Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gets A New Trailer For The West

By Ishaan . June 5, 2014 . 8:31am


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is coming to the west in early 2015, and Capcom have released a new trailer for the game.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is an updated version of Monster Hunter 4, and adds a bunch of new features to the game. One of these is two brand new weapons—the Charge Axe and the Insect Glaive. The game also features online multiplayer.


Other features include the ability to vault onto the backs of monsters and wrestle with them. Using certain weapons, players can also vault their teammates up onto the backs of monsters with careful timing.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is in development for the Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Sentsuizan_93

    Really hyped for this. ^_^
    Come on, just 6-9 more months….

  • Balalaika

    In about 30 years you may get graphics like in that video on a Nintendo handheld. Would be nice if they showed how jagged and plain the textures are in the real game.

    • kaisergali

      Didn’t some fans managed to run RE5 in a 3ds? Most of the power is used for the 3D output, without it it will probably have those kind of grapics.

      • J_Joestar

        it was Capcom themselves that ran RE5 when they were working on Mercenaries for the 3DS IIRC

        • British_Otaku

          Makes that Capcom producer’s claim that the Wii couldn’t run RE5’s title screen funny in retrospect.

    • MaidKillua

      MH3U and Resident Evil revelations have fantastic graphics compared to everything else on the 3DS. I hate to say this because everything else they do these days is kinda shitty, but have a little faith in Capcom

    • Enzo

      I think 3 years is more accurate. I think you underestimate the difference in graphics between generations. Think about it like this: It went from Game & Watch > Gameboy > Gameboy Advanced > DS > 3DS.

    • SolRevr

      The art looks fine to me. It’s really the low output resolution of the 3DS screen that kills it for me. It’s hard to deal with when every other screen I look at on a daily basis is crisp and HD or near HD. Granted, I have an XL and that probably compounds the problem.

    • Kouji Tamino

      Confirmed for not watching the trailer all the way through. They do show actual gameplay after the initial cinematic.

      • Balalaika

        Did watch the whole thing and 5 seconds of cinematic *gameplay* really doesn’t show where the devs had to cut corners in the game due to hardware limitations. If you wan’t to see how the game really is up close and how the game runs, then there’s a lot of youtube videos of people playing the Japanese game and exploring it in full length.

        • Kouji Tamino

          5 seconds? lol, okay

  • Alex Sargeant

    I wonder what the chances of this being moved forwards are. So much has been delayed till 2015, I wonder if there’d be any interest in trying for release parity. Might be a surprisingly open end of this year, and real crowded start of next year.

    • flameraver64

      Never heard of developers moving FORWARD release dates haha, but it’d be nice if it happens

  • Zazon Zenzy

    Insect Glaive instead of sochuukon? I don’t hate it.

  • James Enk

    i want this game now

  • J_Joestar

    Guess i shouldn’t have expected anything new in the trailer… it is still a nice reminder that they haven’t forgotten about us.

  • TheGioG

    Sweet Jesus, maybe it’s just me but my jaw still remains grounded at how something this gorgeous is being pulled off on a handheld. The wait’s eating away at me, but damn it’s looking to be worth it.

  • Namuro

    Ahh, I was just complaining on YouTube a second ago about this trailer, LOL. I mean seriously, why can’t they just use the already awesome theme that they have!? This game is supposed to represent a grand adventure, filled with excitement, makes you feel like you’re bursting with energy, and the Monster Hunter themes (especially the MH4 theme) do just that!

    Now the trailer just looks like a generic, fan-made AMV with a mismatched song…

    • Rudy Soto

      I thought I was watching a Hollywood film for a moment there.

      • Ethan_Twain

        Hey uh… you know, Hollywood films are a LOT more popular than Monster Hunter. Like, a lot a lot. I can kinda see why the marketing would want to imply similarity.

        • British_Otaku

          The trailer ends up being misleading and not playing to the game’s strengths by going in this direction though.

          It isn’t like imitating their presentation is going to reach into that market or a more mainstream market for games. The Japanese trailers were more effective and demonstrating the games, how the systems work and so on.

          • Ethan_Twain

            Call me a cynic, but I feel like Monster Hunter will sell better by advertising that it’s a super exciting action game than by advertising that it’s an extremely slow and grind heavy action RPG that values positioning over combos and defense over offense.

            Sometimes twisting a product image in the marketing is the best plan. I get that a lot of people around these parts are Monster Hunter fans so don’t get the appeal of making it seem like something more mainstream. But Monster Hunter isn’t big outside Japan and never has been. The Monster Hunter fans are excited about this game already regardless of whether they use the right theme music in the trailer or not. So pandering to them doesn’t bring in more money. Better to market to the wider audience. Which means, yes, looking like a Hollywood movie. Because Hollywood movies are EXCELLENT at marketing to the wider audience.

          • Namuro

            I agree that there’s a need to appeal to the mass, but they also need to make the game stand out from the crowds, in order to gain people’s attention.

            There are so many games being advertised this way (as in a movie-trailer style with generic “epic” music thrown in”) these days, a lot of them start to look like the same game!

            The Monster Hunter series prides itself on offering unique gameplay that is different from the rest, especially in the Western market, where FPS and sandbox games reign supreme. If they don’t show the unique things that they have to offer (in this case, the original music), then it will just get blended with the rest of the other games out there.

          • ShinobiBrown

            I think you people are really just over reacting. Seriously. There is no reason to get worked up over this trailer. If you’re a fan of the series they already got your interest. The JPN market is not the US market. Quit it with the complaining. It’s a no brainer that they have to market differently here. We know how the western market is. They don’t want unique. They don’t want quirky. They never have. They want epic, they want serious (even though they don’t want difficult), and that’s the exactly what this trailer gives off in terms of tone and feel. USA is obsessed with Hollywood and “epic” action. So the marketing follows suit in hopes of bringing in new blood (although I think a game like MH is doomed to remain niche because of the learning curve when first starting out on top of the tedious grind the game is known for). I’m perfectly fine with this trailer because it’s the logical decision given the general western market and how serious they like to take their entertainment for whatever reason. Anyone getting their panties in a bunch over this are just LOOKING for things to get upset about. It’s wasted energy complain about this. It really is. Bottom line, Capcom wants the mainstream western audience. However, they are never going to get it with their game design philosophy. So rather than completely ruining their franchises by making the game itself with westerners in mind, they are only marketing in the west with westerners in mind, which is MUCH more preferable.

  • Fujisawa Ruuzaa

    Maaaaaannnnn…waiting is the hardest part

  • Lemski07

    Hey did it just gave me chills. :D

  • Go2hell66

    when’s 2015?

  • exrazer

    It should have read: “In a world ruled by a ravenous laser spewing TREX your either sleepbombing it or running”

  • riceisnice

    The R button on my 3DS died. Will it be necessary to play Monster Hunter 4?

    • Yeah, that’s used by several weapons in the game.

      • riceisnice

        Can I resuscitate it by utilizing the quantum inhibitors to recalibrate the tumblers within the G-diffusers and perform a series reboot within the vesicular fluids of the gaming platform device?

        • Archeeer

          Buy a Circle Pad Pro.

        • You… could try blowing into it? My L button is sort of wonky, too. Some people say it’s possibly dust lodged inside it, and I suspect that might be true, since blowing into it fixes the issue.

          • riceisnice

            If that’s the case, could I blow compressed air or use a tooth brush? I see screws. Maybe I can yank them out and clean the R button.

          • legend42666

            Is yours the original or XL? From experience I can say it’s really easy to open up the normal one since you don’t need a special screw driver or anything and the triggers are pretty simple to put back.

      • mike dickson

        you forgot to mention you need it to run and invincibility jump the essentials for the game lol

        • And if you’re a Bowgunner, you’re pretty much done without the R button, haha.

          • mike dickson

            So true like I told my friends before Nintendo should make titanium L and R button so nobody could suffer the pain called blowing a no responsive button XD

  • konsama

    Am i the only one that find kinda ridiculous how they make these “cinematic” styled trailers for the west with desperate orchestra music, the words between scenes, it feels almost like a parody video of the typical trailers. Like watching those videos that mock CoD ones.

    Still, SO freaking getting this the very second is out.

    • Namuro

      Nope, you’re certainly not the only one…

      It’s a pretty terrible trailer.

      They said that they wanted to take this series seriously. They said that they acknowledged the true fans in the west. Then they give us this…

      • Fitzkrieg

        To be fair, they know that the ‘true fans’ are already going to buy this game. Trailers like this are an attempt to push their brand outside the existing demographic.

  • Shadowman

    2015 can’t be get here soon enough

  • Yue D Andre

    I’m prepared to throw my social life after new year, come here MH4U.

  • mike dickson

    this better come out in January it would be the ultimate birthday gift ;)

  • My 3ds is ready. Currently my most anticipated game of 2015.

  • Ric Vazquez

    It’s not releasing until 2015, this is torture (T.T)

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    The MT Framework is a beast. Those visuals are incredible.

  • Göran Isacson

    Question- is this the first MH4 game in the West? Did we get the “vanilla” version, or are they dropping the upgraded version on us right off the bat?

    • British_Otaku

      Dropping the vanilla version and giving Ultimate/G version right off the bat. The vanilla version just released in late 2013 for the exact same system, the fact that we are waiting nearly two years after the original release for any MH4 aside, this is for the best.

      If we were going to wait for a considerable amount of time, it may as well be for the best version.

      • Göran Isacson

        Gotcha. Probably the best choice, that.

  • nihongogamer

    wow seriously 2015? I understand that they skipped MH4 in favour of releasing MH4 Ultimate worldwide but really…1 year and a half to translate quests like “Go to A and kill/capture B”? Localisation is hard work but I can’t see the justification for releasing it so late.

    • Namuro

      Just play 4G, dude. Join me!

    • 하세요

      It’s about spacing, not translating. 3U is still pretty fresh in NA/EU, so releasing MH4U would be pretty fast. 4G comes out earlier because Japan has had 3G since 2011, and it allows a data transfer save system so it won’t feel like we wasted our time playing MH4. MH is not an annual game like other series.

  • I like the look of it but I didnt play 3 Ultimate enough, To be honest I dont really play my 3DS =?

  • Vash bane

    wtf? did monhun just have a Hollywood type trailer? XD

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