Tales of Xillia 2 Has A New Trailer At E3

By Ishaan . June 10, 2014 . 1:10pm

Bandai Namco have shared a new trailer for Tales of Xillia 2. You can watch it below.



Tales of Xillia 2 will be available in North America on August 19th and in Europe on August 22nd for PlayStation 3.

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  • AlphaSixNine

    Epic! Got me hyped all over again.

  • Sapitntapit

    I just got goosebumps watching that

  • I love the necessary Epic Latin Choir.

    Very pretty trailer, can’t bloody wait to play. :)

  • CDM

    bamco please, god eater 2

    i’ve been waiting

    i’m still waiting

  • I love how the trailer had so much passion. August can’t get here quick enough.

  • MaximDualBlade

    I hope they leave Song 4 u as the opening song.

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Yeah, me too.

      • Kornelious

        Me three :P

        • ALfromHELLSING

          Me 4 and u?

          My favourite artists don’t often sing theme songs to my favourite gaming franchises. So I really hope they will keep Ayu’s vocals in the opening.

          • Higashi no Ame 東の雨

            Me five \(^o^)/

  • Kintama

    I don’t think I’ve ever been this hyped for a game.
    Can’t wait!

  • Timovisch

    First SMT:IV for Europe and now this trailer. My day can’t get better. :)

  • goa ahsd

    tales of xillia had an underwhelming story… felt very rushed and too much exposition shock value but this one looks better

    • Timovisch

      Yes Xillia was rushed but it’s still in my top 3 most favourite Tales of games (next to Abyss and Symphonia). And I believe Xillia 2 might dethrone some of my most favourites. :)

    • Izzeltrioum

      Worry not! TOX2’s plot is incredibly well done. It made me cry twice.

      • God

        You humans cry for the silliest things…

        • Izzeltrioum

          Including your son?

          • God

            I have a son?

  • Raine

    Did Karen Strauss voiced Elle!?

    Everyday’s great at your Bamco!

    • JohnNiles


    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      No that’s Karen Strassman and no it’s not. Her actor is someone who’s popular in Funimation’s dubbing circle.

  • Brimfyre

    Does Jude get NTR’d by this new guy? Looks like it in the trailer.

    • God

      What are you basing that comment on?

      • Brimfyre

        As she’s floating away trying to grab his hand she shows more love in her face than she ever showed Jude.

        • God

          And why do you assume it’s love? To me it seems more like fear, and even if you love someone, when falling and you have to either grab his hand or die, i don’t think love would really show on your face…

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        He knows that there are two millas, because their actually are two Millas, and it’s a massive spoiler to go any further than that.

    • Brotato Chip

      *spoiler* there are 2 different Millas

      • God

        *Spoiler* That’s not really a spoiler, it is a well known fact, and it has been talked about multiple times in siliconera.

        • Brotato Chip

          Never know when the fanatics gonna flip on me though >.>

  • AuraGuyChris

    Elle sounds like she’d be a nice raccoon dog.

    • Asrialys

      Ah, so I’m not the only one who thought so…

  • Naygen

    Oh god.. This looks so awesome.

  • Brotato Chip

    the hype! hope they got rid of Milla’s lisp though..can’t really tell from Milla alt

    • Timovisch

      Same old joke again. -_- Milla had no lisp.

      Anyway I hope they kept the old voice for Milla. Milla alt’s voice doesn’t fit with Milla’s personality.

      • Brotato Chip

        Don’t know why you say it was a joke. You can google “define lisp” and feel free to listen to Milla’s audio from the first game.

        • Timovisch

          Thank you but I don’t need google to see what a lisp means. I had a lisp myself when I was young.

          Anyway after playing through Xillia for 155 hours I do not hear it while listening to Milla. I know she did sound a bit off the first time I heard her but that might be an audio recording problem. Not that that bothered me since I got used to her voice in like a hour. :)

          • Brotato Chip

            You’re not the first person I know that doesn’t “hear” the lisp for some reason. But just because you do not recognize the lisp sound doesn’t mean it’s not there. You can’t brush off thousands of complaints about the lisp just by saying you don’t recognize the lisp or say it’s just some silly joke people made up.

          • Timovisch

            I don’t understand why I wouldn’t be allowed to say what I want. Whether or not the voice actress of Milla has a lisp is uncertain (or someone can prove this with a statement of the actual VA).

            If something is uncertain people have the right in my opinion to call whatever they like (it won’t change anything anyway since we don’t know the truth). If she does have a lisp I’ll take by my words.

            Here’s Milla’s English voice actor by the way (for those who are interested):

          • Brotato Chip

            I know for a fact Milla’s voice actor herself speaks fine, but Bamco, for some reason, made her voice Milla with a lisp. Just a reminder we are discussing the voice recording for Milla not the voice actor herself.

      • fireguardiancoty

        There’s a reason for that.

    • God

      Awww, but i already got used to the Lisp!

  • Kyle81290

    All aboard the hype train! Already pre-ordered but i doubt i will get the Day 1 Edition with the metal case because my country sucks :(

  • KrazyBean

    Looks a lot darker than the first game…nice.

  • Kornelious

    Man that trailer was SPECTACULAR!

    My hype for Xillia 2 has reached its limit…I must have this game! I shall buy everything related to this game…the collectors edition…the strategy guide….and if we get the day one edition then I will buy it TWICE! (Seriously though does anyone know if NA is getting the day on edition?)

    So in other words I will be broke this August….but it shall be worth it!!! =D

    • ALfromHELLSING

      Xillia is my favourtie PS3 RPG but I heard Xillia 2 is even better so it’s gonna change!

      I wanted to get both day one & CE as well but sadly no day one edition for NA. I’ll just import day one edition cause I must have that steelbook in my Tales Collection.

      • Ein

        ”no day one edition for NA”
        This is your opinion or it`s official?

        • ALfromHELLSING

          It’s exclusive to Europe.

  • August can’t get here soon enough!

  • Saphiren

    Best E3 trailer for me.

  • KingGunblader

    Oh Namco, I hope you’re super spoilery Tales of trailers never change. <3

  • God

    Wasn’t the character silent? or is that not his voice in the trailer?

    • SerRompalot

      When you beat the game, you can buy the option with your clear points to give the main character a voice, iirc.

  • Revorse

    Julius..is he J Michael Tatum?
    And that guy who speaks at 1:33? That’s the main character?

    • Rebellion14

      Yes and yes that should be Ludger.
      Ludger VA is Josh Grelle.

  • Revorse

    Damn. Namco made this Tales trailer pretty damn amazing.

  • Guardian Byakko

    Is that Ichika Orimura’s voice from Infinite Stratos as ludger?

    • Steven Higgins

      Ludgar doesn’t talk. I think that was Jude we were hearing. Unlless you were talking about that yell in which case it would be hard to tell anything.

      • Guardian Byakko

        ‘s that so? Well either way I’m gonna have to get this game. Although the player can turn ludger’s voice on/off at some point in Xillia 2.

        • Rebellion14

          Yeah you have to finish the game once, and then you are able to unlock his voice at the grade shop.

          His VA is Josh Grelle. You can hear his voice at around 1:34 in the trailer.

          • Guardian Byakko

            Thought so, and isn’t he the same VA for Ichika and a few other anime characters?

          • Rebellion14

            Yeah according to wikipedia. Most recent I know of him is Armin in AOT and Ginoza in Psycho-Pass.

  • Izzeltrioum

    Really really makes me wish I hadn’t played this already to really enjoy the trailer. But, somehow, it got me hooked enough to replay it again when it comes to our titan chunk of ground we step on.

  • Rebellion14

    I know I already finished this game but damn this trailer got me hyped all over again. Love the English VA choices they sound great (especially Julius) :D

    • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

      I love hearing J. Michael Tatum (Julius)

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        Tatum is Bisley, Julius and Ludger are voiced by Josh Grelle.

  • DawnWolf

    Not a bad trailer at all

  • Ephidiel

    are they out of their mind showing all major plot points in a trailer?

    • Ein

      That`s normal and you`ll forget it soon enough, at least for me

      • Ephidiel

        nah as i already beat the game it’s not something to forget so easily

  • That was a pretty badass trailer.

  • Raltrios

    Welp, I got the ToX CE without a PS3. If I don’t have one by the time this comes out, I’ll likely do the same.

  • JohnNiles

    It’s going to be a busy summer. @[email protected]

  • All aboard the hype train! I’ll admit I stepped off the hype train after they hadn’t released any new trailers for around a year, but I’m getting back on :D

  • Bell

    This trailer is fantastic! This game looks a lot more dramatic than ToX. I’m still not big on the whole ‘silent protagonist’ thing, though. If Ludger wasn’t shown so much in the trailer, I would have just assumed that Jude was the main character. I personally want to connect to a pre-existing main character, not insert myself and my choices into the story. But who knows? Maybe Namco will handle it so well that I find myself enjoying it.

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