Nintendo To Show Games That Use Wii U GamePad At E3

By Ishaan . May 8, 2014 . 11:02am

During a financial results briefing with investors and analysts last night, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata outlined measures the company would take in order to work its way back up to profitability. He discussed the new NFP business, releasing more Nintendo 3DS games, and services like Mario Kart TV.


In addition to the aforementioned initiatives, Iwata also briefly touched upon the Wii U GamePad—the problem to which Nintendo have yet to figure out a solution. The GamePad is part of what makes the Wii U as expensive as it is, but with few games that make really good use of it, it isn’t enough of a selling point for consumers.


Addressing the issue of the GamePad’s appeal, Iwata stated: “At the Corporate Management Policy Briefing this January, I explained that the company would prioritize making and proposing Wii U software titles that can only be made possible with the Wii U GamePad. We are planning to disclose our progress on this at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles in June.”


Iwata is referring to statements that he made during the financial results briefing for Nintendo’s third fiscal quarter, back in January. At the time, he also shared that Shigeru Miyamoto’s software development department within the company was focusing on coming up with a singleplayer game that effectively used the GamePad.

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  • subsamuel01

    I can’t be the only one excited to see what Nintendo will bring at E3. Still hoping for an HD Metroid game.

    • otakumike

      Now that they have their backs to the wall I’m sure they’ll really try hard to wow us now. A bit of pressure can be good for a company…sometimes.

      • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

        I always feel that Nintendo hesitates too much to cause unnecessary problems for themselves…the China console market for example (I wish they were a bit more prepared and proactive). Iwata certainly knows he needs to produce.

      • Not a company like Nintendo, where everyone up top is super old. They’re not going to change their tactics or way of thinking just because they lost a quarter of a billion dollars this past year or quarter or whatever (more when you count the years before that)…

    • SMT X FE.

  • Freakmasta

    Fatal Frame? C’mon, what’s a better use of the Gamepad than a virtual camera?

    • rurifan

      Please be optional, please be optional, please be optional…

      • Eww no, if they make Fatal Frame with gamepad use like this I want FULL EFFORT put into the gameplay.

        • rurifan

          Yeah like the FULL EFFORT mandatory motion control gimmick in Fatal Frame 4.

          Optional is best, everybody can be happy. Please don’t ruin another game with mandatory suck.

          • These are quite different from one another, in concept. Quite frankly, I would be disappointed if they make Fatal Frame on Wii U and not make the gamepad into a camera.

            I can live with optional, but I rather they try something new and make a good game out of just one control scheme.

          • rurifan

            Honestly the more I think about how that might work, the more of a dumb gimmick it sounds. I’m not sure proponents have thought past “camera has screen! wiipad has screen!”.

            Do you stand up and spin in place using the gyroscope to aim (awkward, inaccurate)?

            Do you stare at your lap using the sticks as usual (how is that better than the TV)?

            What logically happens on your nice big TV while this mess is going on? etc

            So yeah, much potential for ruinous suck.
            Please be optional…

          • Yeah, I’m trying to figure out how it would work too. The ideal would be pointing the gamepad toward the TV just like you would a camera, right? Would the gamepad be capable of that sort of precision? (I don’t know, as I haven’t used one before.)
            I think it could be interesting if it was designed so that you’d have to actually be glancing back and forth between the camera view of the gamepad and the gameplay on the TV, but it could just come off as too confusing if poorly implemented.

          • Sounds like Shutter from Game and Wario.

    • Raul Indries

      Fatal Frame was already announced for the Wii U

      • Raul Indries

        I know they want to show games that use the gamepad over new games. I would just preffer to see new games.

  • Showmeyomoves

    Well, there goes my chances of getting a new F-Zero any time soon… Ah well, as long as it’s not another mini-game collection (not that I didn’t enjoy Nintendo Land, but I’d prefer something with more meat to it).

    • Aaron K Stone

      I think them saying it’s a single player game likely rules out a mingame collection.

  • Raymond

    Interesting. I still think that a lot of the games we see today would be really great for the wii u and it’s game pad.

  • New advance wars? Either way Zelda Wii U will take full advantage of the gamepad.

    • Raymond

      I would love a new advance wars.

  • Raul Indries

    I would love a Golden Sun game for the Wii U, full remake of the first, or a prequel to, of the time when the Lighthouses were created, and how Lemuria chose to separate itself from the the other nations.

  • NimbusStev

    So… new Pokemon Snap confirmed?

  • rurifan

    Sounds like bad news for gamers who want substance over gimmicks.

    • Aaron K Stone

      Speak for yourself.

    • neo_firenze

      Unfortunately, I agree with you 100%. I actually really like the Gamepad for off-TV play, and I’m perfectly satisfied with that. I just have major doubts that there’s a good way to make the Gamepad integral to the design of a good game.

    • pokeroi

      Whoa, a guy back from the future, already knowing that the game doesn’t have a substance gameplay. How was the game?

      • rurifan

        Not so great, but apparently their new Flappy Koopa has been at the top of the IOS charts.

  • Aaron K Stone

    So collecting some odd stories I heard about Miyamotos new game. Apparently the director of Pikmin 1+2 is working on it.
    Miyamoto’s said he’s wanted to make a FPS for some time.
    They trademarked a game called S.T.E.A.M. Strike Team Eliminating the Alien Menace.
    They want to make good use of the gamepad.
    Perhaps it all refers to this one game.

  • Ony


    *Let me dream please*

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    How about a new Wii U gamepad with a longer battery life or with a USB charger like the PS3 controller?

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    I mean, I’m cool with just having the hud and touch features on the Gamepad. No real need to go over the top with it. That’s what I also wish third party devs would realize and not be afraid and feel they have to do some crazy amount of coding to make it special :c

    • rurifan

      Pretty sure most consumers don’t consider getting to look away from the TV at a HUD in their lap to be worth 1/3rd the cost of the console.

      • Psichaos

        I think it could work with games like dark souls, where pausing is disabled and you need a quick way to manage inventory on the fly without a huge overlay that covers the actual game.

        • colorblindnightmare

          You may have just put a potential system seller on the table there.

  • Tiredman

    Need more action games that have a bit of that unreal engine game on ipads where you swipe and do different finger gestures to attack in certain ways, use magic, and so on. Wonderful 101 did it perfectly, allowing both the screen and right stick to be used to do the same things, with each one being stronger than the other at different combinations.

    • rurifan

      Please be optional, please be optional, please be optional…

      Seriously, everybody knows touch controls suck and hamper mobile gaming. Why would you want to see that start showing up on systems with real controls. Just searching for a reason the wiipad isn’t pointless…

      • Tiredman

        Don’t want mobile controls, I want more interesting things to do with the gamepad. I don’t want to move with the touch screen, or do normal fighting with the touch screen. But using it for special abilities, like the Wonderful 101, or using it as an always open inventory for instant switching of gear to help with combos, or anything that makes it more interesting to play the game, is what I am talking about. I played that ios game for like an hour before I got bored and quit, but I will admit it was an interesting game compared to the tons of trash that is usually on mobile.

        Another idea is like having a map on the gamepad with dots representing monsters that are around you. You initiate a super move that can hit multiple enemies and you are given a 4 second window of time to draw connecting lines on your game pad to show which order to attack the enemies around you. There are many ideas to using the gamepad, so not sure why Nintendo has such a hard time.

        • Reiswindy

          Some people suggested making a game similar to D&D, having the Dungeon Master using the GamePad (Setting traps and such with the touchscreen) while the other players use their wiimotes to control their characters on screen.

          • Tiredman

            No lack of ideas, thats a fact. I wouldn’t mind trying that style of game as I kind of ignored the D&D popular years when I was growing up, too busy playing consoles to pick up any table top games other than a year of Magic the gathering in my senior year of high school.

  • Unlikely, but I want a new Trauma Center. It was a series that worked great with touch and motion control, the gamepad could have some interesting twists to the gameplay.

    • rurifan

      Well at least the feeling of something dying in your hands while holding the wiipad will be appropriate. ;)

    • Shane Guidaboni

      If any game is best suited for the Wii-U pad, it’s Trauma Center. It’s the first series I thought of when the Wii-U was announced.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Couldnt they package it with a classic controller/remote and cut the price down?

    • pokeroi

      Wii U is not a downgrade version of PS4. It’s something that else at a chepear price.

    • rurifan

      I’d buy that bundle with Bayonetta 2 without hesitation.

    • Shadao

      And make itself an inferior version of a “next-gen” console, indistinguishable from the rest? Not to mention the fact that the Gamepad is the face of the Wii U. No.

    • TrevHead

      Very doubtful about any drastic price cuts.

      While it is normal for console prices to be lowered over the years as manufacturing gets cheaper and costs are passed onto the customer

      Nintendo don’t have that luxury due to the WiiU hardly selling at has left them with a millions of costly WiiU’s in warehouses. If they cut the gamepad and reduced the RRP they would lose billions.

      So don’t expect any massive price cuts apart from retailers getting rid of old stock (which retailers already did over 6 months ago) Instead they are selling at the normal RRP but adding in extras to sweeten the value proposition.

      I would hazard a guess that N aren’t even producing new units anymore and are only selling off their huge inventory which educated guesses on sites like NeoGaf put at 2+ years worth of stock at, just enough time for N to bring out new hardware.

      Probably when N bring out their new hardware and drop WiiU in 2-3 years prices will drop, but the price of games will rocket to meet demand, (many WiiU games like 101 probably have tiny print runs unlike the Wii) More so if their new hardware is backwards compatible, (I can 99% say with certainty many 1st party WiiU games will run on the new hardware, to cover dev costs to make them)

  • pokemon snap 2?

  • David García Abril

    Unfortunately, Nintendo is stuck with an expensive controller that has proven to have zero mass market appeal.

    So now they have no choice but struggle until the end of its circle and put up with the millions of annoying haters that dream with an idilic future where they’ll be able to play a Zelda game with HD graphics without having to suffer the social humiliation of buying a video game console for toddlers.

    • rurifan

      Nintendo made a 3DS without 3D. They could follow their own example and ditch the wiipad gimmick in a cheaper classic controller bundle.

      • QueenDecim

        This is exactly the strategy they should impose, yet have no indication of ever doing.

      • David García Abril

        It’s not the same.

        Nintendo didn’t really create their 3D technology, since they were using the screens created by another company (don’t remember the name now, but you can look it up).

        But they did create the Gamepad, so they need to justify the millions they invested in R&D for that thing.

        Not to mention that there are some games that absolutely need the Gamepad, like “Zombie U”. On 3DS you could turn off the effect whenever you wanted from the very beginning.

  • pokeroi

    I thought people wanted Nintendo to do something special with the gamepad. And now they’re going to do something special, people are already pessimist before know what it is….

    • 0nsen

      That’s funny. People I know don’t want something special from it, they want it to disappear.

    • Oliver Teigaga

      Probably due to their failures with it thus far. I really dont think many people have any faith in this controls ability to produce something “special”.

    • darke

      They’ve had, what, 18 months to do something special with it already? At some point you have to assume that very little good has come out of it, because it’s either not very good, or only very good in limited circumstances.

      • pokeroi

        in the past 18 months they have never pretended to release a game that fully utilize the potential of gamepad like this time. If they do, please let me know which one it is. Plus, in the past 18 months there are enough games to make me think gamepad is usefull. The gamepad in Nintendoland, pikmin, Zelda and many other titles improves the gameplay a lot, even making new gameplay possible. If you played some Wii U games, you will know it.

  • QueenDecim

    The best thing Nintendo could do right now to try and ignite the flame under the Wii U is to drop the tablet controller all together, and slash the price on the Wii U. It has been shown time and time again that the average consumer does not care for the tablet controller.

    This is not like the Wii, soccer moms and old people do not care about the tablet controller; it is a failure. The audience who readily accepts it is entirely niche, and most people (like myself) bought a pro controller because 99% of the games that use it, it’s wholeheartedly useless and brings nothing to them. (especially SM3DW, why the fuck do I want a mirrored image the entire time I’m playing?).

    And no, putting more effort into it isn’t going to fix it. You will see the five Nintendo games to come out that MIGHT use it well (although I doubt the practicality of it for any game no-matter the effort), and every other game dev barely use it at all.

    Once again Nintendo has to hold on to it’s dumb pride and try to be different for the sake of being different. The Wii U is pretty much dead, this far into it’s life it may get by with the same sales as the Gamecube. You can bet right now Nintendo is already developing a new home console that will be out in the next 2 or so years.

    • Ditching it won’t fix it either. Last we need is further identity crisis, ditching the tablet and rebranding will just confuse people. Nintendo is doing the right thing sticking with the idea they had for the console, regardless of the hate.
      Next console, they will have to rethink their console concept for sure.

      • darke

        The problem is they’re trying to do what Microsoft tried to do with the Kinect, and they’ll probably have the same result. If you prioritise “making games that are only possible by using the controller” you tend to de-prioritise “making games that are actually good/fun”.

        The resulting shovelware results in a lot of people thinking your controller is terrible, and using it is a fundamentally bad idea, yet it’s actually good for the small percentage of games that have a good use for it.

    • TrevHead

      Don’t kid yourself that Nintendo is dumb enough to announce even more WiiU games given it’s poor sales without some plans to make futher use of them. Try’ll probably be playable on their next console through BC or port.

  • Eric Harris

    A true WarioWare game with a **** ton of fun and innovative microgames please. The Wii got a good one, now the WiiU needs one.

  • Michael Richardson

    When the Gamepad is used well, as it is in Wind Waker HD, Lego City Undercover, ZombiU, and Pikmin 3, it is a real gem. It actively improves the game experience. I’m eager to see what they announce during the E3 Direct.

  • Slickyslacker

    …Star Fox, anyone?

  • TrevHead

    If anyone from Nintendo is reading this force Iwata or Miyamoto to play these PC retro 2D games, Noitu Love 2 & Chalk both by Konjak. Aquaria and VVVVV.. ESPECIALLY NOITU LOVE 2 (which was originally supposed to be ported to the Wii but fell through)

    Other games that work with Touchpad, Entrian Odyssey, Advance Wars, CAVE’s iphone shmups, Fatal Frame, Rhythm Games. TWINKLE STAR SPRITES

  • Yan Zhao

    Looking forward to what they got.

  • I want a new Trauma Team game (Hospital in Japan).

  • What a crazy idea! Bring NEW games out to show off what your NEW machine can do! Versus the strategy employed for the past 2 years; trying to sell your new hardware using super safe, incredibly boring, direct sequels to games on the 3DS, Wii and Gamecube. JEEZ! MADNESS!?!


  • wahyudil

    I want at least two games … two exclusive Wii U games …

  • Chee Yang

    I like the gamepad…hiding in my corner playing Super Mario Bros U while the tv is off…it’s almost like I own a 3DS.

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