Natsume Announces Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley For Nintendo 3DS [Update]

By Ishaan . June 3, 2014 . 10:12am

Xseed are publishing the next Harvest Moon game developed by Marvelous AQL, but Natsume still own the Harvest Moon name in North America… and they’re putting it to use.


This morning, the publisher announced Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley for release on the Nintendo 3DS. The game, Natsume say, will feature a “three-dimensional setting” for the first time and will feature a “fully customizable world,” allowing players to customize their field in any manner they see fit.


Two examples Natsume provide of this customization is that you can either have a field of tulips like in Holland or a valley filled with water like in Venice.


Natsume say that Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will “innovate in a way that no Harvest Moon ever has”. It’s slated for release this year in North America.


Update: Regarding a European release, over Twitter, Natsume stated: “We can’t discuss the EU release details *yet* but we have confidence it will make it to PAL territories.”

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  • KingGunblader

    Oh my, suddenly the plot thickens.

    Who would’ve thought Harvest Moon could be this interesting.

  • Zero_Destiny

    I was talking about it with people on twitter for the past hour, and it’s certainly an interesting development. Natsume does have some experience on the developing end, but I found it even more fun an idea if they were to use Toybox Inc to help make their version of Harvest Moon. We would have Wada (the creator of Harvest Moon) creating new Harvest Moon games again. But only the American Harvest Moon games. lol Honestly it’s all around interesting to see these turns of events.

    • Satori Satya

      Well this is interesting.

      While everyone was discussing what this all means, I was wondering who was actually going to develop this new upcoming game.

      This could be good.

      • Zero_Destiny

        It’s just all fan talking though on my part. There’s nothing tying him to it, and it sounds a lot more like they won’t be using Toybox to help make it. lol Would be super cool to see, and is such a fun thought, but yeah, just having fun. ^^;;

        • Satori Satya


          Well, maybe we’ll get some tangible info on this game. Soon (I hope)

    • luckgandor

      Wada doing HM games again? That sounds fabulous, and I’m actually beginning to hope it’s the case.

  • Trepie

    More Harvest Moon is never a bad thing! Maybe some stiff competition will make both sides create better games? Seems like a win/win for fans.

  • I’m gonna say this: This is gonna confuse so many people. I’ve already seen a lot of misconception about the announcement in general commentary– namely people who seem to not be able to equate Story of Seasons to the latest Bokujou Monogatari game… or some people somehow thinking that XSeed and Natsume are doing the same exact game.

    I already knew this would happen if Natsume kept to the trademark, so I just hope that enough word of mouth will clear up how bad of a mix-up this is in people’s heads.

    Otherwise though, I wonder how a Natsume-developed game will go. They’ve been very involved in the series since the first game, so they obviously have enough familiarity with it. But it makes me wonder just how it’ll turn out. I guess we’ll see next week.

    • Suki

      Very true. I was reading the same story on Joystiq and they were just as confused and started reporting wrong information. So if gaming sites get wrapped up in the confusion factor, just imagine your average gamer. I know that Natsume has the name but I probably would have come up with something different.

      • Pretty much. It doesn’t help that places like Joystiq are going by the logic of “Well, if it’s called Harvest Moon, it’s the official thing to us”, and seem to be actually trying to /ignore/ the lineage behind it. It’s seriously aggravating, and it’s not going to help consumers– especially consumers who don’t follow this stuff too closely, but might still like the games– to understand just what is going on here. Shoot, not even Natsume is really trying to clarify this either, which… Makes it worse.

        Because, really, how hard is it to try to explain that “Story of Seasons” is what used to be called “Harvest Moon”, and that “Harvest Moon” is now going to be an entirely different game series developed by Natsume?

  • Smooosh

    I’m looking forward to this. I love traditional Harvest Moon, but I also have to admit that the series could use some fresh paint, so hearing that they’re trying to innovate is good to hear.

  • Takane Shijou

    Well, this is going to be weird.

    • GH56734

      All that’s missing is Nintendo/Level-5 swooping in with a localized Fantasy Life, which would be the icing on the cake :P

  • ZnTxn

    I’m a little confused about this. Still, going to check this Harvest Moon and not-Harvest Moon.

  • Volta

    Wait, I don’t get it… both companies have the right to make Harvest Moon games? Or the Marvelous AQL one is just a farming game with another name that plays like a HM? This is very confusing…

    • Simplicity: Up until now, Harvest Moon has been the Bokujou Monogatari series.

      XSeed is owned by Marvelous now, so they’re handling the Bokujou Monogatari series, which will now be called Story of Seasons– but Natsume owns the Harvest Moon /trademark/, so they’re developing their own game.

    • Joseph Santee

      No, that’s the twist: the Marvelous AQL one is the “real” Harvest Moon, Natsume’s is a self-developed game that’s using the name. This might get ugly.

    • Kawashima

      Marvelous AQLs game is the official Harvest Moon game, Natsume owns the Harvest Moon trademark so it got renamed to Story of Seasons, so Natsume is making their own spin on Harvest Moon. Its going to be very confusing.

    • Volta

      Oh, thank you all for the reply, Now I get it. All in all is good news for fans of the genre I suppose. To bad the original Bokujou Monogatari game will have to use a diferent name though…

  • jamurjamban

    wow, really great news. I thought it’s gonna release this year on Japan only. love it!

  • Tetris

    With any luck, the West will be seeing two good Harvest Moon games this year. Worst case scenario, Natsume’s version is another Hometown Story.

    • GH56734

      You’re counting out Fantasy Life by Brownie Brown (Nintendo)/Level-5/(NoA as a publisher?) :P

      • Tetris

        What? I was talking about Harvest Moon games. And there hasn’t been anything said about a Fantasy Life localization confirmation.

        • GH56734

          They bothered to localize that Layton minigame and trademarked it, its chances for coming over are pretty good (Especially after Animal Crossing and that Disney life sim 3DS game by Namco did so well)
          That would mean three competing 3DS faming sims.

  • Kornelious

    So wait….XSeed is localizing Connect to a New World as “Story of Season” and now Natsume is creating a entirely new Harvest Moon as”Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley” to be released in the west first……Do I sense some rivalry between Natsume and XSeed or are they purposely trying to confuse us? X(

    Well either way, More Harvest Moon (Or Story of Seasons) is always a good thing :D

  • Tetris

    Also, The Lost Valley already leaked (initially thought to be Bokujou Monogatari) and it’s releasing in October.

  • Personally speaking, I’m actually more excited for this than Story of Seasons. Harvest Moon has needed a good kick in the rump for a while. The customization stuff sounds really interesting.

    • Field and world customization has actually been a thing for a couple games– you could entirely choose where anything on your farm went in HMDS/Cute, and it got very expanded by the time of A New Beginning, where you were customizing the entire town too.

      I imagine Natsume is taking inspiration from that and trying to expand it as much as they could.

      • Oh, I know ranch customization has been in the past couple of games, but this sounds like a much more sophisticated kind of customization.

        Perhaps we’re finally at the point where you can sustain yourself by doing things other than farming. I remember one of my favourite things about Rune Factory Frontier was that cooking was my main source of income in that game, somehow. I loved that.

        • I guess! Many of the HM games so far do tend to specialize in different things, or have prices adjusted in selling. Cooking is incredibly profitable in A New Beginning, especially. (Pudding sells for a ton.)

        • Kornelious

          Yeah, That’s why I love Rune factory. Hopefully Harvest Moon can spread it’s wings a bit more and expieriment with other features. That would be awesome :)

    • Flandre Scarlet

      A New Beginning satisfied a lot of that. Besides, this isn’t the officially developed Harvest Moon series, this isn’t going to kick any series in the rump.

      • I don’t really care much for which the “official” series is, to be entirely honest. The last few Harvest Moon games just haven’t interested me, so if Natsume want to make their own, that’s perfectly fine in my book.

        Plus, they’ve earned the right to do what they want with it. I’m sure they have Yasuhiro Wada’s blessing, and Harvest Moon is what it is in the west entirely thanks to Natsume. They’ve been with the series for nearly two decades, right from the first game, and they’ve supported it every step of the way.

        Heck, I wouldn’t be surprise in the slightest if Wada-san were involved with this game in some capacity.

        • Flandre Scarlet

          But your idea that this will ‘kick Harvest Moon in the rump’ and inspire it to get better is flawed. This isn’t inspiring anything, and Marvelous has done a rather excellent job of innovating Bokumono with A New Beginning and again with Connect to a New World. That you, personally, haven’t been interested in it doesn’t change the fact they have changed it up.

          Natsume didn’t do a great job with the series, at least not as great as you might think. Every release was rife with bugs, glitches, text errors, and more. At least one game was outright broken (DS) and another was censored (DS Cute). They couldn’t even spell their own NAME right in one (RIP Natume Inc.). They rush their localization and do little to no bug testing. The series deserved better.

          And now they have better, with XSEED. This is, blatantly, an attempt to simply get money off an IP they no longer have access to. Natsume isn’t exactly a rising star company. That they’d try to pull something like this isn’t surprising, but still disappointing. That people are supporting it, is worse.

          • But your idea that this will ‘kick Harvest Moon in the rump’ and inspire it to get better is flawed.

            I think you misunderstood. I meant that the traditional Harvest Moon has been resting on its laurels for a while. It took them ages just to get to the point where one could customize their player character.

            So, when I said it needed a kick in the rump, I meant it needed to pull its socks up in general, not that this game specifically was going to kick its ass. It’s a figure of speech.

            On the subject of Natsume themselves… let’s just agree to disagree here. Natsume have had their shortcomings, but so have Marvelous and Xseed. I like Marvelous a lot, but if you’re asking me to feel sorry for them, I see no reason to. They’re making a killing off “life and hometown”. They’re in a good place.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            Harvest Moon’s kick in the pants were Grand Bazaar and Tale of Two Towns. Two Towns actually sold pretty decently, but reception was..mixed. A New Beginning had plenty of customization and innovation and they’re building on that with the next release, so I fail to see how competition will help.

            Hell, the last time HM had ‘competition’, we got Hometown Story. The game developed by Wada. And the game that was almost universally panned as being boring, lifeless and lacking in content.

            So, no, I disagree that this will help innovate as you believe it to. I believe the timing of this announcement is too convenient for Natsume and the press release too obtuse and misleading for it to be genuine competition. I’d put this at the same level as Chinese and Korean knock-offs that you see on the iOS store.

          • So, no, I disagree that this will help innovate as you believe it to.

            I doubt this will affect Marvelous’ own Harvest Moon titles in any way. That wasn’t what I was saying. I was saying that this will help bring innovation to the concept of Harvest Moon, whether it’s being done by Marvelous or Natsume.

            So, no, I disagree that this will help innovate as you believe it to. I believe the timing of this announcement is too convenient for Natsume and the press release too obtuse and misleading for it to be genuine competition.

            You’re saying this as if Natsume decided to develop the game last week.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            They certainly decided to name it Harvest Moon and push it on name brand recognition alone instead of selling it on it’s own merits, what with a press release full of references to the past HM titles.

          • Yep, they did decide to name it Harvest Moon! They own the trademark. They purchased it all the way back in 1997 or whenever and invested time and money into it. Now, its’ going to pay off. A smart business decision.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            Yep, it’s going to pay off by playing on fan’s misinformation and purposely advertising their game as something it isn’t. I’m glad you agree with me on that.

          • You mean the way Marvelous sold Senran Kagura and Valhalla Knights 3? Yeah, kind of! So, business as usual for everyone.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            Last I was aware XSEED didn’t call Senran Kagura “Dynasty Warriors: Boobie Edition” so your argument holds little merit.

          • You miss the point. I’m not arguing semantics here, I’m just stating the obvious—Senran Kagura has some major technical and design flaws that prevent it from being an all-round quality game. It was and still is marketed on the concept of ninjas with giant boobs.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            I still don’t see how that counts as advertising something not on it’s own merits. They advertised boobs, they sold on boobs. Boobs are a merit.

            Natsume is advertising Harvest Moon, but aren’t delivering Harvest Moon.

          • Natsume is advertising Harvest Moon, but aren’t delivering Harvest Moon.

            That remains to be seen! Is Harvest Moon a name or an ideal? Is the Batman a person or the ideal? :D

          • Lemon

            “Natsume is advertising Harvest Moon, but aren’t delivering Harvest Moon.”
            Are you from the future or something? Have you played it already? What makes Harvest Moon ‘Harvest Moon’ in the first place? Isn’t it subjective? Stop being so assblasted.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            What makes Harvest Moon Harvest Moon is the name. Should I change my wording to say Bokujo Monogatari instead?

            Retards, lot of you.

          • Lemon

            So the name ‘Harvest Moon’ is what defines the whole game for you, eh? Not the gameplay/concept/ideas etc. Nope. Just the name.

            You are the one accusing Natsume of falsely advertising a game ‘as something it isn’t.’

            But wait, isn’t the game Natsume is currently developing still going to be called ‘Harvest Moon’? By your logic, it should still make their Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon. Natsume trademarked the name Harvest Moon, not Bokujo Monogatari. Doesn’t look like they are literally advertising the name ‘Bokujo Monogatari’ for their game to me. I don’t see a problem with them using a name they paid money to trademark. Whether this move is underhanded or not is besides the point.

            No one is claiming the ‘Harvest Moon’ Natsume is developing will definitely be good, but it’s also unfair to assume it will be bad when we still don’t know the full details about the game or have yet to see the gameplay.

            Similarly, you going off on your rant about how it won’t be ‘Harvest Moon’ is being too presumptuous. Maybe what defines the game for you is the name, but that obviously doesn’t apply to everyone; so seeing someone like you getting so up-in-arms over the name is extremely amusing.

            I sure hope you have more ointment to apply on both of your poor, poor buttcheeks, because I highly doubt Natsume will rename their game any time soon.

          • andref

            But what do you think about having both games released within the same year. Your viewpoint is understandable but it is hard to deny that there will be much confusion over which game is actually a mainline harvest moon release

          • Yes, it will cause confusion for sure. But, personally speaking, I don’t care?

            It’ll be interesting to watch from a business/quality perspective for sure, but if we’re talking about right or wrong, I simply see it as an instance of both parties doing what they need to.

          • andref

            A different question:would this game keep the harvest moon name in Japan?

          • J_Joestar

            well Harvest Moon in Japan isn’t really called Harvest Moon IIRC.

          • andref

            I know it won’t be called harvest moon, but it is easier saying harvest moon since I don’t know how the name in japan, and bit lazy to look it up and then copy and paste it

          • Bokujou Monogatari is what it’s called. Or more literally translated as Farm Story.

          • andref

            oh ok, thanks

          • That’s a good question! I do wonder what they’ll it in Japan.

          • Suicunesol

            They’ll call it “Shiki no Monogatari” (Story of Seasons).

            Just to confuse even more. :P

          • J_Joestar

            It is fairly likely it was something originally designed as a HM spin-off title to begin with long before the stuff with XSeed cropped up.
            otherwise they must have some quick programmers.

    • arkane9

      I agree with you. And for me, the Rune Factory series has been that kick.

      But this game being developed by Natsume doesn’t fill me with hope. It sounds less like getting a kick in the rump, and more like sitting down on a meat grinder.

      But I will reserve judgment until I see reviews and game footage.

  • Deletable Man

    I’ve decided I’m OK with this. Excited even! How often do you get to have a different take on one of your beloved series and still get to have the original as well?! Sure this Natsume Harvest Moon might bomb, but we’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. If it does well, maybe we get this third tier to go with the original HM series and Rune Factory.

  • Tortinita

    Learning that the Harvest Moon series that I’ve known and loved since childhood would be renamed “Story of Seasons” from now on was an odd surprise that I’ll have to get used to.

    But to now learn that Natsume intends to make use of the “Harvest Moon” name to compete against the original series? While I’ll be keeping an eye on what results from this development, I have to admit this rubs me the wrong way.

    • GameTaco

      Aye, I was just thinking to myself earlier that maybe the Story of Seasons name would only stick long enough for Marvelous to do what it needs to do and pry the Harvest Moon name itself out of Natsume’s hands.

      If this might be a prolonged situation, if not a struggle for Natsume to remain relevant in a changing gaming scene, it could be wise to append “Connect to a New Land” onto Story of Seasons just in case. I know the boxart is more or less finalized, but adding a subtitle could at least signify the split to some degree.

  • katzedan

    for some reason I can only see this like “since you give the game for them, we’ll create a new one and f*** your decision!”

    well, it’s still a good for the series fans.

    I only hope this release don’t trouble the sales from the Marvelous/Xseed one :S

  • Flandre Scarlet

    Really, really scummy business by Natsume. Personally will not be supporting this. They’re purposely being obtuse and confusing fans, and this is just going to get ugly.

    • This is definitely a strange thing, that’s for sure. I mean… at least they ARE developing it themselves instead of taking some other game and retitling it, which would be a lot worse, but with the minimal information so far, a lot of people are gonna misunderstand what’s going on, and like I said in a previous article, the sales of this are gonna end up riding on the brand name.

    • Deletable Man

      I think scummy business would be sending the legal hounds to attack. I’m not sure if that’s even really possible in this case though.

      That said, I think you should reserve judgement and consider supporting it if it turns out to be a good HM game, because then that just means more farming goodness for us. Think of it as a homage to Harvest Moon.

    • Guest

      I HIGHLY doubt they are being “scummy” and trying to confuse people on purpose.

      • Flandre Scarlet

        You should read the press release. They aren’t even attempting to let people know this isn’t Bokujo Monogatari.

        • You mean similar to how Xseed called their game a “new IP” by the creators of Harvest Moon? :P

          • Flandre Scarlet

            Or how XSEED is communicating directly with fans on various outlets to let people know the exact process behind the name and why, exactly, they couldn’t name it Harvest Moon or even Farm Story?

          • Of course they’re doing that. It’s their job to make as much noise as possible and let people know that they’re taking over Harvest Moon. But this idea that Xseed and Marvelous are somehow the victim here is awfully misguided.

            If we’re talking about right or wrong, Harvest Moon in the West would be nothing without Natsume’s support.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            And by that token, it’s Natsume’s job to let people know that this ISN’T the Harvest Moon they know and not to purposely misguide fans into purchasing a title based on name brand recognition alone.

            Harvest Moon in the west WOULD be nothing without Natsume, but that time is long gone. That was almost 20 years ago, and the video game industry was a much different place. Marvelous has chosen to use their own NA Branch to localize their IP and Natsume, instead of accepting that, is developing their own game using the HM name to purposely misguide fans.

            This IS scummy business practice. Please stop trying to justify it. I get that Natsume localized the games in the past, but sitting on the rights to the name and doing THIS is just rather disgusting.

          • As I said, agree to disagree! Natsume invested time, effort and money in the Harvest Moon name. That earns them this right in my book. Personally, I see cutting them out of the equation as ungrateful on Marvelous’ part.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            It’d be ungrateful if Natsume actually did a good job on their localizations and didn’t leave me wondering what feature they broke with bugs and glitches introduced in the localization with every title.

          • I’m not going to keep arguing with you over this, because this is starting to get off-topic, but I will say MAQL have released plenty of shoddy games themselves and sold them on factors other than quality. Case in point: Senran Kagura and Valhalla Knights 3.

            As I said, it’s hard to feel sorry for them. They’re big boys. They knew what they were doing when they cut Natsume out of the picture.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            Are you really going to call Senran Kagura a shoddy game? I agree it sold based on features other than it’s gameplay, but it was still a solid game, both Burst and Shinovi Versus.

            VK3 I have never played so I won’t comment on, however.

            Besides, would YOU continue to pay money to a localization company that couldn’t even spell their own name right on the title screen when you had a perfectly good, in-company localization branch that previous did an excellent job on TWO titles within the series?

          • Senran Kagura sold on boobs. Anyone that believes anything else is incredibly naive. That was the whole point of the series, so let’s not pretend Marvelous didn’t promote it like that.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            It did, but it also wasn’t a bad game beneath the boobs.

            But this isn’t even ABOUT Senran Kagura. Or boobs. Senran Kagura didn’t attempt to hide itself under another IP or prop it’s gameplay up OVER the boobs. Have you even SEEN the EU boxart? They knew exactly who their market was and advertising it as such.

            Seriously, what argument are you even MAKING? This isn’t remotely comparable to Natsume NAMING A GAME SOMETHING THAT ISN’T RELATED TO THAT GAME.

            I don’t give half a damn if Natsume makes their own farming simulator. There’s a thousand of them on the market.

            I give a damn that Natsume is making a farming simulator and has the balls to name it Harvest Moon when it isn’t Harvest Moon.

          • The argument I’m making is that everyone does what they need to, in order to survive and make their games sell.

            Senran Kagura is a very flawed product with framerate drops and annoying design choices. Despite this, the game sold well, and it’s because it has boobs.

            Was there ever any mention of the fact that the game underneath the boobs wasn’t all that great? No, of course not—that would be a terrible business move. So, they acted as though the game was just fine and sold it on the concept of boobs.

            But it was a lie of omission nonetheless, and people looking for a good, technically sound game didn’t necessarily get one.

            So again, as I said earlier… it business as usual. Everyone makes the business decisions that they feel are best for them. Marvelous were smart enough about Senran Kagura to market it in a way that the game wouldn’t be held back by its flaws. Similarly, Natsume were smart enough to invest in the Harvest Moon brand. Now they get to use it.

            There is no right or wrong here. It’s two companies doing business as usual. And if you want to have the right-or-wrong argument, there’s a list this long about things Marvelous have done wrong in the past. This is the second time they’ve screwed a publishing partner over, for instance—the first time being Xseed themselves with Muramasa.

            (Oh, and if you count the cancelled European release of Rune Factory 4 by Zen United, this makes it the third time. So yeah, MAQL is hardly perfect themselves.)

          • Shippoyasha

            Kind of being unfair about the fanservice being something Marvelous hides behind. Senran Kagura is a great but flawed effort. The frame rate element is extremely overblown with Burst. And to be fair, pretty much every Senran fan including me will talk openly that the first game wasn’t that sound with the visuals as it can get a little choppy especially with slow memory cards (the one big negative of digital only release on American 3DS release) But it was not something crippling as to a point that Marvelous has hidden that element in marketing maliciously.

            Valhalla Knights was a solid game, fanservice or no fanservice. And they made a ton of improvements with the update. To say that these games are nothing but fanservice is ridiculous. Not to mention many Valhalla Knights fans don’t even realize the fanservice is even there because it’s not necessary to finish the game

            The Harvest Moon issue is more to do with politics. Selling games that happen to have fanservice isn’t even close to being equatable.

            I know you guys are in a spat over the business practices of the two companies. Honestly for me, this is more unfortunate than malicious. Maybe both companies can try to differentiate franchises and maybe Marvelous can make a new franchise title. Though the iffy part in this is that they have the rights to the HM name.

          • Valhalla Knights was a solid game, fanservice or no fanservice.

            See, this is why no one takes you seriously.

          • seiya19

            You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

          • Shippoyasha

            Believe it or not, the game wasn’t that bad. Definitely needs improving but not a broken or bottom of barrel or anything like it. If nobody takes me seriously, that’s fine. I’m just a friendless total stranger/nobody in the internet.

          • Lordshade

            Well Atlus tried to sell the even worse Code of Princess on the fact that it was designed by the people who worked on Guardian Heros, what they didn’t say was that it was rushed out the door and had terrible frame rate drops. It also advertised over 50 playable characters, by most of them are joke characters, so that was also a lie of ommision. The 3ds can’t seem to get great Beatemups ,so even average games like SKB are welcome. They DID talk about SKB being fast, so they did talk about gameplay.

            I see your assuming your opinions are perfect by saying that SKB was a bad game, because that’s an opinion,not a fact. Then again, pretty much everything Marvelous publishes is flawed, Rune Factory 4 can sometimes crash the game for no clear reason during the end of the second portion.

          • Roger

            Even Wild Arms 4 and 5 had localization glitches, and were published by XSeed, lol.

          • GH56734

            Well, they localized the highly risky SNES original in both the US and Europe despite the PS1 being already out, and haven’t missed any single title save for a few spinoffs.
            That earns them points in my book.
            It could easily have ended the same way as the “My Vacation Story” Sony IP.

      • Manny Being Manny

        Yeah, this sounds pretty scummy to me. Their goal is to make people think this is the next game in the true Harvest Moon series, not that its a new game that isn’t made by any of the same people or developer and is just using the name.

        • Prungy

          And what if Natsume’s title was developed by Toybox and Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada?
          Which would be the true Harvest Moon then?

          • That would be weird! But it’d doubtful this is developed by Toybox– it was already confirmed this is getting developed internally.

            The most that might be applicable is that they might’ve gotten Wada’s blessing on this.

    • Roger

      Actually, it´s Marvelous JP ”fault” for not licensing their games anymore. XSeed will pretty much publish all HMs now, even if they aren’t called Harvest Moon anymore.

      Although ”fault” seems a childish term for this case…it´s business after all.

      I’m just happy that Natsume will continue on the Market, just hope the game it´s good at least…if it´s not, I will just stick to the HMs that are not called HMs anymore, produced by Marvelous itself :P

    • Zero_Destiny

      It’s debatably somewhat underhanded in the way that it may cause/advantage from market confusion, sure, but I wouldn’t say it’s “scummy.”

      Natsume really helped to put Harvest Moon on the map, and honestly without them, it really wouldn’t be where it is today (in the west, at least). It was a pretty good relationship in general and to just cut them out of the equation is actually pretty small minded.

      Now that Marvelous has their own localization house, they moved on, and that’s just fine and good, doing everything in house has an advantage. But Natsume has done a lot for the series/invested a lot of money in it/and built up the brand, to the point where I would consider them at least inclined to be able to continue it in some way. Especially since they own the trademark, they can continue to use the name.

      So, yeah, It’s not really entirely black-and-white/good-guy-bad-guy, but two small companies delivering us games.

      • brian

        The only problem I have with it is that Natsume may end up trying to release this earlier than Story of Seasons just to mess up its competition.
        And they may try rushing development just so they can have it out early to spite Xseed.

        • Roger

          That´s baseless supposition. It´s not like all HMs are gold anyway. We had pretty rushed and bad HMs made by Marvelous Jp itself.

  • GameTaco

    If I haven’t said before that this is going to get confusing… This is going to get confusing. x_x

    Still, I suppose I can support it for now. Natsume should have learned from the 3DS port of Tale of Two Towns not to take on these sorts of projects alone… They couldn’t *possibly* make a screwup on that scale again, could they?

    • GH56734

      Natsume did develop the Game Boy Color games. All four of them :P

      • 4shiki

        Wrong! They were developed by Victor Interactive, now Marvelous.

        Edit: Never mind, forget this! :x

  • otakumike

    So wait, this one is going to be only in the west? Or am I reading this wrong?

    • I’m sure it’ll see a Japan release, too. Natsume has a Japanese division.

      • Ragnawind

        This is true what Ishaan said. Natsume has a Japanese branch, which I think is their main branch and HQ, which could mean a release in Japan. It just won’t be like Harvest Moon: A New Beginning or before, since those were actually Bokujou Monogatari games. Natsume just used Harvest Moon when they localizaed the games in the west. With Natsume still using the name in the west for more non-Bokujou Monogatari games, it is very confusing to the fans. They should clarify is not a Bokujou Monogatari localized game and not a new game in the series, as well, since the series developer did NOT make it, just like with Frantic Farm and Puzzle de Harvest Moon. They are more Natsume spin-off titles of the series.

        • otakumike

          just how many fans does this series even have anyway? I’m sure the ones who buy it will already know what they are getting. Even after all this time it has never gotten out of niche status so I don’t really think it matters what they call it, I feel people are getting angry of a minor issue.

  • brian

    If this had happened back around the time A New Beginning got released, that’d be too perfect.
    Then it could be Story of Seasons: A New Beginning and may help clear up some confusion.

    • GameTaco

      Even Story of Seasons: A New Land could work there, in theory.

  • Roger

    So, now we’ll have two franchises? One that is Harvest Moon (but it’s not, thanks to IP issues) and one that tries to be Harvest Moon and is even called Harvest Moon(and who knows if it will be successfull?)

    My head x__x

  • Yindustries LLC

    If the game turns out well and looks good, I don’t see the problem. Natsume has made their own games/spin-offs before and it’d be nice for a little competition in the market.

    If I like what I see. I’ll support it.

  • SatsukiYumizuka

    Harvest Moon: Blackjack and Hookers Edition

    • Deletable Man

      ^ The result if Marvelous decided to pull a Capcom and have a western dev make their next HM game. :P

    • GH56734

      Natsume goes out of their ways to make their games family-friendly, actually .. Sometimes even going overboard :P

  • Tincho Kudos

    Colour me confused.

  • This is going to be REAAAALLY weird but hey, two Harvest Moon games at a time? OH YEAH!

  • GamerLegend

    Now waiting for the other 2 games, please a harvest moon for vita or Wii U.

    Game 2 = Harvest Moon: Online
    Game 3 = Harvest Moon: Space Odyssey

    • They did mention that while there’s no Vita game yet, they aren’t closing the doors on it.

    • ronin4life

      I heard the other 2 are Nintendo as well.

      River King?

  • Suicunesol

    I think the deciding factor here is just whether Natsume does a good job. I don’t know if Natsume is primarily a western developer, but if their “Harvest Moon” really pushes the farming/relationships genre to a new level, would it sway fans to think of them differently? Some fans don’t seem to like what Natsume is doing, but if fans can “disown and forget” a bad game from their favorite series, then they can certainly adopt an unrelated, but good game into the series as well. And I suppose that’s really what we’re concerned about–maintaining the overall quality of the series (regardless of the developer).

    Alternately, Natsume could have developed Harvest Moon for mobile devices if they wanted to. There is nothing stopping them from doing that. That they are still sticking to only N3DS gives me some faith in their new game.

    • ronin4life

      I think the fact it is obviously riding a name, Releases this year and is announced immediately after the real HM localization announcement all with no representative media outside a logo all coincide to make uncertainty very understandable.

      • Suicunesol

        Actually, I agree. The logo being the same logo as every HM game before doesn’t exactly incite confidence either. New logos can do wonders on consumer perceptions.

        But I’m remaining optimistic because there’s a chance that (Natsume willing) we can have a great game. Natsume can’t afford to screw up either, or else they risk jeopardizing a valuable brand.

  • AlphaSixNine

    I love the idea of more games like Harvest Moon and I welcome Natsume for trying to do something like this, just more fun for me. However I’m not sure how or even if Natsume can make a game as good as the original Harvest Moon series. Fact is, I dunno Natsume other than “the guys who localize Harvest Moon”. I don’t even know if they can develop games or they are just a localization company. Very interested to see how this will look/play.

    Depending on how well Natsume’s Harvest Moon is, I’ll reserve my judgement for Natsume’s action. Kinda wish they made it a Vita game though… Been thirsty for a Harvest Moon on Sony handheld/console.

    • This might purely be out of familiarity for the system. They’ve done more 3DS stuff at the moment in terms of current systems than anything else, after all.

  • luckgandor

    … wow. Now I can’t help but wonder if their intentions were fuelled by bad blood between them and Marvelous.

  • Kaetsu

    Two Harvest Moon games this year? Well since it’s Harvest Moon there’s no way I’m playing two at a time so it’s either Lost Valley or Story of Seasons. The better game is the one I go with. There can only be one.

  • JMaster3000

    Ugh! I’m so annoyed about AQL games being released in Europe.

    Its either way slow localization or being canned.
    AQL Japan, WHAT’S WRONG??

  • Ah, so it was true. Is Wada really involved though?

    • I have seen no confirmation that Wada is involved on this. Just speculation.

      • Same here, but I’m wondering when they’ll confirm or squash that theory~.

        • Next week, probably. That’s when more info’ll be out, at E3.

    • Kaetsu

      Wada’s return would definitely be interesting.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Wait, so is Natsume developing the game instead of Marvelous? This is interesting. I just hope the two releases are far apart since Harvest Moon games are huge time sinks.

  • Will Jay

    I’m betting it’ll be shit. I mean, when was the last time you saw Natsume develop anything?

    I’d love to be proven wrong, though. It’d be pretty funny if it ended up better than the more recent and extremely lackluster HM games. Or should I say SoS games?

    • HK

      I thought A New Beginning was a very good game. GB and ToTT are lackluster, I agree, but ANB was a big step forward. And apparently the newest entry is good too.

      I’m not hoping for much in the Natsume HM entry either, but it’d be nice to have another fun farming game along with SoS.

  • HotLimit

    Who is developing this game? This is the first I’ve heard of a US publisher announcing a Japanese game before news has even broken in Japan (much less for a series like Harvest Moon, which is notorious for having a year or longer gap between JP and US releases).

    • Azul

      It is its own thing now it has nothing to do with Japanese version as any future localizations would be done by Xseed as the latest is going under the name Story of Seasons

    • Natsume is developing it internally.

    • GH56734

      Happened before with earlier Harvest Moon (I mean, “Farm Story”) games.

      • HotLimit

        Really, which ones? Their PR person said the only other game it happened with is the 3DS version of Two Towns, but that doesn’t really count because it was already out in Japan on DS.

  • Mint

    …Well I can’t get enough farming sim soooo…. But anyway I’m interested because we already know everything about the Story of Seasons game.

  • laurenhiya21

    Hmm… I’m a little skeptical on how this will turn out (since I haven’t played anything developed by Natsume) but I guess we’ll have to wait and hope they at least post some screenshots.

  • resuri

    I will probably wait for more info and gameplay videos before deciding to buy this one. I have lot of games to buy this year so I have to budget accordingly.

  • IS | 桂木

    I dunno guys, this game sounds like it could be good. It all boils down to if this game has good waifus or not

  • Hinataharem

    I am so utterly confused right now

  • Skye Johnson

    I haven’t played a Harvest Moon game ever, but this is a bit confusing. I’d be even more confused if I didn’t know this and saw these two titles on the shelves. I’d assume they were the same thing brand, just published by two different companies or something.

    So if I got things straight, the one Xseed is publishing is the “Harvest Moon” the West is used to… and Natsume is making a different farm game that’s taking the same Harvest Moon name?

    • Yes, basically. Basically, up until now, Bokujou Monogatari/Farm Story in Japan = Harvest Moon in the West, but since XSeed is now owned by the company who develops the series, Marvelous, they’re handling the series wholesale now, and the series will now be called Story of Seasons in the West.

      Natsume owns the copyright for the name “Harvest Moon”, though, which is why the name changed happen, so they’re free to use it however they want to. So they’re developing their own game that will use the title.

      • Skye Johnson

        I see.

        Well, I hope there’s some way to let non-videogame-news-browsing fans to know it’s the same series on the packaging or something. Otherwise there’s going to be a lot of confusion going around once the game is released here that’ll probably effect sales figures at least somewhat on both sides.

        It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

        • It’s… definitely going to confuse a lot of people. I imagine a lot of the clarification will have to be by word of mouth from people who DO know it, cause some websites sure aren’t helping the situation, either. Like Joystiq. I want to sorta scream when I see them making the situation even more murky with this.

          I do imagine that, yes, brand name will heavily affect the sales. This is a series that’s been around for years, and people recognize Harvest Moon. I just hope that Natsume will at least deliver on the brand name they’ve cultivated so far, and not just ride on the name itself.

        • GH56734

          Oh, that’s simple.
          Just include an artwork of previous “Farm Story” games as a part of the cover (kind of like what Layton covers do), write “by the makers of Bokujou Monogatari/1996” in a similar yet not identical font to the one used by the English “Harvest Moon” logo (fonts can’t be trademarked :P).
          And that’s it :P

          I’m actually more interested in the name Natsume will use for their new game in Japan.

          • Skye Johnson

            “Harvest Moon” written in English or Japanese katakana, clearly.

            Though I am really interested to see what they choose too.

  • GH56734

    Natsume developed internally the Game Boy Color Harvest Moon games (and published them in both Japan and the US). they’ll be fine.

    • Did they? Looking them up, the main developer I see for them was Victor Interactive Software, who was eventually merged into Marvelous.

      • GH56734

        My mistake. English Wikipedia articles nowadays about Natsume and the Harvest Moon series are a mess and these recent development certainly didn’t help.

        I looked up the Japanese page for Natsume (the developer)… it doesn’t list Harvest Moon or River King though, even though at least the 3DS port of HM:AToTT was done by Natsume internally (as a US/PAL-exclusive), but this omission leads me to think their involvement with the series development is minor at best.

        • Yeah, though Natsume being the ones who did the 3DS version of AoTT is… very worrying in general. It was not the best port, I’ll say that much.

          Overall though, yes, their involvement has been generally minor. The best I could think of is that since they’ve been handling localization all this time, they should know enough about the series to make a viable spin-off.

  • exrazer

    I just want neverland back so I can have another Rune Factory. Don’t let it be the final fantasy harvest moon!

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