Ultra Street Fighter IV Balance Changes For Sagat, Juri, Seth, Rose And Guile

By Ishaan . May 25, 2014 . 9:30am

Five more balance videos for Ultra Street Fighter IV went up recently on Capcom’s YouTube channel. These cover changes for Sagat, Juri, Seth, Rose and Guile.







Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available in June for consoles and August for PC.

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  • friendly neighborhood_dude

    They should patch the game rather than releasing a new one every time they have the chance! I mean seriously, these balance changes aren’t worth a price tag. Anyway I’ll download it regardless.

    • Ann Weschenfeller

      It comes with 5 characters, more backgrounds and more modes. It’s not only rebalancing.

    • Luis Camargo

      The last time it was only rebalancing (SSFIV AE) it was a free patch.

      I like how they do now. They wait more than a year to balance the characters and add more content to the whole game.

    • Kaitsu

      Yeah, but it’s not a balance change only. I feel like you entirely missed what Ultra is offering.

      • friendly neighborhood_dude

        Okay guys I surrender :(
        IMO 2D Street Fighter is way better, so I’m hoping for a 2D Street fighter 5, but I know I’m asking for the impossible…

        • Kaitsu

          We can only count on SNK Playmore for that. lol
          I’m really hoping SNK Playmore plans to make more KoF though. Maybe even an SNK vs Capcom for old times sake. They’d both profit off it pretty well.

    • xxx128

      I am still playing C.E. and 3s daily and i feel the same way; the polygon treatment totally ruins this title. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a 2D SF5 though since capcom is extremely mass market oriented these days. Which will probably be the end of them in the long run.

  • Ethan_Twain


    Rose did NOT need all that damage. More damage on her already very good normals, easier ultra punishes, more damage on soul spiral… so now she not only beats any fireball character but also has one of the most dangerous zero range games. I feel like the only way to beat her now is someone with long normal attacks. Adon or Dhalsim or someone. She is going to be super super good.

  • CptPokerface

    The good lady Rose is going to be a real threat it seems. I suppose I should be ready to be called a top tier using scrub, even though I’ve been using her since the original AE.

  • RawrWata

    The Seth changes have got people pissed.

  • MSJ

    Sagat’s U1 no longer dropping in the corner… YES!

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