New 3DS Owners In Japan Get Pokémon X/Y Or Puzzle & Dragons Z In June

By Ishaan . May 14, 2014 . 2:01pm

Nintendo’s “monthly recommended software campaign” for the Nintendo 3DS is continuing in Japan. As reported in the past, this is a campaign whereby people that buy a new Nintendo 3DS get a download code for a free game alongside their purchase.


For the month of May, Nintendo are offering Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Yo-kai Watch to new 3DS owners. 3DS buyers will be able to pick from either of these games until May 31st.


For the month of June, Animal Crossing will remain on the list, but Yo-kai Watch will be replaced by four other games—Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Puzzle & Dragons Z and Pokémon Art Academy. (That last one will be available after its release on June 19th.)

  • Postnjam

    Pokemon or puzzle game I’ve never heard of……THIS IS SUCH A HARD CHOICE TO MAKE.

    • ForteWily

      The scary thing is that puzzle & dragons has quite the following in Japan… So yes, this is a difficult choice to make.

      • shuyai

        but puzzle & Dragon is free on ios and andriod no?

        • Suicunesol

          Not Puzzle and Dragons Z.

        • Stephen

          The 3DS version is an actual RPG.

    • Herok♞

      Well both of those games have sold over a million so I am pretty sure the Japanese audience has heard of both

    • Namuro

      Well… The title says “New 3DS Owners *IN JAPAN*.

      I don’t think YOU are in their target group for this deal…

  • konsama

    Hmmm… i still have my 3DS XL code from a year ago, if i use it will it work?

    Mite get Pokemon X lolz. Or mebe animal crossing…

  • Oguri Murasaki

    I almost read the title wrong! I though it was “Pokemon Z”, but it is “Puzzle & Dragon Z”! SO SAD! what a let down! :(

  • FreeLancers

    No love for the west.

  • Theob Vious Choice

    Pokemon is still strong, but Puzzle and Dragons UNFORTUNATELY is about
    as strong in Japan as well. It’s basically taking the card game craze
    where you pay out the ass to get good cards or characters and making it
    digital. Unfortunately this craze really picked up in Japan, I wish
    Japan would have a resurgence of something tangible like card games. The
    mobile game craze managed to plague the 3DS as well it seems, maybe
    that one is not full of their beloved microtransactions.
    I hate gacha, I hate the transfer of staff to mobile, and I hate Puzzle and
    Dragons. Hell, I even got lucky with the gacha in that game and got a
    crapton of god mobs, and I still have to expend ridiculous amounts of
    effort and time to get anything done, so I quit. It’s basically the worst thing to come out of Japan in recent years, if America produced MOBAs and elitist bro-gaming, Japan did just as bad with the mobile gaming pay for nonexistence thing. I hope that soon there will be a new craze in Japan so people start collecting things that actually consist of matter.

    • The 3DS Puzzle & Dragons is an RPG. It isn’t a social game.

      • Theob Vious Choice

        That’s what I gathered, well; despite bringing the name across consoles, at the very least it’s not a social game. That at least spares people from paying money for nothing.

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