Final Fantasy Type-0 Coming To The West On Xbox One, PlayStation 4 [Update]

By Ishaan . June 10, 2014 . 12:12pm

Update: Final Fantasy Type-0 will be released for Xbox One and PS4 in the West. The PS Vita listing on the PS Blog was an error that has been corrected by Square/Sony.


Final Fantasy Type-0 is coming to North America and Europe on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Square Enix announced this morning.


Final Fantasy Type-0 was originally released in Japan for the PSP. Square Enix have not announced when the game will be released in the West.

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  • MaximDualBlade

    what? Is this the mobile game or the psp game with some sort of enhanced graphics?

    • Jorge

      The mobile game is Agito and the PSP game is Type-0. Both totally different games, just in the same world.

    • SMT

      The PSP game. This message was included in the announcement trailer for the mobile game (Agito) in the west, at its end.
      Basically, we’re getting both.

  • Flash Fire Blast

    Right after the English patch was released huh?

  • digitaldevil0

    And just a day after the fan translation was finished.

    Well played Square, well played.

    • Alex Sargeant

      We also know now why they had to advance the translation patch release so significantly. They must’ve been told about it.

      • Fox

        Or, rather, SE only decided to bring the game over after someone else did all the translation work for them.

        • Landale

          A viable theory. Except for the part where it’s being ported to other systems. If they were going to let someone else do all the work, they certainly wouldn’t have bothered doing that.

        • shuyai

          pretty sure it was already translated and dubbed with english voice way before the fan translation patch. SE just didnt want to release it

          • Wow.
            Somebody did their homework

          • disgaea36

            jeez ur such a troll lol

          • Bobby Jennings

            You’re right

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      What now?

    • BeatTheGG

      At first I felt sorry for the translators but it just goes to show that Squeenix works at the beat of their own drum. Either way I still went ahead and got the PSP patch sense I wont be getting a PS4 for some time.

  • Pyrotek85

    LOL good timing

  • 栗場 江理久


  • Ethan_Twain

    Well how about that.

    Multiplatform portable AND console release.

    Now we can stop being unhappy that the game never left Japan. Hopefully the narrative now can shift to whether or not the game is any good.

  • Jorge


    • Finally.

      • Malon


        • JMaster3000

          Did someone say Finally!?

    • Godmars

      Just not as expected.

  • katzedan

    sad that it isn’t coming to Vita, but now I have another reason to get a PS4 :3

  • Roger
    • Malon

      Sources are contradicting themselves.

  • Herok♞

    Its like they are trying to kill the Vita by doing this as well

    • MaximDualBlade

      Not at all.

    • Logan Moll

      You know Square Enix makes this game and Sony makes the Vita, right? I’m not sure where this sentiment in these comments is coming from. The Vita isn’t SE’s problem, selling copies of games is.

    • Splinter

      Just because Type-0 was a PSP game that could be played on Vita, the Kingdom Hearts survey excluded the Vita option, Square still didn’t release a decent and exclusive game on Vita, released two Final Fantasy’s universe games (Bravely Default and Theatrhythm) on 3DS, released a Kingdom Hearts game on 3DS and annouced today Final Fantasy Explorers for 3DS?

      Maybe it’s just your imagination.

  • flameraver64

    Kinda feel bad for the fan translators, but at least they released it a couple months before the West gets it!

  • konsama

    Holy shit i think no one was expecting this. O_O

    • Feenyx16

      Square enix france teased a localization this past weekend actually…

      • konsama

        I know lol, but i mean the console ports.

  • Spider-Man

    WOW! Holy shit! Picked up!

  • Enzo

    Strange… Just after the Fan Translation was finished :))

  • 하세요

    I swear they were just waiting for the translation to finish, haha.
    “Is it done? Yeah? Alright go ahead and hit post.”

  • ivanchu77

    Just when the fan translation was completed….

  • Strawberry Starlet

    PHEW. I was so afraid it was only gonna be on PS4 and Xbox when I saw the title. But then you mentioned Vita.

    In other news, this means I should probs stop spoiling myself with the patch… See ya later Cinque…

  • AlphaSixNine

    YES! PSVita…and PS4. Will get both! >:D

  • Aemette

    Pffftt too late SE, I wanted this ages ago but now other people have gone ahead and fed my desire for this game. Funny, the English translation of the game gets released and then they announce this news…

  • Amagidyne

    Right after the English patch was done? That’s in no way a coincidence, come on…

    • MrRobbyM

      How about because it’s E3?

      • No,

        They waited a day until the patch announcement, then put together a press kit in less than 48 hours just to troll the fan translation

        • MrRobbyM


          You don’t NOT plan what’s pretty much a remake just to troll the fans. They announced it during their own event. Not out of the blue.

          Grow up.

          Edit: If you were joking, my apologies, lol. You can’t blame me for thinking someone on the internet said something stupid lol.

          • Arcana Drill

            pretty sure he was being sarcastic, check his comments above.

      • Amagidyne

        There have been rather a few E3’s since Type-0 was released in Japan, and they choose the one just after the fan translation is released to mention anything for the West. I mean, yeah, fair enough that it’s for the PS4 and XBO, but they made several announcements of next-gen games like FFXV and so on at the last big event, Type-0 wasn’t big enough to warrent a mention then?

        You may be right, but the timing just seems a little too coincidental to me.

        • MrRobbyM

          The fact that it’s for PS4 and Xbone should proof enough. The consoles were revealed last E3(a bit earlier for the PS4). They’re not going to announce a localization for a game on a console that just released. That’s too risky.

          Final Fantasy is a big name and they always reveal them at events like E3 or TGS. Last year we got That long FFXV trailer. This year we got an announcement for a game that the fans have been wanting.

          It just seems stupid to think that they’re planning on remaking/remastering a game for what are still considered new consoles which they will have to put more work into polish just to troll the fan translation. If anything, that seems like more of an apology. Making us wait so long that they’re releasing it on the most powerful consoles out there when they could have easily released it on PS3/360 and probably sell more.

          Hey, at least we’re getting the game. And not on a dead system with inferior…everything. Minus the portability, I guess.

          • Amagidyne

            Eh, fair enough. I guess we can never really know for sure one way or the other, but what you’re saying makes sense. And you’re right, at least we’re getting it. I mean, the reason a fan translation was started in the first place was because it was regarded as being rather hopeless that we’d get the game at all, so I think the fact that we are getting it is what matters overall.

            Shame we couldn’t have gotten a Vita release, though given how the Vita is and whatnot, I’m not really that surprised we didn’t.

    • Crevox

      Blame the translation team for releasing the patch RIGHT before E3.

  • Nanaki

    ^ Can’t even half describe my excitement.

  • Tanicia Marshall

    Vote up if you saw this coming

  • Kango234


  • Christian Wright

    3 years too late. I just started playing last night :|

    • Aemette

      Same here and there’s no way in hell I’m gonna stop anytime soon.

    • Red Veron


      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        And HD graphics running 1080p.

        • DesmaX

          60fps too, pls

          • xzeldax3

            After not playing PSP for a few years, the first thing I noticed was the terrible framerate when there was fire or particle effects on screen.

      • Christian Wright

        still the same game regardless. to me, gameplay and story come before graphics

        • Logan Moll

          I hate this argument. Exactly, it’s the SAME game! So gameplay/story are no different between the two. Therefore, why wouldn’t any rational, reasonable person choose the version with better control and visual fidelity? It’s great to care more about the game, not about the visual fidelity, but when people are throwing that argument around for different versions of the SAME game, then it’s just absurd.

          • theoriginaled

            dear god THANK YOU.

          • chocodino

            most people who wanted to play T-0 already have a psp, and some have the game, tell me, why whould they need to buy a new console and the game just to play it on “HD”

          • darke

            Or they could prefer the convenience of a portable version? Or the version they have now rather then wait even longer for it to be released? After all, as you said, it’s exactly the same game…

          • Federico

            I say we wait for them to say whats on it before we say its the same game.

          • Luv u.

          • leeorv

            Also, when the frame rate is different, it affects gameplay. Spouting “gameplay is most important” when it’s clearly improved is ludicrous

          • NeptuniasBeard

            A frame rate bump does not really affect gameplay to any significant degree (MK8 being a good example). Unless the original game has massive slowdown issues that the PS4 version will fix entirely, Like I said to Logan, unless you already own the system the “better” version is on, better graphics and improved framerate are poor reasons to spend so much money to get it.

          • leeorv

            A jump from 30FPS to 60FPS is not a bump, and is directly felt when controlling the character, especially in an ARPG. it’s worlds of difference.

            And I do own a PS4, so should any respectable console gamer nowadays, that’s where things are at.

          • NeptuniasBeard

            Because if they already have the psp and the game, and at the same time DON’T have a PS4, you’re pretty much suggesting that they not only wait an indeterminate amount of time, but they do so in order to spend about 499 US Dollars. Despite any objective visual improvements, most people will find the very idea insulting.

        • John Lawson

          two words. Proper localization.
          the fan patch is great, but English voices helps alot.

          • Yaro

            You’re right, I’d prefer to play the game with the original japanese audio…

          • Slayven19

            It’ll probably have that as well so….

      • Yes none of that compares to playing the game in its “twilight” with a script re-written by fans on a system OOP? Other than that its the same thing. so maybe to each their own?

    • Giordan

      It was on a dead system, dude.

      • Pyrotek85

        Yeah, but it was a big game that they should have ported to the Vita sooner.

        • …”Should have”??

          How strange. I could have sworn for a video game business, their priority IS *good business* than the chance of “hurt feelings”. I understand the issue, but the fact is PS4 and XBOne just have a better lead over the PSVita does on its own.

          • Pyrotek85

            Yeah, but a game like this could have helped push Vita sales, especially when it was struggling. I know they’re a business, you don’t need to be snarky about it. Plus they say how they’ve been listening to fans, but were there people asking for it on home consoles, or for PSP/Vita?

          • I’m not trying to sound snarky (if I did, I’m sorry), but you’re also putting words in a company’s mouth by saying what they “should have” done because “fans”. Squareenix has its own pocket books to worry about, I don’t think they’re interested in “helping a system”. If things aren’t going well for the Sony handheld system then I don’t see how it’s SquareEnix’s responsibility to be this “saviour” for them, even if it would have legitimately helped the Vita out or not. If system sales on the XBOne and PS4 are more impressive (and perhaps the idea to make their critically acclaimed title available in 1080p for all to see), then this shouldn’t be the *biggest* surprise going.

            And also, at the time, who knew they would make the jump from PSP to PS4 and just skip the Vita, so I don’t think it was really “on mind” (or more obvious) to ask for it on anything than the Vita (which, again, at the time seemed like the more straightforward idea).

          • Pyrotek85

            I’m not saying it’s their responsibility to save the Vita, but it was the logical choice, especially when they didn’t want to release it on the PSP outside of Japan. And because they didn’t bother to communicate this to anyone for years (even though they say they listen to their fans) they now have to compete with a fan translation and piracy. Personally I’ll still buy it, but not everyone will. How is that good for their pocket books?

            My gripe here is the lack of communication between companies and their potential customers. I know they’re not obligated to speak of their plans, but when they don’t for such a long time it irritates people. It just doesn’t come across as good business sense.

          • towhomitmayconcern

            Your gripe is irrelevant for two reasons:

            A.) You contradicted yourself: they aren’t obligated to tell us anything as you said

            B.) They did tell us something at the beginning of 2013 or the tail end of 2012. Tabata an interview about bringing the game over to compliment the agito phone game. There he goes into the primary reason why Type-0 wasn’t released initially and plans for the future. So they did communicate with us. When they choose to do so is on them, but you can’t say they didn’t’ communicate. Us being irritated pales in comparison to SE being irritated with thie situation given they were gonna take a hit for not bringing the game out due to being dubbed at the time.

            Thats business, sometimes things don’t play out how we would want it or how anyone would want. If we, fans, want the game, it really doesn’t matter when they bring it out as long as they can do so and they did. Being irritated because of the issues surrounding the psp and the vita is even less sensible than SE deciding to wait as we aren’t losing money, SE is and will have to deal with the upcoming bad press due to the reasoning why the game wasn’t released intially which could also lose them money.. If they can be patient despite all the issues, so can we. Now we have the pay off and it worked out for us. In the end, we win: We have the game, its still virtually new, it’ll probably be cheaper due to being a re-release. Sounds like a win for fans here to me.


          • IF you include the features of the ps4 and xbox one, the INEVITABLE excess of content that will come with the HD versions. Official translation. Personally i feel theres no competition. I played both type 0 demos but never purchased it when I knew square was over 60% complete with recording the US voices for the game. I didn’t feel the need to play the Fan translation which would mean going out and buying the JP version. Even though less than 3 days ago Siliconera had an article instructing some users to do just that.

          • Suzaku


            Tabata has been pretty goddamn open with the fans, if you ask me. He basically explained that this was going to happen back at TGS 2013, and went into a quite a lot of detail about the game’s history and localization issues.

          • GH56734

            Tbh, they already spent the money on the translation, voice actors and the programming (according to the producer). It’s pretty much done.

            They didn’t release it, even to recoup some of the costs they spent on it. On a platform with digital distribution.

            In similar cases, Nintendo for example, when a game isn’t profitable, they only gave the overseas branch Engrish incomplete versions put sloppily by the devs as a proof-of-concept, for earlier Stafy games and Mother 3. They certainly didn’t spend $$$ on a ful-scale localization.

            They don’t prepare a 90% localized build and then throw it in the drawer.

          • For this one, there was no optimal time to utilize the HD assets and the translated material.I imagine that aiming for HD consoles surely is the best way to capitalize on that work.

          • Lol

            The fact that its on PS4 alone makes all the wait worthwhile. We’ll just have people saying they played the best version, while the other faction complains they played it the way it was meant to be… translated by fans.

          • and that is why the Ps Vita will die out faster then the psp.

        • Suzaku

          Do you realize how poorly X/X-2 HD Remaster did on the Vita?

          They were waiting to see how the Vita panned out before they announced this. Tabata flat out said back around TGS that they were considering the possibilities, either a console port which would consist of a massive reworking of the game, or a Vita port.

          Well, X/X-2 HD Remaster sold about 140k copies in the West on Vita. FFX was the second best selling Final Fantasy game of all time, and it barely registered on the sales charts over here.

          To compare, Thief sold about five times as many copies in the West between the PS4 and XB1 versions, and it was a pretty minor release.

    • chibidw

      But I’m sure they’ll find a way to shoehorn a Lightning cameo into the game, so you’ll have plenty of reason to buy it.

    • John Lawson

      And? Ys: Oath in Felghana released in 2005. Fan translation later, XSeed took the fan translation, touched it up and released the game on PSP in 2010. then released the official english version on PC in 2012.

      Ys Fans were grateful and they were happy to see more Ys games because of this.

      3 years too late? At least I won’t have to Pirate the game. and the account that it’s better than the whole lightning Saga it’s well worth the wait.

      Stop acting so ungrateful.

      • Suki

        This. I’m happy it’s coming out. I hate finding ways to play games when all I want to do is have a company bring it over and I give them my money. Square just got Sony a new sale.

    • Ric Vazquez

      Same here

  • KoRLumen

    WTF SQUARE PLS AHAHA. I’m dying.

  • Pyrotek85

    They really should have done this sooner, especially to help push the initial Vita sales.

  • flameraver64

    People do realize that they probably released the fan translation early, and not that Square waited for the translation to release before announcing it?

    • Yes and no…
      Some of us do

    • Suzaku

      Sky tweeted as much when he announced that they’d be releasing it earlier than planned due to “unexpected events,” then released it literally the day before E3.

  • Guest

    I could finally die in peace!

  • Sapitntapit


  • roockie112

    Holy fuck that’s all I got to say

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    This… is… AWESOME!

    I thought this would come AFTER XV.

  • Roberto

    Only on square

  • Prinnydoom

    HOLY FUCK!!!

  • Total_Overdose

    Hopefully this means we’ll be getting Agito soon. Square Enix does love their cross-promotions, after all.

    Next question is, I wonder if Square is going to continue doing the dual audio option for NA like they did with FFXIII:LR.

    • Strawberry Starlet

      Look at the newest Siliconera post! You win the internets.

      • Total_Overdose

        Just saw it. Excited! I tried a bit of the JP version of Agito for the gameplay, and it was pretty good. I’m excited.

  • Prinnydoom

    I bet that patch team is kicking themselves now

    • Pyrotek85

      They probably had advance notice so they released it ahead of the planned August release.

    • Nanaki

      Not in the least. You have to remember what these teams originally stood for, to garner and raise support in the hopes of an eventual RELEASE.

      • Prinnydoom

        Kidding dude. Chill.

    • I think the peoples who ordered or downloaded a copy from japan within the last week are feeling those kicks too

  • Raine

    And then you realize it will not come for about two years.


  • urbanscholar

    Team! 7,8,9 : )

    It’s been officially announced for vita too guys. It’s on the PS blog

  • Right after the fan translation… Well, that’s awkward.

  • xAtKx
    • Strawberry Starlet

      And now I cry.

    • JMaster3000

      tears and pain

      • Strawberry Starlet

        pain and tears.

        • JMaster3000

          That’s grammatically correct but I CAN’T THINK RIGHT NOW THE EMOTIONS ARE HIGH IN ME! *cries*

          At least i can play it on PSP i guess ;-;

          P.S Thanks Sky and Team

          • Strawberry Starlet

            Oh, they’re both grammatically correct. I was just emphasizing the SADNESS. Maybe it’ll still come to Vita at some point? Huh? MAYBE? RIGHT!?

  • revenent hell

    Well I always (even if it aggravated the Hell out of me) assumed they would wait for releasing it in the west until a new handheld/console came out since I believe one of their first statements about releasing the game in the west was something akin to ” we don’t know what platform would be best to release it on” or something similar.
    Guess I will be buying this sooner than I thought then…

  • Blackburn7

    If I was one of the fan translators, I’d be seriously pissed right now.

    • Brandonmkii

      I’m sure they were well aware this could have happened. Danganronpa was announced for localization not long after the fan translation was finished, so it’s not uncommon.

  • Go2hell66

    *spits out coffee*

  • KingGunblader

    Somebody fetch me my change jar. It’s PS4 time!

  • Vita gets the shaft yet again..double the shaft in this case.

  • AlphaSixNine

    My heart… you crushed it SE… WHYYYYYYYYY!!!???

    Not that I don’t like PS4 release but… I KINDA WANT IT MORE ON VITA.

  • otakumike

    slowly the reasons to own a PS4 are going up.

  • Masa

    What?….for console…what… gen…what *confused face*

  • DesmaX

    Oh, now that’s fantastic news. Thank you, based Square-Enix

    • Izzeltrioum

      They’re far from based.

    • Godmars

      Biased? No. They just want money.

      In which case if we weren’t talking about a years old PSP port which could have been on the PS3 and 360, which should be on the PSV, and if Wada was still in charge, then we might be talking about an Xbox exclusive.

      With many ensuing “WTFs” and empty fanboy gloating.

      • DesmaX

        Every company is only for the money, really.

        And honestly, with how poorly the Vita is doing in the west, it makes to move it to the consoles… And people should be starting to make the transition to the new platforms next year, so it makes sense to release it to the newer consoles.

        Just hope they can make the games look good there. They were PSP games, after all (But Square did a good job with their remasters, so I’m hopeful)

        • Godmars

          There’s in it for the money, then there’s in it for the money but have some fun.

          Square has forgotten how to have, and thus how to make, fun.

          • second paragraph is odd but ok

  • Kroz

    is that picture an in game screenshot?

  • Ace Esper

    You win this round, Square. I’ll buy a PS4, eventually…

    • Vash bane

      in the next 2 years lol
      (waiting to see if they pull that old move again where they make a variation to the system)

      • Ace Esper

        lol It’d be great if it came bundled with Dissidia 3.

        • Don’t even start~! I just bought the FF XIV LE console

  • ER_Mac3

    Now THAT was unexpected. Vita okay, but PS4 and One? And one day after the translation patch LOL

  • Atwa

    Wait its NOT on Vita?
    What the hell.

  • mike dickson

    F U square *plays psp version of type-0*

  • Z3

    >No vita
    Goddamn I want to kill something right now

    • But-but we can actually play it now.
      *Nice use of Kana by the way lol*

    • Christopher Nunes

      What anime is that character from?

      • Ni ~Algidus~

        Gokukoku no Buryunhirude

        • Christopher Nunes

          What’s it about?

          PS: Nice Gina pic there. ^_^

          • Federico

            It’s about a guy who comes across a couple “witches”. They each have special abilities, and they are running away from some lab they were kept in. Like typical anime fashion the main character tries to help them stay alive as much as he can. The blonde in the picture is able to sort of see into the future and see when and how someone dies. Shes also paralyzed and has to talk through a talking device.

      • Z3


  • Aquarius

    Oh sure, we PSP/PS Vita owners who couldn’t care less about getting a PS4 anytime soon, don’t care at all about Final Fantasy Type-0.

    We weren’t the majority of the ones *begging* for Type-0 to be released on the west. Nope.

    I know I should be very glad we are getting this game AT ALL, but that was a really, REALLY low blow for PS Vita day one supporters.

    • is “Ps vita day one owners” trademarked by sony or square?
      Theres no promise for day 1 owners, last i checked, that guarantees the release of type zero for us owners promo?

    • Slayven19

      The majority of you were a minority anyway, this game wouldn’t have really pushed vita sales in the west. However the ps4 is doing great and so is the boxone somewhat so this makes perfect sense.

  • SirRichard

    I would’ve expected PS3 and 360 at most, the jump to the next-gen systems is absolutely surprising. But hey, we’re finally getting it!

    • I guess they siexed the opportunity since by the time it would be done, PS3 might be officially out of print(?)

  • DivinePhoenix69

    I just started playing the fan-translated version but this is still great news nonetheless. Will definately be picking this up for my PS4. Shut up and take my money SE!

    • Wow no buyer’s remorse? I like this approach!

  • Godmars

    Feel bad that it not going to the Vita.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Giving a little leeway here folks — but let’s not make it personal or rude.

  • Go2hell66

    i guess they’re just trying to make sure everyone has a next gen system in time for FFXV

    • Samsara09

      Yes,they will probably use this game as bait.

      • Its working so well too.

        All the persons that own a ps4 and whant to play can.

    • Vash bane

      hm if I can remember isn’t the games also in the same universe?

      • Samsara09


      • Yep yep

      • Solomon_Kano

        Nah. They share a mythology as part of the Fabula Nova Crystalis (formerly, in XV’s case) thing, but not the actual universe of the games.

    • Kenzor

      Haha good joke, we’ll have PS5 by the time FFXV is released.

  • Namuro

    Well, better late than never.

    But man, this is even worse than if SquareEnix had stopped the fan-translation project in the first place. Maybe this will become a normal practice in the future, where companies will release the finished work, right after the fans finish theirs, just to piss them off, and discourage them from working on any more projects in the future…

    • Rob Hestar

      LMAOO…Honestly,Im glad it’s coming to the X1 and ps4 myself..Love my vita,but it’ll be nice to play this in HD on my TV

      • I don’t mind either, I just found the situation funny~ w

        • Rob Hestar

          yeah,it does suck for vita only owners tho..but if u own a vita,should get a ps4 for that remote play!

          • Lol.
            oh yeah. Ive been playing FFXIV on vita this game will be a lot of fun too!

            Forgot about that handy tool ;)

          • Shady Shariest

            How much did Sony pay for you to devolve Vita into a controller? :P

          • Rob Hestar

            lol! I wish sony was paying me..Hey I use my vita for games aswell.I just beat Limbo This week on it :)

          • Shady Shariest

            :3 Still have to get mine… Waiting for ’em bundles =W=

    • Campaign has already started!
      #NOVITANOBUY @SquareEnixUSA @FinalFantasy @Sony @PlayStation @shahidkamal @yosp

      • Fallen_Persona

        And…I think Final Fantasy will already sell enough to make that campaign irrelevant.

        • Slayven19


      • Federico

        ok so don’t buy it? As much as i love my vita, it isn’t doing as well as we all want it to. Square isn’t a part of Sony so its not up to them to “save” the vita as some say. They are a company that makes games that they want to be able to sell to the largest userbase. XB1 and PS4 are way ahead of vita, and lets be happy we’re getting it on superior systems.

    • LOL And just when I though my Vita was going to see a little action ;.; xD Although I have no problem playing the game with great graphics on a TV :)

    • Spider-Man

      I guess you can say that they made a final fantasy typo.

      • SoundMatch

        I always knew you were my favorite Marvel hero for a reason XD.

    • SoundMatch

      Could someone please explain why it’s RIP instead of get your wallets out?

      • Ha you still have a wallet? I think it’s easier to just give up your paycheck

    • Ric Vazquez

      I hope they reconsider making it for the Vita, it would be so nice to play it on portable and in HD.

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    SE’s Master plan:
    Do NOT release this outside of Japan! Instead we can increase our profit more by releasing it on the PS Vita…? No, Better yet on new Gen consoles!……..(saw the fan translation release..)….. New Gen consoles it is!

  • Saintdante

    Lol as a PS4/XBONE game? Unless they’re remaking Type-0 in the FFXV engine there is zero point for it to be on current consoles, PS3/360 could handle upscaling + some graphical effects.

  • RagingTiger44

    I got my translation patch. No need to pay $400-$500 to play it!

  • Rohan Kishibe

    Man I knew having my fingers crossed for a year for a vita port of this game was asking for too much…

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    lol …. if you are playing the fan translation there is no point to buy it in HD unless that fixed the AI and some bugs

    • Brandonmkii

      Well if I haven’t t played the original, I’m definitely waiting for the ps4 version now.

    • Are you giving us general gaming pointers? or giving us an alternative based on your specific preferences on playing the game and not seeing any of the Ps4 version?

  • YES! Another JRPG announcement! It being on the PS4 is awesome news for me =^_^=

  • Warboss Aohd

    Developers: the fans finished the English Patch
    Head: Good……..Announce the Localization.

  • Unlimax

    I’m so confused and excited at the same time !
    the Xbox one port kinda came out of nowhere i mean if only people show some interest from that community for Final Fantasy Type-0 hopefully but it would make a lot of sense to release it on VITA too :O
    Oh well , That’s Square Enix logic for you ~

  • subsamuel01

    Good thing I waited, now I get to play in beautiful HD with proper controls.

    • DesmaX

      Oh yeah, being able to control the camera properly sounds great

      • +Beautiful HD
        +Fully voiced cutscenes
        +Official Txt
        +No HACKING your geriatric PSP to play a game college kids will be having more fun playing generally because they dont know what console loyalty is

        • flameraver64

          On the other hand, Japanese voices, portability, and costing less are pretty big advantages too

          • its all a matter of perspective.
            But CFW = an unnecessary variable that can brick a psp.
            But you are right that the budget option is available now. But $20 more for me to play Type 0 on PS4? Yeah i can hold out. The original game costs as much if not more than a ps4 game anyway >_<
            Portability can be addressed with ps Live and I would rather have the US voices than the JP ones for this release since thats mainly what i was waiting for

  • goa ahsd



  • Yan Zhao

    Im fine with this, planning to get a PS4 anyway, and would rather play in HD visuals.

  • klkAlexar

    *sigh* I guess I have to go play the fan translation now. I’m not buying a PS4 until a Persona 6 or 7 is announced for it.

    • GOLD

      see you at the beginning of next-gen

  • Kornelious

    Here I was expecting a PSP digital release and even a Ps Vita remake, and what do we get…..A PS4 remake!……Hell YES!!!

    This really surprised me, I feel bad for the fan translators though….ironic isn’t it :P

    Either way…I’M HYPED! XD

  • Logan Moll

    Really didn’t see this one coming.

  • Kelohmello

    Honestly, playing the little I did of Type-0 in japanese had me thinking “This might have been better off as FF13”. On console it would have been an amazing experience. I own a PS4 so I’m set to buy it. Not like there was ever any confirmation there’d be a vita version past that quickly corrected mistake, right?

  • Rose Spinoza

    Sad about the lack of a Vita release. Was curious to try this game out. Ah well.
    Maybe I’ll give it a shot in 4 or so years when I finally pick up a PS4*. If I remember.

    (I buy systems after they’ve been out for a few years. Partially due to low funds, partially due to distrust of 1st version hardware.)

    • revenent hell

      Personally I think it will be released for the Vita as well but in all honesty I think it would “look” better on the home consoles.

      But I am not particularly picky on the matter I am just happy they actually said it will be released in the west. I could kind of care less what system its on really.

  • chroma816

    I don’t even know how to feel about this.

    At the very least, I hope they fix up the graphics/gameplay (heard it was a bit clunky)/camera/etc.

  • kmantle

    Do I need a CFW to patch the UMD version?

    • shuyai


      • wow,

        totally not worth it now

  • KH1989b

    Fans who wanted this game in English were PSP owners and many became Vita owners…I can’t begin to understand why SE would be so cruel as to not port the game to the Vita as well. I mean it’s not like it would be technically challenging. We also saw RPGs like Persona 4 sell extremely well on the Vita. This is just both confusing and frustrating.

    • revenent hell

      They are probably going to upgrade all the graphics to suit the system and such so I don’t think its a bad thing really. And to be honest most Vita and PSP owners probably already have or plan to get a PS4 so I don’t think its a far off type of jump or anything.

      • Aquarius

        I’m a PSP and PS Vita owner since the Japanese launch date, and I couldn’t care less about getting a PS4. I know 13 close people/friends on the west and 31 PSN friends on Japan that are also on the same boat. They don’t care about the PS4.

        Imagine this: you stay loyal to a console and the game that you’ve been clamouring for gets neglected on the console that its install base is pretty much demanding that game the most. It’s like if Gravity Rush 2 gets released on the PS4 only (God, please no)

        Also, remember it was thanks to PSP/PS Vita owners that this game will get a western release.

        • Pyrotek85

          That’s what I was getting at in the earlier comments about how they should have released on Vita. The people who were waiting on a release were PSP owners, and are more likely to have Vitas too. Not that they shouldn’t also release on home consoles, but not releasing on Vita will shut some people out.

        • revenent hell

          Most people don’t get a new device until they have to. Even if people don’t want a PS4 or Xbox One eventually the people will have to upgrade to one both or whatever since most don’t release games on old devices especially in the west.

          Its not “device” loyalty its preference. You buy the device the game is released for that you want to play or not.

          “Also, remember it was thanks to PSP/PS Vita owners that this game will get a western release.”
          Ugh no. Its the game people wanted to play and now they get it, regardless of the device it is/was on.

          I wanted the game and could care less by what means its released on. Granted I do think eventually a “Vita” mention will be made in time but for now I think most should just actually be happy that they are even giving it an official release.

          • Aquarius

            Just quoting one part of your comment (the rest is your opinion, so I’m not going to discuss that)

            “Its the game people wanted to play and now they get it, regardless of the device it is/was on.”

            So, it was not thanks to the PSP owners that purchased the game when it was released on Japan, the PSP owners on the west that started social movements and kept them for years so that Square-Enix could notice that there was interest for this game here on the west, those same PSP owners who decided to take ownership and fan translate the game so that more people could play it.

            Sure they are people like you said (well, duh right?) but you saying “Ugh no” and not recognizing that they (PSP owners) did play a HUGE part on this game’s localization mess, is a little disrespectful to be honest.

          • revenent hell

            Its none the less true.

            Its the game itself that makes people want it/ to play it the device its on is a sub category.
            If it wasn’t for the game itself people wouldn’t want the device its on to play it.

            In a sense I could say you are right (but in this case I believe you are far from it) its thanks to people buying the consoles that games and such do continue to exist and be created but its the games themselves that encourage these system sales.

            No matter the device the game was on people would want this game, its a Final Fantasy after all, and just because it happened to be released on a PSP means nothing since it could have been on the DS, Xbox or any number of other things and people would still want the game itself. And would go out and buy the system that played it.

            If the game was a flop it wouldn’t be because of the system it would be because the game itself was shitty.

      • Nanaki

        That’s it though. I don’t understand why people see this as a bad thing at all. Up until the fan-translation was released, those who kept pushing and pushing for the localization stayed true while those who weren’t nearly as vocal are now protesting due to this late response and error in information that has since been corrected? Why can’t we just appreciate this news and be glad knowing that our voice once spread truly has meaning?

        • revenent hell

          Because people are cheap motherfuckers ?

          I buy the consoles I want so I can play the game I want to play. People wanted the game and they in the west(myself included) are now getting the game and now that people have seen it may not be for a Vita (a system they already have or is cheaper than a home console) they are upset because they don’t want to shell out money for another system yet even though they will eventually have to when more games come out they want to play.

          Im happy to be getting the game in a way I don’t have to “hack” it to understand it. Everyone should just be happy but no one ever is… except myself apparently amongst some others, a small margin really.

    • Landale

      It’s likely a matter of practicality. Consoles seem to fair better in the west than handhelds do, compounded by the issue of the fan translation. Rather than work to shut that down, they seem to have just left it alone to cover those who would prefer to play it that way, while working to provide a version that would likely sell better in the west on their own.

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      SE representatives said that the cost to developing something on vita is the same as developing on home consoles so they prefer to develop for home consoles. the poor vita performance and only SCEJ trying to promote the handheld is not helping either

  • shuyai

    Thats some weird ass decision for release it on console especially next gen only. But SE is really being a dick on details, atleast tell us if it is a HD port, full remake or whatever

    I am hoping it is a full remake that explain why it is next gen only and probably why the fick we still didnt hear anything of FFXV because it was pushed back for this

    • revenent hell

      FFXV is always being put in the sidelines for another game or for some reason or another…..
      At this rate I think XV will be released when I have grandkids.

      • 2017 at the most.

        Not sure how old you are but I guess.

        • revenent hell

          I was being sarcastic. And it has been ten years since first word of the game came about so I think I am a little entitled to be speculative about its actual release happening. Even though it will I no longer expect it in any form of decent time.

          • I understand the complaint for the wait. But until now we were only waiting for the anouncement of this in the US only.

            Not to mention 10 years is definitely enough time to produce grand kids in this day and age.

          • revenent hell

            Ah, the good old bitterness. I can still remember my hype for it originally. I just kept thinking ” Right after XIII they will give it a release date, trailers” ect…
            I should be happy for it but I just cant really be… I also would rather not get excited because I would rather not relive my XIII experience either… Im terribly conflicted about this game most days :(

          • You know, I’m not a very bitter person, but when you say relive your experience with XIII, I feel for you. I have to admit that I had to set my hopes and expectations to mute in order to handle some of the anger of waiting lol.

            It sounds like you are just conflicted. Probably best to wait it out and see how you feel down the road. You might find a really good reason to play or an even better reason to hold off.

          • revenent hell

            Oh, I am one of those people who will buy any damn Final Fantasy sadly…So I will buy it but I am holding my hopes and expectations in check and wont expect a great experience while silently praying that I wont detest it after playing.

          • Lol

            That plan is all too familiar… and works like a charm sadly >_<

          • revenent hell

            I learned my lesson!
            You see, I was actually one of the small minority that didn’t think XIII would be bad and defended it a bit originally when people where complaining about no open world and being linear (because those things don’t automatically equate a bad game you know?) It taught me well. I will hope for nothing as far as Final Fantasy goes anymore.

          • Lol
            Yeah, my love for XIII is usually better expressed not playing the game at all lol. Even though its been a long time, I still keep a little bit of faith for the series as XIII was one of the only low points in FF gaming for me. I still appreciate what the team tried to do, But I wont lie to myself to make me play XIII or any FF game. I think it use to be that FF was the title I could count on playing and EXPECT to have a good time. Now, with the change in hands, business model and new approach to the gaming industry, I think gamer’s have to do more research before getting inline for a product. Final Fantasy has become no exception for me either.

            Also you are %100 right about the linear and open world not being required! XIII suffered from more than what an open world could have fixed i think… I dont know lol. Just seems to miss a lot of content…

          • revenent hell

            I concur. And in my history of playing ” Final Fantasy” there’s only been these three games and XII I disliked (but the XIII saga made XII look like gold in comparison in my opinion) so I shouldn’t just expect to enjoy them all based on history.. As you said a lot of things will change in time and realistically I should by all rights be aware of these things.

            My main beef with XIII was the battle system and how truly emotionless and non empathy inducing the characters where, after that the plotline just got to mutilated. In theory the story is interesting if you read it but playing it (and through the other games) its just a clusterfuck of ideas really and plays out so poorly….

            The sequels faired better play wise (not in story , though) in my view but its not terribly hard to improve on what was given. Actually I don’t think it required “improving” upon. I overall think they just should have left XIII as a stand alone game and I probably would have been less hateful about it all.

          • Oh man,
            The battle system failed completely for me…
            Maybe I could have better dealt with the story and characters if I was fully engaged(distracted) by a very fun or addictive battle system. Albeit on paper, and after playing the game the story was intriguing. But battles just felt strung out, heavily dependent on strategy that is so funneled that it’s not so much strategy but a a set of rules you follow for each battle.

            Also regarding leaving 13 as a standalone. Would have been much better if they did that and released lightning returns as a totally different tile while keeping the battle system. I loved Lightning Returns’ battle system as it mirrored the E3 2006 build better than the other games. But i did not need lightning or final fantasy attached to appreciate the faster paced battle system that actually lets you compensate for enemy strength with evading and a suite of other new abilities. I would have rather played a SaGa or Mana or original game title with new characters while keeping the LR battle system.

  • GamingVideo

    This actually feels like playing on a PS3 = )

  • Kuromadou

    i already put my hype over something else on this E3 and then BAM !! this shit comes up and i have no idea what to say….

  • MrRobbyM

    What the f**k?!

    Is this going to be an enhanced version? 1080p and 60fps is sort of a given but what about textures?

  • This is just great. It’s the only other game I’m dying for other than XV and KH3. I’ll make sure I set aside money to get this and the next two Tales games.

  • Guest

    I wonder how much blood, sweat and tears it would take to convince them to do a Vita release.

  • Quan Chi

    This is messed up lol.

  • Quan Chi

    How bout steam?

  • Anesia Hunter

    such a mixed bag of feelings… i’m happy it’s coming to the west, it’s awesome that it’ll be on PS4 and most likely have some amazing graphics, i’m sad it took so long for it to come to the west and i’m sad that it’s not on ps vita. (i wanted to play it on ps vita with japanese and english subtitles.)

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    I don’t know who shafted the PSV userbase more. Square Enix or Sony; but damn was this a massive bitchslap. It’s the first time an E3 makes me feel offended as a consumer~.

  • Armane

    I wonder if it’ll have dual audio; the Japanese voice cast has a lot of popular voice actors. Shame it isn’t coming to Vita/current gen consoles though; oh well, back to playing the game on my Vita.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Really ps4 and xbox one? Do they hate the vita?

    • LightZero

      No they just love making money.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        I really hate how the ps4 and xbox one are exempt from being complained about despite having shit to next on in their libraries right now.

  • fayt255

    It’s about time Square! Now time to save a lot of money up!

  • alixraen

    You’d have think SE’d would have learned after XIII’s abysmal sales on the 360. But no, let’s release it on consoles! Because it’s the West! And we’re once again going to try to pander to the larger install base instead of the slightly smaller group of fans who have been extremely patient for three years to play this on Vita who are pretty much guaranteed sales!

    Maybe in a few more years it would have made sense to push it onto consoles, but not this early. No one I know has a PS4 or cares to get one this early in its lifecycle. It won’t sell on XBONE, just like XIII didn’t. And to announce this right after the fan translation was released? Maybe you could have predicted that, but it’s still a dick move.

    SE dun goofed.

    • LightZero

      FFXIII did well on the 360 just not as well as the PS3 version. SE cares about making money. There is no money to be made from the Vita. It selling like garbage everywhere except Japan where it doing decent. The PS4 and X1 will outsell it by the end of this year. The fact FFX/X-2 sold horribly on the Vita in the west doesn’t help your case. Game companies are suppose to be your best buddy. The only they care about is maximize their wealth. That is the purpose of being a business. To make money.

      • alixraen

        I’m seeing conflicting accounts about how well X/X2 did on Vita. Also, there is no money to be made by releasing JRPGs on Microsoft’s consoles. They don’t sell, that’s not the Xbox’s userbase’s preference. PS4, fine sure, it’ll sell eventually. But they’re not going to get my sale until I get a PS4 five years down the road when it’s actually worth purchasing. Many feel the same way. A re-release of a three-year old handheld game isn’t going to be a bona fide money making system seller.

        • Suzaku

          Figures from VGChartz

          PS3: 860k global (250k NA, 210k EU, 300k JP)
          PSV: 450k global (70k NA, 70k EU, 270k JP)

          Pretty stark contrast when you compare the sales outside of Japan. Granted, PS3 market penetration is 10x higher than PS4… but PS4+XB1 is higher than Vita.

          I think part of it is probably that they want to get a FF presence on the next gen consoles ahead of XV, which is still probably a couple years away, and the Western audience has shown clear demand for this one.

  • Huge leap, thought it would get Vita/3DS. Not complaining though.

  • d19xx

    Ouch. So does this mean that Final Fantasy X/X-2 on Vita didn’t do well enough to justify a port of this?

    • LightZero

      The Vita version sold badly in the west.

  • Volta

    To late Squenix, already playing the translation. You are not getting any more money from me. Also we all know you are going to use the fan translation for free. Bad move.

    • Are they gonna use that same translation for the voices and story they already finished over 2 years ago?

      • Volta

        Oh right, the rumored voice overs… from two years ago, uh hum, yeah. If not by your witty comment I would have forgotten about those for ever, thank you.

        • And your evidence of them using the fan translation is just as convincing, mate ;)
          I’ll take there word over yours… sorry.

          • Volta

            Buddy, I don’t need evidence when I’m making a joke… but, maybe I’ll be needing some from now on, you know, for smartypants people who take my comments too seriously :)

          • revenent hell

            In all fairness a lot of people are saying “this” and “that” and all sorts of other “nonsense” that no one really knows about anyways so it can be difficult to tell a joke from someone who might believe this “theory”.

            Also, and the only consolation I will give SE here, is no one actually knows what if anything they plan to upgrade for this game in regards to the system its on so it might actually be more stunning on the PS4 and XboxOne on many levels and they might even shock the world and release it for the Vita as well.

            No one knows but people sure are quick to jump on the hate bandwagon just because of the system its coming out for.

    • Rad Phil

      Yes, they’re so OBVIOUSLY going to use the fan translation of it being released by the translators KNOWING ahead of time of “unexpected events” to push the release from Aug. to yesterday.

      Surely that wasn’t the case….

      PS: I’m being a smart*** but don’t add fuel to this fire of people believing this stuff.

  • phayroent

    That’s BS that they aren’t making it Vita compatible also. But being able to play it natively is good.

  • Julio D. Zulkarnain

    At first, I was crying inside because there’s no VITA version. But then I realized, this being released on PS4 means I can later play it on my VITA too, through Remote Play or the eventual Playstation Now.

    One way or another, Type-0 WILL be on my Vita! Ha-ha!

  • Bob Slim

    Crap no vita not what I was hoping for oh well

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    For real this time??

  • Okay yeah let’s be honest, not releasing this on the Vita? Is a pretty poor move. It does show just what they think of the console– especially in the West. I hope that the growing sales of it Japan-wise will help fix this climate in the coming year.

    Type-0 was never a game I was too invested in mentally. I’m sorta bummed that SE didn’t even mention DQ during all of this, but I guess it’s cool that people are getting Type-0, even if it’s not on a portable? I mean, at the least, it’s technically an upgrade from portable, and not uh. Phone port.

    I’ll be picking this up regardless, but geeze SE. You’re killing me here.

  • Nanaki

    The logo is beautiful.

  • Pipe

    It’s not for Vita anymore?
    I have no interest in playing that game on a TV. I was happy when the fan-translation was finished and even more when they announced it for Vita but if it’s like that I guess I have to settle with the fan-translation.

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha haaa, okay, so. I get not releasing it for Vita. Square Enix probably doesn’t think too highly of the console, it’s sour grapes but seemingly the case.

    But PS4? Xbox One? In what way is this Vita game going to warrant a release on the very latest generation hardware? You couldn’t even have done it for the PS3 and 360? Is there some kind of sorcery at work here (or some kind of money/hardware incentive) that makes the very latest consoles, who don’t have as big a user base as the older consoles, a more viable prospect?

    I guess that’s the one thing that really baffles me- I can understand not going for the Vita, even if that may be where this game truly belongs, but not PS3? That one, someone far more wiser and experienced will have to explain to me.

    Unless it’s like someone else suggested- they didn’t think it was worth competing with the fan-released translation and are simply gonna let that live on the portables, while they try to get it done on console hoping enough people will be drawn by an upscaled version to justify the conversion. Will they succeed? Time will tell…

    • Bobby Jennings

      PS4 and XBone together have sold around 12m consoles.

      That’s probably why.

      I don’t know why PS3 wasn’t an option though. I really don’t.

      • Göran Isacson

        True, they are by no means slouches in the sales department. I guess I just don’t know how many who would buy a console like that and then go for a title that I’m not exactly confident will display the full horse-power of said machine. Which may be stereotyping on my behalf, for all I know PS4 and Xbox ONE owners are thirsting for a JRPG, but man- it still kinda feels like this games audience isn’t there. Especially not considering how many disappointed comments there are in this here thread.

        • revenent hell

          That’s mostly because its not on a Vita……..yet.
          The audience is there its just being nit picky currently.

        • Bobby Jennings

          Agreed. But if the west wants it, they’ll buy it.

    • Solomon_Kano

      My thinking is that they thought to use this to fill the gap between their announcement of XV for PS4/X1 and its eventual release.

      The people who would even know about the fan translation are absolutely nothing if they can market this well enough to grab the attention of the less-informed fan who doesn’t even know Type-0 was a thing on PSP — the average IGN (who gave up reporting on the game even before its Japanese release) reader, the average Game Informer subscriber, the average YT gaming channel subscriber. With the prevalence of the new consoles in the west relative to the Vita or the PSP, if they were to invest in a western release at all, I think this is a pretty intelligent way to go about it.

      All eyes are on the latest hardware, there’s anticipation for FF on the new consoles thanks to last E3, the new consoles have an audience that’s pretty hungry for games in general right now, and they don’t step on the toes of the fan-translation by dropping an official release right behind it.

      I think the crowd who already knows about this game, who were actively waiting for it, would have been better served by a PS3 release or a Vita release, but I don’t think Square Enix is actively targeting them with this. They’re hoping to springboard them into making this a bigger release than the average HD port and grab those folks who wouldn’t know this isn’t brand new in the first place, if not for that “HD” moniker, and abate them until XV is ready.

      • Göran Isacson

        Huh. That seems like a reasoning they would follow, but I can’t help but think it could backfire on them if the person who doesn’t know what this is but knows that the name “Final Fantasy” carries a certain heft buys this game, expecting a game that’s just like all those other big budget PS4/XboxONE games they’ve seen, and then receive a game that, for all it’s qualities, was still designed for the PSP.

        Of course, I say all this without knowing HOW they’re marketing this. If it’ll be some digital download title, marketed from the start as a “hey guys, if you’re hungry for the next REALLY big Final Fantasy game here’s a little smackerel to tide you over”, then I can see it working.

        • Solomon_Kano

          I’d worry about that, but I think the “HD” nips that in the bud. HD re-releases have been prevalent enough over the last few years that people know when they see that next to the title that they’re looking at a game designed for a prior system getting a visual upgrade. I think, between God of War and Kingdom Hearts alone, the vast majority of the gaming community will have come to that understanding. That this comes on the heels of X|X-2 also should help in that regard, I’d think.

          But, yes, how they go about its marketing will be key. Actually, how they go about its development in the first place could change all of that. If the game gets more than the standard HD treatment and they actually remake it, in the vein of Halo Anniversary, they could probably get away with marketing this however they want. If it is just the standard HD treatment, then it’ll be key to distinguish it from XV being the REAL DEAL, but I think they know that already. In fact, I’d be willing to wager that they use XV to get people to buy it Zone of the Enders-style.

          • Göran Isacson

            Mmm, A Zone of the Enders-deal is what I’m seeing as most sensible, but as you say- we don’t know what they will do to this. I personally think they’re going to just make it a HD Remaster ala the God of war games because I don’t know if Square Enix are the kind of people to do some big damn remake ala Halo Anniversary, with all the costs that imply, for a game that I doubt they think will be a big huge seller. But we shall see.

  • Apparently there’s a twitter campaign going on!
    #NOVITANOBUY @SquareEnixUSA @FinalFantasy @Sony @PlayStation @shahidkamal @yosp

    • Nanaki

      No Vita No Buy? Honestly, this is cringe-worthy.
      The reactions I’ve seen till now has been either excitement or complete resentment.

      • revenent hell

        I hear ya buddy.
        Its kind of saddening is it not?

  • MrJechgo

    From PSP… to PS4? Yikes… did they remake EVERYTHING from scratch, like they did for Kingdom Hearts? Because that had to be nigh impossible to HD-remaster a PSP game to PS4, especially with the HUGE gap in graphics.

    Glad it finally comes to the West… but that sounds more like a huge gamble with what they went through to make it possible.

    • Nanaki

      If they could do what they did with Chain of Memories, I have faith in the transition to next-gen consoles.

  • Shadow Rebirth

    don’t know if fan translation or e3 coincidence. i hope they at least use fan translation to make it not to go to waste and credit them. but still i hope Vita though, but PS4 is ok since i have one :).

  • John Pena

    Glad its coming outm but lets face it people we all know why square wont release it on the vita, they don’t see any profit on it. I’m grateful w are getting this in the first place!!

  • Firekitty

    Sooo…if this has the Japanese voices included or as DLC…I might need a PS4 a bit sooner than I was expecting…

    Damnit, SE, I was hoping to hold out until FFXV.

  • Nick Sniezek

    OMG, this is great news! Totally buying this for my PS4!

  • Dylan Anantha

    Square really isn’t trying very hard to convince the Type-0 fanbase to actually pay for the game. I honestly would have bought a PSP, Vita or PS3 version of the game.

  • Lemski07

    I just got it for my vita :P sorry :D

  • epy

    Guess I can replay it with better graphics if I end up liking it a lot after my current playthrough.

  • kroufonz

    since they only released on current gen console and ignoring vita I am hoping it would be a significant improvement in both graphic and gameplay!

    then again it’s square enix this would just be some lazy upres port with minimum improvement

  • Alexander Aubert

    waiting for ps4 slim

    • Samuel Giam

      I’m waiting for a PS4 Slim too but I’m also waiting for a much better price drop for the current PS4 model as its price of S$639 is too much for me.

  • Alestaos

    Im happy this is finally coming to the west. A little bit sad its not for vita but i can most defintaly live with a PS4 version ^^ Any news on a release date or is it just 2015?

  • I feel really happy with this announcement and I can’t wait to play it with gorgeous 1080p graphics on PS4, but at the same time, as a Vita owner, I feel disappointed with the game not being ported to it. People already started a campaign with #novitanobuy which I really hope doesn’t affect the game sales after all :/

  • I was just joking in the past when I said SE had a vendetta against the Vita.
    Wow, LOL. No joke?

  • Kaitou21

    I’ll Stick with the patch since its free and I have PSP portability, then if I really enjoy it buy a PS4 when FFXV is released and get FF Type-0 as a bonus, question is: right stick, or free and portable….

  • Aqua King

    This makes me happy.

  • Heropon

    Meh PS4 and Xbone , I am not going to buy this .

  • midgard229

    what confuses me is that its on ps4 and x1……why not 360 and ps3???? what is it that is making it made only on those consoles when it was just a psp game?????

  • Izzeltrioum

    So SE assumes their fanbase now got next-gen’d? Or those “million units sold in America and Europe” equals to “million SE users” ? Well, that does quite match, as most casuals follow SE.

    If you ask me, this is really a harsh way for SE to make us buy a next-gen console. Let alone that starting such generation with an enhanced port rather than an entirely FF game (XV) it’s ridiculous.

    • Samuel Giam

      I think it’s both Sony and Microsoft that assumed that their fanbase are next-gen console Square Enix fans and that’s their stupid thinking.

      I can get on with Microsoft since they made Windows Phones their handhelds for the Xbox brand but Sony should be ashamed of themselves, they have a separate handheld console called the PlayStation Vita and it’s not a do-nothing and often release classic remakes/remasters console, it is eighth-gen gaming hardware on a portable size.

      So please allow Square Enix to announce and publish this modern remake on the PS Vita, Sony and no profit will be lost even if the West is high on the PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

    • Suzaku

      As I said in another comment here, the PS4/XB1 install base has already eclipsed that of the Vita in half the time, and all of Square’s Vita games so far have underperformed.

      This will allow them to get their marquee franchise out on the next gen consoles more quickly, allowing them to take advantage of an install base that’s eager to buy new games, while also whetting appetites for FFXV, which is probably still a couple years from release.

  • Samuel Giam

    Too bad Square Enix, I’ll wait for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix to get released instead, the PlayStation 4 is expensive in Singapore (S$639) and the Xbox One is not released yet.

    Why can’t they just announce Final Fantasy Type-0 for the cheaper PS Vita too without Sony allowing them to do so? It’s stupid of them not to do so.

    • Suzaku

      Because every Vita game they’ve released so far has underperformed.

      Their total Vita software sales worldwide are at 620,000 units, their total combined PS4/XB1 software sales worldwide are at 1,450,000 million units.

      Combined PS4/XB1 install base has also already eclipsed that of the Vita, in less than half the time. By the time Type-0 HD actually releases, the disparity between the install bases will be even more noticeable.

      I do wonder how many people asking for a Vita port actually bought FFX/X-2, considering that it only sold 70,000 copies in the North America. There have been nearly 2 million Vita sales in NA, which means that fewer than 4% of Vita owners bought the game over here.

      That’s not really sending a strong message of platform support to Square Enix, is it?

      • Samuel Giam

        Square Enix shouldn’t have released the US/EU version of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster digitally for the PS Vita but for only the PS3 as I’ve guessed correctly that most of the PS Vita version’s sales will go to Sony and the PS Store.

        The Asian English version FF X/X-2 HD for the PS Vita sold well in South East Asian countries because they’re split into two separate Vita Cards while Square Enix NA released the game as a Vita Card and voucher combo which made many waiting people get the full digital release for their PS Vitas instead.

  • Shady Shariest

    I made that tweet with all the tags about NoVitaNoBuy.
    …But made another saying i hold no grudge or disrespect towards anyone associated…
    I’m not good at this :<

  • Suzaku

    I’m gonna go ahead and type up my thoughts here, I guess.

    First off, anyone who says they’re just going to pirate the fan translation to stick it to Square for taking so long to localize this: you are the reason that we aren’t getting the games we want.

    As a consumer, you use your purchasing power to send a message about what kind of products you want. If you pass over this game out of spite, the message you’re really sending is “don’t make or localize games like Type-0, I won’t buy them.”

    Second, regarding the platforms. I’ve spent a while thinking about this today, and the conclusion I’ve come to is that the poor performance of their Vita games, particularily Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, sealed the fate of a potential Vita edition. Lord of Apocalypse only pushed 100k sales domestically, and Army Corps of Hell barely even registered. X/X-2 sold 250k in Japan and just over half of that in the West.

    By comparison, their few next gen titles have performed much better, considering the comparable install base. 170k copies of ARR, 570k for Tomb Raider, and 710k for Thief.

    It seems clear to me that Square wants to get a flagship IP onto the next gen consoles as soon as possible.

    – PS4 and XB1 owners are eager to buy new games, and most of the major first party titles, especially FFXV, are still a ways off.
    – As a remake of a game with an already finished foundation, they can
    get it out cheaper and faster than a completely new title.
    – Type-0 will help build the install base for the new hardware.
    – They can make a clean break from the previous generation’s Lightning
    saga and show off a new breed of Final Fantasy on the new hardware.
    – It’ll whet appetites for XV, with which it shares some similar aesthetics, themes, and gameplay elements.
    – In the long run, XV’s status as a probable killer app will eventually feed back into further Type-0 sales.

    Honestly, the more I think about it, the more it seems like smart business.

    • Kamakuma

      Tbf it really didn’t help that the Vita version for X/X-2 was more expensive than the PS3 version of all things. Not to mention once you bought it if you went to sell it or w/e or even bought it used you’d never see X-2 because the whole download code thing. But that’s another matter I’m not sure was addressed but meh.

      But still I see your point in this being business I wouldn’t mind the Vita version for this if possible being download-only from the psn store. (Not sure but you could buy X-2 separately in Japan yea?)

      • Suzaku

        I do think it’s really odd that they aren’t offering a PS3/Vita version for this, given how huge the PS3 install base is compared to next gen and how relatively easy it is to port PS3 to Vita, but it seems they’re hedging their bets on next gen. At a certain point, the developers all have to stop making cross-gen games, and I guess that time is now for Square.

        Given the miniscule glimpse of FF0HD we saw, I’m not sure if it’ll be an easy thing port to the Vita since it seems to be leveraging the next gen hardware.

        I suppose there’s also the issue of the PSP version already being available on the Vita in Japan as a digital download, so releasing an HD remake is a little bit redundant.

        I was honestly expecting them to announce both Type-0 and Agito for the Vita, since Sony announced they were opening up their platforms for free to play games.

        • Kamakuma

          But with that said aren’t there games you can play from PS4 to Vita? I mean I’ll admit I’m not well versed on most things next gen atm as I don’t have one. But I’m guessing streaming it would be dfferent than it being ported I guess.

          Hmm… Well either way the doors still open I guess as they haven’t said they wouldn’t I don’t think… So I guess time would tell probably~

          • Suzaku

            Yeah, you can remote play PS4 games on the Vita, streaming from your console to the handheld. Depending on your network speeds, you can potentially remote play from virtually any distance, though some people are only able to remote play within their household.

  • Learii

    where vita version =(

  • Land of Green Pasture

    it was beautiful when it lasts, however it’s over too fast…
    RIP_FF-0_4Vita ~~

  • Kai2591


  • aizen310

    The lack of PS3 disturbs me.

  • Touma

    I don’t buy the “just be happy its being released at all” line of thinking. i should be happy that a company put aside the happiness of the fans. who reaaaallllyyy wanted it on vita so they could force some people who don’t want to buy the ps4 to play it. and the “if you don’t like it you don’t have to buy it” comment that i know will happen is nonsensical aswell.

    I have the right to tell them that they’re being short sighted and want people to get out 400 dollars just to play a game on a console they didn’t want it on in the first place. sure, i’m happy for the ones who don’t care either way but it still isn’t right. sony’s in it for the short term money instead of earning it by making the customer happy. they see the dollar signs releasing it on an exspensive console that alot of people don’t have.

    honestly i’m gonna play the fan translation and be happy with it. i’ve already payed for it once and was willing to buy it a second time without a seconds thought but i just find this business decision very distasteful and we shouldn’t deal with it even if the majority think we’re whining and should just take.

    and i aknowledge they also have the right to ignore my unimportant bum :P.

    if its a remake for the system which is very very doubtful i’ll be full force with it. but releasing it on a console that it isn’t necessary in the least except but to give the developers more money.

  • kenshee

    Good thing I held off on starting my playthrough of the fan translated version, as awesome as it looked and controlled on ppsspp, just looking at that teaser pic makes it quite clear this is more than an upscaled port. :)
    (Though I still hope they make a version for the people who love gaming on the go… I’m happy with the console version though, now I don’t need to buy a playstation (vita) tv ^^)

    Now my only worry is when this ps4 version will release however…

    Was anything mentioned about that? Or Could this be 2+ years off?
    I already know I’ll want a ps4 for the upcoming games, but it would be cool if some of them would… actually release already… lol.

  • revenent hell

    It’s still going on…..

    Seriously I cant be the only one who remembers reading an article , on Siliconera, no less where one of these dudes said and I quote ”
    Additionally, Tabata also indicated that Square Enix are still considering bringing Final Fantasy Type-0, the PSP game which Agito is a spin-off of, to the west in some form”


    There was never a guarantee of what system it would be on when released if it was released in the west.

    I also remember reading another article, but cant find it at the moment where one of the dudes also mentioned they didn’t know which device would be most optimal for its release in the west as well (my words obviously as I got tired of hunting for it and reading so many past articles).Since it was within the “ending” period of the “last gen” consoles/handhelds and slightly before the new age ones I did kind of assume, because it was implied two UMD’s wouldn’t be wise for a western release, that they where waiting for the new gen to come about.

    Granted it was all hypothetical at the time but no one ever “hypothetically” stated it would be on a hand held either so I think people are really over shooting themselves here.

  • Ronldbx6

    *screams! Finally. Looking forward to this when I eventually get a Ps4. I’m excited about HD remasters after the treatment FFX got.

  • Rabbit

    Considering how I already ranted offline, I’ll just say I feel sorry for the translation team who worked on the English patch. I’m going to play the version they worked hard to make . . . Unless they add new stuff to the game like some sort of Final Mix. Then I have no choice.

    • Suzaku

      The team knew this would probably happen. I don’t know why you’d feel sorry for them. It’s not like they own the IP or anything, they have no real stake in it. It’s also not like they’re getting anything for it — according to one of the translators, those PayPal donations don’t go to the team, but rather Sky himself.

      There’s also a lot of people bootlegging it, some seemingly out of spite. That makes me sorry for the actual developers, and the people who campaigned to get this localized. Not to mention that it bodes poorly for future development if people don’t pick up the official release. That’ll send the message that Square was right to not localize it in the first place, and will make them second guess developing and localizing stuff like this in the future.

  • Ignacio Tapia

    if even sony doesn’t give a damn about vita, WHY THE HELL SQUARE HAS TO DO IT?!, you don’t have to blame square about no Type-0 HD on vita, you have to blame fricking Sony, they just buried the vita at E3…..

  • Anthony Birken

    Well, time for that patch

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