Over 100 Best Buy Stores To Host Super Smash Bros. Demos In U.S.

By Ishaan . May 27, 2014 . 9:00am

Nintendo and Best Buy have erected a website where you can check which Best Buy stores will allow you to try out the new Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U during the month of June.


On June 11th from 4 to 9 p.m. and June 14th from 12 to 5 p.m. local time, over 100 Best Buy stores around the U.S. will allow people to try the game out. You can look stores in your state up here.


Additionally, the first 70 attendees at these events to pre-order Super Smash Bros. either on Wii U or Nintnedo 3DS will each receive a collectible Smash Bros. gold coin. They’ll also get a $5 “My Best Buy Rewards Zone,” both when they place their pre-order and pick their game up at release.


Super Smash Bros. will be released on Nintendo 3DS this Summer and on Wii U sometime this Winter.

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  • iamtehultimatepwnage .

    why doesnt anyone in europe do this :(((( so unfair ….

    • Postnjam

      Silly willy, Europe is a myth in Japanese game developer minds. Some do decide to send games to the fabled land though. Some crazy fool once sent a game to Europe first and he was burned as a witch.

      • Romero Santos

        That’s interesting, because I know Japanese games that were released in Europe before the US or were released in Europe and not the US.

        • Ruins72

          Monster Hunter Frontier T-T…

        • Postnjam

          That’s like one in about 20

        • GH56734

          Like Solatorobo, which had in fact its first worldwide demo ever released in an European convention, localized in French no less.
          I bet Nintendo Europe could do something about that, they were pretty good in handling some 3DS release promotions, but your best bet it would be in a convention rather than retailers.

      • BalmungX

        Do you know an even more mythical land ? Brazil,we don’t get anything of the sort

        • God

          Isn’t the PSN store for Brazil the same that for the United States?

          • BalmungX

            No,we receive things after the Us,the plus is also diferent.I said in the sense of events on stores like this one

          • Kevin Lima Ferreira

            Dude, I am a brazillian too, but this isn’t the worst of our problems.. We pay 99 dollars for a game! This is really unfair.

          • waves australian flag, i know that feel bro

          • BalmungX

            Indeed,it’s an absurd price if it was more afordable maybe the game scene here would grow even more.

          • God

            Really? In Chile the PSN games get there the same day as the US… too bad about the events though, but it’s understandable why they do events in the US, since that’s where they get more money out of it.

    • Spirit Macardi

      We’ll give you this if you give us Klonoa: Empire of Dreams on Virtual Console.

  • TheBlackKnight3

    Come on Nintendo… 10 stores in all of California? I got hyped up for nothing.

    • MaskedHeroxx

      The capital dosent even get love

  • Pizzor

    What about Canada?

  • You’d think this would be something more up GameStop’s alley than Best Buy…

    • AuraGuyChris

      Oh yes. Totally. Who the hell cares about Best Buy? They’re really not as game-oriented as the GameStop in my city.

      They probably like Best Buy because it’s got big buildings…

      • Satori Satya

        You’re on to something there.

        Most of the GameStop’s are rather small when it comes to space. Every inch is taken up by something there. Bargain bins, shelves, kiosks, etc. Never mind people who are standing in line just to buy stuff.

        If they had the demo there, it would be crazy.

        • AOS actually talked about this not but a week or two ago…


          Good listen if you don’t mind it being a bit offensive.

        • Scissors

          I went to the Wii U E3 thing last year, and they definitely do not have enough space in a Gamestop for that. Plus it was super warm at the Wii U kiosk, all those sweaty bodies next to each other secreting heat. Since Bestbuy is bigger that means more breathing room and more area for the heat to disperse to.

          • Satori Satya

            Yeah, GameStops looks crowded only because the damn space is too small.

            Most of them have the same walking space as a Mickey D’s bathroom. Its ridiculous.

            Playing games on those kiosks is like trying to play a game inside a closet.

  • samsneeze

    Fucking Nebraska gets a tournament, but not Mississippi? What in the living hell.

    • Jrocy247

      Fucking right???

  • Herok♞

    I can understand not having one in my hometown’s best buy but I feel like they picked the most random Best Buys in the state of PA

  • 하세요

    Well the Maryland spots aren’t too far from me, but that’s still gas and then the line, stranger danger, etc. Probably won’t waste my time or money. 3DS version comes out soon, so I’ll just wait for that.

    • Could be worse, you could be like me in Arkansas and have to go to the next state (Memphis) to get a glimpse.

      So yea, not going to waste my time. I don’t even play Smash that much anyways.

  • ZetaSiren

    No love for Canada. Damn.

    • Satori Satya

      They had a similar thing last year in Canada. With Mario Kart. The Canadian Nintendo page has a splash page about the game. They might update it when they set some locations there.

    • mike dickson

      Actually we might get a under the radar wiiu event at best buy I mean they did that last year at one of my local best buy there was people trying the new super Mario world 3d and they were giving away Luigi hats too sadly I didn’t get one ( I forgot to mention I’m Canadian too low )

    • E.T.993

      We MIGHT get something in Canada. I wouldn’t be surprised if they excluded Québec, though.

      • Evil-Antho

        but what have we Quebec people do to the rest of Canada? Q.Q is it….because….we’re partly french? O__O
        jokes asides, I do hope we get some little thing to try out these games. we did get events in Montreal for Pokémon and Link Between Worlds.

        • E.T.993


  • Vorsun

    The closest one to me is in Erie-friggin’-Pennsylvania. Great.

  • FivePointedTheStar

    Damn, the BestBuy so close to my house is the only one holding the event in Oregon! They’ll be so packed… I don’t even know if I’ll be able to even get inside the store with all of the people across the state who will probably be going. People from Vancouver, WA and around as well, because the BestBuy chosen is practically across the interstate bridge.

  • Jettythesunfish

    Wow, there are none in the borough I live in….that’s nice….

  • Curtis Kam

    oh man not even one location near me and I’m heading hawaii soon in june :(

  • mojack411

    Well the closest one by me is about an hours away… Decisions.

  • Not one near me ;_;

  • NeptuniasBeard

    100 Best Buys, and none around me…

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

      Me too. The few they selected in my state are all near the city or urban areas…no where near me.

    • Hound

      This demo exclusivity is very weird. I suppose in the near future, a game existing in the wild outside of the internet will be exotic and scoffed at by the nouveau rich while they busily order their underlings to mail imaginary money to their tax-free digital bank accounts.

  • KingGunblader

    No Canadian locations. :( Shame, because my money is already ready for the 3DS version.

    • J_Joestar

      iirc, Last year, they announced the Canadian BB locations separately a few days later.
      Don’t lose hope yet! i know the BB across from where i work (downtown Toronto) had it last year and i hope they do again this year.

  • lackofstyle

    oh my….. there is one right down the road from my apartment….this has never happen before……*faints*

  • Slayven19

    There’s one near me, I’m good

  • HerosLight

    I live in the Bronx and I don’t understand why they would put the demos far from me. Theres one near me takes 5-10 minutes walking but the one I recognize is in West Nyack which is like a 30+ minute drive.

    Either way I’ll probably end up going, if not, wait and get 3DS version.

    • Time Sage

      ….You new york people have a screwed up sense of scale.

  • Ohh, yay! We can make it before going out of town~! Kind of tempting to preorder it there too.

  • f00had

    why can’t Nintendo do demos properly and release them on eShop for people to download instead of making people go far out to shops or events to try their games?

    • Enzo

      I don’t think you really understand this if that’s your complaint. Just an FYI: Nintendo DOES put demos onto the eShop. HOWEVER, this is DIFFERENT because they want people BUYING THE CONSOLE. People don’t buy consoles for demos, but people who want to play the demo but don’t have the game console will appreciate being able to play on a demo station. I would say the real thing to complain about would be the number of stores that have them available. Apparently there are none in my state.

  • Twilleppac

    *sigh* Guess I’m not going, the only Best Buys hosting this in my state are over an hour away even though there’s another Best Buy 10 minutes away. That’s kind of a heartbreaker.

  • Momo

    None in Hawaii, really shameful at least make it so each state has at least one demo!

  • Muffum

    One of the Best Buys with the demo is like 10 minutes away from me, so I could easily go, but the real question is whether I should, since I have finals that week and can’t go on Saturday at all.

  • Tempting! I suppose I’m one of the luckier ones with a store less than
    an hour away in Durham, but I’ve never been too fond of large, crowded events, especially when going all by lonesome.

    On the other hand, it’s Smash. Hmm… Quite the conundrum!

  • Kaitsu

    Guys, it’s not that it doesn’t love your country. It’s just that Best Buy in the US is dying, and they’re partnering to get more customers.

  • Christopher C

    They say host but will ALL of the damn nintendo reps appear this time? Last time they sure didn’t.

  • colorblindnightmare

    Tempe eh? On a saturday? Done!

  • ffboi7

    Booo only one location in Oklahoma!!!

  • Snorlaxation

    Hearing so many other people complain about their region not getting any love (and No, I’m not complaining about the complaining) I’m seriously curious. Why? Is it that hard to translate/deliver or whatnot to Brazil/Canada/Europe/etc.?

    I get that places like Australia have (or did have?) a Very difficult time getting games ever. Like months and months later they finally get a release of something others have had for a while.

    anyone know what the dealio is?

  • Jrocy247

    I don’t get it….I REALLY don’t get it.
    Do they just believe that people don’t exist in states they don’t have on that said list? They know some Best Buys exist in states like Mississippi. If they’e just not gonna bother putting it up on EVERY state where people can actually experience it, just put it a Demo on the eShop instead having people drive miles just to play the damn thing.

    • Link

      The demo is meant to get people to buy a WiiU. You see dozens of people in a store gathered around something you get interested, you check it out next thing you know you walk out with a WiiU. That’s really the only reason behind this.

      • You’re missing the point. If it’s what you said, then why only a limited number of Best Buy stores? And it’s not even all the States, like Jrocy pointed out! It’s around 37 States! Some of which aren’t really that close to each other.

      • Jrocy247

        If the demo is meant to get people to buy a Wii U, Then missing a couple of states is not VERY GOOD IDEA at all. You want everyone in the country to have one….not selected states even though the company HAS STORES IN THE NON-SELECTED STATES.

        • Link

          You do realize at events like these Nintendo sends out their own people that set these up and monitor these events. Nintendo as a whole is only a company of about 7000 people, 90% which reside in Japan. Last years Best Buy E3 event was monitored by Nintendo Employees as well, to hit every Best Buy and every state would require more man power than they have available. Though I do agree they should probably add more than the 100 they have listed they wouldn’t be able to do a lot more.

    • God

      I never get why you humans complain, so damn self righteous, i mean, developers do what they want and think it’s better, they have their reasons, i bet you wouldn’t like everyone questioning your every move, would you?

  • Robert Kupper

    Well my state is empty.

  • Kango234

    I don’t even have a Wii U, but I might just go to this.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Good! About 15 minutes away! I’ll be sure to be there all day long all the days it’s available!

  • Trepie

    Closest is like an hour away which I’m guessing is better than 99% of cases, but still not worth driving to just for a demo. They chose some weird cities in Washington.

  • Aspenharls

    Wow, glad I’ll be in Colorado during this time. It’s not coming to Alaska at all.

    • Anime10121

      They have a Best Buy in Alaska?

  • MSJ

    holy shit we got 6 stores in my city, and not too far so I’ll definitely go.

  • InfernoCommander

    Not in my state.. awesome…..

    • Dexterino

      That sucks….

  • AuraGuyChris

    Apparently, the characters shown on the poster of Best Buy are the ones that will appear in the demos. I’d say that is good…except they really do want people to use all the announced newcomers.

    • Dexterino

      Really? Those are the only characters playable at Best Buy? Damn was hoping to play ZSS to see difference from Brawl.

      • AuraGuyChris

        People are basing their assumptions on the poster, though. With that logic, Peach and Bowser are also absent. It’s understandable since they don’t want ALL of the revealed characters to be playable in a measly demo.

        • Dexterino

          Seems understandable. How about at the E3 tournament? What are your thoughts? Do you think they will have full access to all characters or be limited as Best Buy with a few extra playable only at E3.

          • AuraGuyChris

            Nintendo won’t deny everyone and have 0.001 percent of their fanbase super exclusive access to all characters. It just wouldn’t be fair.

          • Dexterino

            I hope so. Keep it all equal between E3 Tourney and Best Buy Demos. LOL. Someone plays ZSS at E3 and no ZSS at Best Buy… damnit. We will see in June 10 when the festivities begin.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I’m ready I’m ready I’m Reggie .

  • Dexterino

    I hope Best Buy updates their list. Seriously none in Los Angeles, Glendale or Burbank? Crap the nearest one I have to head out to is Culver City.

    • AuraGuyChris

      None…in Los Angeles? What the hell kind of sorcery is this?

  • The Watcher

    I hope whoever is in charge of the station will consider that when all 4 players finish playing a match, that the current 4 will get off and the next 4 get on. This method works well for large numbers. I can only imagine how long people will wait in line if “winner stays” logic is in play.

    • 하세요

      Yeah, and Timed. As much as Stock is generally preferred, I think it would be fair to allow everyone to have the exact same amount of time to play. I can already see someone trying someone new like Mega Man, not understanding his recovery and SD multiple times, only to wait in line for an hour to play for 40 seconds.

  • Daniel

    I happen to be lucky enough to live down the street from the location in San Jose i can literally ride my bike there in like 10 mins i work wed but i should be out by the time the event starts and i have saturdays off

  • ZDH

    Is there any reason why california los angeles best buys dont get a demo i mean E3 is like right here….

  • CozyAndWarm

    What is it with Nintendo and Illinois. There are several Best Buys in Chicago, no one wants to drive out to all the suburbs and little towns for this.

  • JuhRo

    3rd Paragraph typo: Nintnedo 3DS

  • wahyudil

    no Super Smash Bros Wii U Bundle?

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