Senran Kagura Anime Trailer Provides First Look At Dubbed Voices

By Ishaan . May 19, 2014 . 12:31pm


Funimation have shared a trailer for the Senran Kagura anime series, along with a list of voice-actors that will be cast in the show’s English dub. You can view the trailer above, and view the cast list below.


ASUKA – Felecia Angella

KATSURAGI – Brittney Karbowski

IKARUGA – Alexis Tipton

HIBARI – Megan Shipman

YAGYU – Bryn Apprill

HOMURA – Monica Rial

HARUKA – Teri Rogers

MIRAI – Lara Woodhull

HIKAGE – Kara Edwards

YOMI – Trina Nishimura


The Senran Kagura anime will be available in North America on July 29th on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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  • Masa

    Of all the animes to dub they pick one of the worst animes ever created……

    • British_Otaku

      Looking at it from your angle, at the least this will sell to the folks sold on the “Bouncier than Ever” marketing or just general fans of the characters from the game and manga. FUNimation will put the profit from this release towards shows you like eventually…

      Do you know how many awful takes of Dragon Ball Z (not even that good an adaptation of a manga which lost the plot more and more as it went on), people bought and still are buying to support other things?

      It is far from being that bad anyway, even if it definitely isn’t going to win me over if fanservice takes centre stage over combat and the narrative which were strong in the source material even with the fanservice being core to the franchise.

    • xavier axol

      never underestimate the power of boobs and bums, people will go in great lengths in the pursuit of bounciness. sacrifices like plots and character’s dignity must be made, in order to maintain the quality of such intricacies. ;)

      in short, this will sale.

      • Shippoyasha

        Martial Hearts is one of the ‘best’ fanservicey anime classic with some of the most insane final episode twists. It was considered the Room of anime and they have a bit of a following precisely because they watch like b-movies. Some ecchi stuff can genuinely be pretty good, but yeah, some of them can get by on the sheer fanservice insanity.

    • Toybatsu

      Worst? You obviously haven’t seen much if you think that. I’d just say average.

  • British_Otaku

    Not a fan of the trailer’s… presentation for lack of a better term (do FUNimation market all of their shows with external wubwub, meh commentary and all), but sure the voice cast might be good and I might be happy to hear them in Senran Kagura 2 or some other far off localisation.

    • Shippoyasha

      At least Funimation shows in-show clips quite often in their Youtube channel.

      Most of their trailers for casual viewers and younger viewers anyway. That’s kind of how trailers are these days.

  • Firion Hope

    I quite liked this show, it’s surprisingly solid for being an ecchi. But it’s a really weird choice to dub, both SKB and Shinovi VS are in Japanese with English subtitles. Also I’m not really a fan of most of funis dubs :(

    • British_Otaku

      There are more unusual picks…

      Do you remember 428? A Wii and PS3 visual novel from the creator of Zero Escape that got a 40/40 from Famitsu. Canaan was an anime sequel based on that unlocalised game, still got dubbed by Sentai…

      Or how about Black Blood Brothers. A series of light novels and manga which never got localised but the anime was still dubbed by FUNimation.

      The anime industry (or at least Sentai + FUNimation) more or less dub everything regardless of awareness as they know they will lose a massive amount of the market without it (partly as fansubs exist and partly as the market aren’t friendly towards sub only releases for the most part) and that they can afford to deliver it.

      FUNimation have only dodged a dub on one or two occasions and something which they streamed is definitely going to need a dub to get more people to bite in North America. Lucky for them, the market is already there from years of games and manga, some even localised already.

      How is the dub going to turn out? Well not every dub is good, but I’ll be glad to own the whole series for a reasonable price with both voice overs. FUNimation have good and bad performances, hope for the best.

      • Firion Hope

        yeah it’ll be nice to pick up the series for a semi affordable price at least

      • Tooru

        While Funimation does dub the majority of their titles (having only one, terrible subtitle only anime), Sentai’s been releasing a lot of subtitle-only Blu-Rays during the past year. This includes anime like Humanity Has Declined, the first two seasons of Hidamari Sketch, and Flowers of Evil. Clearly a market for sub-only releases exists, given the sheer amount that Sentai’s been putting out. Dubbing is expensive, so not all releases are worth the cost of dubbing; frankly I wish Funimation would realize that and release some of the great anime that they’re just sitting on (Tatami Galaxy, Kyousogiga, etc) that way.

        • British_Otaku

          Thanks for that, I don’t have the best perspective on Sentai releases as the only ones we get are the ones that MVM Films (a UK distributor) seems to pick up… Canaan, Bodacious Space Pirates and Kids on the Slope have a dub, so that gave me the impression that they can’t be that far behind FUNimation in dubbing stuff…

          I do agree that some things are still easy to market and sell without a dub, but as far as reaching more mainstream audiences (or airing on Toonami or otherwise), I imagine that a dub is darn necessary even if the original voice over won everyone over back when it was only fansubbed or streamed.

          Otherwise, FUNimation does have a number of things it is sitting on which won’t be bad as a sub only release. For Tatami Galaxy, it may not be worth the cost.

          • Tooru

            Dubbing definitely is the easiest way to reach a mainstream audience, which is why a lot of sub-only releases aren’t anime that appeal to the mainstream (in Flowers of Evil’s case, it actively rejected them!). For Tatami Galaxy, I can’t imagine it would cost them a lot to release it sub-only (especially since the subtitles are already done), but if Funimation doesn’t think it’s worth it they ought to let somebody else take it. It’s an anime I can see a company like NISA releasing (they have the rights to The Eccentric Family, which is by the same writer, even!), but not Funimation. They’re primarily focused on action and fanservice-comedy based anime, so unless they decide to take a small risk it’s doubtful they’ll release any of their more “artsy” titles they have streaming.

        • Shippoyasha

          I kind of appreciate both schools of thought. But yeah, for purists, it doesn’t really matter if the dubbing is there or not. Funimation is more mainstream oriented with dubs needed for their anime TV channel after all. With some of their shows picked up by TV networks.

  • ZetaSiren

    Why do they waste money on useless dubs, it puzzles me.

    • Godmars

      Because the average American doesn’t like subs?

      That the average American doesn’t like anime is wholly besides the point…

    • Richard N

      Because people like me pay to hear them.

    • DivinePhoenix69

      Why not?

      Clearly there is a market for dubbed anime, otherwise they wouldn’t have even bothered dubbing it in the first place.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        It’s more of the fact why dub this? This has been not for more then a while and has already been released on dvd by them and it’s not like it’s actually popular.

        • British_Otaku

          FUNimation won’t make much money in North America hoping that people that can watch the subbed anime for free or cheaply on a subscription buy it for a few 3 minute OVAs.

          FUNimation hasn’t released Senran Kagura yet and even if they did, just having a dub increases the value of an anime series massively to viewers.

          There is a reason why us Brits were bitter towards Blue Exorcist being localised here after the dub was announced for America.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            They have plenty of other things they could dub, not dubbing this wouldn’t effect that.
            It’s not even a star quality anime.
            I like the series and even I know that.
            and yes they have released this before a while ago on dvd.

          • British_Otaku

            On RightStuf, the DVD release is set to release in late July, same goes for the Bluray release.

            If you go to FUNimation’s website, you get the exact same information. The anime wasn’t released on DVD yet and they only secured home video rights for the anime back in December (announcement wise anyway)


            “Star quality anime”? Did you know FUNimation only released one sub only release ever? >_> Quality isn’t a question.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            It should be

          • British_Otaku

            Well it isn’t, unless you were playing the pronoun game and meant that Japan released it ages ago and you can own the whole series with no English subtitles in exchange for your first born child.

            If you are certain, Google a source that confirms it from a release date from a good source to an unboxing from a Youtuber… You can try even if we just confirmed that if they did do some secret sub only release between December 2013 and now. There is less information out about it than ADV/FUNimation’s Welcome to the NHK’s Volume 6.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            No that the quality of the overall anime should determine if it’s worth wasting resources on

          • British_Otaku

            Did you mix this post up with another one? Here we are discussing whether FUNi already released Senran Kagura without a dub, not whether the quality of the show determines whether it is worth “wasting resources on”…

            I guess I do agree that a better show should get a better dub, but expanded more on another response to you.

  • David Alexander

    Do people actually like these trailers with their weird porno music and forced innuendo?

    • Shippoyasha

      We’re talking about Funimation here. They mad cheesy trailers for at least a good decade.

  • Kroz

    so if we have official English voices, will xseed dub shonovi versus when it comes here?

    • British_Otaku

      I’m 99.9% sure that there won’t be a Shinovi Versus dub.
      You are imagining that this scenario happened.

      Xseed planned on releasing SV.
      Xseed announced SV with subtitles.
      FUNimation came out of nowhere with a dub for the anime.
      Xseed are caught off guard.

      FUNimation has had home video rights for months (and streaming rights for a year) and Xseed if they thought it was reasonable would have had the dub confirmed even before FUNimation step forward with the anime’s cast.

      All in my opinion of course but that goes without saying.

  • TheExile285

    Lol FUNimation

    • British_Otaku

      Do you have anything more to say?

      Like naming a FUNimation dub which was poor, or how any of this or the cast lined up for this aren’t up to the task.

      “Lol *insert company here*” tends to be the most flammable type of post around.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        It’s not a question of if the cast are up for because I’m sure they have probably done something decent.
        This isn’t going to be good any one who’s watched any sort of funimation dub will now that.
        They don’t do good for non popular titles.
        This also seems pretty pointless.

      • TheExile285

        1. Haganai Season 1 dub was extremely poor. Laughably bad in fact. Season 2 doesn’t look any better dub-wise:

        2. The video was CLEARLY meant to funny given all the bad jokes that were thrown in. “… With it a shinobi uses paranormal powers to conjure a creature imagined in the mind. They cannot however conjure boyfriends.

        Oh and then there’s the music in the trailer. Lol

        3. I personally don’t know who any of the people in the cast are by names but I have no intention of watching the dub so it really doesn’t matter to me besides the cursorily of hearing what they sound like once or twice.

        4. The internet community flames about everything. I’ve grown to stop caring in most situations.

        My post wasn’t bashing FUNimation in any way. That video is ridiculous just like all of FUNimations other trailers for anime and they do that on purpose hence my comment.

        • British_Otaku

          1. Brilliant, another FUNimation trailer that I can’t watch because of where I live.

          Is this the same one?

          I used these guys to see the awful SK trailer before this link turned up with one I could watch. I suppose the dub does sound bland here but I’m not familiar with the original manga/LN or anime voice over to notice that much. At least, Haganai got a more reasonable trailer I think.

          2. I agree wholeheartedly, the SK trailer is abysmal at best.

          3. Fair enough.

          4. I see, I would just like to know what kind of post I’m reading next time. Whether it is something challenging their marketing decisions in the trailer (I found an issue with everything from the visuals to the audio to the writing to the quote they sampled), or other things that FUNimation did.

          If you were more clear and said “Did someone really write this stuff?” or “Another day, another FUNiBad trailer – *Insert another poor trailer*”, I would have been on your page immediately.

          • TheExile285

            Fair enough I suppose.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Really really here? Dubs bring more folks to watch than subs — always has and realistically always will. Funi already has an established fanbase for their work. Some of those folks are likely to pick up the game. Win win all around.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      Comment of the year..

      • TheExile285

        Look below

  • Hiro Oozora

    The anime wasn’t all that great compared to how the story was told in the game. Only thing good that can come from this is Senran 2/Dekamori and Estival Versus getting dubs.

    • Shippoyasha

      Well, the anime was mostly a supplemental to the game. I thought it was a nice fanservice to the game (kind of a fanservice inception).

  • Captmotorcycle

    I think I’ll stick with the Original. Thanks but, no thanks. There are just some voices that can’t be replicated in English.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      I don’t know… a bunch of high school girls that sound either too young or too old to be in high school? I’m sure that can be replicated.

  • fyi1191

    No thanks. I wonder how many SK players would prefer these dubs. Just finger crossed this doesn’t affect the games.

    “Bouncier than ever” – sankakucomplex

    • British_Otaku

      They should have quoted ANN’s Bamboo Dong instead.

      “Senran Kagura is really amazing for people who really, really like boobs. Like if you wake up in the morning, and you’re like, “I REALLY LIKE BOOBS!” then this show is probably for you.”


      • darke

        Too long to flash for a couple of seconds on a video.

        Plus it’s length causes it to lack punch in comparison to the other quote.

        • British_Otaku

          Shorten it then. “Senran Kagura is really amazing for people who really, really like boobs” or “I just stared at everybody’s tits the whole time so I was distracted” or “So if you love ’em big and squishy, there you go.”

          Anything is better than needing to use Sankaku Complex to hype your show. >_> The trailer didn’t need to be paced how it was as well (a terrible mess). It could have opened with the quote, closed with the quote or whatever.

          • darke

            Yeah, I guess. Then again, I usually dismiss anything ANN says since I’ve seen so much dodgy or just plain verifiably incorrect info come through there over the years, that if they said an anime had ‘bouncy breasts’ I’d have to go to youtube to verify it. :(

            At least with sankaku if they said it has bouncy breasts you can be pretty sure it’s correct. (Do they do anything other than fanservice and tabloid news articles? :? )

          • British_Otaku

            Fanservice and tabloid type stuff seems to be Sankaku’s niche. Still they praise everything which happens to have fanservice (or increased fanservice for a Bluray release) as if it is the second nipple.

            I suppose they are the type of site which will show images, trailers or gifs of the content, but Anime News Network is so much more trustworthy.

            I wouldn’t mind an example of ANN screwing up in and giving “dodgy or just plain verifiably incorrect info” but I do know from experience that I’ve corrected a few things in comments and that is too much trouble for me to look up. ANN are still a better choice for the anime community in general.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Certainly a very odd choice for a tagline source. From a business standpoint there is nothing to gain — it’s not like anyone who frequents that site would be unaware of SK. In fact I could see it working against the cause. If folks look up Sankaku and find nothing but a depository for adult pics and hard hitting articles regarding the ‘hottest lollies in anime’.

          • Shippoyasha

            There’s a certain weird charm to the political incorrectness of places like Sankaku though. And hey, lolis are serious business to those deep into the subculture. heh

    • NeptuniasBeard

      I personally would, but I would prefer any dub over the original if it isn’t bad. That said, the only Japanese voices I dislike are Hibari’s and Mirai’s

      • Toybatsu

        This is heresy.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Dude it’s a funimation dude of something that isn’t a popular shounen. It’s gonna be terrible

        • British_Otaku

          FUNimation’s take on Ouran High School Host Club was superb and FUNimation have done some weaker dubs for shonen works, even popular ones in the past.

          That isn’t a rule of any sort.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            It defiantly is, name a popular shounen that they haven’t done well with.I mean one that has seen tv time in the west.

          • British_Otaku

            Your earlier post was talking about quality of the dub and now you want to know whether a popular shonen anime hasn’t done well for them in the west despite being in TV.

            “Moving the goalposts” is probably as modest as I can be in this pre-World Cup fever to describe your response… >_>

            Something that makes more sense to examine is whether FUNimation dubbed other things well and how they sold not whether something that TV channels had confidence in sold well which naturally puts them in a safer category.

            I couldn’t name a show for FUNimation which didn’t do reasonably well… though I also can’t name a “popular shounen that they haven’t done well with.I mean one that has seen tv time in the west.” as that is a strange and potentially irrelevant selection of criteria.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Their quality of a dub is based on whether or not the anime is popular in america.If it’s something that’s on tv it’s obviously popular.
            They don’t do well for things that are popular.

            Sales has nothing to do with the actual quality of the dub.

            So I didn’t mean if the anime did well as a dub I meant if they did the dub well.

          • British_Otaku

            I’ll give that they will invest more resources into polishing a dub in general when they expect something to be a hit, but ultimately how good a dub turns out comes down to having great voice directors (Caitlin Glass loved Ouran High School Host Club before the anime was even licensed, this was before streaming was a thing), brilliant voice talent and polished writing come together.

            FUNimation knew Attack on Titan was going to be huge or that Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood would be huge. That doesn’t mean that all of the stars will align for the popular stuff or that no one capable is lined up for other projects.

            Black Blood Brothers had a fine dub… Last I watched it anyway. I caught numerous missteps in Soul Eater’s dub (though that may be as I watched it more often).

          • darke

            Shounen? Ouran is Shoujo. >.>

            Anyway, I find the ‘quality’ of the dub is proportional to the number of female voices in the original.

            I find a lot of the US female voice cast to sound too ‘old’ in comparison to the supposed age of the characters and the original voices; so a show high in females will tend to have more voices that sound ‘off’, where a show high in males (like Ouran) will just simply tend to sound better to be because there’s less ‘too old’ sounding voices.

            But each to their own; the JP original is much more helpful to me since I’m studying Japanese. :P

          • British_Otaku

            Kumiko Akimoto’s point was that any FUNimation dub that was based anything that isn’t shonen (and popular (and on TV for a long time)) must be bad.

            I went on the opposite direction and named a good dub which was in another demographic and “not that popular”. That’s an interesting take on voices, I tend to be more harsh towards male voices (perhaps as many young characters are initially voiced and perhaps always voiced by women).

            I really like both takes on Ouran, Japanese and English and should try using that and other anime I like as tools to speed up my learning of Japanese as well.

          • darke

            Ah, that makes sense. :)

    • Flandre Scarlet

      Only reason this would affect the games is if something happened to the licensing for the voices and XSEED couldn’t get them.

      Even then I’d be interested in a SK dub by xseed. Their Rune Factory 4 dub job was excellent.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Which is filled with voices most folks would recognize from the California anime production houses.

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Well, this might take a while to adjust to. I’m so use to hearing them in Japanese. .__.;

  • ztype

    Oh my Plot!

  • Christopher Nunes

    Hmm… I can’t pass judgement until I have the characters actually spoke instead of these tease voice clips.

    Though I’m not feeling it for Katsu’ dubbed voice and I was imagining a more energetic-sounding voice and not this somewhat squeaky voice and Yagyuu… I think a more quiet and reserved sounding voice would’ve been better if the voice wasn’t so… serious I think? Ikaruga’s voice sound alright but I was thinking more of a regal and elegant voice.

    I know they SHOULDN’T make it like the Japanese voices, because it’s nearly impossible to replicate the same tone and pitch between different langauges, but work on their own version that works well and fits the character perfectly. But seeing as I didn’t hear the rest of the characters and only some of them in the this trailer I’ll reserve my final judgement.

    Though I think Kiriya sounds alright, but too “excited” to fit his character even if he was commanding his students to begin the training. In my mind his voice sounds deep and a bit morbid or grim sounding but still with a kind and relax tone to it.

    Well I look forward to listening to the other dubbed voices in the future. Like all animes for me, I like both Japanese and English voices but I tend to stick with English voices more.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    What are you doing here ogre? Go back to your own anime series!

  • Toybatsu


  • Makoto Yuki

    Don’t know why people bother to use dub anyways, Jpn voice is always better for me.

    • doubleO7

      Key words: “For you”

      Not for everybody.

      • 0nsen

        Original Dub for ubermenschen and ReDubs for subhumans.

        To each his own.

        • Konata Izumi

          “ReDubs for subhumans.”

          Not sure if trolling or serious. If you are serious this kinda makes you sound like a pretentious Dick

    • Valkyriekoji

      Yes, yes. I agree!

  • Yaggyu

    … I just hope this wont affect the localizations of English versions of the games itself

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Here comes the dub haters…….Wheres my DUBstep gun? yeah I know its Funimation, known for using the same voices for about every show they get there hands on,but Come on we can do without the overused hate and memes. * I like Dubs…maybe because My ADHD won’t let me enjoy subs lol *

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yet everyone swoons when KanaHana is in what, at least 3 shows this season alone? Same is true for more than one or two other Japanese VAs. .

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        the Sub VS Dub war is a cold one…..cold and both has stupid reasons on hating the other

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          I think pointing out the fact that funi usually does less than par dubs is fine. It’s not the same as saying all dubs suck, just funi has mix quality.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            Hey Tomatoes,Tomatos.

        • Dark Lord Ash

          It’s right up there with console wars as one of the most ridiculous arguments on the internet. It’s the justification of a preference trying to be made into law. That being said I might give this show a once over.

      • Herok♞

        I never did get that double standard anime fans have.

    • British_Otaku

      Perhaps I haven’t watched much FUNimation in a while, but I’ve never heard of half of the leading ladies which is quite a record given that FUNimation have a rep for using the same people apparently…

      A huge lack of Luci Christian is still disappointing.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        The repeat voices were what helped establish anime as it expanded in the 2000s. Folks became a fan of American VAs as much as any other actor. It also enabled the actors themselves to gain more confidence in the various character types. To the point that ENG VAs began to get matched with JP VAs.

        • British_Otaku

          That sounds pretty interesting and makes sense but I’m not bothered by people being cast in more than one series as much as them not fitting the part they are playing and giving a good performance.

          I do know some people basically have counterparts which they match in Japanese.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        voice of a godess and Princess Tutu

  • Flandre Scarlet

    To all of those complaining about the dub: You most definitely don’t have to listen to it. Funi’s release for this is dual audio if their shop is any indication.

    Much as you might like to stick your head in the sand and ignore it, there exists a market for dubbed anime. Funimation wouldn’t continue to dub their products if there was not.

    • 0nsen

      Surely the complains do not regard the existence of the EngDub, but the fact they have to indirectly pay for it even if they don’t want to listen to it.

      Sure, it’s cheaper than the Japanese version but this issue is more of an ideology. Like some people pay more for food they know is produced in a certain way or people boycotting companies that did “evil”.

      • Keirnoth


        Personally I wouldn’t want to spend the extra money for a dub, especially if such a thing can be avoided. I’m honestly curious as to how much extra I’m paying to have a dub I’m not going to listen. Cost breakdown and whatnot.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    FYI guys the world war between sub fans and dub fans was tired, played out and da*n bloody stupid in 1997 when sub/dub VHS taps were separate purchases. It has only gotten more meaningless in the years since. If that is really the only thing you can post — move on. Thread warning.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      Thank you Based M’iau….

    • NeptuniasBeard

      B-but… THEY started iiiittt! Hmph!

    • DivinePhoenix69

      Yea, it honestly gets real tiring hearing about this debate everytime some JRPG or Anime gets announced for a localization/an english dub.

    • Bob Slim

      I never ever agree with mods but i agree with this, I hate hearing dub vs sub no 1 will never win jeez

  • nonscpo

    Sometimes its hard to know whether I love or hate the anime Localizers.

    • British_Otaku

      Localisation has always been an art and not a science and we can’t say that the anime didn’t play a part in this. If it wasn’t more fanservice driven, they would have had a higher chance of making a decent trailer… maybe.

  • sunK1D

    I like dubs but have no problems with subs either. Options… the more the better.

    • 0nsen

      Hm.. I wouldn’t want to pay more so I can have the option of watching some show in 99 different languages. One language is enough, the original language. Don’t want to indirectly pay for something I don’t even want, like an English re-dub.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Yet, having the ENG dub means far more sales, thus REDUCING the cost the company must charge to break even. In the days of single language tapes, the JP language ones were very often $5-10 higher, because the sales were less for that version. No retailer wants to deal with two skus of the same product. No publisher wants the added costs of two skus either. The smart economic play is the one being undertaken.

        • 0nsen

          It’s less of a price issue and more of an ideology.

          Like paying more for food from trusted sources.
          Or buying a Fairphone.

          I just don’t want to indirectly support an industry that produces re-dubs. So I won’t. It’s the same with games. DualAudio? Boycott!

          Sure, I realize that this won’t accomplish much, but at least I’m staying true to myself and don’t feel like selling my soul.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Well, if nothing else this will no doubt pay for future episodes of One Piece, Fairy Tail, and Toriko.

    If it weren’t for them localizing smut, they wouldn’t have the money to localize good stuff as well.

    • British_Otaku

      I think One Piece must be doing well enough that it pays for itself by now… Same goes for Fairy Tail and maybe Toriko…

      I get the feeling that some smaller licenses are just more expensive (it could be music rights) or more risky like Steins Gate or Tatami Galaxy.

    • darke

      Wait? You’re complaining about Senran a series most noted for not showing any breasts/nipples/etc, despite the fact the trailer noted both Ikkitousen and Freezing?

      And One Piece, Fairy Tail and Toriko are good? (Ignoring that One Piece and Fairy Tail have the same sort of ‘busty’ fanservice as Senran…)

      I didn’t even like Senran, and I don’t know where to start… >.<

      • British_Otaku

        Spirit Macardi should be answering this not me but it seemed that he wasn’t complaining and was praising that it may lead to shows that he thinks are good being continued.

        One Piece does dabble into fanservice, but not nearly to extreme that Senran Kagura does… Now Fairy Tail, I think that could win in a fanservice fight with SK but still has more of a drive and universe than SK’s anime.

        I’m not interesting in touching whether the three shows are good or how you define quality in those works for now (though I do like One Piece and sorta dropped the other two like rocks on the basis of censorship for the most part, I like the manga of all three more). The point is that Spirit isn’t notably displeased by this happening and sees a potential gain even if he doesn’t buy a copy.

  • Lynx

    I really think Funimation needs to look at their older trailers for shows they put out. Their recent trailers have made me cringe instead of making me want to buy the shows. I know its hard to beat but the Legend of Legendary Heroes trailer for instance; It’s fantastic.

    Also; did they really quote Sankaku Complex?

    At least Monica Rial’s not getting type casted again. She’s one of my favorite VAs but seeing her constantly put in the same roles is disappointing to say the least. Really hope this is another Jo-tier role for her in terms of being different from the usual.

    • darke

      Well I’m pretty sure they did have a reference in there, so yeah, I guess they did?

    • British_Otaku

      This is the first trailer of theirs that I’ve seen in a while aside from Attack on Titan (which felt more meh but I didn’t think much about it), it must be pretty bad if a lot of recent trailers have this kind of problem and can’t be marketed even slightly honestly.

      I know, they should have quoted Anime News Network:

      “Senran Kagura is really amazing for people who really, really like
      boobs. Like if you wake up in the morning, and you’re like, “I REALLY
      LIKE BOOBS!” then this show is probably for you.” – Bamboo Dong, The Stream ( )

      It sounds much more professional already.

      Jo from Burst Angel? I still need to watch that. It will be nice to hear her in a rough villain/rival role as Homura.

      • Lynx

        It actually started a good while ago. A lot of their trailers have been lacking any sort of…impact I guess. It follows the same format nowadays and its kind of boring.

        And yeah, she’s fantastic as Jo from BA. The show has a lot of ups and downs, but I had fun with it. A shame that we never got the sequel they teased with Infinity’s OP that never came to be.

    • SerendipityX

      This reminded me of how bland the Kamisama Kiss trailer was until I actually bought it and it had an great dub track. I don’t know if Funi’s trailers are aiming to build the hype, so much as it just to showcase the dub.

  • ReidHershel

    I’d hit it, go for tit, can’t stop typing sexual innuendildos.
    Anyways, I like dubs and hope they incorporate it into the games soon. As for the people who are mad, I really don’t believe this is a fair accusation to judge on, it’s just a few lines.

  • MrJechgo

    Be dub or sub, I’ve heard mixed reviews about the series in general :S

    • leingod

      Yep! Basically, Games = Fun, Anime = Not Fun.

    • darke

      People were expecting either bare breasts or *completely* over the top so-bad-it’s-good parody or something.

      The fanservice ended up being tame, and it only managed so-bad-it’s-average, so… yeah, it seemed to disappoint a lot of people. :)

  • Misty Dawson

    So much crying. I like the voices.

    oh NO. I’m gonna get downvoted to hell! What ever will i do?!

    • DragKudo

      i just downvoted for nothing really wish Jamie Marchi was in this.
      Actually there was a reason you like the voices they don’t let them cry.

  • *Hears Monica Rial*


    *Is happy for the rest is the day*

    ♡ ( Loves Monica Rial ) ♡ =^_^=

  • I don’t understand all of the complaining. At least this means the series is getting more exposure in the west. This only means good things for the games.

  • Fastchrone

    i hope the 3ds version got major update dual dub.

    really want it :p

  • Sav

    lol…they should just have them naked.

  • CasualGamer

    By having dub/sub the show can reach more audience. True fans of the show should be happy if there is option for dub/sub. Can’t wait to see this in blu-ray.

  • Learii

    I rather have neptuina animation in dub then that well if they use the same actors like the games lol

  • Shady Shariest

    As long as there is an option for jap + sub, it’s all fine and dandy for me, Yupo :x

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    I hope we get the option to select the voice track.

  • Kayriss Wins

    I don’t think Yagyuu and Katsuragi are looking for boyfriends Funimation…

    • British_Otaku

      Misleading and sketchy marketing has been in their blood for a while I hear. I wonder if we will even get one decent trailer before it releases.

      • Kayriss Wins

        I wonder, is there a trope for the opposite of Bait and Switch Lesbians? maybe… Straight and Switch? haha

  • Anime was okay

  • 永次


  • PragmaticSoul

    I’ll be too busy watching the show with one hand to notice anyway.

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