-e-on

          I dont really see how anyone would want to play around in world mode for so long to add that much play time but whatever.

          • British_Otaku

            World Mode has:
            Tons more missions.
            More interesting scenarios and mission goals.
            The ability to make a character.
            The option to recruit Streetpass or AI allies.
            Leveling up and applying skills to get an edge in missions.
            Using a certain item to “transform”.
            Unlocking tons of costumes, weapons and 3D Gear.
            The use of portable cannons to manage titans from far away.
            Use of traps, grenades and other tools.
            Creation of characters with assets of existing story characters.
            Multiplayer in missions.

            World Mode put simply is the bulk of the game. Just like an arcade mode is rarely representative of the experience in an fighting game. The story mode is where everything is, though I’ll admit players will be replaying missions quite a bit to either earn money or resources as linearly running through everything isn’t always ideal.

  • MrJechgo

    “May come”? Really? Didn’t the series get dubbed and released recently? Why not surf on that wave?

    • It would depend on how much money Spike want to charge to license it out, and which publisher would be willing to pay that amount.

      • MrJechgo

        Hmmm… hard to say… since many publishers worked with Spike before, but still, with the recent release of the anime in English, not to mention the HUGE fanbase, it’d be stupid to not take advantage of it.

        • Right, and that’s the thing. Spike, knowing how popular it is, might want to charge a certain amount of money. American publishers, for whatever reason, may not want to pay that amount. Things have gotten left off the table in the past for that reason before. (Not specifically in the case of Spike, just generally.)

  • Spirit Macardi

    Would they get the US dub cast for it?

    Seriously, that cast is nothing short of amazing. And it’s awesome that Bryce Papenbrook and Matt Mercer agreed to be in it even though it meant traveling to Texas out of their own pockets to do so (essentially meaning they’re working for negative money). Actually, in Bryce’s case, he auditioned entirely because he watched the subtitled episodes and wanted to be a part of it once it came stateside :3

    • British_Otaku

      It is possible, but not guaranteed.
      There isn’t very much to voice in the game actually as the narrative is told through cutscenes from the show and text… Bryce and Matt would be travelling a lot to do minimal voice work actually unless they are scheduled to do something else in the area around the same time.

      I hope they consider dual audio anyway. I don’t want to have to pick my J-3DS just to listen to a few Japanese performances.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Well, for a game they may be able to work around that. Getting Bryce and Matt in through an LA studio like Cup of Tea, meanwhile getting the rest of the Texas cast in via Okatron5000 (which is Chris Sabat’s personal studio).

  • GH56734

    Hopefully someone picks this up.
    Not Xseed sadly, since they got burned before on licensed games back in 2009 (retailers were even refusing to stock it!). I don’t see Atlus doing a licensed game…
    Natsume? They did do Chulip before…
    Though it would be pretty funny if Bandai Namco helped them localize it (they were eyeing the license as well). Stranger things happened… (like Nintendo letting Atlus/Xseed publish their titles, or Square publishing a concurrent RPG from Capcom)
    Aksys or the European 505 Games are the biggest candidates..

    It wouldn’t even matter in this case if they self-published it with the the same wonky translation as Lux-Pain. It’s an action-y game.

    • ThatGuy3190_7

      I can somewhat see NISA probably picking this up.

    • British_Otaku

      What licensed games did Xseed pick up before?
      Hajime no Ippo. No surprise that it backfired, especially when it isn’t even marketed with the brand itself (though I see that older localised games seem to have been called Victorious Boxers).

      Ju-on: The Grudge is implied to be pretty bad in the reception column of the Wiki article but otherwise, a game based on a Japanese movie from quite some time ago. Bound to backfire.
      If they had the chance and funds to handle this, they would be right there to tackle it I would think. Their experience with other licenses isn’t comparable to this.

      Otherwise, I have a similar take on who may step in. 505 Games surprised me by picking up one of the Naruto games on 3DS. Bandai Namco must want to get in on the Attack on Titan action so bad, having every big license but that was quite a surprise.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Ehhhh….no. I love the anime, but this game looks so lackluster in several areas.

    • Namuro

      What’s so bad about them bringing it over? I’m sure there are fans who can appreciate the localization.

      Besides, have you tried it? It could actually be good, which is why it’s selling so well

      Or it could just be because of the “HYPE POWAH!”…

    • God

      It’s supposedly like 2 hours of solo gameplay… and my internet sucks so i probably won’t be getting it…

      • British_Otaku

        Dozens of hours of solo gameplay including World Mode.
        Every mission can be played alone with bots (perhaps streetpass) allies supporting you on missions.

  • And yet another reason I think Japan is loving us at the moment. And by us I mean the US. Please announce this for Europe among other titles.

  • gRiMmYdArK13

    If this does come out, I cannot wait for the Australian release date!

    • JMaster3000

      Nintendo says no.

  • Tetris

    Too bad the game looks tedious as all get out.

  • TheGameTagerZ

    This game is pretty bad (I own the import). But this might be a little more fun to play in English since I barely understood the World Mode.

    • stephane3012

      Stop torturing yourself!

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Being a fan sucks lol. I’ll support this garbage to they can potentially make less garbage AOT games in the future.

        • British_Otaku

          The bulk of the game is in the World Mode and I ended up liking it a lot more than Unlimited World RED when I got into doing those missions.

          So if you could get your hands on a translated version, I recommend giving it another go.

          • TheGameTagerZ

            Yup that’s the plan. They have a few missions from the manga on there that I want to try (won’t say which for spoiler reasons)

            Also I 100% one piece side missions last year sort of addicting honestly.

          • British_Otaku

            Yes, they do have some missions with titans which haven’t been seen in combat if you aren’t up to date with the manga and… there is one that we have never seen fight as well which we can cut down here.

            I don’t just recommend World Mode because of that those, all of the weapons, unlocks, allies and upgrades take ages to get through. It introduces new mechanics and depth, even if the polish is never up there.

            I finally finished the One Piece side quests not too long ago and regret doing it so early as it gave me few missions to use the 15th Anniversary costumes on. >_> A lot of them feel too samey oddly enough as well, there was one interesting one where they want us to race through Marineford and a few others.

  • AkiraScare

    May the Odds never be in your favor….

  • Makoto Yuki

    The gameplay is so boring that I could careless about it. They are lucky because of the huge fan base buying it despite how poorly the game is made

    • 하세요

      This is why I wish we could somehow get numbers on returns.

      • British_Otaku

        That would be interesting to examine but this game is genuinely enjoyable despite how unpolished it is and how bad the story mode (the world mode is the bulk of the experience) is.

        It didn’t just sell because of the license and it being a big year for the license, though that was definitely a big factor.

    • Natat

      So you COULD care less?

  • Dystopiq

    Another generic game based on anime hoping its raving fan base will be dumb enough to buy it.

    • TalesOfBS

      Aren’t 99% of anime games like this?

      • DyLaN

        There are good/decent ones but most of them definitely are fanservice (going by the original definition).

      • Dystopiq

        Yeah pretty much. Unless they’re fighting games.

        • British_Otaku

          Really? Most licensed games are bland regardless of genre and hold onto the biggest and hottest licenses as they know their crap won’t sell

          I can’t even remember one competent (meaning technical and well rounded) fighting game in the last three years based on an anime.

          Naruto seems to get a pass on the basis of really good presentation. Dragon Ball hasn’t had a good fighter since Ultimate Butoden on the DS which wasn’t localised.

          On this one, it isn’t really “generic”.
          The concept of swinging from building to building, cutting titans is fairly fresh and pretty well realised especially in multiplayer even if it isn’t the best polished work. >_>

          • Dystopiq

            Jojo ASB.

          • British_Otaku

            Interesting proposal. I glanced over that at first as CC2 are known for style over substance even if it looks like more of a fighter this time round (not nearly as sound as the Capcom fighter does, but baby steps). I should really pick it up as I went through the first two JoJo series recently.

            Word of mouth implies that it has a weak story mode, free to play elements (which were toned down) and poor balance but I’ll probably consider it good if they make stands and all the styles stick out and complement each other in interesting ways.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    would only buy it if they had the Mikasa idol arc in it

    • God

      I have 3 important questions:
      -What the hell are you talking about?
      -Is it fanmade or Canon?
      -And arguably the most important of my questions, WHY THE FUCK DOES MIKASA HAVE A 6-PACK?!

      • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

        Question definitely an alarming concern.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        Its in the manga but its not Canon and she always had them

        • God

          I’m only at chapter 26, so i probably haven’t goten there yet. She did? Since when?! WHY?! WHY ON MY NAME WHY?!

          • Cazar

            By WHY I think you meant to type YES.

        • GH56734

          It IS canon.
          Recent manga chapters showed it.

      • Lazulis

        Author drew Mikasa in an idol costume as a fanservice something. She’s had a six pack since forever because she’s strong as heck and she’s # 1 in her whole school did you really not expect her to be muscley and ripped?

        • God

          Never really gave it any thought, but seeing her with a six-pack was quite shocking…

      • Slayven19

        She’s always had a 6 pack.

      • ishyg

        And here I thought God was omniscient.

        • God

          And here i thought i had already explained over 9000 thousand times how since you have free will i am not omnicient when it comes to your dimension…

          • ishyg

            It’s over 9000!

          • Göran Isacson

            Welp, while I’m not here to repeat old memes like the poster below, I thought I should point out to God that official art of Mikasa, which can be found here:


            Essentially show that she is SUPERRIPPED. God may now feel a little bit inadequate, what with the old gut that’s probably not getting a lot of exercise what with all the sitting on Heaven’s throne and doing a lot of commanding, not a lot of walking around and smiting~

          • God

            Seeing that i’m a being of a higher dimension without a corporeal form, it doesn’t affect me, Jesus on the other hand… you may not wanna show that to Jesus.

    • Amen to that.

    • Spider-Man

      This is my fetish.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        We know.. you dated Black Cat and Shehulk once.

    • British_Otaku

      You can dress any girl in that costume in the game as well as create a character with a mix of features for existing characters.

      You can choose whether to have abs (who wouldn’t) or not.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        I seen looks awful in game

        • British_Otaku

          Looks awful? I guess the game isn’t that pretty over Youtube and isn’t nearly as good looking as Unlimited World RED but it is still a feature (albeit some may want Levi to wear it as well so there is a missed opportunity).

  • I’d be happy to hear this if not for the fact that the game allegedly isn’t very good.

    • British_Otaku

      Most people talking about the game being poor are parroting the word of mouth from someone who hasn’t played the bulk of the game or guessing based on videos or scans.

      This game isn’t too far off from the fan game ( ), it is definitely more scripted in how attacking works and the camera is crazy but movement is limited to a reasonable degree (I wish it was attached to buildings but you can’t swing on clouds when in an empty field) and there is a ton of content to play with in World Mode.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Folks please keep the talk on the 3DS game.

    Mod goes to find a padded wall to bang his again into…..

    • God

      Let me help you with that *creates a wall in front of you*

  • hazelnut1112

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this game is a hit. Plus adult swim is going to air this soon and Netflix boomed its popularity. It would be unwise not to release this in NA.

    • Kango234

      “Plus adult swim is going to air this soon” is that confirmed because I may start watching AS again.

      • Christopher Nunes

        This Saturday at 11:30pm EST Attack on Titan airs on Toonami.

        • Kango234

          Damn, I’m so out of the loop. Thanks for the heads up.

          • Christopher Nunes

            No problem.

      • hazelnut1112
    • Space_Ghost

      It premiers this Saturday, May 3rd. Soon, indeed.

  • Space_Ghost

    I’ve not heard good things about this game, and what I’ve seen hasn’t impressed me much, so my excitement isn’t very high. The good thing from this ordeal is that Spike Chunsoft recognizes the potential of the brand here in the States and throughout the rest of world. Hopefully they’ll create a worthy game in the future that will make it’s way West.

    • British_Otaku

      While I recommend the game(‘s world mode) highly, I do agree that Spike Chunsoft have to raise up the quality and polish for the next installment. Given that they outsold Unlimited World RED (2013 – 3DS only) which looks nicer and higher budget despite being a worse game both from the perspective of someone liked Unlimited Adventure/Cruise or just wanted a portable anime action game with a lot of stuff to mess around with.

      They could really spring off in quality with the next one, like the difference between Senran Kagura (Burst) and Shinovi Versus + Senran Kagura 2.

      • Space_Ghost

        Agreed. I’ll likely pick it up if it comes West just to show SC some support and thank them for localizing it. Hopefully, if and when they are ready for their next AoT game, the budget will be much larger than it was for this current game and it shows in the quality. There’s a lot of potential for an AoT game.

  • Earthjolly

    This will be a game you never wished got localized

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    lol no thanks. I’m good

  • TalesOfBS

    There is a huge fan base for this, everybody knew it was going to have great sales.
    They should have done a better job on it.

  • Unlimax

    How about Digimon Re-digitize : decode ?
    By doing that , i think they want to be head to head with Sony game Freedom Wars

    • Renaldi Saputra

      yes… yes…
      but first we have to focus to increase the petition number to 30k

  • DanielGearSolid

    Sony should publish it (Just to be nice)

  • Namuro

    It’s weird, huh. When the game’s first announced, people were kicking and screaming for localization. Now that it seems like the game would come over, people are rejecting it.

    • 하세요

      I’m sure folks saw reviews and gameplay videos and realized their grave mistake.

      • AuraGuyChris

        If this was developed in the SNES era where nearly everything was good, it’ll be…good.

      • Namuro

        Did you get to try the game, yet? It seems interesting enough to me (despite the seemingly, very repetitive combat) with how you can move around with the 3D gear. I really want to try zooming around the battlefields!

        But with Monster Hunter 4, I just don’t have a reason to get the game… I have like, only one game for my Japanese 3DS. LOL

        • British_Otaku

          I recommend picking the title up for either the Japanese 3DS or American one if it gets localised.
          I can speak volumes about why I prefer Attack on Titan on the 3DS to Unlimited World RED despite how much people anticipate that game.

          • Namuro

            I only have the EU and the JP 3DS, so I can only get the Japanese one. I’m sure the game is not as bad as the internet makes it out to be. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to sell, right?

            I can understand the harsh criticism from everywhere, though, being a big hit anime it is. The more popular something is, the greater the pressure that comes from the fans (and the increase in haters as well, LOL).

            So, what would you say about the maneuverability in this game, then? Or would it be better for me to experience it myself?

          • British_Otaku

            I’m pretty sure that this game has good odds of coming to Europe as well. Manga UK had the license for the show back in May 2013 (before it finished airing) and France must be ahead of us. There are so many folks here who I introduced to the anime, fan game or let have a spin of the fan game who would be happy if it was localised.

            Maneuverability? For starters, you can target a single point to drag yourself towards like in the fan game ( – Highly recommended) with the Y button when held down though I recommend speeding up the camera to make it usable. With this mechanic, you can only drag yourself to buildings, structures and such (it will auto-select a nearby body part of a titan if you aim at one). While you use this, you can twist yourself around the target, so you can get above buildings or alternatively strafe around a titan’s grasp before you want to make the cut.

            The R button offers a bland swing which doesn’t depend on an anchor (think swinging mechanics is games which aren’t Spiderman 2 the Movie) and automatically makes you scale walls but there are reasonably placed artificial ceilings or walls which mean that you can swing to safety when fighting in a field, but when you find a set of trees, you could be allowed to swing again. Anyway, it is how you will get about for the most part (aside from using horses in fields or forests) before you have a target to kill and it lets you do some cinematic looking turns.

            You have a limited amount of gas, so you will need to pace yourself to make sure you can attack or escape as the mission requires. The player character is voiced to warn you when you are close to running out, so even if you can’t always stop and refill, you aren’t likely to forget.

            That covers everything in that field, I think.
            Make no mistake, though I recommend the game, it still isn’t the most polished work. There are elementary flaws like only boss titan’s voice clip playing at once (I think more audio cues would be good) and getting hit backwards towards the attacker when you get hit while running away. Still, the game is pretty good in many other respects (not the story mode, that first mission is awful beyond as well) to overcome that.

            It would also be easier to defend the game if there wasn’t a free fan game by a single indie developer which has better mechanics and bigger levels even if it has less content.

          • Namuro

            Thanks, mate. That sounds quite interesting!

            I’ll grab a Japanese copy, if a cheap one comes by. Otherwise, I’ll just wait for the (eventual) EU version.

            Yeah, compared to the fan-game, I can imagine why people are not pleased, since the physics-based gameplay seems much more interesting, and gives the players more freedom, and control. But then, Japanese gamers tend to prefer action games with “cinematic element”, rather than games that rely on “simulated physics”. You don’t even see simple physics like the ragdoll in most Japanese games; like Monster Hunter, where you get the cinematic camera angle when the monsters die, with fixed dying animation.

            I can only guess that they made the game rather simple to play, in order to draw in many fans of the series as possible. There’s no point in investing too much, if they can please the core fans (although, it’s a bad practice, in term of innovation, but business-wise…), and it seems that they achieved what they set out to do, with the sales in Japan.

            The problem now, though, is the oversea fans, who are not so easy to please like the Japanese fans…

          • British_Otaku

            No problem, I saw a copy on Ebay running for just numbers hovering around £30 (not a brilliant price but not terrible) on Ebay and . Assuming that the odds are high for localisation, you may as well keep waiting if those prices don’t sound appealing. There is also two bits of DLC which were free for 3 months (Levi and Sasha Story DLC), I don’t really recommend them for the price of 100 yen each but maybe you won’t mind a few more weapons and costume options even if their missions don’t last long and Sasha’s ones have some weird design. Hope both will be at least temporarily free for other regions.

            I’m not convinced that they made the game simple to make it more accessible to make it draw in more people myself. There is a layer of depth which would have been thrown away from the beginning for your usual self-gratifying licensed game. Weapons still break like the fan game, you can run out of gas like in the fan game, refills leave you at risk as well, being caught once is typically death, without anchors or hitting the neck you can’t get anything done. The core differences are in the scale and how swinging works.

            I feel like a sequel could be really good if they put the 200K sales amount of cash in the right place.

            I don’t think there is anything conclusive making Japanese gamers like more cinematic orientated stuff over action or vice versa (this is the land where Devil May Cry and most fighting games come from right?). They probably did the best they could with the time and budget they had and creating something that looks nice in trailers is more important for marketing if you have little time to develop physics which work well.

          • Namuro

            I can get the game locally for quite cheap, I think. I haven’t checked the prices recently. Also, if the DLC is 100 yen each, then that’s all right with me. Totally worth it for Sasha!

            The game at this point still seems rather simple to me. But that’s only because I haven’t played it myself. I didn’t know that you can run out gas and stuff, too. I really have to try it out!

            I also remember that you can use guns in the game. Are they any good?

            As for the cinematic thing. I don’t mean that they use it in place of, or more than action at all. It’s just that they tend to make the actions in a “cinematic style”. Like it’s all flashy and everything; especially in games like, well, Devil May Cry!

            I grew up with such culture, so I really like all these “cinematic actions” found in video games and anime. I assume that the Japanese audience in general must love this kind of thing, too, if game companies still do this, instead of going for realism and physics like they do in the West.

            That’s why I thought they didn’t put too much thought into physics and such, and just concentrated on making the game looking as flashy and eye-catching as possible. But yeah, I hope that if they deem the game enough of a commercial success, they’ll invest more in the next game, and make an even better game!

          • British_Otaku

            “Locally for quite cheap”? “have the EU and the JP 3DS”? Where are you exactly? :P

            I guess DLC isn’t too expensive, but still knowing that it was free at some point I would wait to see whether it becomes free again either for Japan or is free when Europe gets it.

            I do think the game is simple, but it is far from being the generic title it could have been if they wanted to make this like most other licensed games. Guns? The only titans you can kill with any of them are the 3 metre ones (cutting their head off is possible even with failed cuts). Aiming is awkward as well but it being carried doesn’t slow you down and you can carry 20 x whatever the stock limit is.

            There are a number of types, but I’ve only bought the ones which work as portable cannons (long range a lot of power, need to anticipate movements from fast or far away titans to hit them – useful to stop someone from being eaten without risking
            myself, for stopping titans from crossing areas which are mission fail states without throwing yourself from another task or reducing armour on the neck without wasting your blades), there could be nets we shoot as well, given that we do have grenades of varying kinds and traps of varying kinds.

            Hmmm, I just see appealing design decisions when I see flashy stuff from Devil May Cry or scripted death sequences for monsters in Monster Hunter. Devil May Cry is too orientated around learning game mechanics for me to consider it a point towards people loving flashy things in Japan… If so why did The Wonderful 101 do so poorly? >_>

            And I forgot to mention this. If a titan runs into you, you get hit (you have regenerating health, but can’t run when injured – I wish they took it further to make swinging nerfed but maybe it would be a little much – perhaps more options in the next game) like Mario vs a Goomba. Even in the fan game, you aren’t at risk of being slowed down or anything immediately from a titan moving into you unless you land in their hand or mouth.

            This game even has you lose allies (who are replaceable in a sense but expensive) if they die while in a mission. I’ve gotten into the habit of going alone or recruiting those who have the skill to escape to avoid going through losses. I’ve had my character stop in shock when they see their friend die as well.

            They can definitely afford to put more resources into their net game, they outsold a lot of ambitious Namco Bandai action games even on the HD systems. I wouldn’t mind another ruby in the rough but more options would be great. Some more realism and use of physics could help the experience in addition to more interesting and logical resource gathering. Why not collect herbs from bushes or plates of armour from armoured titans and some bosses?

          • Namuro

            About getting the games locally. Right now, I’m living in Thailand, and they sells JP and US 3DS games everywhere, but no EU games, unfortunately. Though, you can still get some EU games from online sellers on Thai gaming forums, but the selections are very limited.

            Which is why I’m really glad that most of the games I want are available on the eShop!

            The more I hear about the Titan game from you, the more I’m interested! Too bad that there isn’t a demo available (there isn’t one, right? I’m sure I didn’t see one in the eShop).

            Just one last thing about the game, then. How’s the multiplayer?

            About Wonderful 101. It certainly is a very flashy and cinematic game. But I guess the game’s flop has more to do with the hardware problem. rather than the game itself… I can’t wait to play it myself, though. I’ll be getting a WiiU when Smash Brothers come out, as I still have way too many games to play on the 3DS.

          • British_Otaku

            I see. There seem to be fairly few import sites which stock European games for overseas shipping as well, perhaps a result of the market being shaped by Japan and America covering most of the spectrum of games with Europe often lapping up letovers or importing them.

            There isn’t a demo. I was naturally very nervous about how the game would turn out back in the day (even if I was hyped) since they didn’t offer a demo weeks or months in advance like Bandai Namco did and trailers + scans weren’t clear on the mechanics (it isn’t the most shady marketing for an anime 3DS game in that month though, that award goes to High School DxD)… It would be cool if they put up a demo around now (Sentouchu and Tousochuu got demos later on which helped them surface on the charts again and gain my interest).

            Multiplayer is local only, as such I haven’t had a chance to try it myself… >_> Using my skills of deduction, I can tell if you found someone to play with, the game has the potential to be even more engaging and more difficult or tedious missions will become more bearable. All of the multiplayer is in World Mode but there are also streetpass recruits (the cap is 99 iirc) which you can use while you are playing alone. I’ve streetpassed only one person and barely used the character (basically Annie with recoloured hair to gray for some reason – very low level) as I don’t want to risk losing them. I should look at her abilities again.
            The Wonderful 101 selling poorly has nothing to do with the title (the game is outstanding on many levels and will be that game I come back to for years on the system, like E.X. Troopers on the 3DS or Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure on the GBA). It seemed to be marketed well in addition (at least if you enjoy following news on Nintendo games), though I’m not a citizen in Japan or whatever to know whether it had billboards or had TV ads after vaguely similar shows or something. The difficulty from the demo could definitely be a barrier.

            My point was basically that there are technical games which sell poorly and ones which sell well. Marketing is probably more key than just looking cinematic, looking cinematic for some experiences is very effective marketing anywhere.

        • 하세요

          I’m not an anime person myself let alone anime-based games so I wouldn’t get it even if it was good, but British_Otaku is the only person I know who imported it and actually enjoyed it.

          Not saying he’s loco or anything but I’d imagine there’s some folks that still found a way to enjoy it. After all, repetition is subjective. I can play Katamari Damacy all day and I literally use two thumbsticks the entire game going in circles – nothing else.

          I only import specific things for my J-3DS, mostly MH and rhythm games.

          – Monster Hunter
          – Taiko no Tatsujin
          – Hatsune Miku Project Mirai
          – Bravely Default
          – EX Troopers (if they every make another, which I highly doubt)
          – eShop games that never reach the West

          • Namuro

            Ah, I know what you mean. People question my taste in gaming, too, when they see me play games like Touhou, where it’s a repetition of dying over and over. LOL

            I haven’t really thought about other Japanese games that I might want. I bought my LL specifically for MH4. I’m still interested in EX Troopers, though, and rhythm games like Taiko as well. Speaking of which, why are they not making another Ouendan, dang it!!

          • British_Otaku

            Alternatively, the only person I know who got the game and didn’t enjoy it is TheGameTagerZ (who hasn’t played much of World Mode) and perhaps another poster. You can probably see that most people concerned with the title are repeating hear-say. I’m slightly loco with my tastes when it comes to Sonic titles, but my call on Attack on Titan to a conclusive one. The game is pretty good even if it is flawed.

            Otherwise, yes, we need another E.X. Troopers. >_>

    • BizarreJelly

      Probably because it’s a pretty well known piece of crap.

  • Jumbokitty724

    I’d be very excited to be able to Play as one of the corps I loved so much from the anime. I’d definitely be buying this game especially if there will be online play! That makes it all the more interesting.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    First Sword Art Online, now Attack on Titan. All we need now is the Madoka Magica Games to get a release.

    • Ferrick

      ummm we do have those

      • Solomon_Kano

        There was a localized Madoka game… ?

        • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

          No, none were ever localized…unfortunately.

      • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

        ummmm we don’t. None of them were ever localized.

        • Ferrick

          yeah my mistake. i thought you meant about the game existing, not it being localized

    • Renaldi Saputra

      all we need now is just madoka game?
      nope, a BUNCH, not only madoka

      • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

        Of course, we have to start somewhere though! So many great games that we never get a chance to experience. (unless we import and don’t understand the language.)

  • Lazulis

    Uh….eh…the gameplay isn’t that great in this one…I wouldn’t buy it though I’m a fan of the series…

  • GDI

    Would buy for 7.99 eshop only.

    I don’t care that the game sucks, I want to play it without buying a JP 3DS. But if it’s only 2 hours long, then price it cheap. There’s enough fanbase for it.

    • British_Otaku

      2 hours? The story mode isn’t long at all yes.
      However, World Mode is the bulk of the experience and can take dozens more hours to complete (I haven’t finished it with over 100 hours spent and multiplayer would definitely be amazing if the only way you can beat the later survey missions with ease).

  • Kroz

    Not saying this game wont sell (considering attack on titan is hot stuff now) but this game really is really not that great, i played this as an import and the gameplay just super simple repetitive and unpolished….love the anime but this is just my opinion.

  • BizarreJelly
    • British_Otaku

      As cool as that video is, the game is still worth a purchase and offers a lot of a value (even if the fan game is better mechanically and for free).

      I can’t wait till I get the resources to trash One Piece Unlimited World RED in video form. >_>

  • Kornelious

    Huh, that;s pretty sweet. Even though SAO Hollow Fragment is more likely the bigger game, any localization is all good in my book :D

  • Ryudo9

    meh the anime kinda sucks. So no thanks on the game.

    • British_Otaku

      I was sold on the manga, anime and universe after playing the fan game for a short time.

      Swinging missions which are akin to Spider-man 2.
      Hard skill ceilling for movement and attacking.
      Multiplayer (especially Forest 3 and some bosses) bring out the spirit of communication and planning being key to survival.

      No idea why you don’t like the anime, but I’m just going to say that the games can be worth your time and perhaps brilliant even if the source material isn’t anything special. Clash of Ninja is an awesome fighter even if I don’t like Naruto that much. Dragon Ball Z and GT aren’t brilliant shows but collectively they had a lot of good games.

  • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

    If we get this game that would be awesome! I know people have been saying a lot of things about it but.. I need this ~.~ lol!

    Yup inner-fanboy coming out again..

  • TheExile285

    Not a fan of the show but I’d probably buy it.

  • Prinny Dood

    Yes its coming out this May dood!

  • British_Otaku

    Since most people probably have their comments set to something like “Best” or “Newest” instead of or “British_Otaku”, I doubt many of you will see this but…

    This game is actually pretty good by my weird standards and I’m willing to detail all of the strengths (A lot of content in World Mode! All costume unlocks for World Mode can be used in Story Mode!) and weaknesses (Camera! Not that polished! Story Mode is a poor tutorial or alternative to the quick to unlock World Mode!) if you feel like asking.

    This game is much longer than that rumoured 2 hours scrambling about on these 100 comments or so. I’ve spent dozens of hours (100 hours hasn’t finished this – perhaps more due to difficulty than length on the survey side) in the World Mode, unlocking weapons, training teammates and such. Judging this game’s length by a campaign run is similar to judging a fighting game by how long the arcade mode may take.

    • J_Joestar

      Was never a fan of the series (never watched the anime and only read up to about 48-49 in chapters) but the world mode does look interesting. It would be kinda low priority to me though unless my friend who loves AoT gets it.
      Btw, is the multiplayer local only?

      • British_Otaku

        Yes, multiplayer is local only unfortunately, though every mission can be played alone or you can use Streetpass avatars of your friend as a AI recruit, sorta like the pawns in Dragon’s Dogma.

        A shame if you and your friend live far apart, but otherwise there is a lot of fun to share.

        The anime doesn’t go as far as you got in the manga, but it is a more high octane and exciting look at the manga even if it gets carried away at times. If the near 50 chapters of the manga didn’t make you a fan of sorts, maybe the show would or playing a game which shows off the mechanics well.

        • J_Joestar

          thats too bad, but my friends and I do tend to hang out more than online anyways so it should be fine. Btw, do you know if the DLC is locked or not? mainly wondering if stuff like the Sasha DLC knife/fork weapon would show up for other people who don’t have it etc etc…

          • British_Otaku

            Yep, a real shame. I can only “guess” how good the multiplayer experience would in that sense, being an importer is tough for local multiplayer.

            The Sasha and Levi DLC were both free for over three months after the game released and I have a strong feeling that both DLC were small unlock keys so the content would be visible for all players if someone hadn’t “bought” it. I can’t say for sure whether it will be free for months when it comes to us, but Spike Chunsoft at least initially were nice with their DLC.

            You will be unlocking tons of other stuff even if you miss out on it and it only costs 100 yen for each one (both of them have a short story mode (okay), character model parts and voice unlock iirc (cool) and weapons (not bad)).

  • CozyAndWarm

    It’s cool that they’re trying, but on my wishlist of 3DS localizations it’s kinda low priority. I’d definitely still pick it up and give it a try though.

    And it looks like the sonybot is back…

  • Lumi

    Heard from a diehard Attack on Titan fan that this is a waste of money. Might not be a good idea Spike Chunsoft. Why don’t you keep working on the 999 Android port? Or anything Zero Escape??

    • British_Otaku

      Perhaps I’m not a diehard fan of the series (really waving around a stick saying much more I bought/read/watched doesn’t mean much), but I do recommend the game as the game was pretty enjoyable as an import title a few months ago.

      I can say specific reasons why this game is good or bad, but would rather answer concerns that this “diehard Attack on Titan fan” or you can mention than write paragraphs off-topic…

      While Spike Chunsoft handled both this game and some good VNs, I don’t think there is any real connection between them. It isn’t like they called 999’s writer and their usual staff for something that uses anime scenes and small blocks of text to tell a narrative. It makes just as much sense to blame Dragon Ball Z for Kinect or Ultimate Tenkaichi even if they were sometime ago.

      Also, Zero Escape at least from a sales front is more risky than this even if I would love to have more of that on any platform. Or have the series end.

      • Lumi

        Well, on the other hand, is the anime that popular in West? The one piece game got a localization, that’s cool, but that series also has a very long history and has continuously been popular.

        • British_Otaku

          I would go as far as to say that Attack on Titan is going to blow up even more than Fullmetal Alchemist did twice or Death Note or perhaps it has made it that far already. Crunchyroll and other digital services (like filthy pirating fantranslations) have done this franchises a massive favour.

          Over a dozen volumes of the manga and the spinoffs were localised to massive sales with them charting above other manga which have years of exposure or having their anime running here.

          8 Million Volumes have been shipped outside of Japan as well :

          For some anecdotal evidence of the anime being popular, people were excited for the show’s localisation at an anime localisation back in May 2013 at a convention I went to. And I went through some of the most competitive lines and crowds ever at MCM Expo October 2013 to see tons of people with volumes of the manga to be signed, a potato to be signed and even Bluray sets from Japan.

          Am I a bad dude enough to claim “Attack on Titan is more popular than One Piece”? No I’m not, but the game has a lot of potential to sell and I would be surprised if whoever secures the license and music rights (JASRAC seem involved as they are using tracks from the show) isn’t confident enough to put it on a retail cartridge as well.

          One Piece may have more presence over all, but it is never really going to hit a “SPIKE” like this.

  • North America? Nice, just need that announcement for when it does and then pray that this game hits Europe too. Without a doubt because of the Anime and Manga’s popularity the game will probably get localized soon.

    I hope that one day an Attack on Titan fighting game hits the PlayStation 3 system. And whats with the comments receiving like 100+ votes from guest’s, is it some sort of bot? Forgive me for not knowing, I’ve never encountered anything that weird on Disqus before.

    • British_Otaku

      Siliconera has had a Pro-Vita bot around for quite some time. Don’t pay much attention to it.

      An Attack on Titan fighting game? What exactly do you mean?
      I suppose a good fighting game could be made out of a lot of things, but if you mean a 2D or wide scale 3D brawler, ultimately people relate to playing as humans a lot more and there are games which go for the 3D brawler with flight and flashy lasers like Gundam Versus (any installment is recommended, why not get the PS3’s latest Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost even if you have a passing interest) or Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

      Not to say that titans fighting titans can’t be interesting, but if everyone from Feng Lee to Spike Chunsoft can’t think of anything better than Punch -> Punch -> Punch/ Kick or contextual attacks… Then I look at the source material and so very little potential aside from that which can’t be reflected in human vs human combat (I want to play the Mikasa kidnapping part of the game or other human vs human conflicts which reflect stealth). No idea if it could work.

  • Freud_Hater

    I’d buy it myself ‘_’

  • fairysun

    Nice. I’ve watched several gameplay and it is not that good and I found it somewhat repetitive. But I am a sucker for anime-game, especially if it’s about my favorite anime.

    • British_Otaku

      If most of the footage you say was of Story Mode, just know that the game has a lot more to offer in World Mode as far as content, mechanics and customisation all go even if “pretty good” is probably the limit of how positive I can be with few words.

      As an importer, I’ll admit any flaws that you question about especially as it is going to sell without me hiding any blemishes unlike some other games I’ve championed. >_>

  • Nogib

    So games like this get a translation yet DQ7 still doesn’t? ; ;

    • J_Joestar

      well it isn’t like it would be the same people responsible for bringing them both over.

  • Ricardo C

    I wont pay for this game at full price unless it were 5 bucks. The gameplay is repetitive and the final mission is… awkward (ending credits is also awkward to watch). The Sasha DLC is the only thing worth playing for the amusement of using a huge knife and fork (or was it a spoon and fork?) as your weapons and I wont even give this game a higher rating than a 1/5 with her DLC on the game. Sorry but thats the sad hard truth. I’d say stick with the fan made browser game.

    • British_Otaku

      Another person judging the game on the basis of the story mode alone. >_> Even if the final mission for Eren did have me gasping for air…

      I’ll just say that World Mode has a lot more to offer and that I left a ton of comments on that note aside from being open to clarify if you ask.

      • Ricardo C

        well EXCUSE ME for having an opinion and the free will to have one. Not everything has to be based on a generic online mode with repetitive gameplay thats just as bad as story mode but what the actual product can do for the player offline (which is what people should focus on) because not everyone can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi on their 3DS system.

        You like the game, fine thats your call not my problem. My problem is I wasted time on a game that didn’t live up to the hype and price tag making it worthless to play it more than once. Im not picking this game up again, I gave it away to someone else (she didn’t like it ether and its in limbo right now).

        • British_Otaku

          Another person who thinks that World Mode is multiplayer only or online..

          If I came across as condescending, I didn’t intend to do so especially if you were on of the importers who have some experience of the game.

          You’ve given the game away to someone and aren’t likely to care about it just because some avatarless internet stranger says so? Okay, I’ll still repeat a small sample of what I said for other people here. World Mode is a whole another mode from Story Mode with more mechanics, weapons, traps and upgrades.

          Is it built off the same concept of a semi-QTE cutting titans? Yes, but it proposes enough other options and alternative weapons that they feel “less” like QTEs and more close to commited strikes in addition to all of the tools like grenades and guns and traps you’ll have.

          Just saying your call is based on a small portion of the game.

          I finished most of World Mode and never played multiplayer with a soul (since there is no online), but I have used a Streetpass recruit.

  • clayflam

    I like Attack On Titan a lot but honestly I have played the game and I just don’t like it.I find the gameplay to get stale pretty quickly.the game honestly doesn’t feel like it requires much skill. story mode feels pretty lackluster because it is short and rushed. I liked world mode to an extent but it didn’t feel like it lived up to its potential. the game feels pretty rushed and unfinished in my opinion. there also isn’t much variety in the gameplay. you are always just doing the same thing whether it is protecting,escorting,or anything you are always just doing the same thing to fight are always just using the same old quicktime events.all in all I wouldn’t recommend this game(remember in my opinion). looking forward to Unlimited World Red and possibly storm revolution though.

    • British_Otaku

      You seem to have given both Story Mode (which no one can be positive about) and World Mode a fair shake, fair enough. The game was definitely rushed together with Spike Chunsoft throwing shit together and seeing what sticks, but the best of that does approach being great at times in World Mode. I need to get back to it and try out more weapons and options when I learn more kanji.

      Have you played any of the previous Unlimited games on the 3DS or Wii, on the note of Unlimited World RED?

      • clayflam

        Given time and a better budget the game could have been good.

        yes I have actually played all the previous Unlimited games.I have also played Unlimited World Red and I honestly really like the games.

        • British_Otaku

          And the sequel will have that better budget (240K copies is something UWR wishes it got, I’m not sure if their DLC strategy made up for the initial sales), no idea if they will get the time to work on a good project but it is Spike Chunsoft employing Spike Chunsoft to make a project. Not Bandai Namco forcing dozens of developers to meet deadlines for hundreds of projects to keep their licenses secured.

          Interesting, that you played all of the older Unlimited games as well as UWR (whether you mean you finished it or played a demo or whatever)… Do you know about all of the missteps and changes they made at least for the 2013 release?

          This thread ( ) sorta of covers it and I wouldn’t mind discussing your perspective on them as well.

          • clayflam

            hopefully they do get time to give some time on the second game because they tried to hard to get on the AOT anime hype train(which is definitely where alot more than 90% of the sales came from)before it slowed down.again hopefully the second one will be better.

            I do know about all the missteps and changes but I still like it. UWR isn’t my favorite of the series.if anything it is my least my favorite and a step down. but I still like the game and I feel like it had at least some traces of effort(though again not the best game in the series, but not a bad one) either way I am going to end this comment here before this conversation gets too off -topic. I am going to check out the thread and thanks for pointing it out to me.

  • The gameplay I saw in Youtube, kinda remembers me form Spiderman Games, where u shoot webs to the sky even when there are no buildings around.
    Bit still the game should be interesting, even more if it has an Online mode. Would be Epic! O_o

  • Yan Zhao

    Um…no thanks. I like the anime and all but the game looks terrible.

  • isotrex

    Not really interested especially when I saw the gameplay trailer. It just sucks judging from it. I hope I’m wrong.

  • deimos

    Heard it gets repetitive once you got it down.

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