Natsume To Publish Alphadia Genesis For Wii U In North America

By Ishaan . June 5, 2014 . 9:55am

Pat yourself on the back if you guessed that Alphadia Genesis was the Wii U title Natsume were teasing for E3—they just announced it.


Alphadia Genesis is developed by Kemco, and is a 3D role-playing game that was originally released for smartphones using Unity. Kemco later revealed to Siliconera that they were bringing the game to consoles, and began porting it to Wii U.


Alphadia Genesis is already available in Japan via the Nintendo eShop. Natsume have not announced a release window for the game yet.

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  • Cool~. And it looks fairly spiffy. I’ll probably get it when we get a Wii U.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Hey, the more JRPGs we get, the better. Hopefully Natsume and other publishers will do better than smartphone-ported ones in the future for Wii U, though.

  • Huh, well, JRPGs is always good.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Isnt this on the google play store? Kind of odd to bring it considering the already prevalent availability. Kind of grim future for natsume if this is the calibur of titles they are banking on this year.

    • Natsume have always been a niche publisher, dude.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      I think it’s clear that Natsume has a deal with Kemco. They’ve localized their two iOS ports on PSP.

  • Bigabu Beaze

    So thats it? They arent announcing anything at E3?

    • beemoh

      I suppose it’s harder for a smaller player to announce *anything* at E3- probably best to announce ahead of time so journos who are going to cover the title already know it’s there.

      • Bigabu Beaze

        Yeah I guess. I was hoping for a Medabots announcement.

        • JonathanisPrimus

          It’s never Medabots.

          • Bigabu Beaze


  • Cool more Jrpg’s for WiiU, will make it easier to buy one for X and bayo2.

  • Reki Honoo

    So we got two titles already announced out of the three they mentioned. The harvest moon game, and now this. I wonder what the third one will be.

  • KingGunblader

    My gut reaction to this is the same I had to Arc Rise Fantasia, but I ended up loving that game (warts and all), so I’ll probably pick this up.

    • rurifan

      Arc Rise Fantasia (undub…) was a great game, but it sure was a horrible jaggy mess on the Wii. I was jealous of people playing it on Dolphin. ;-/

      • CozyAndWarm

        How did you ever survive playing on consoles before the Wii?

        • rurifan

          Is there something about the Wii that makes you bring up old consoles?

          • I kind of get his point. If the Wii looked horribly jaggy, how did games before that look and play? x’D

            I think ARF actually looked really nice~. There were definitely parts that could have been cleaner, but it didn’t look uncanny valley like some other games (SO4) and it made great use of its aesthetic to compensate.

            I’ll have to see how it looks on Dolphin and compare though. But Dolphin makes everything look better. Even when there’s nothing to actually look better, lol.

    • AdamBoy64

      Arc Rise Fantasia is a great game – it is a shame so
      many dismissed it.

      This game looks pretty promising too.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Typically Exe-Create are some of the strongest Kemco games, and their self published work on the App/Play Store has also really wowed me and done a lot for “just” a mobile title. The Unlucky Hero game I found especially enduring and fun. So really glad to see we’ll be getting the home console version of this.

    It already made an earlier debut on the Amazon Fire TV (with a controller set up, and you know, on your TV) but actually getting it on the Wii U will be a lot more convenient for me. Excited to see how Natsume handles it too, as they usually improve the localizations. And more JRPGs for the Wii U is always a good thing.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    More games are always better. Nice to hear a JRPG is coming to the Wii U.

    On another note…anyone else excited for X?

    • Kaetsu

      I’m definitely excited for X! That will definitely be the definitive Wii U JRPG along with SMTxFE.

      • ConkerBFD

        SMTxFE… I forgot it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Let’s see if Youtube has a seppuku tutorial….

      • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

        Yes! I want to see more of SMT X FE as well.

      • SetzerGabbiani

        I’m more excited for SMT x FE news than anything else. All the SMT….uh…tagonists and FE lords on a console in HD? Hitoshura, Aleph, Chrom, Marth, Ike, Lyndis? I need to see it in action! I just hope they were able to work Strange Journey into the mix since that tease over a year ago.

    • God

      Why are you bringing X to the conversation? Are there news on X?! FOR ME’S SAKE, ANSWER WOMAN!!

      • Shota

        tuesday is the big day my friend. E3 will give us info and maaaybe a release date

        • God

          Damnit! That mens i gotta start saving, and with all of the PS Vita games coming this year, my wallet doesn’t stand a chance.

          • Shota

            i feel your pain :(

          • God

            I don’t even have a Wii U… ok, it’s decided, i’m becoming a drug dealer.

      • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

        Because Haruhi wants X! enough said…

    • Ric Vazquez

      *raises hand* *nods*

  • Kornelious

    A classic 3D JRPG for the WII U…….DAY ONE! :D
    Looks like i’ll have dust of my Wii u to play this, what a pleasant surprise :)

  • Was expecting another 16 bit looking title similar to the PSP ones Natsume has published, but this looks a bit different.

  • OrangeArmy

    Well, my life can always use some more JRPG’s, so sure, I’ll purchase.

  • Kaetsu

    I’m disappointed that Natsume is localizing a Kemco Wii U game and it isn’t Death Match Love Comedy but I’m excited because it’s a JRPG.

  • Tatsuya1221

    I honestly would love to play this game, but nintendo’s digital practices unfortunately means this is another game i won’t get to play because of their Eshop rules on locking it to your console.

    • darke

      And the region locking so it’ll likely be an eternity before it comes to the EU so I have the potential of buying it in Australia… honestly why does Nintendo suck so much?

  • Yan Zhao

    I would’ve liked some of their 2D JRPGs.

  • revenent hell

    I’ll have to remember this when I get a Wii U (someday down the line)

  • JaidynReiman

    Looks cool, once I get a Wii U and the game is out I’ll definitely check it out, I love RPG’s. I was secretly hoping one of Natsume’s announcements would be a new Lufia game (especially since I recently replaced Lufia I) but I should’ve known the series is dead (unless of course that’d be Squeenix, but Natsume published the previous Lufia game in the west again so…). :P

  • Göran Isacson

    A Unity-driven JRPG IS sounding at least a little bit interesting, buuut I’ll probably wait for reviews before purchase. I’ve got enough games to tide me over if this is unsatisfactory.

  • Ryker

    Looks alright. I’m skeptical about how good it will be. I haven’t played a smartphone RPG that’s really resonated with me as of yet. I guess I will give it a shot if the price is right.

  • Fox

    Another shitty Kemco game? Joy.

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