Bayonetta’s Nintendo Themed Costumes Are Incredibly Detailed

By Ishaan . June 12, 2014 . 12:16pm

As reported earlier in the week, the original Bayonetta will be included along with retail copies of Bayonetta 2, and the game has some original content on the Wii U that wasn’t present in the original version. One of these pieces of content is new costumes for Bayonetta, based on Link, Samus and Princess Peach.


The catch is, the Nintendo-themed costumes also change the way Bayonetta’s attacks look. For example, when you use the Link costume, Bayonetta equips the Master Sword. Additionally, all Halos, which are the currency in Bayonetta, turn to Rupees and make the same sound they do when you pick them up in the Zelda games. Finding items results in Zelda music, too.


Speaking during a Nintendo Treehouse livestream, Bayonetta 2 director Yusuke Hashimoto said that PlatinumGames worked with Nintendo’s designers on each new costume that they created. Hashimoto said that, initially, there was an undershirt beneath Bayonetta’s Link costume, but that Nintendo suggested they get rid of it, since it wasn’t fitting of Bayonetta’s character.


Hashimoto joked that he was surprised Nintendo would suggest that, but PlatinumGames went ahead and removed the undershirt, giving the costume its final form that you see above.


Another costume in the game is Samus’ Power Suit from Metroid. Hashimoto pointed out that this is the original Power Suit, not the Varia Suit with rounded shoulders.


One neat feature present in this costume is that you can change whether the visor on the helmet is up or down. You can change the visor on the fly depending on your preference. While using this costume, Bayonetta equips Samus’ arm cannon.


Finally, the Peach costume has Bayonetta dressing like Princess Peach. This costume causes her to summon Bowser’s fist instead of a demon, and it changes all Halos to coins.

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  • Addy

    Too bad they look ridiculously bad on her lol

  • eincvajdraj

    question, does Nintendo now own the Bayonetta IP?

    • doubleO7

      Probably not, I think Platinum or SEGA still owns it. Nintendo is just publishing and co-funding it.

    • Anime10121

      Nope, Sega does, Nintendo’s just publishing much in the same way that Microsoft published Ninja Gaiden and DOA3.

  • Yan Zhao

    Just give her a Zero Suit Samus suit.

    • Slayven19

      That’s probably on bayo 2, can’t put everything on the first game.

    • Linhua

      … oh PLEASE THIS.

  • TheGioG

    Yep, I’m loving that Link cosplay on Bayo for very obvious reasons.
    “Yeah, babe, you work dat spin-attack!”

  • Jadfish

    NINTENDO suggested removing the undershirt so that she could have more cleavage, because it would fit her character better!?

    I like the direction Nintendo is going!

    • ronin4life

      They have kind of always been that way. Conker is a good example of that: Censored on Xbox but not on N64.

      • GH56734

        In the case of Conker though they were more passive, only approving in the end of the process (yet evidently in a very lenient way). They did veto a Pikachu cameo though :P

        This, however, is a pretty big change. It started with the Japanese version of Phantasy Star Zero I think? (the Zelda/Mario themed equipment, I mean) Nintendo changed a lot :P

      • Cazar

        • ronin4life

          Never understood that one.
          Tomodachi life is full of weird ones too. Won’t let me use “donuts” or “doughnuts”… or “Murder”. “Ass-Hole” works though.

          I think it is safe to say they are preeetty inconsistent…
          ^ ,^;;

          • Benjamin Tyler

            Because it’s the 3DS. Even though it’s a T rated game, a kid would still be more likely to get their hands on it and since it’s first party and has Nintendo’s name all over it, they were just taking safety precautions.

        • crocodileman94

          To be fair, that was NoA/E’s doing, not NoP

  • John Lawson

    too bad P+ didn’t attempt to fix her proportions…

  • Kevin

    I’d like to get a better view at those incredible details…

  • Ying

    Yet people were worried that Nintendo would censor Bayonetta…

    • Paladinrja

      People believe and worry about the stupidest rubbish in gaming. Ten years ago I am not sure any of this would’ve been possible with such a high profile as Nintendo and you only have to see what was circulating back then (and before) regarding the company to see just how much limitation was placed upon them.

      I honestly never thought that Nintendo would ever become divorced from public perception in my life time and I’ve been gaming since Gen 1 when Nintendo was just a third party. They got crucified in court so many times for daring to be different.

      Kinda ironic that they are getting crucified by gamers now when they have finally achieved the kinda creative freedoms down range of the massive onslought of corporatism that pretty much got away with anything for years.

      Kinda makes one wonder what most gamers priorities are in the modern age. Especially when Nintendo are doing it better, faster and actually managed to turn boring ole E3 into something memorable. The whole face of the expo has changed.

      Looking forward to Arkham Knights awesome proceedural lighting and filtered shadows, so much a staple of next-gen… in constant darkness. Good to know PS4 can handle PC graphical enhancement for a few moments at a time.

      Yoshi’s woolie world has more transformations in realtime on one screen that any game in history or due to arrive. LoZnew is combinging mist and spray that interacts with each other and the ground, thats fine density of particle, of different ;iquid mass obeying gravity, along terrain with grass effects, filtered light through clouds, including shadows in a transforming vista. Xenoblade Chronicle X is proceedurally generating terrain even in random cut scenes at an alarming rate.

      This is the power of expanded instruction through embedding RAM on the die. Larger instruction equals more math and thus more ability. Who needs 1.84TF when you are churning out amost a TF instantaneously. As a gamer, there is nothing not to like about this system.

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        But Nintendo also has a history of censoring certain things such as religious symbols. It’s still the reason Binding of Issac isn’t on eshop. So people’s expectations about Nintendo get kinda cluttered.

        • Paladinrja

          Can’t really blame them given their history with constant legal attacks by everything from minority groups to religious ones. Aparently a game, is not a game.

          Anyway, I think now they just have gotten into the mode of avoiding unnecessary things that actually have drastic repurcussions upon them personally. Some of them make sense as the worlds cultural bounding boxes get increasingly consfused. Why promote any kind of predjudice outright when you can just substitute? yet they even come under legal fire for implication.

          As a gamer, I am very supportive of seeing this gaming company continue to realise its pathway. Its a wonder they are still so gaming focussed. Its competitors most certainly are not and never have been.

          • Michael Cortorreal

            Yeah… i remember reading an article that said Nintendo had to change the Gerudo’s flag cause it looked a lot like a musulm’s flag or something like that, and they would get demanded if they keep it on Ocarina of Time, so they changed the design.
            Heck, they got demanded when Donkey Kong first came out in the 80’s.

          • Paladinrja

            Yep, and now we have racist minority groups claiming discrimination in regards to Link, demanding a Black female Link. He’s an Elf, not a Dark Elf. How does that even figure?

            In all honesty though, I think Nintendo will most likely provide some customization options in the new LoZ. I just hope they resist the temptation to entitle that sort of behaviour by bowing down to it. Arguably that has been the one factor in nearly 30yrs that has held them back, where their competitors seem to enjoy legal free freedom of license and expression. Its not hard to understand the consternation of Nintendo fans whom are left with extreme doubt and feel conspired against on so many levels.

            Its a shame that the industry, its auxilliaries and pundits can’t keep a perspective on these matters and seem to lose so much objectivity.

          • Michael Cortorreal

            Well one can only wait and see what is going to happen on the future.
            On topic about Link, I get you, he ain’t a dark elf and actually i always liked the way he looks.
            Now Nintendo Dev Team 3 lately have been trying to get back Link’s original look (more dark brown hair color and such) little by little.
            The same happened in this new Zelda game they are making…but looking at the new trailer and seeing Link going on without his regular green attire, made me wonder if in thia new Zelda game, you can use different clothing and change them at will, now..THAT would be breaking standart concepts in the game.

          • Paladinrja

            Yep, as I said, customization in LoZ U seems to be a good bet. Nintendo are in a very good place when it comes to LoZ and no doubt the only ones whom have seen it in its full profile are those of Nintendo and its Japanese partners. One look would inspire me to think very seriously about placing my title on the platform.

            I mean, I could stand back and say “We could do this” but the point is, that we are not doing this and they are. I would definately get that point and do what we are doing along side that. Course for some reason there is a pressuresense of the illogical surrounding the decisions of western cultivators of content, specifically AAA publishers and that is not happening. Japan and even much of Europe (with Nintendo expanding into eastern Europe) are much better grounded in their own reality.

          • Michael Cortorreal

            Well…what can be done, I just hope things get better and better :3 it seems they are right now.

    • Frostfyr

      I had no doubts that they would leave Bayonetta intact, but that doesn’t mean that peoples’ fears were unfounded. Nintendo has an extensive history of censorship (well, NOA mostly) and continues to censor certain aspects of games when bringing them to the West.

      • GH56734

        With all those controversies popping out of thin air, would you really blame them? Even good old Atlus tones down religious / sexual references in their localizations (like with Riviera, or good old Mara :P )

        • Spirit Macardi

          When the hell has Mara ever been toned down? They don’t even TRY to hide what it is! If anything it’s more refuge in audacity XD

          • GH56734

            I could have sworn they toned some dongs down (Master Therion, at least). After checking, good old Mara was left as is in all of its phallic glory
            That aside, Atlus has a habit of (SMT is an obvious exception though) toning down heavily religious stuff in E/T rated games (Crusader of Centy, Riviera, Jack Bros…).

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    This is how she got Links outfit….

  • It just isn’t enough for them to do a simple port is it? They have to go all out and do crazy stuff like this. See, this is the reason why I don’t buy most third-party games, especially on Nintendo systems. Many Western developed games (not all) have become very stale and repetitive and the few that bother to put their games on Wii U don’t put enough time and effort to justify buying a system for it, with few exceptions. The thing is that I can’t pretend to be interested in every single game that comes out, so I can’t just blindly support everybody that does put forth effort. But if more developers were willing to put the types of games I like on Wii U, it’d probably be the system where I get all of my third-party games, but it’s too late for that at this point.

    But anyways, I’m glad they’re putting in these unique touches. I laughed hard when Bayonetta was summoning Bowser in Peach’s dress.

    I also don’t think there was any reason to be worried about Nintendo toning the game down. This isn’t the late 80s/early 90s anymore and the management has changed over there. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was mostly Nintendo of America that censored stuff and not Nintendo of Japan.

    • alixraen

      I feel you man. It was the same way when Tekken Tag 2 was ported to Wii U; they added the silly Nintendo costumes, and two exclusive modes, one of them focusing around Mario’s Mushrooms –

      With Bayonetta, this just screams to me “We know the first game wasn’t on Nintendo, so here we are trying to make it our own!” And that to be honest kind of rubs me the wrong way, trying to claim the original. I suppose it’s harmless and attracts players who like the classic costumes, but I don’t find it funny or clever, it’s a mere bonus.

      • Mr. X

        I don’t think you fully read or understood his comment, he was happy they added unique things for the Wii U version, saying that other third parties don’t do enough to justify getting the Wii U version.

        In Tekken Tag 2’s case, those unique things and extras were selling points as to why you should get this version and not the other console’s version. At the time, the PS3 and 360 version were already out, so they had to add something to it to make it worth buying.

        And I don’t see how Bayonetta wearing Nintendo costumes is them saying they own Bayonetta, it’s just a bonus, like you said. Hell, the whole first game is a bonus, many wanted it and never thought they’d do it, let alone bundle it with part 2.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Incredibly detail right-wink wink-

  • revenent hell

    They may be terribly detailed but they still look ugly on her. Not that I find her particularly good looking to begin with…. The coolest aspect is that they change her attacks to what is similar to the costume. That I like.

    • All function no fun

      • revenent hell

        For me apparently yeah :D

        • Lol.
          Best to just make the most of it. At least they are EXTREMELY detailed.

  • I love how much work they’re putting into Bayonetta on the Wii U. Go Nintendo! =^_^=

  • DaDivaQueen

    She has such a tiny head. It’s so distracting…

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      and super long lags

      • revenent hell

        Boney and old lady looking in the peach costume. Someone posted a pic of it in another Bayonetta topic and her legs looked horrid to me. Like what flesh was on them was just dangling from bone or something.

    • revenent hell

      I tend to focus on the titays .
      They seem to be rather lower than they should be but I think that’s just her design. But in the Samus suit its just more obvious to me how low they go.

      • Sylveria Shini

        She just doesn’t wear a push-up bra.

    • Spirit Macardi

      Her head may be small compared to your typical moe/fanservice character, but it’s normal sized for an actual human being. She just has broad shoulders, which makes sense given the “assets” they need to support x3

      She’s meant to be hot, but she’s also meant to be built in a way that’s reflective of how a human body would need to be to actually accommodate such features.

    • She tapers to a point

  • Paladinrja

    You forgot to mention the ability to manipulate cut scenes. The Samus suit lets you toggle the visor in any cut scene. Amongst other things as yet undiscovered.

  • Guest

    Common those are not “Halos” they are Rings. There is a secret Sonic costume

    • Göran Isacson

      You know, with THIS design I can get behind those “Sonic’s new legs are too long” complaint.

    • GH56734

      Anorexic Bayonetta?
      Bayonetta wearing the skin of a dead Sonic?

    • Oh god; it can never be unseen! x.x

  • Namuro

    Oh, I love the extra effort they’re putting into this! The little details and all, like the original Power Suit that compliments Bayonetta’s shapes.

    Also, I think this is as close as it will get, currently, for people who wants female Link with a more realistic graphic. LOL

  • Göran Isacson

    Aw man, I hope that the other two also give you some kind of new demon. Ridley claws and feet for Samus and Ganon hands and hoofs for Link please.

  • SoundMatch

    Would love to see her as DLC in Smash Bros.

  • Anesia Hunter

    it still feels strange to see bayonetta in nintendo costumes. i mean, nintendo is usually child friendly while bayonetta is stripperiffic.

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    Mark my words, this game will flop and Sega will be forced to port it.

  • TheSegaMan

    The costumes are a lot better now that I have a better look at them. I like how they are all unique in their own way and not just simple re-skins. I gotta say that Peach’s costume is probably my least favorite though.

    I am still happy Nintendo is actually including the entire first game in the package. They could have easily just made it a separate title that you have to buy, but they were awesome enough to bundle it with the second game.

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