Nintendo President Comments On Releasing New Systems

By Ishaan . May 13, 2014 . 11:02am

During a financial results Q&A with investors and analysts, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata touched upon the subject of Nintendo’s next hardware platform. In light of the company’s performance, an investor asked when Nintendo plans to introduce its next videogame systems, and Iwata addressed this topic.


“Once we launch a new platform, we naturally start to prepare for the next one. As it takes several years to develop a single platform, if you ask us whether we are preparing for our next system, then the correct response will be that we are always developing new hardware,” Iwata said.


“On the other hand, the most difficult question for us to answer in public in concrete terms is when we are going to launch our new hardware and what kind of hardware we are going to launch, and I am afraid that I cannot talk about this in more detail.”


He elaborated: “However, I can certainly assure you that we are not at a dead end of any kind in which we are out of ideas for developing new hardware. I of course believe that launching new hardware will not produce good results unless we first make sure that those who have already purchased our platforms are satisfied.”


“We will continue to work hard to ensure that consumers who already own our platforms are satisfied, and make sure that people will continue to see great value in our software, but I would like to say that we are preparing for our next hardware system, and in fact, we already have a clear idea to some extent about the direction our next hardware is going to take.”


In previous statements, Iwata has mentioned that Nintendo’s future devices could share the same operating system, similar to iOS and Android devices, and perhaps even similar architecture. This, he says, will make it easier to develop games across multiple Nintendo platforms, the way a number of smartphone game developers already do.

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  • Anesia Hunter

    is there any chance we’ll ever get back atomic colors (transparent). i really miss those…

    • Shadowman

      Transparent WiiU and 3DSXL sounds awesome

    • doubleO7

      I hope. I miss see-through consoles and controllers.

      If they had made a transparent purple 3DS XL to match the purple GBC I would’ve bought it in a heartbeat. Instead, I had to settle for the Limited Pikachu Edition lol

      • Anesia Hunter

        which sadly doesn’t come with pokemon yellow pre-installed either. D:

        • nonscpo

          Boy does that bring back memories…Game Boy memories :)

      • SuperSailorV

        Pikachu’s my main 3DS XL also, but I think I’d retire it for clear purple, too.

        I’d probably then put my still-in-the-box zelda, m&L, yoshi, pkmn red and mickey 3DSs on ebay.

    • NimbusStev

      Man, you just took me back to the N64 days. Games back then just seemed so… cool! :D

  • subsamuel01

    I really hope they learned their lesson with the Wii U and stop trying to go after that casual audience.

    • Silver Citizen

      They were going after the casual audience?

    • Spirit Macardi

      I’d think if anything they’d want to reach out MORE to them, since the Wii U has so far been trying to sell itself to the hardcore audience. Meanwhile the Wii did magnificently precisely because it reached out to those who weren’t already into games.

    • $18114340

      If anything the Wii U was Nintendo’s honest attempt to go after the self-proclaimed “hardcore” audience (read: not actually as hardcore as they think they are), and it’s blowing up in their face. The Wii U has proven that all of the people constantly disparaging Nintendo’s business decisions for “going after the wrong audience” in generations past have no actual clue as to what they’re talking about.

    • CozyAndWarm

      It’s the opposite situation. What has Nintendo been trying to sell the Wii U with? Bayonetta, Monster Hunter, Wonderful 101, Pikmin, Fatal Frame, Xenoblade 2, SMTxFE. But no one’s buying. Nintendo’s gonna start actively TRYING to appeal to the casual audience again just to stay afloat in this industry. It’s the same shift that happened from the Gamecube to the Wii – the Gamecube’s rock-solid “core” and exclusive library failed to get any sales at all.

      • That is a scary thing, isn’t it. But of course, it just goes to show that it’s a case of not putting one’s money where their mouth is. People demand more focus on core gamers, and then they don’t buy or put in the proper investment to make this a reality.

        People really only have themselves to blame about it.

    • Suicunesol

      Family audience is where the money is. It’s way bigger than the “hardcore” audience (whatever that is).

      The family audience is fickle, though.

  • Raymond

    “I of course believe that launching new hardware will not produce good results unless we first make sure that those who have already purchased our platforms are satisfied.”
    Read more at ”

    At lest they know how people will feel if they were to release a new system so early after they just released the wii u.

    I always love seeing what nintendo has up there sleeves because they always make something interesting.

    • Sav

      yeah so interesting.

      more like shovelware ridden last gen gimmicky console with barely a handful of exclusives worth playing….even at the end of it’s life.

      • God

        The only console like that was the Virtual Boy, wich you gotta admit was a very interesting concept, just poorly executed.

      • ZEROthefirst

        A few great games I can name off the top of my head for Wii exclusives being localized alone are: Arc Rise Fantasia (the English dub cast is early 1990’s anime dub bad, the company that localized it did a terrible job with the VAs), Donkey Kong Country Returns, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Mad World, Metroid Prime 3 and Other M, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, No More Heroes 2, Padora’s Tower, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, SSBB, Tales of Symphonia 2, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, Trauma Center games and Trauma Team, and the list can go on.

        There is quite a long list of great Wii games both localized and not, you just have to look. And onto the subject of shovelware for the Wii, while they may have been bad they functioned properly, and I can’t say that for the dozens of shovelware games that came out for Kinect and could hardly be played at times they were so bugged and jumpy. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that MS’ Kinect is an even bigger gimmick than the Wii’s motion controls and no one wants it anymore.

        • Robert Kupper

          That’s a pretty weak list. I mean, I am not going to tell people they shouldn’t enjoy their Wii, but Arc Rise Fantasia, Other M and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World are often cited as examples of disappointingly mediocre games. Dawn of the New world in particular is hated by most Tales fans. Pandora’s Tower, S&P and Trauma Center are all very Niche titles, though I will admit I am a fan of two of the three.

          The Wii has had the lowest average game scores among all consoles except for its release year. (DS was lower then.) This is due to a huuuge number of awful shovelware games, and a lack of quality ports that other systems got. Nintendo systems have been held up by first party games since the N64. I don’t think this is controversial or even something to view as bad. Some people really love nintendo’s first party titles and are happy to have a console for them. A complete focus on first party: THAT is Nintendo’s unique tactic and what separates it, not gimmicky hardware.

          I would beg to differ on the topic of Wii shovelware working. Nintendo is second only to XBLIG for handing out publishing permission to awful mounds of broken code. I know this because I play a lot of bad games for fun, the Wii has dozens, maybe over a hundred terrible games that barely function. Ninjabread man or the ‘101 in 1’ series are fair examples. As are many budget rhythm games.

          Also you are setting up a false dichotemy with the kinect. Most xbox and playstation owners I know (Myself included, I owned all three until my Wii bricked.) hate the kinect and six-axis (Is the move even worth mentioning?) respectively and view them as a bad attempt to cash in on what seemed like ‘the next big thing’ when the Wii came out. Turns out all motion controls suffer from the same weaknesses that don’t make them a fit for universal adoption. (A periferal for a single game like we used to do seems like a better option.)

          I think you are being defensive because venom’s comment was obviously designed to troll Nintendo fans.

        • Mir Teiwaz

          Muramasa is also on the Vita, though I s’pose that’s really more of a sidestep than a step up or down.

          • Sebastian Knauer

            It’s a definite step up, the Vita Version has more content, a new, better translation, and a jump button.

          • ZEROthefirst

            I know it’s on the Vita, but I was more so just counting games that were originally exclusives to the Wii and can still be exclusives to the Wii if you don’t have a Vita for Muramasa or a PS3 for Symphonia 2. Like Sebastian said Muramasa Rebirth for the Vita is definitely a step up with a better polished translation thanks to no character limitations this time around, more content, a dedicated jump button and overall it feels a bit more responsive than the Wii version. Only thing I don’t like about Rebirth is I can’t play it on my TV like the original version of it.

        • The Bluntknight

          The wii for all it’s positive sales numbers is burdened by many misconceptions. The biggest one being that it had no good games just shovelware except for a select few first party games. As you have pointed out there were some good 3rd party games in addition to the quality first party games. And the whole gimmick thing is a bit harsh when applied to the wii. Even though the wii-motes would have been better if they’d had the motion plus from the word go (assuming that was possible) but it was still highly function. I agree that it was Sony and Microsoft’s attempts at copying motion control and integrating it into their platforms that brought motion control into disrepute.

    • God

      Yeah, even if it fails, like the Wii U, it’s always something interesting and innovative (ranging from a little to “sweet mother of me!”).

  • meiam

    Look between the wii u not selling, MS removing the kinect and the PS4 leading the race I think the message is pretty clear, the wii was a fad, it came and pass. Gimmick don’t sell console anymore, building an entire console around it isn’t smart.

    • Raymond

      Gimmicks make systems fun. without gimmicks they would be boring.

    • Except you have Sony trying to go after the VR nonsense which is going to end up leading nowhere. That is the next fad to cash in on, sounds cool but won’t be implemented well.

    • Spirit Macardi

      Except better graphics are a gimmick, and that’s entirely what the PS4 was built around.

      • CozyAndWarm

        This. What is the PS4 selling on these days? Based on what’s out, it sure isn’t a large game library.

        • Hype

        • Guest


          Antagonizing Microsoft/Xbox One helped too :p

      • I am a huge Sony fan but I just couldn’t jump onto the PS4 boat. I really wanted to being the Sony fan that I am (I’m also a Nintendo fan) yet with only one game that I would play on it at the moment I see no real reason to buy a PS4. Especially since that game is FFXIV and I play it just fine on PC.

        I’ll most likely dive in once KH3 and FFXV are on the shelves. But right now I just don’t see any reason to get one. There are still games coming out on the PS3 and I’ll happily play those *ahem* Drakengard, Mugen Souls Z, Tales of Xillia 2… and the ones on the Vita and 3DS in the mean time.

        Also finding out Persona 5 will be a PS3 game pushed back my desire for a PS4. Sooo unless KH3 and FFXV is coming out anytime soon the PS4 for me is on hold.

      • meiam

        Every successive console generation was built on getting better graphic, even the wii to a small extent, saying it’s a gimmick is ludicrous at this point and ignore the entirety of console history.

        By that logic first generation console would still be selling comparative number to newer console.

        • I think graphical power leaps have become so minor by this point that it doesn’t matter anymore. There was a time when better hardware actually meant better games, but I’m not seeing that so far with the PS4. I’m mostly just seeing the exact same games you could already get on last generation hardware, not just with the PS4, but all 3 of them. Graphics were not the only thing previous consoles could sell themselves on, but with newer systems, that’s all I’m seeing right now. Whether that will change in the future remains to be seen, but so far, I haven’t seen a single piece of software that proves that the PS4 is a brand new system instead of a PS3+.

        • Spirit Macardi

          And that idea of making graphics better was a gimmick. It differentiated consoles and games in a way designed to make one more appealing than the other.

          My problem is how only certain things are pointed out as being gimmicks, when really the entirety of gaming is built on gimmicks. You can argue whether or not you like the given gimmick, but it doesn’t change what it is.

          • meiam

            Okay so reading your other post, I’m just gonna leave this here


            Key part “a unique or quirky special feature that makes something “stand out” from its contemporaries”. It would appear we simply do not share the same definition of a word.

          • Spirit Macardi

            … And better graphics don’t make a console stand out?

      • Saying graphics are a gimmick is like saying the same thing for art or presentation. Visuals increase in quality in nearly every media format! Movies, digital design. Why would you not want to enhance the visual quality of games?

      • Robert Kupper

        “Better” isn’t a gimmick, its just the way of things. Getting a car with better milage, a screen with better color, these things aren’t gimmicks A core improvement is literally the opposite of a gimmick, which is an extraneous feature. and if you think better graphics are all power buys you than you are wrong.

        Better AI, more NPCs/objects on screen, open worlds, more interactive worlds, physically based rendering, realistic physics, realistic lighting and so many more things. Listen to developers of games talk and you will constantly hear things along the line of “Well, we wanted to add ___ but we just couldn’t get it to run.” More power opens up new possibilities for all games. I can tell you as a programmer, there are whole techniques and methodologies that we can’t even implement yet because no average system or computer can do them real time.

        Motion controls opened up possibilities for a few games, the issue is that it didn’t work when any other kind of game was forced to use it. Motion controls are currently imprecise and lack tactile feedback: a damning combination. I personally hate having to use them in any game, and lets be clear, the Xbone/PS3 was not not immune.

        The Kinect was extra awful for being imprecise and needing a massive open area. The six axis just served as an annoying gimmick in first party games for a few years and the Move was… well I think we all already forgot about the move. However, public opinion has turned from motion controls. It was a fad. Its gone now. (Well, its going. Oh, Xbone.)

        I own a PS4 and honestly all the new systems should be stayed away from for now. I had a bonus burning a hole in my pocket, but one of the systems have any games worth buying a system for. With Microsoft acting like such jerks lately and charging extra for the watch-you-watch-me kinect and the WiiU’s painfully outdated hardware and system overhead I guess I am a sony fanboy now.

        Sega, please make a new system now :P I forgive you for the 32X!

    • $18114340

      The PS4 is leading the race but Sony’s gaming executives are taking 50% salary cuts for the year because as well as the PS4 is doing Sony is still collapsing under its own financial weight.

      This entire generation has proven thus far that gamers are a selective bunch with their money and that AAA high spec gaming is unsustainable from an economic standpoint for the entire industry.

  • CozyAndWarm

    This is what lots of people have been saying, releasing a new system too soon will just promote confusion and dissatisfaction. Sega having so many consoles out at once and abandoning some quickly after release didn’t bode well for them.

    Also, I’d like to say that it’s neat that Nintendo has these little Q&A sessions every quarter. Do Sony and Microsoft’s gaming divisions do anything similar? Because I’ve never heard of it.

  • Attribule

    This is nothing new at all considering no date for the next console was given. It was common sense that they were already planning for the next console.

    The next Nintendo console should be expected to release in around 4~5 years if I’d personally have to give my estimate.

    They really need to reconsider their “gimmick before quality” strategy for their next set of systems. It clearly doesn’t appeal to people like they hoped it would. Making sure the next system is up-to-date and easy to develop for is a start. The reason Nintendo was the “king” back in the late 80s~early 90s is because Nintendo’s consoles had literally any game you could want whether it was 1st party or not. They had all of the variety you could ever ask for. That started changing around the time of the N64 and onward, where they quickly started losing 3rd party support to their new competitors. In turn their consoles have been lackluster since the mid-to-late 90s and never improved to this day.

    The only respite Nintendo had in consoles was the Wii, but only because it hooked a new audience. However, that audience, being casual players who mostly didn’t play video games to begin with, don’t need Nintendo’s next system, the Wii U. They weren’t gamers before and won’t be gamers after – they bought the only product they needed and no longer feel inclined to keep buying Nintendo’s latest products. It’s a demographic that no company should bother trying to aim for in this industry. They drop you as fast as they picked you up. It’s good short-term but terrible long-term.

    Nintendo, instead of trying to compete with their, well.. competition, decided that the best course of action would be to offer something the competitors didn’t offer. But what can Nintendo offer a customer that the competitors don’t? A substantially lower price, and a gimmick to try and convince consumers they’re getting an entirely different and worthwhile experience on Nintendo’s platform than the competitors’. This isn’t working.
    Unfortunately, even the 3DS suffers from its gimmicks and would have been a far greater system had it had them removed before release.

    I don’t trust Iwata’s leadership in the slightest. He has proven time and time again to have absolutely no idea how to run the company. He needs to be let go, end of story. He seems to be just another one of those Japanese businessmen who are set in their ways and won’t admit to their mistakes let alone fix them. Either he learns from this “scare” on his career or he’ll just be like most others like him and fight tooth and nail until he’s forced out of his position.

    • CozyAndWarm

      “even the 3DS suffers from its gimmicks and would have been a far greater system had it had them removed before release”

      I have to disagree with this. The 3D “gimmick” has been relatively popular, and has resulted in cool things that have never been done before, like the Sega/NES 3D Classics, or Senran Kagura (the producer wanted to look at 3D boobs). The “gimmick” makes it a unique system and has been widely utilized. If you’re talking about hardware power, then we’d just have another Vita, and you can see how the Vita we do have is faring on the market.

      The thing is, not all gimmicks are hits. The Wii U’s gamepad gimmick is really cool, but it’s underutilized, and most console devs are way too uncreative compared to handheld devs, which is hurting the system’s rep pretty badly.

    • Luis Edgar Flores Gutierrez

      Iwata was not a businessman, but a programmer for Nintendo before Hiroshi Yamauchi put him as the CEO of the company. It could be worse, because Miyamoto was a stronger candidate for a CEO than Iwata is, but Yamauchi put Iwata instead because he was not as well known that Miyamoto is, not to mention Miyamoto is implied to have a quite a ego.

    • DrakeClawfang

      “Gimmick before quality” is not an appropriate comparison to make. The Wii U’s lack of quality games was due to weaker hardware than the competition, but its gimmick was important to its success. The Playstation line of consoles have been the same ever since the original, each new version has just had stronger hardware so it can process games better and make those games look, sound, and run better. Same with XBox.

      However, the Wii’s motion controls changed the way we interfaced with games, and opens up new gameplay methods and options, and left Sony and Microsoft to play catch-up with the Move and Kinect. Now that Sony and Microsoft have caught up, Nintendo needs to either think of another breakthrough like the Wii. That is, another way to shift the way gamers play their games, or they need to improve their hardware to be able to compete with the inevitable PS5 and XBoxTwo or whatever it will be. If they can do both and do them well, they can win the next round of the console wars handily.

      Will Wright said it best – “the PS3 and the Xbox 360 feel like better versions of the last, but pretty much the same game with incremental improvement. But the Wii feels like a major jump”

  • Zer0faith

    Personally I wish they’d bring back the Gamecube controller.

    • Oh Jesus Christ please no.

    • 0nsen

      Yeah.. Nintendo slowly went with their controllers to perfection. When they couldn’t further improve it they just did something completely different. And now their controller is just a joke.

      Saw a video were you had to blow your controller to advance in a mario game. Swore to never buy this abomination right there.

      • While I don’t particulary like motion control, mic commands and else, I though GC controllers were too small, ankward button layout and pressing the shoulder buttong didn’t felt as responsive to me, I’d prefer the Wii classic controller.

        • idrawrobots

          Cube has the best trigger. THERE IS A BUTTON AT THE END!

          • Exactly that’s what I don’t like the trigger/shoulder buttons from the GC. I’d prefer SNES, N64 or Dualshock’s shoulder buttons, the button is where it starts :S

        • God

          I thought the same at first, but after a few months i just grew used to it.

          • Well, I think the idea is that the controls should feel comfortable from the beginning so I’d prefer many other controls over GC’s…. except motion controls though, I’d prefer playing Twilight Princess on GC.

      • CozyAndWarm

        Dude the gamepad is ridiculously comfy, almost on par with the GC controller imo. If there’s one thing Nintendo knows how to make, it’s good controllers.

      • Zero_Destiny

        You can play the entire game of New Super Mario Bros U. with just the Wiimote turned sideways like a NES pad, or the Wii U Classic controller.

        You can also play the entire game of Super Mario 3D World with the Wiimote turned sideways, the Wii U Classic controller, the Wii Classic controller, and the Wiimote + nunchuck configuration.

        Both games can be played all the way through without ever once even looking at the Gamepad, using gyro controls, or the mic controls. ^^;;

        Just like in Zelda Wind Waker HD, the Gamepad is just there as an option for people who like it. It gives you some different control schemes and some silly bells-and-whistles, but you can do the entire game the classic controller way. Though the Gamepad in Mario U gives Player 1 an additional ability in multiplayer mode that can make the game a bit easier.

        • TempestTwin

          In Super Mario 3D world you must use the wii U pad in order to play the levels that require the touch pad and mic functions (or someone who is playing with you in co-op must be using the wii u pad at least). If you are using any other controller, it won’t let you play that certain level.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I suppose, but those are also just fun little bonus stages that don’t count as actual levels, can be completely ignored, and add nothing except a way for younger kids to gather more green stars easily/quicker (since the difficult of these bonus stages are incredibly easy).

        • 0nsen

          That’s cool but only makes me wonder more why to even bother with the tablet. Maybe they’ll release the Wii U without it in the future.

    • X_Bacon

      I love the GC controller, it feels so… natural.

    • Guest

      Wavebird is still the best!

    • David García Abril

      The only fault was the front buttons layout.

      It was perfect for Nintendo games, but not so much for third party titles, which benefit much more from standard layouts.

    • Nhazul

      Most comfy controller ever. Even the wavebird controllers were excellent, a tad heavier, but the same overall feel. I miss em.

  • DesmaX

    Guess coming out with a name that doesn’t confuse your regular customers is pretty hard too

    • Brandon Stark

      Nintendo Wii U Dem (We, You, Them)

  • As always, I respect and appreciate Iwata so much~. I’m always curious about and looking forward to Nintendo’s next system, but it’s not as though I’m not having a blast with what’s in my hands now. 6u^

    • David García Abril

      Iwata might make mistakes and be headstrong sometimes.

      But stupid he is not.

    • Ric Vazquez

      Same here

  • lordsofskulls

    To be honest the issue with WII U:

    1) Everyone thought Wii U is just Tablet Addon, but still Original Wii System

    2) Too hard to make games on Wii U over other consoles ( xbox 360/PS3/PS4/Xbox One)

    3) Lack of Online Support: Also issue with Digital Content were it tied to System not Account

    4) Forced Tablet Controller on alot of first games when console came out.

    5) Lack Of Support/people backing out/ delaying games (Rayman, etc).

    6) Xenosaga: X (Only Hardcore/RPG appealing game.) = more games like this would make Nintendo be awesome again,

    • 0nsen

      It’s probably far easier.
      Most people that bought a Wii were people that do not buy games.
      What made anyone think that people that do not care to buy games would care for another console?

      Also.. their “kid-friendly” image. Yeah, kids like to play GTA V, Call of Duty 99 and all those other titles they’re not supposed to play. It was like this back when I was a kid and it’s still the case.

      • Guest

        Actually people bought several games for the Wii. It had a great attach rate (8,8, I think). And let’s not forget the number of units it sold. That’s just a myth.

      • Children enjoy a diversity of titles; and sure some children love games that aren’t meant for them (because of that), it’s not as though they would single-out mature games as the best/sole gaming experience.

        Also, between titles like Wii Fit, Just Dance, Mario Kart and other “casual” experiences, it’s not as though people weren’t buying games (all of those sold very well).

        • 0nsen

          A diversity of titles Nintendo consoles didn’t really provide them with since the N64.

    • Honestly, I agree with most of this… but I have a problem with the last one.

      The thing you have to realize, sadly, is that you are part of the minority who thinks that such a thing would make Nintendo awesome/successful. You’re thinking of yourself– not about what actually works in business.

      Now, don’t get me wrong, I really want X. I want it so badly. But I know what my tastes are, and I know they potentially don’t match with the millions and millions of other people out there in the world. Yes, you’re gonna see people who want those games, but when you’re calling for it on site that’s gonna be full of RPG fans/Japanese game fans, it’s gonna create an echo chamber.

      Nintendo needs to figure out games for the Wii U that’re gonna strike the wide audience, not just what the people who favor one genre want.

      • lordsofskulls

        Well snes and pone and ps2 are biggest hits I think mostly because of the RPG . Heck even Ps vita in last 5 months got alot of life back in it because of RPGs and are being sold more cause of the announced games which are pretty much RPGs.

    • God

      You stole that from youtube, didn’t you?

      • lordsofskulls

        Nope that from my personal view as a video game collector, and base on what customers ask and say at my work

    • CozyAndWarm

      2) The PS3 is a nightmare to develop for according to most devs.

      4) What does this even mean? The gamepad is the controller for the Wii U. Are you upset when you’re forced to use a PS3 controller to play games on PS3?

      The others I can mostly agree with, some of it Nintendo’s fault and some not.

      • Robert Kupper

        The PS3 is hard to work on for completely different reasons, but Sony’s failings don’t make Nintendo’s system any easier to port to. I am not sure this is a failing though, its just the cost associated with making a system that is weaker and focused on a different control scheme.

        Also for the new gen, it will be almost impossible to backport PS4/Xbone games to it because of how much less RAM/CPU power in it. Lower res textures, fewer NPCs on screen, constrained draw distances and scaled back AI are probably going to become noticeable. It doesn’t help that the PS4 and Xbone use a more standard PC architecture and the WiiU doesn’t. Its a lot of work for a small install base.

        The issue with the controller is that the xbox and ps3 controllers are standard pieces of hardware that follow conventions going back decades. People know how to utalize them well, and its something that took a long time to figure out. WIth a lot of failures.The WiiU gamepad works better for some game types than others. Its not just a controller, its a second screen. Its an entirely different input type, and now the WiiU has a weird mesh of Wii motion controls, the WiiU touchpad controller and games that still prefer the classic controller. The controller landscape for the WiiU is kind of a mess.

        I am not a fan of the gamepad at all though, i think it was a bad idea to try and catch lightning in a bottle twice in a row.

      • lordsofskulls

        It might had been harder than Xbox but it never stopped alot of third party games to come out. What I mean by comtroller it fine for single player and has some cool games out there for tablet and co op. But it lil bit weird when ur playing with bunch of friends

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    I’ll wait and see if a Wii U Slim happens because I made the mistake of buying a 3DS day one only to see a 3DSXL.

  • Zypharium

    The tablet of the Wii U is absolutely fantastic, I love to lie in bed and play games. :D But otherwise I prefer the PS4, my Vita and HighEnd-PC. I will not buy the successor of the Wii U, but the 3DS’ games lineup is amazing, so I would love to own a 3DS XL. Nintendo should concentrate on the Handheld-market.

  • chroma816

    The issue, I believe, is that Nintendo (usually a pretty forward thinking company in regards t platforms) went backwards with the WiiU. Where the DS introduced touchscreen gaming (now a staple due to smart phones, and included in the Vita and 3DS) and the Wii was the first of the consoles to have motion control (something all 3 use), the WiiU instead took an idea that was already popular (tablets) and tried incorporating it, rather than coming up with a new, original gimmick that could make the system very unique.

    • Suicunesol

      I don’t think that’s quite right. Wii U’s touch controller can be used like a lone tablet, but that’s not what makes it special. Nintendo has said repeatedly that the real appeal is the way the controller is able to interact with the games on the TV, utilizing the motion technology of the original Wii with a second screen to create a unique control scheme unlike anything before.

      No developer as of yet has capitalized on Wii U’s capabilities. Perhaps coming up with ideas that suits Wii U’s control scheme is very difficult because it is so… umm… radical.

      I think the Wii U needs the right software to come along to prove that. But it just doesn’t have that killer app yet, and it may never arrive either. On a personal note, I believe the new Fatal Frame game might get it right, but that’s just hopeful speculation.

      • chroma816

        While it’s true that the controller/tablet is a lot more than just a second screen, the entire idea itself – tablet shape and design and functionality – aren’t as unique as a 2nd screen on a handheld, or strict motion controllers.

        But yeah, the biggest problem is the lack of the killer app (although I really think the new Smash Bros. could definitely help). As much as I like the Fatal Frame games, I don’t think they’re killer app material.

  • Guest

    I’m really looking forward to what Nintendo will bring next in the form of hardware more than the upcoming game reveals at E3. I truly believe they can breathe new life into this industry by making, once more, a bold move.

    Having said that, I’m really happy to know that they will continue to support Wii U and its costumers regardless of the situation. So Ninty, bring the good stuff!

  • Lumibelle

    The thing I always hated about Nintendo is how they completely drop their older consoles once the new one is announced. I’m hoping this is still years away from now because I might as well just skip the WiiU if they’re already thinking about replacing it with a new console.

    • They’re always thinking of the next console. They were thinking of the Gamecube when the N64 came out. They were thinking of the Wii when the Gamecube came out. It’s no different with Sony or Microsoft, because consoles take years to not only conceptualize, but develop and fine-tune and then produce.

      I would not be worried about them replacing the system anytime within the next five years or so, at the least.

    • ronin4life

      They “Drop” a console when it is done. When sales have slowed, and it is time to move on to the next group of Consoles and Software.

      This is no different than MS or Sony, save for the fact that Xbox and PS generally took longer to catch on early, making their lives end-heavy.

      • Cazar

        I beg to differ.

        They dropped first party support for the Wii over a full year before the Wii U’s release. They ceased production for the Wii within a year of the Wii U’s release. They’re dropping the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for the Wii this month.

        In contrast the PS3 was still receiving first party titles in it’s final months leading up to the PS4 and Sony are notorious for continuing production of their consoles for several years after their successors are released. This isn’t just because the PS3’s life cycle was more “end-heavy”, it’s always been this way and cutting the Wii short was in no way a consumer-positive practice. Even Microsoft didn’t discontinue XBL for the original Xbox until 2010.

        • I don’t think it was a full year, but it was about half a year or something; and keeping online going for a year after their new console is pretty good.

          The DS was getting fair support too even after the 3DS, so it’s not as though the last gen just stopped existing to them (we were also getting titles localized still).

          • Cazar

            Unless you count Just Dance or the Project Rainfall titles which had already been out in other territories for a good year or more then yes it was a full year, and support was already pretty slow at that point.

            Keeping it online for an extra year is good compared to what exactly? You can’t just judge them by their own set of lower standards when there is competition that is exceeding those standards.

          • Well I counted the localizations different than the developed titles in my comment.

            Why does there need to be a comparison? It should be judged by how long the necessary consoles for the online had their support (which above, looks like an ample time) and how long they give people to transition (which is a little over a year at least, right).

            It’s not as though many DS and Wii games relied on online play to drive their experiences either. Sure, MK was a blast online, but it’s definitely best enjoyed with friends in the same room – which is basically the same for other titles. It would be disappointing if their games relied on the online part, but they didn’t. (Thank goodness.)

          • Cazar

            Well, try telling that to the Brawl community and the gen V Pokémon players. BW2 only came out two years ago and it’s already going offline. A lot of these games are still relevant to a lot of people. And the comparisons matter because my point from the start was that it’s not the same as Sony or Microsoft. You may disagree with me regarding it’s significance but they are in no way the same.

          • And I always had more fun playing with my friends than I did online. I won’t get into Brawl online though lol. As for BW2. . . I didn’t know there was a lot you could do online?

            I didn’t say the online was irrelevant, but at least far as first/second party titles go, Nintendo is smart and ensures you’ll have a fulfilling experience without online being necessary, but that it can also boost your experience.

            I think the one exception is MHtri, but in that case, it’s such a better experience in the next gen, unless money is a factor, there’s no reason not to upgrade.

          • Cazar

            Competitive battles are a pretty big deal in Pokémon, and with each gen there is different metagame. Shutting down WFC will essentially kill the gen IV and gen V metagames outside of battle simulators, but for the most part it’s just silly that such a young and popular game is being taken offline so swiftly.

            I agree that Nintendo does a great job at making their games enjoyable without the need of online and personally I don’t spend a great deal of time playing games online myself. But different types of people enjoy games differently and I just think that Nintendo should make a stronger effort at continuing support for their services/systems if they want to keep satisfied customers. If you leave sour grapes with Wii owners not as many of them are going to be eager to jump ship to another Nintendo console.

          • Hmm. Looking back, I didn’t use the online for DPP much and not at all for BW (I was lucky to have a hardcore Pokemon group at my college) so I forgot about how much was accessible online. I could see that, because there was EV training/battling going on a lot, right? When I remember that, there is more perspective.

            I do know what you mean, because I didn’t get into MK online until just last year, and I am going to miss it sorely, but I think most people that played games like Brawl and Pokemon even are the type that will eventually move on to the next console, because the type that play those games devotedly don’t get into them without knowing that they’ll go where the next game is.

            I think another factor is, when online support is cut for the old gen, is the next gen game already out to justify that? For people waiting for the next Smash, they’re going to have to make a choice obviously (wait until Winter or fold and close the gap between playing now and later online); and for Pokemon, they have a new game already that will let them continue online battling for the next gen.

            I give them more slack with the DS to 3DS in this case, because there are a lot of options in that family (in price, portability, software, etc) but it is more sad in the case of the Wii and Wii U. But hopefully they’ll be able to provide more reason to switch over once the online is unavailable.

          • ronin4life

            There are varying standards we could argue here between all 3 consoles’ gen transitions, from BC to account transferring to online service and software support. It isn’t like Wii-WiiU was massively disappointing when compared to PS3-PS4 in a universal way.

          • Yeah I noticed certain people doing that in another Nintendo thread. Giving them credit for Club Nintendo US. Technically they would be pretty bad given the criteria just provided…

        • Guest

          Actually Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection lasted longer than XBL. While 3DS being already full three years on the market.

          XBL: Nov 2002 until Apr 2010 (~7 years)

          Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
          DS: Nov 2005 until May 2014 (~8 years)
          Wii: Dec 2006 until May 2014 (~7 years)

          • Cazar

            Obviously I’m talking about how long they kept it up after it was succeeded. The 360 came out in 2005. They didn’t close XBL until 5 years later. WFC is shutting down not even 2 years after the Wii U released. It should still be relevant to people. And I’m willing to bet money that XBL and PSN support for the 360 and PS3 will last longer than just another year.

        • ronin4life

          There were titles and localisations all the way to the end, as few as they were. But you should remember Sales overall were also dropping, which wasn’t the case for Sony and MS.

          There wasn’t a reason to focus on a console going out when they had a new one coming in, because it had lived past its normal lifespan and it was time to let the new entries shine in. Sony and MS have never been good at this timing though, and 360/PS3 had very unusual lifespans where sales didn’t kick off until around the halfway point.

        • seiya19

          It’s worth noting here that Nintendo used GameSpy servers for their online services on Wii/DS, which the parent company (Glu Mobile) decided to shut down to focus on their own. Keeping the services online would have meant migrating to new servers, which I doubt it was worth the hassle nowadays.

          Besides, Sony has been dropping online support for many of their games too lately (Resistance trilogy, GT5, MAG, SOCOM, White Knight Chronicles). Some of them released after SSBB and Mario Kart Wii, and some online only. I don’t see what makes them much better here… Don’t know about Microsoft, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the same from them.

          As for 1st party support, Nintendo still had games in 2012, even besides the localization of Just Dance for Japan and the “Project Rainfall” games (Kiki Trick, Fatal Frame 2 remake, Kirby collection, Mario Party 9, Inazuma Eleven Strikers for Europe). It could’ve been better, I agree, but “over a full year” before WiiU is an exaggeration. It wasn’t that bad…

          Finally, regarding Wii production, they’re still shipping units (around 160k last quarter). The Wii Mini is still available in the US, having been released last November there. This is all up to demand really, and given how WiiU and 3DS are backwards compatible and relatively affordable, there’s just not much incentive to get a Wii/DS over them. Specially when those platforms were also relatively affordable from the beginning.

      • Lumibelle

        No that’s the thing Nintendo dropped support for the Gamecube the second Wiii was released, the same thing happened to the Wii when the WiiU was released. There was still support on the PS2 for about 4-5 years after the PS3 came out, it was mostly 3rd party support but it was still there. Sony still heavily supports the PS3 even after they released the PS4 and I see the PS3 going strong for another 2-3 years, but I’m guessing that’s a big difference with Wii/WiiU transition due to the Wii’s limitations compared to the other consoles.

        • Looking at the list of games and then the Wii’s release date (which was a little earlier than I remembered), the Gamecube was getting support even the year that the Wii released. Sure, some of it was baically shovelware, but even Baten Kaitos came out earlier that year. But I think that all goes back to the point that ronin4life makes, which is how sales are and is support still needed. If the Gamecube was already not doing great and then sales weren’t picking up, there’s no need to be pumping money into it.

          edit : The PS2 support isn’t that different from the Gamecube’s after the PS3, either.

          • Lumibelle

            I guess you have a point there, the Gamecube sold poorly compared to the PS2 it makes sense that they cut it’s lifespan, which is a shame because I really loved the Gamecube.
            You mentioned Baten Kaitos I’m impressed not many people know those games ;)

          • Yeah, agreed. Even though I didn’t really start gaming with Nintendo until the N64/GB, the Gamecube is where I fell in love with them and it holds a special place in my heart, and I really wish they had supported it longer/more; but, the Wii taking over also brought along a lot of wonderful things for me, so I can’t be too upset. >u<

            I know, even on here it seems~. I'm still only on the first game, but I think BK is a great experience. ♥

          • Lumibelle

            Same for me, while there weren’t as many gaming options on the GC like the PS2, the few exclusives that I played on it still remain with me today. I got a Wii for Fire Emblem I’ve been a big fan of the series since I played it on the GBA.

          • Oh, nice! We only have the Gamecube FE and still need the Wii one. I always wanted to get into the series, but only started it recently.

            The Gamecube was also quite an entry-point for me to some things I guess. x’D

    • What do you mean by that? Because for a while, they were still supporting the DS and Wii after the Wii U and 3DS came out.

    • pokeroi

      That why they have backward compatibilities, unlike others.

    • CozyAndWarm

      That’s what backwards compatibility is for, and Nintendo’s the only one who seems to care about that these days

      • Lumibelle

        Yeah I get what you mean even the Vita isn’t completely backwards compatible unless you bought games from the PS Store. The PS3 and PS4 use different graphics technology PS3 uses Nvidia and PS4 uses AMD. There would have been some compatibility issues with certain games I’m guessing.

  • Nesther

    Hopefully this means abandoning regular home consoles and a complete focus on handhelds. Maybe a handheld/home console hybrid?

  • Learii

    so wait Wii U only been out for 3 years and they already plan for a new system?

    • ronin4life

      1 and a half years.

      And no, they aren’t planning to launch a new system. They are planning to make their next one, which is common procedure. Sony and MS should be right now too.

    • pokeroi

      Wait, you don’t know that all companies plan for the next product when the actual one is released?
      And Wii U 3 years?

  • tubers
    • Zefiro Torna

      The “new consoles” mentioned in those articles are not Wii U successors (which we’re talking about here), but are for “emerging markets.” Those seem to be variants/revisions for different demographics, like the 2DS is.

      • tubers


        Probably some sort of meaning lost in translation but it seemed they were implying a different and new device:

        “It would be difficult to enter those markets if we didn’t create something new… For the mass market you need to provide something that most of the middle class can afford,”

        Then again, that could still mean they’ve already created such: a 2DS.

        • Haganeren

          They WERE implying a different and new device… For their next console, the fact that Nintendo will make another console “one day” is no new for me.

  • Frankly I’m surprised he took so long to talk about their future plans, but when he does he doesn’t go into details at all. I’m saying this because everyone is all over Oculus and Morpheus and virtual reality as a whole, and Nintendo who was the first to introduce 3D/Motion gaming isn’t seemingly “participating” in the hype. Tough I’m sure they have something up their sleeve to remain so hush-hush about it.

    • I was kind of thinking that. It makes them look so much more suspicious that way, but they’re also highly unpredictable (which I love), so that’s as highly suspicious as it is not suspicious.

      • I think maybe they’ll hold back the new tech this time around to see how the competition fares with reality gaming. Honestly, they had something in their hands with the WiiU. Like a tablet + console system bundled up. In the future, making one bundled gaming system that’s able to run both portable and console markets can be a smart move; devs can choose to develop their games either exclusively for the tablet (portable games) or exclusively for the console, or even to be run on either one of them. That way the market won’t be fragmented like now, and casuals won’t get lost between multiple devices and such.

  • greavah

    Needs more metroid games.

  • isotrex

    I’m guessing it’ll be a cheaper version of Wii U? Perhaps removing the Wii backwards compatibility or something just to make the price go down. At this point, all we can do is speculate. Unless, there will be some teasers and/or leakage of information somewhere.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Don’t abandon the home console market tho don’t pull a Sega on us and pull the plug on the wii-u yet :{ but a Nintendo Tablet/ smart phone would be AMAZING

    • Haganeren

      People which have the Wii U right now are fans of Nintendo… If Nintendo betray their own fans, there will be literally no one to support their next console on the gamers side.

  • awang0718

    This is what I imagine for Nintendo’s next console:

    Same/similar specs as next Playstation and Xbox
    Fully unified digital account system (already promised)
    Similar architecture with Nintendo’s next handheld (already promised)
    “Normal” controller (“Gamepad” tablet controller is an accessory)
    $350-$400 launch price
    Zelda and Metroid Prime (a title to appeal to the FPS market) as launch titles
    Launches in 2016-2018, depending on Wii U sales

    This is what I imagine for Nintendo’s next handheld:

    Fully unified digital account system (already promised)
    Similar architecture with Nintendo’s next console(already promised)
    No stereoscopic 3D
    Dual analog sticks (or circle pads)
    High resolution, preferably 720p HD display
    Similar specs to a Wii U (maybe not 2 GB of RAM, but everything else the same)
    Device is handheld-console hybrid (MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE, in my opinion)
    $170-$180 launch price
    E-shop allows free-to-play titles to be published, similar to mobile F2P’s
    Pokémon spin-off (Mystery Dungeon?) and maybe
    Nintendogs as launch titles
    Launches in 2017

    Both of these two devices can be INSANELY successful, assuming first party support for both devices is guranteed (it is)

    • Jero

      I think they’ll mantain 3D, it just wont be main thing of the console; they have the technology why wouldn’t they use it.

      • awang0718

        3D may be nice for some games (Mario 3D Land, Link Between Worlds etc.), but there are also a lot of drawbacks to 3D because it:

        Increases harware costs (that is why 3DS was $250 at launch)

        Increases software development costs and thus increases cost of games (this is why 3DS games are $40 and not $30)

        May potentially cause health risks (this is why the 2DS exists)

        Discourages western developers from developing 3DS games

        Continues the perception that Nintendo focuses on “gimmicks”

        A crisp, beautiful, 720p HD display is more than enough to handle fully 3 dimensional games, without stereoscopic 3D effects.

        • Suicunesol

          1. Hardware costs–yes
          2. Increases software costs–no, not really. s3D games don’t require much more effort to develop than regular games. You just need to sacrifice some FPS or polygons. Also, major 3DS games would cost $40 anyway because of rising development costs.
          3. Health risks–whether it’s 3D or not, you’re still staring at small screens for long periods of time, which is bad for you anyway.
          4.Discourages western developers from developing–why and how? 3D can be turned off for the 3DS, but Western developers still abstain from developing.
          5. Continues the perception that…– Then Nintendo needs to change public perceptions on new ideas.

          • awang0718

            While 3DS games are not super expensive to develop, developing a game in stereoscopic 3D costs extra money, which contributes to rising 3DS software costs.
            Everyone who develops 3DS games must make their game run with 3D, or else the game won;t be approved by Nintendo. This turns off Western developers because they care about high-resolution graphics on consoles/PCs, not steroscopic 3D.
            Catering western developers can be as easy as adding dual analog sticks and having a HD display, not of which the 3DS has. That is why the 3DS lacks western third party support (maybe except Activision)
            Nintendo can easily change their perception if they dropped 3D in the future and focus mainly on games and functionality. It is that simple.

          • Suicunesol

            Sure, it costs extra effort. But guess what? They don’t have to develop in 3D. A lot of 3DS games, many of them eShop games, don’t have stereoscopic 3D features. Some recent major retail games, such as One Piece Unlimited World: Red, forgo 3D for better visuals. Nintendo has approved plenty of non-3D games and developers are no longer under the obligation to develop 3D games.

            If Western developers don’t develop for 3DS because they care for high-resolution graphics on consoles and PCs… then it’s because the 3DS isn’t powerful enough for them. Also, the audience isn’t the same.

            And here’s another thing–you can have 3D and focus on games and functionality at the same time. They’re not mutually exclusive.

            And here’s another thing–there is no reason to assume that Western developers prefer developing HD console games. (Why would they when it costs so much and there’s so much risk?) No, HD games are what Western GAMERS prefer. Major Western developers primarily develop HD games to meet demand.

            And look at the Playstation Vita. It has dual analog sticks and an HD screen. Look at all the support it’s getting. :D

          • awang0718

            Western developers want a decently powerful, HD device to cater to western gamers. If Nintendo’s next handheld fit those criteria, I gurantee there will be more western third party support for the next handheld.
            That handheld would also have to be popular. The PS Vita is a commercial failure, despite the powerful hardware. The Vita had western support, back in 2012, when AssCreed 3 Liberations and CoD Blackops Declassified. Those two games were unable to boost PS Vita sales, and western developers have stayed away since. If PS Vita had 3DS sales, then I guarantee n developers would be chasing it.

    • Suicunesol

      If Nintendo’s next handheld has all of those things, I can guarantee you that it’s not going to cost $170-$180. That’s just madness. :P

      • awang0718

        Parts will be cheaper as time passes. Ultimately, the nintendo’s next handheld will be a little more $170-$180 is possible, but Nintendo won;t be making a huge amount of profit on it during its first 2 years. After that, $profit$
        I simply want Nintendo’s next handheld to evolve in this smartphone dominated world. 3DS isn’t selling as much as the DS (nobody expected it to), but it could still be selling better. $170-$180 is the ideal price point (maybe $200 if the handheld is larger, like the 3DS XL)

  • leingod

    If they ditch the Wii U I’ll be pissed. I’m supporting them with that one… it just needs more and better games.

  • Prosciutto93

    Wii U’s fine, personally what I’d really be up for is a new 3DS XL model, the overall build of the current one just feels so cheap compared to the original 3DS and both Vitas.

  • FutureFox

    Portable device that docks or plugs into console.

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