Inazuma Eleven Go Gets English Screenshots

By Ishaan . May 19, 2014 . 10:30am


Nintendo of Europe have shared English-language screenshots of Inazuma Eleven Go, the start of the second Inazuma Eleven series. The new game takes place ten years after the original Inazuma trilogy, and features a cast of new characters alongside adult versions of some of the older characters.


Among those characters is Mark Evans, who is now happily married to either Nelly or Camellia, depending on which version of the game you play. In the Light version, Mark is married to Nelly, while in Shadow, he’s married to Camellia.


Inazuma Eleven Go will be released in Europe on June 13th.



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  • Happy to have these games come out. Cannot wait for the eventual release of Chrono Stone and Galaxy. :D

  • Jack Frost Hee ho

    I just love the fact that it comes out the day after the world cup starts

    • Blaz

      That’s called “planning”.

      • Jack Frost Hee ho

        Yes. But that doesn’t mean I can’t love that it happened can it?

  • James Williams

    Quick question about them, I want mark to marry nelly, is the whole plot with victor etc still in the light version?

    • Guest

      Yes, as his story is integral to the whole plot.
      Differences are more like exclusive hissatsu moves, tactics, recruitable characters and a special story with one of the older characters.

      • British_Otaku

        I’m sure they will run back with an Inazuma Eleven Go! collection eventually for Japan if they feel like going for a revival for the series when Youkai Watch slows down and they are still thinking up something else.

        I wish they would make a “Perfect” version for some of these split games even if it goes against the nature that Pokemon Red/Blue or Battle Network 3 Blue/White started many years ago. Sometimes I just want to have everything and not hope that I come across someone to trade with, that Streetpass/Spotpass work or that I have another copy of the game and another system to get everything.

        I guess in some cases, they will have to pick one thing, like Mark can’t marry both of them, but I wouldn’t mind all of the hissatsu moves, tactics, recruitable characters and such.

      • James Williams

        Beltin, cheers man :)

  • Tincho Kudos

    I hate you region lock.

    • awat

      heck yeah fucking region lock, i am waiting for a U.S version of IE for ages now, IE go looks so good i can see that english screen cant they just copy/paste this goddamn it. im sure theres many many People even in the U.S that love Football/Soccer.

      • Tincho Kudos

        Yes, not only US. The NTSC region covers all America and since football is huge in South America it makes little sense to not bring over here the games. Even more when they are already translated in English.
        But oh well, hope they bring IE 2 and 3 quick so we can have GO

        • GH56734

          IE2 would need extra localization work. After all, the 3DS version was never released outside Japan.
          Third game is already localized on 3DS.

    • Ric Vazquez

      Me too

  • Masa

    Really want to play and enjoy these games but the English voice acting kills it for me, i watched the anime in Japanese and know the characters by those voices……….

    • British_Otaku

      I assume that the name changes are a barrier for you too then, I can’t really get past any of it to support my local releases… A shame as we are the only folks who get releases pretty quickly.

      • Masa

        They changed names too? Crap, that’s ridiculous.

  • Tsurugi

    I will have to a 3DS (EU) and Inazuma Eleven GO: Light , damn you region lock

  • Learii

    I hope this come to NA

    • Tsurugi

      I believe it will, the problem is when……

    • Fastchrone

      i prefer 2 and 3 comes before this

  • Farid Belkacemi

    Looks great… Can’t wait ! :)

  • British_Otaku

    I know I’m making the call based on a bland introduction, but Nelly and Camella both greeting Arion using the exact same words makes me feel… upset or something. >_>

    It can’t be that hard, I would be more surprised if they didn’t have unique phrases or verbal ticks given that they are two different people even if they have been married to Mar- Mamoru* for some time.

    *Just not a fan of name changes, even if I don’t dislike this nearly as much as some things… and I like Ace Attorney for some reason.

    • riceisnice

      Well, there’s 1 word difference between them! :D

      Also, it’s only 1 greeting sentence. Should Nelly have been, “Hey, you’re that little boy that tickles my fancy every night. Mark talks about you all day long -_^ “

      • British_Otaku

        I haven’t played any Inazuma Eleven short of a brief bit of IE1 in Japanese and IEGOGalaxy/Supernova’s demo, so I don’t have any context for how to phrase it.

        However, something like “You must be Arion. Mark never stops talking about you!”, “Arion is it? Mark has been mentioned you so often, I’m surprised I never met you sooner” or anything that gets across the type of character the person is or simply makes it clear they are different people.

        Sharing lines is something that nameless villages’ nameless NPC in those towns you don’t need to save in Fire Emblem Awakening do.

    • The name changes are always obnoxious to me for a variety of reasons. But really, if Beyblade can keep everyone’s name, what is everyone else’s excuse? And it’s not like ATLA isn’t a thing.

  • Mugiwara

    Why? Why change the names?! But when this comes to NA I will support because I love these series… but the names… it bothers me so much…

    • Renaldi Saputra

      it usually happens when come to dub, especially kids series

    • Zero_Destiny

      Well it is sort of that Ace Attorney approach. ^^;;

      All the characters in Inazuma have names that mean something, and by reading their names it can help you understand how to use the character in the game. For the Japanese they naturally will understand their names/meanings but for the English speakers that meaning is naturally lost.

      For example Tenma Matsukaze, the kaze in his name lets players know he is a wind element character. And for story based reasons, Tenma is “the wind of change that blows through Raimon.” So the English name represents the meaning of this with “Sherwind.” Now for the Airon first name, that ties into a transformation ability that Tenma has later on in the series.

      People are quite adamant in their opinions about wether or not that is the proper approach in how to localize the games, and their preference for the Japanese names, and I know I like the Japanese names (are far more attached to them lol) but the changes do have a a certain logic behind them. lol

      • GH56734

        The name changes in Ni no Kuni though were ridiculous though. With the sole exception Shizuku (“tear”) becoming Drippy, literally all of the other localized names were made up by the translators that have nothing to do with the original, and not always in a good way (why should “Mark” become “Phillip” for example? And all the other names that were foreign to begin with in the Japanese release)

      • Mugiwara

        Yeah. Maybe is because where I live, the anime were dubbed but they used the Japanese names, so you know. And in the Ace Attorney series I first played in English, so yeah, I guess we king of bond with the first approach? :D

  • Nirvanes

    Anyone thinks it would be a good idea to start with this game? I never really played the others… and I’m European so I could totally get my hands in a boxed copy of the DS games.

    • Zero_Destiny

      (Mostly talking about the anime versions here) I started on Go myself actually. It IS doable, but I don’t recommend it. >__< Go has an all new cast, but it ties back into the original trilogy on a frequent bases. The most obvious fact being that the previous cast returns now as adults.

      For the most part you can get through the story without prior knowledge, but the story assumes you know who a lot of the characters are. I know I had to go look things up on wiki, and read some internet threads here and there at some times to really feel like I "got it."

      While it's totally doable, and you can get through most of the core story, I really say you owe it to yourself to go into Inazuma in the proper order. I ended up going back and checking out the original after Go, and that's when I really started to appreciate Go more. lol Plus the original is just rather enjoyable all on its own. And the two different cast I think are unique and are worth experiencing both.

      As for the games, well Go has some improvements, and the graphics look much better, but even if the original Inazumas are rough around the edges, I'm still enjoying the first game (we just got it here in the US). I really suck at it though. lol But yeah, try it out in order would be my recommendation. :)

      • Nirvanes

        Yeah I get that, but it is a better game too, right? I mean… I like the premise behing the first game… and even having bought a lot of DS games to play in my 3DS I really would prefer to take a step ahead. Do you know the Oliver and Benji series there in NA? I used to love it when I was little, and loving football (soccer) it was only natural for a kid to get a little crazy seeing his favourite sport mixed with superpowers. So I always wanted a game where I could play as Oliver or Benji, and Inazuma it’s sort of his spiritual successor… well, except that Inazuma clearly goes a little too far for me. Aliens and that sort of stuff… naah. That’s why I only would like to play the first game… if I have too. But maybe I’ll move directly to this just because it’s made for the 3DS and it’s not a port. (And I would guess, as this is the beggining of a new adventures, that this game will not have aliens and stuff… Am I right? :P)

        • Zero_Destiny

          Story wise I say Go gets pretty crazy too, in fact, maybe a little bit crazier than the original trilogy, Time Traveling, More Space stuff, and Secret conspiracies that control the world behind the scenes. lol It’s all quite over-the-top and never really looks back.

          Go has a lot of noticeable improvements, being fully 3D over just little sprites is a pretty big one in my book, but it’s not just aesthetics. The Go games were a bit gimmicky, and each new game tried to bring in something new, so we see a lot of new elements like Avatars (and then Avatars Armed), Mixi Maxi, and even some transformations. I’d still really recommend playing them in order if you can though, but if the newer gameplay and presentation is what’s calling your name, then sure, by all means. The original Inazuma Eleven while still pretty fun, does show its age a lot (imo).

          • Nirvanes

            That sucks… Space and Aliens are a little too much for me. Maybe time travel is alright. I like football and I like games with a cool story.
            I’m thinking the first game is a little less over the top, at least story-wise, but maybe I’m wrong(?). I would like to play it, maybe I’ll eventually buy a DS copy of the game and Go after. We’ll see. But Go looks like a really great improvement.

          • Mugiwara

            Nah. I really don’t like soccer but Soccer + Specials that blow planets + Craziness, that is the stuff that made me play Inazuma Eleven. But that is just me, I guess people who really like soccer won’t like that stuff too much. :P

          • Nirvanes

            Not exactly… they could like it. i just would like the game to be about a tournment with school mates only, not a ‘sav the world’ situation… to be just about a story with characters and football.

          • Mugiwara

            I see your point. Yeah, maybe just “normal” matches for once would be fun, but keep the specials! >.<

          • Nirvanes

            Sure the special attacks are cool… just like Oliver and Benji ones… but the insane plotlines it’s just too much. Back in Oliver and Benji days, they were gathering the class mates to win a championship and in the end the characters were playing for Japan national team and moved to european and south american clubs such as Barcelona and São Paulo. It was pretty cool.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Akkhhh. T_T we loss the heaven horse name there.T_T Now i can think of the crazy horse pun anymore.T_T

  • Natsumi = Canon wife

  • glrd
    • Tsurugi

      what they did with victor blade’s(tsurugi) voice?

      • glrd

        They made him into a russian 6 year old. ): Also Yuuichi is called Vladimir Blade.

  • Khoko

    つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Gib IE:Go つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Gib IE:Go つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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