3DS Dungeon Crawler “The Keep” Comes With Real-Time Combat

By Ishaan . June 6, 2014 . 10:32am


The Keep is a first-person dungeon crawler for Nintendo 3DS with real-time combat. The game has you exploring caves and mines underneath the tower of an evil sorcerer named Watrys.


The caves and dungeons you explore will be rigged with traps, secret passages and treasure consisting of both powerful weapons and supplies. As far as combat goes, The Keep will used “gesture-based” combat where you use the stylus and aim for specific body parts on different enemies to break their defences.


You can also use the 3DS touch screen to arrange runes on a 5×4 board, then chain them together to cast Fire, Lightning or Ice magic. Runes are scarce, but there are a number of ways to combine them to achieve different spells.


Beyond the other features they touch upon, developer Cinemax say that The Keep will challenge seasoned players and that every difficulty will include a Permadeath option.


The Keep will be available via the Nintendo eShop this Summer in North America.


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  • malek86

    Kinda like Legend of Grimrock, except you don’t have to deal with multiple characters. Sounds right up my alley.

  • Eric Harris

    I love this style of old fashioned PC style looking dungeon crawlers. The look and feel of it kinda remind me of Orcs vs. Elves for Nintendo DS which was a PC style dungeon roguelike. Even though I am a physical type collector I will likely download this. It looks fun!

    • Yeah I loved Orcs & Elves. Always thought were were supposed to get a sequel.

    • Satori Satya

      When I “inherited” my older brother’s NES in the 90’s, it came with a copy of ‘Dungeon Magic’.

      I actually beat the game without ANY guides or hint books. Which looking back, seems like that was quite an achievement. Considering that you had to combine runes in a certain way to get anything done.

      I think one of the last ones of this genre that came out was Legend of Grimrock


      • Eric Harris

        Yeah I bought that on gog but haven’t gotten around to it yet. One of the many gog games in my virtual “collection”.

  • Looks cool, but it better be $5 if it’s Digital Only.

  • Andrew

    Game looks cool…. look forward to hearing more about it.

  • Crevox

    Kind of like an RPG Hexen?

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    Cinemax? Look out for softcore porn!

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      VERY BAD softcore porn. There’s nothing more depressing than two actors dry humping each other witout clothes.

      Oddly enough Skinemax has been improving, with shows like Banshee and Strike Back.

  • Weeb

    I’m always up for more dungeon crawlers.

  • Fen Y

    Reminds me of Ultima Underworld.

    If it turns like that… Oh please.

    But then I’d kill for UU3 >_>

  • Guest

    I like dungeon crawlers, that claustrophobic feeling, impending doom, and head-cracking puzzles… I’ll be checking out this, the art style brought flashbacks of Hexxen, that’s definitely a plus.

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    I am so getting this.

  • Nobody

    I hope the permadeath is merely an “option” and not a requirement.

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