Echoes of Eridu: Part Mega Man X, Part Roguelike

By Ishaan . May 6, 2014 . 2:59pm


Between Shovel Knight, Mighty No.9 and Azure Striker Gunvolt, there have been a lot of games that draw inspiration from the Mega Man franchise of late. Echoes of Eridu is another such game on Kickstarter and is inspired specifically by Mega Man X.


According to the game’s developer, Batterystaple Games, Echoes of Eridu is “built to play like Mega Man X and replay like your favorite roguelikes”. By that, they mean that stages will be randomized, and are designed so that a particular stage could switch from being focused on precise platforming to combat without warning.


Echoes of Eridu is development for PC, with plans for Mac/Linux ports after the PC version has been released. Batterystaple also hope to bring the game to consoles and handhelds at a later point in time.


At present, Echoes of Eridu is less than $4,000 away from its modest funding goal of $20,000. The game’s crowdfunding campaign ends in four days.

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  • Shane Guidaboni

    I feel like there are TOO many great looking indie games coming out or in development. I can’t keep track of them all, and they all seem to be in similar genres.

    • emma852

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  • colorblindnightmare

    A mmx styled game with randomly generated stages? That sounds like a good time to me!

    • César H. Sandoval

      Hopefuly, the will pull it better than Megaman X6 did with the “random” Nigmare-system feature.

  • notentirelythere

    I spent way too much time in that endless mode from Mega Man 9 and am definitely keeping an eye on this.

  • Definitely looking forward to this.

  • LastFootnote

    Seems cool. I was really hoping that this was coming out soon, rather than just being Kickstarted. Who knows when Mighty No. 9 will be finished, and Shovel Knight still doesn’t have a new release date. I’m just glad that Kero Blaster is coming out next week.

  • isotrex

    Oh, this is freakin’ cool. I love the animation, designs and the megamanx-like gameplay. Plus the effects are great. This is definitely on my list.

  • I hope one of the stretch goals is “main character that’s not a monochromatic blob”

  • BleuVII

    I feel like randomly generated stages are always a much better idea on paper than they are in reality. A well crafted level, be it in Mario Bros. or in Megaman, is like a conversation with the level designer. They present challenges to you, and you overcome them. The stages take on a personality larger than the sum of their individual parts, and they are memorable. Using that same metaphor, randomly generated stages are like trying to hold a conversation with someone who switches topics with every sentence. They’re more exhausting to play than fun.

    All that to say that I’ve always wanted 2-player Megaman, but I have played too many random-stage games to shell forth any money on this.

    • EverEndingStory

      I agree. I think random level design works better with RPGs, particularly ones with random battles, as things like vertical level geography and enemy placement aren’t factors.

  • Chee Yang

    Megaman X Dustforce.

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