Soul Hackers On Sale For $14.99, Persona 3 Portable For $4.99

By Ishaan . May 21, 2014 . 11:00am

Earlier in the week, Devil Survivor Overclocked and Code of Princess went on discount sale on the Nintendo eShop for 3DS. Both games cost $14.99 each and are on discount until June 2nd.


In addition, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers is on discount sale as well, and can also be picked up for $14.99. This discount will last through June 2nd as well.


Meanwhile, over on the PSP side of things, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona are on sale for $4.99 each, via PSN. A number of other RPGs published by Atlus USA for the PSP can also be picked up for the same price.

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  • Whoa.
    Both Persona games listed for that price is a godly deal. QAQ
    I-it’s beautiful.

    • Anime10121

      I bought them all for the same price in a similar sale they had back in December (currently playing through IS right now) :D


      • AuraGuyChris



        • Anime10121

          Neither Persona 1 nor Persona 2 have anything similar to Social links…so whats yo point (excuse me if it was a joke, just dont get it is all)?

          • AuraGuyChris

            You mean to tell me you’ve never seen Hiimdaisy’s Persona 4 videos?

            Go watch them. Now.

          • Anime10121

            Yes sir!

  • Firion Hope

    I’ve got all the Persona games on my Vita now, awesome

    Also worth mentioning Muramasa Rebirths wonderful dlc is on sale for 50% off, only $2.50 now

    • Thatguy

      Muramasa Rebirths wonderful dlc is on sale for 50% off, only $2.50 now

      I think you mean… Marvelous dlc

      • Firion Hope

        hehe nice

    • Allow meto join on that club since I too have all Persona games on Vita now well P4 Golden is physical but I may likely get the digital version of that maybe.

      • Firion Hope

        nice. I have the digital version but I want to get the physical eventually, just for the sake of it

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    Soul Hackers is a great game, I would recommend picking it up for 15.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Atlus always have great sells

  • Herok♞

    I have to resist the temptation of buying them all again just to have on my vita

  • Monterossa

    I really love how they offer a sale for Gungnir, Growlanser, Crimson Gem Saga, etc. every month. make me wonder why they don’t just sell it at that price permanently.

    • Barrylocke89

      Well I hope people take advantage of it, especially for some of the lesser titles. Gungnir was an awesome game.

  • James Reilly

    Hoping for P3 to get the Golden treatment in the future. Not liking how P3 FES and P3P both have their pros and cons if you want to pick one.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Frankly, the same applies to P4 and Golden, albeit not as much.

      • straightthrucru

        what could possibly be superior about P4 over golden?

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          Some people are anal about Chie’s voice in P4: G. That’s about it. Other than that, P4: G is superior in every single regard~.

      • James Reilly

        Outside of old P4 delivering a more challenging experience in battles (it was still pretty easy though), having a save spot at dungeon top floors, and subjective complaints about couple new voice replacements ruining the game for them there isn’t much old P4 has over P4G.

        P4G improved many of the annoying bits from the last game, such as not having to screw around in velvet room for an absurd amount of time just to get the right skills in fusion and the much easier viability of Izanagi only runs in your first play through with the skill cards/shuffle time stat buffs.

  • revenent hell

    Five dollars for such games so full of content is mind boggling.

  • alixraen

    Soul Hackers is still $40 in stores, at least in my area. Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and go digital on this one. :S

    • revenent hell

      Its like 20$ on amazon new.
      You should try shopping online a bit. GameStop’s can be a rip off sometimes/often.

  • $23890725

    Only in US only in US damn you Americans damn youuuuuuu. WIsh you could use US 3ds shop in EU like I can use US PSN. Damn you Nintendo to hell.

    • revenent hell

      If it really gets your goat you could buy a US 3DS They are cheaper than they used to be or you could buy a used one.

      Nintendo has region locked their consoles for thirty one years, since the NES, if people don’t expect it by now and know they will have to buy a second system if they want access to things not given in their locale then people only have themselves to blame for being unprepared.
      I’m not saying region locking is good or bad but its there, it always has been and most likely will continue to be so as far as Nintendo goes. I think its been long enough that people know what their options are given this.

      • TheRealMalek

        You just forgot that GB, GBA, DS weren’t region locked…

        • revenent hell

          Doesn’t negate the fact that its been known the 3DS was going to be. Its not something that appeared out of nowhere. Its been going on a long time with Nintendo, to know a console/handheld will be or is region locked shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point in time. They are kind of known for doing it.

          When people comment like the above when its obvious they still bought a 3DS (or whatever the system was) If they found the region lock so abhorrent why give Nintendo any profit what so ever? If a person really finds it so horrid , “you” don’t support the thing by buying it and if you do, you know its region locked going in to it so you know you are going to have to prepare for that.

          I don’t really care if people debate about the right/wrongness of a region lock but when people say things like that I as of late just find the person to be whiney since there is a way around it if they want it, people can buy another 3DS for whatever region they want and while its more costly its not like there’s no option out there. People really aren’t “stuck” with something or without, unless they do nothing about it themselves.

          • TheRealMalek

            It still doesn’t negate that i think it’s stupid. it ‘s the FIRST handled console to be region locked from nintendo and i think it’s a bad idea from the first day we have known it.

            Buying THREE 3ds to be able to play every game is an horendous idea that can only be done by rich people (which is not my case, maybe yours but not mine).

          • revenent hell

            Nope I stick to playing the games released in my region and don’t “hate” on a company that occasionally releases games I do get to enjoy because I am not jealous someone has access to something I don’t.

            And if I wanted access to those things there is a way to get them if I actually wanted them badly enough which I don’t. But then again I don’t whine about it either because I don’t want to shell out money for what I want.

          • TheRealMalek

            Does i hate Nintendo ? Nope
            Does i hate Atlus for not releasing game worldwide ? Yep
            Does i whine ? nope

            You sound like someone that spit on other because they want to remind other that EU is once again the poor parent.

            EU have been really badly treated in the nes / snes generation and many gamers don’t want to live this again.

            If your answer is “SHUT UP rack up the money and mow like a good milk cow” we will never agree.

          • revenent hell

            Oh, spare me I wasn’t even going on about the majority of your complaint here I was addressing the region lock thing and nothing besides that.

            You can correlate whatever you like in your own head but kindly don’t put words in my mouth.

          • TheRealMalek

            You put words in mine so i don’t see why i couldn’t do the same thing.

          • revenent hell

            Hardly. I stated my thoughts and opinions on the region lock issue and was not even remotely close to implying you said things you did not but if you wish to believe I did feel free because I am sure you will anyways.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Okay guys… I think both of you have said what you wanted to say. Shall we move on?

      • Lynx

        My region 1 Gameboy Color playing Super Robot Pinball, GBA playing swordcraft story 3 and DS playing Mecha MG beg to differ about them region locking all their systems.

        Up until the 3DS (technically, DSi),all handhelds were region free. Home Consoles, however, are another thing entirely.

        • revenent hell

          I was more or less trying to portray the fact its not an unheard of thing for Nintendo to do regardless of the device and that for them its a common practice.

          Besides it was known the 3DS would be region locked and if people bought it I think its safe to say they knew if they wanted a game(s) from a different region they would have to buy another system for that region to play the games.

          I really don’t even mind people complaining about region locks so much as the “Damn them to Hell” type of comments. I think if a person feels that way about it they shouldn’t have supported the device to begin with and if they did then its not like they walked in unknowing it was region locked. In jest or not I think that’s a little far to say.

      • $23890725

        Sure if you pay the 80 dollar in import taxes I will buy a US 3DS.

        • revenent hell

          I’m not the one complaining about not having access to games not in my region.

          • $23890725

            No I never said that. But I gave you an answer why im not buying a US 3ds and why I beg Nintendo to go to hell with there Region locking and that just buying a 3ds is not cheap 120 dollar for a used one plus 28 dollar for shipping and 80 dollar for import taxes that´s even more than I paid for my mine. But if money grew out of my ass like Nintendo thinks sure I would buy one.

          • Satori Satya

            I love how you’re giving ATLUS a pass on this whole thing.

            They could’ve done quite a lot on their end to make the whole region lock thing irrelevant (at least in this particular case).

          • $23890725

            I given them shit before but at least they try to import games to EU thanks to them we got Soul hackers on 3ds and the 3 shin megami tensei games on the DS at least they try while Nintendo is more shovel ware to 3ds store in EU.

          • Satori Satya

            They don’t care enough to set up offices in Europe.

            That’s why you get games late and sometimes full of game-breaking bugs (Overclocked – albeit later it was patched).

            And why you’ve had to wait so long for SMT IV.

            BTW, it seems that NOE is going to handle the localization of said game. Or at least publish it there… and on the shovelware-infested eShop.

          • revenent hell

            If you can grow money out of your ass I want in on that skill.

            I bought the 3DS at launch and recently had to buy another one since someone dropped a soda on it so I know its not fun to spend so much money on something twice over but its a necessary evil if you really want access to those games.

            Region locks suck for the majority of folks but it is Nintendo’s system ya’ know? I they want to lock it they can. If people don’t like it they aren’t forced to buy it.

          • $23890725

            Yeah that’s why I´m angry sure I´m not forced to buy it but how companies like Nintendo thinks makes me angry. Sure I would buy a new 3ds if it broke same with my ps3 but at least my ps3 has hold up sense I got mine in 2008 but to buy a new one for only games that´s just stupid and 3ds is cheap compared to PS4 but if Sony had region lock on the ps4 they would not get away with it but Nintendo seams to do I mean look on the changes Microsoft did the Xbox one thanks to the hell they got from fans.

            The funny part in it all Nintendo hated the flashcards for the DS so much and now people are making new ones for the 3ds and I know why they will sell eve more than the DS version because hey region lock F you and it´s sad the part is developers will lose money thanks to it and I would blame Nintendo a bit on it because it´s cheaper to buy a flashcard than a new system.

            I will admit I have imported Rune factory 4 because it got canceled for EU and I got it because I wanna support the devs because I love there games but when I can buy a fully working flash card I will get one so I can play the damn game and I will start supporting Nintendo and love them when they see that Region locking is bullshit.

            Yes it´s cheaper to import games than consoles

  • AuraGuyChris

    Hitomi: Mrgrgr! …Huh. Weird. I wonder why I said that?

  • Inganno

    Usually, I see Atlus alternate between Sony sales and Nintendo sales on an almost biweekly basis. It’s rare to see them do both at the same time… or I’m just daft and don’t pay attention hard enough.

  • LordHyper

    Somebody, somehow mod Portable to replace old Ken with new Ken.

  • Smiech

    So question to all those veteran vita owners out there, seeing as I only just recently got my life together and purchased one:
    Say I own both Persona 2 and P3P on the PSP (which I do) and have saves for each (which I also do). Is there anyway to use those saves on the vita if I purchase these games for it? And would those games look any better because of the improved screen? Not that I care that much if they do, it’s more for the sake of convenience.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Yes, you can use content manager to transfer your saves from the PC to your PSV [and you can use your PSP’s USB cable to transfer them to the PC]. Of course, all this assuming we are talking about the American version every time. No, games won’t look any better~.

      • Smiech

        Ah, I figured it worked somewhere around those lines. I just wanted to make sure there weren’t any compatibility issues or something that could potentially block my way. Thank you for this useful information.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          The compatibility between PSP and PSV has improved a lot. I’m not sure why it’s not on the PSV PSN, but lots of PSP DLCs, games PSX games that didn’t work before now do [like for example, Lord of Arcana’s DLCs and God Eaters Burst’s]~.

  • French

    how long will this deal be for ? I wont be getting a vita and 3ds until August

    • Lumi

      You can buy PSN stuff without a PSP/Vita, I think you can just do it from the webpage. The same can’t be said for the 3DS though…

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