Is Mortal Kombat Creator Ed Boon Counting Down To Something?

By Ishaan . May 7, 2014 . 8:30am

Mortal Kombat and Injustice co-creator Ed Boon has begun to post teases on his Twitter feed for… something. Earlier in the week, Boon began making tweets that seemed like a countdown to the week before E3.


On May 4th, Boon tweeted, “Square root of 841.” That works out to 29.


The next day, on May 5th, he posted another tweet: “Question: How many days in (non-leap-year) February?” The answer to that is 28.


A day later, IGN reported the story, and Boon linked back to it on Twitter, joking, “I just wanted some math help from the twitter-verse!”


In related news, Boon has been very vocal about Powergirl being included in a new Injustice game. On May 6th, he tweeted, “What Supermove would players have liked to see for her?” along with a link to Powergirl’s Wikipedia entry.


A fan tweeted at Boon saying they were disappointed that she wasn’t included in Injustice: Gods Among Us, to which Boon replied: “In THIS version! ;)”.

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  • Reanau

    I really want to see a new Mortal Kombat first <.<… heh

    • Shippoyasha

      It’s about time really. Injustice is still pretty new. That can come after this next MK.

      Hyper violence, sexy fighters, insane amount of content. Some of the best bang for the buck of last generation. They just need to fix up the slight lag online.

    • hazelnut1112

      New Mortal Kombat has been semi announced.
      Actor Kefka Sutherland said in an interview that he is curretnly working on voice work for a new Mortal Kombat video game.

      • Göran Isacson

        I know it was a misspelling, but now? Now I really want to see Keifer Sutherland act like Kefka. Wonder if he could pull it off…

  • Shady Shariest

    “This is the countdown to extinction!”

  • bigboss09

    all I am waiting is this theme

    long live mortal kombat !

  • Urien (仙人をリンク)

    Have you all seen his website? I was on it earlier today. THAT’S the real puzzle right there.

    • That certainly sounds like some Mortal Kombat-esque music, but if you raise the counter to 9 and click the Play button, you get an image of Superman and Supergirl. And 5 seems to give you Hawkman…

      Going to 4 (or 3… I can’t remember what I clicked) gives you a blurry image of another fighter. Captain Atom? I can’t tell. It also lets you pick two numbers from the counter… Hmmm…

      • Sean ‘Geg’ Reddie

        Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe 2? :P

        • Urien (仙人をリンク)

          Maybe. That’s the best guess. Both have a long list of Kombatants and superheroes alike.

        • @seangegreddie:disqus @urien:disqus I hope not. I kind of prefer it when they keep those two universes separate. I mean, both Mortal Kombat and Injustice are due for story reboots at this point, so I really want to see what happens to either one (but not together).

      • Urien (仙人をリンク)

        I saw that. I tried all the numbers and they brought up about 4 pictures.

      • Eder García

        there’s a video on youtube explaining how to solve this puzzle

        • Ooh. I’ll need to go look that up.

  • CptPokerface

    Let’s go MK. I want to see how they’re planning to continue the story, seeing as how they’ve killed off Liu Kang. Again.

    • ER_Mac3

      Well, I’m curious too. Some people even think about the possibility of Quan Chi knowing about the future just as Raiden does. That means he’s probably up to something now that pretty much all of the classic Earthrealm warriors are under his control in Netherrealm…

  • Eder García

    sometimes Ed Boon’s tweets are including the letter U during these past days ( @-any random name- : are U…-blah blah blah- Ed: -any answer-) is Ed Boon hinting a WiiU version or he is just trolling Nintendo fans?

    • leingod

      You mean, like Injustice for WiiU plus PowerGirl?

  • ER_Mac3

    FINALLY! Can’t wait to revisit MK4 and the Netherrealm invasion with a next-gen MK!

    They should rework Ashrah’s design and include her in the Brotherhood, before introducing her as a divine and holy being post-Datusha in MK3.
    Also, bring Tanya, Reiko, Noob, Sareena, Fujin, Kai, Jataaka and Kia back. The rest Netherrealm should know what to do about since they killed everyone. New characters would be cool too! :D

    About the stages, Pyramid of Shinnok, Soul Prison, The Tomb from Outworld and Netherrealm Arena are must have.

    • MK4 is still by far my favourite MK to date. It was unfairly judged for its time because every other fighter was going full 3D, and Midway stuck to their guns by keeping it 2D for the most part.

      4 had so much neat stuff in it. It’s a gorgeous looking game for one. The weapon system was fantastic, too. There was a real sense of risk while using weapons, just because there was no guarantee you’d be able to hold on to them, and if someone disarmed you, they could use your own weapon against you.

      MK4 was also the last generation of MK games where I felt like they got the ninja designs right. Every game after that has made the outfits for all of the ninjas a little too heavy/complicated.

      • ER_Mac3

        I like your point of view, and I think with the experience they gathered out of Injustice they could pretty much put a whole new system around these weapons, not like they did with MKDA and MKD, but with the approach of the risk as you mentioned. They’d do just fine with the new technology they have in hands.

        About the ninjas though, I think I understand what you’re saying, but MKD is still my favorite MK game partially because of the breaking point in Ermac’s design, guess that’s when I began to REALLY feel what the character was there for. They said the ninjas were getting new designs to make them more original and separate, but still I have to agree that they made the costumes a lot complicated LOL.

        The Konquest mode also was really appealing to me back in the day, it was calm, fun, and somehow sounded better than MKDA or MKA. I wonder if at some point in the alternate timeline series they plan on adding a different way to tell the story like the Konquests, or even an entire (action?) game to tell a piece of the story before MK1 (which is a LOT of stuff).

        • Deception was one I missed (it happens to be Boon’s favourite, too, though), but I can definitely see what you mean in terms of them making the ninjas more unique. Rain and Ermac were both really obscure for so long, and it’s only in the past few years that they’ve gotten designs that help them stand out.

          (Ironically, when I played MK4, I would always switch to Reptile’s old ninja costume, instead of his new look.)

          And Konquest mode does look fun! I always did think story was MK’s strong point. For the longest time, MK had a better world/story than a lot of other fighters out there. I’d like to see them go back to that.

          • ER_Mac3

            Indeed. About Boon’s preference, I never knew about that! LOL And yeah, Rain was pretty much obscure before redesign too, even though he was a fan favorite. He still lacks interaction though, as the son of Argus, and a trouble proven to be as bad as Tanya is for Edenia, he could play a bigger role this time.

            About the costumes, I used to play as old reptile much more than MK4’s default costume too, it really looked better for me back in day. I think the costume that stood out the most for me after redesign, would be the MKSM/MKA one, which is pretty close to the classic ones.

            I’m really looking forward to see what they plan to do to preserve the appeal of MK4, and still make the costumes look modern. Tanya for example, in MK4 she sported a simple costume and it looked really nice to me. In MKD they did a costume based on her MK4 appearance, not good enough, but still a nice comeback, her hair looked way more vicious as her personality was revealed to be after the events of MK4.

            And yes, MK has a strong story (even though there are some plot holes that no one understands, specially between MKD and MKA) still it’s more elaborate, and I really appreciate. You should play MKD, you’d feel the dark atmosphere the game brings, together with the eastern, traditional, and vicious touch MK is known for. The Konquest is calm, simple, and a really enjoyable chest hunting, background revealing scenario, you can feel the MK world and realms given the exploration freedom :D

  • WolfDuo

    I just want to see a shaolin Monks reboot. That game was so good!

    • leingod

      That would be beyond great. Best couch co-op game in generations.

  • Yan Zhao

    Injustice 2 cause its been confirmed kinda.

  • ign0z

    Marvel vs. DC Injustice sequel, GO! Warner has the Marvel license for the Lego game, so yeah… /wishful thinking

  • leingod

    Hope it’s MK10. I like Injustice, but not as much as MK… besides, Injustice is more recent.

  • Skode

    I hope its a new Injustice as well. Ive played the MK series from the start and love it but Injustice seems to be that one game from the studio i actually managed to entice friends into playing more… as such more of that but bigger and better would do me just fine. That and theyve really embraced the art of story telling in a fighting game these days – Capcom should have taken note years ago.

  • Hector Velar

    Ed Boon is just too awesome, glad that he listens to his fans, he is almost getting to be like the Miyamoto or the Kenji Inafune from America.

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