Iruka And Konohamaru Join Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

By Ishaan . May 21, 2014 . 9:00am

Jump reveals that Iruko Umino and Konohamaru Sarutobi are on the character roster of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. (Thanks, @kazu4281)


In addition, Jump reports that the game has some sort of a customization feature that allows players to outfit the game’s characters with accessories to change their appearance. This feature will be available to players that have save data from Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 on their console.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution will be available this September in North America and Europe.

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  • Samsara09

    how useful.Can they annouce something good instead,like Obito junchuriki mode or Madara jinchuriki mode?

    • poopstorm

      Remember this game isn’t focused on story, they are announcing less important albeit important characters first. I could see them putting Juubito or at least unmasked Obito in as one of the last announcements, but Rikudo Madara is too much of a stretch in my opinion, that will come in NUNS4

    • Herok♞

      I doubt that is something they would announce so early

    • Julio D. Zulkarnain

      I’d bet they’re saving them for the PS4/XboxOne Naruto game.

    • MSJ

      Madara ten tails jinchuuriki, keep on dreaming. May as well suggest So6p mode Naruto and Rinnegan Sasuke.

    • Suzaku

      They wouldn’t announce Obito Jinchuuriki Mode until he’s debuted in the anime.

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Obito is clearly being saved until we’re closer to the game’s release as an extra boost of hype. Danzo was this for Generations, Madara was for Storm 3 and Obito will be for Revolution. If he appears sooner than that then his jinchuriki form will be the last minute hype character. And Madara’s jinchuriki form is far too recent to make it into this game.

      Characters who people aren’t expecting however are the perfect reveals right now. Everyone expects Obito, no one expected Iruka.

  • Eh, I can dig it.

  • Klaus00

    konohamaru should’ve joined the roster back in storm 2 imo

  • KyoyaHibari

    Iruka…really? First Kushina, now Iruka…CC2 get your priorities straight, there’s only so many characters in the roster ~.~

    • TheGameTagerZ

      This isn’t a full blown storm game. It’s like naruto generations.

      So if you’re expecting a lot of serious entries then prepared to be disappointed.

      • KyoyaHibari

        Oh yeah? Didn’t know that was the intention with this one. Ever since Full Burst was such a cash-in scam, I assumed Revolution would be a big step up in the wake of it. Guess I’ll be waiting even longer before even pondering about getting a Storm game again.

  • Anko confirmed as a playable character for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 28. Jeez.

  • 栗場 江理久

    FINALLY. Although Iruka, I don’t know why he’s in before Anko, Kurenai and Shizune, the Sound Four and several others….I really hope they put the Kage’s bodyguards in here too : and maybe even those Sound ninja from the chunin exams.The customization thing looks interesting as well, I wonder if we can get color swaps at some point.

    • Fidelis

      “and maybe even those Sound ninja from the chunin exams”

      How many years have us Dosu fans been twiddling our thumbs..
      biding our days..
      For our time to finally come

      • James Reilly

        I don’t watch much naruto nowadays, but I watched it back then. Didn’t he have an anticlimactic end for him despite all the buildup he had? I remembered saying “what…” as it happened.

        • Suzaku

          He got torn apart by Shukaku / Gaara during the full moon.

      • 栗場 江理久

        I really wanna play as Zaku D: he seemed pretty lethal, until ya know, got his arms snapped by sasuke :D

  • Reki Honoo

    Now we just need anko added in as a playable character.

    • POSSIBLE SPOILERS: Anko’s dead……….maybe. It’s obvious Kishimoto forgot about her being held captive by Kabuto. I mean, he only just remembered Yamato, ffs.

      • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

        Nope.. Plus I don’t think you’ve been reading up on the manga by the looks of it if you still believe Kabuto is holding her captive lol.

        • I’ve been keeping up and the last time we saw Anko, she was still asleep/poisoned and bound by snakes behind Kabuto. And when was the last time we saw him? I don’t “believe” Kabuto is still holding her captive, I just can’t remember if Kishimoto actually did anything with her or even remembered she was there.

          • Chee Yang

            Manga SPOILER:

            She was there when Sasuke pulled out Orochimaru from Kabuto. Sasuke was just like, leave her there.

          • I know that. That’s the last time I remember seeing her. But someone has pointed out to me already that Kabuto has woken up and someone’s grabbed Anko, saying she’s still alive. So I already know where I was wrong.

  • KrazyBean

    I wonder if Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will come to PS4 and Xbox One.

    • TheExile285

      Sure, just wait for Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Omega Burst >_>

      Don’t take this post seriously

  • I knew Konohamaru would be added eventually. I’m just surprised it didn’t happen earlier.

  • Invisbin

    And still no sound 4!! Muwhahaha

  • Nanaki


  • TheExile285

    Iruka. Finally.

  • Zer0faith
    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      all hail Ramen God

      • Hentailover

        And Ayame too!


    • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

      I still prefer a giant cup/bowl of ramen to be playable over the Ramen guy. Different flavors and effects as costumes.

      • Both will be in, and they will be the Final Boss of each other’s stories, with Naruto as the “Perfect Game” True Final Boss.

  • ShinNeoGranzon

    Finally Iruka is back! I mained him and Shikamaru back in Clash of Ninja 1 and 2


    Anko, Kurenai and Shizune are sad.

    • Well, unless they go back to past characters or she has that baby, there’s no way Kurenai will be playable in the foreseeable future.

      • Mathew Gibbons

        This game is including characters from the past and Kurenai was already a support character in Storm 1 and Generations.

      • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

        The child was already born lol… You haven’t been keeping up with the anime &/or manga have you?

        • I have. Last I saw her in anime was during the fight against Pain and she was still pregnant. Haven’t seen her in the manga, though, because I started reading it when the war began. I may have forgotten a panel or two, but as far as I know, she’s still pregnant and anyone not fighting in the war hasn’t been shown until the latest chapter.

  • harmonyworld

    Just as I was saying why Konohamaru wasn’t in the recent games, here he is!

  • BeatTheGG

    Iruka? Dang I’m getting a nostalgia high just thinking about that guy. I’d honestly be pretty happy if Mizuki was his alt outfit. I’d use him to kick all the other villains butts just for the irony of it.

    Now bring me Anko, Sound 4, Shizune, Team Dosu, Ibiki, Genma, Baki, Oboro, Shiore (Orochimaru), Izumo/Kotetsu, Kurenai, and Hayate, then my part 1 wishlist will be completed… (unless I remember someone else later) As for Konohamaru? Looks like I found my new training dummy! :D

  • Charles

    Awesome. Time to kick ass with Konohamaru!

  • finally…konohamaru!!!

  • Cyril Murasakitsuyukusa

    Soooooooooo.., how about Kurenai, Shizune, and Anko next, NB???

  • Kroz

    finally, he’s not the most popular character but i feel he was forgotten by even kishimoto. last i saw him was clash of ninja

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Well actually Iruka is often near the top in the official popularity polls.

  • MaskedHeroxx

    Iruka sucks among others …they should shortin the cast and not have clone characters -__- oh 100 characters in the game and 80% of the are clones or usless

  • Smiech

    “And now the characters you’ve all been waiting for!” – CC2
    “About time! Now I finally have a reason to pre-order!” – No one ever.

    But in all seriousness, I kind of like the idea of being able to play as Iruka for some reason, despite his intense lack of significance (he has little bits here and there) and power (can’t argue this one) in the series.

    • Ricardo C

      Iruka master race

    • Hentailover

      “About time, now I have reason to preorder” – said tons of Yaoi fangirls, that like Iruka so much, he is in top 5 of absolute majority of popularity polls and didn’t make it in top 10 ONLY ONCE!!! seriously, the lowest he has been in popularity poll ever is 11… He has a huge and dedicated fanbase of those yaoi fangirls that like to see him get it on with Kakashi and no I am not joking.

  • Aspenharls

    Next up on the roster: Teuchi
    Or maybe those Ninja from the puddle at the beginning.
    Or even better: Ebisu.

  • Ricardo C

    Man I miss playing as Iruka in Clash of Ninja 2 for GameCube. My friend couldn’t beat me as Iruka lol. Screw all you haters! Iruka is awesome!

  • Weird Al Yankovic

    Wow…these two but still no Anko???

    • Mathew Gibbons

      I’d say her chances have increased. Generations and Storm 3 both upgraded former support characters to be playable and the fact they chose to add Iruka and Konohamaru means that other Konoha ninja like Anko, Kurenai and Shizune have a good chance of becoming playable.

      • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

        The day Anko becomes playable is the day I quit complaining lol.

        Hopefully that will be on the release of this title x.x..

        • Mathew Gibbons

          Personally I’m hoping all the support characters become playable. The only support only characters I’m not fussed about becoming playable are Torune and Fu.

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