Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Could Lead To More Final Fantasy VII Games

By Ishaan . June 12, 2014 . 9:00am

Speaking with Famitsu magazine, Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase recently discussed Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, a smartphone game based on the mini-game from the Final Fantasy VII Gold Saucer. Kotaku have translated bits of the interview.


“Until now, whenever we talked with Nomura about a project that would require outsourcing, his first choice was always Cyber Connect 2,”  Final Fantasy VII director Yoshinori Kitase said to Famitsu. Kitase explained that Square are not as adept at making action games as they are RPGs, whereas CC2 is a seasoned action game studio.


Kitase also says that if Final Fantasy VII G-Bike does well, it could lead to other games connected to the Final Fantasy VII universe being created.


“Well, FFVII has many spin-off pieces and for the fans, its image has spread rather diversely, so I feel that G-Bike will set the standard of if we were to make new a VII related piece now,” he said. “If more is to come, this is the starting point, so both myself and Nomura are closely observing its quality.”


As previously reported, Nomura is serving as Creative Director of character design on the game, while Kitase is serving as Executive Producer. Of course, given Kitase’s ties to the original Final Fantasy VII game, Famitsu asked about a remake.


Kitase replied with a laugh, “Who knows? Mr. Matsuyama [of Cyber Connect 2] is making the foundation, and after the path has been paved, we might think about making it… At least that’s what could happen. In terms of the quality level and consumer response, it may all depend on [G-Bike]. We’re looking forward to the results.”


Personally, we’d advise taking that last quote with a grain of salt. Speaking with Eurogamer earlier in the year, Kitase explained quite clearly why Square Enix do not want to remake Final Fantasy VII, even after all this time.


At the time, Kitase said that, while staff availability and budget were two factors that were keeping the game from being remade, there was also another factor—Kitase’s own motivation (or lack thereof) to work on such a project.

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  • Death Saved


    Tempting fans by saying that this games sales will be a deciding factor in whether or not they will do a remake.

    • It is.
      But at least the game is free… you dont have to download it.

    • kaotron

      It’s not the first time they trolled their fans with ff7 at the end of the stick in order to increase their sales.

      They did this a few years back when they were giving the “conditions” in order to make an ff7 remake, which they pretty much said “keep buying our games and MAYBE if sales are really good we’ll consider making one..”

    • subsamuel01

      Nothing new by Square

    • LightningFarron19

      Um…. isn’t that always a deciding factor? For ANY game made? Like, people don’t just make products so they can in turn lose money. =/

      • Yeah I’m with you. Big difference here is that they were more out-right admitting it. :P
        Because, y’know, game sales usually inspire and make sequels a good idea…
        BUT NO, IT’s “DISGUSTING” to admit such a thing!!! x)

        • kaotron

          They didnt really admit that good sales inspire more game sequels(that’s kinda common sense).

          Instead they came off as douchebags saying “Hey, we know our recent games are seriously degrading in quality(13 trilogy&14 mmo) but keep buying them anyway no matter how bad they are so one day we might give you the remake you want(which is never lol)”

      • AkuLord3

        Yeah but isn’t that why they’re still making the games? 7 or not, they’re all FF games that they continued to make, so i don’t see ur comment working here. Its not like in the case of like ZoE Collection which didn’t too bad but not too great and Konami see that as not a chance to make another new game.
        This though…we know what they deal is, they just don’t want to work SUPER REAL remaking a Ps1 game, they have to do crap ton of work to show scale in it.

      • Death Saved

        Yes its always a deciding factor and it is one that anyone with two brain cells will know without being told, the fact that they stated this well known deciding factor is an act of baiting.

  • DesmaX

    Chocobo Breeding next, please

    • Hopefully they won’t let you inbreed this time. xS

  • revenent hell

    Uhm as one who never wants a remake I am not bothered by this but being as this (these) games are a part of VII I see them doing rather well anyways.

    I can only envision them screwing up what wasn’t broken.

    • I can only envision people not being satisfied either way.

      See: Type-0 Next Gen announcement.

      • Armane

        That’s more due to Sony’s slip up than anything else, in my opinion.

        That said, I won’t be satisfied if they don’t give us dual audio.

        • I completely agree, but you know our fanbase, it’s all SE’s fault.

        • revenent hell

          ? Duel audio for this game or a VII remake?
          I can be honest here and say I don’t really care about duel audio. I prefer to hear the games in the language I am fluent in but I really don’t care either way what language is used in a game as long as its one I want to play.

          • Armane

            For FF, normally I won’t care too much about dual audio, since SE’s dubs are usually pretty good. But Type-0 has a great voice cast in the PSP version.

      • revenent hell

        Oh PLEASE don’t remind me of that one……It is indeed a cringe worthy topic that.
        Its a good point of why I hate people…..
        See my main worry is they , if its remade, will feel compelled to change stuff story, gameplay and character wise…. If it was just “updated with current gen graphics” and the like I wouldn’t care but… the word “remake” leaves a bad impression to me. I just would rather it be as the game I adored rather than something “remade”… But that’s my view of it.

        • aizen310

          There’s a difference between Remake and Remastered.
          Remastered is the same as the base game, but with clearer picture (The Last of Us, any HD Collection).
          Remake is usually porting the game to a new engine, redesigning key elements to make all the better. (Persona 1 PSP, Resident Evil 1 Rebirth, Neptunia 1 Re:Birth, Black Mesa)

          People often fail to see the difference between the two definition.

          • revenent hell

            Exactly. A remake would change the game and that’s where my fears stem from.

            People love the game for a reason changing any part of it… I would just rather they not.

  • Land of Green Pasture

    Hit your Sephiroth.. whacking game with more than 24 skills, more than 10 items, and.. fist

  • CirnoTheStrongest

    More FFVII games….on phones
    Not sure I have any reason to be excited about this.

  • Kroz

    Buuuut i thought we were done with the ff7 compilation like a couple years ago…..on another note a square enix/ cyberconnect2 made game interests me

  • RoyalR R.M

    They saying if G-bike is doing well.
    More FF 7 coming for Phone.

  • Wildrose

    to be honest, i really just want square to make new games that are GOOD rather than just live in the past and give everyone false hope. as much as id like an hd remake like everybody else, square just isnt the same company it was back in the 90s. the spinoffs are okay, i liked crisis core, but they lack the spirit of the original game. the same guys who made the old final fantasy games, super mario rpg, chrono trigger, secret of mana, etc no longer work there. most of those guys already moved on and joined other companies to make their own stuff. i love and cherish all the memories i had playing those classic games with my brother. id love to see cloud and the gang take on sephiroth again for old times sake. but i respect the company employees with wanting to move on and leave the past behind. as of right now they have way too much work to do with other games like ffxv and kingdom hearts 3. and we all know those games arent gonna come out for a long time, let alone final fantasy vii. for me, i hate having to wait a long time for something that probably will never happen, especially when theres a lot more other stuff to look forward to in the future. but you never know, it could still happen i guess. i just dont want to be disappointed for nothing

  • A proper Mt Condor tower defense game????

  • Hmmm If cyberconnect makes sweet charitable love with square enix, then we may have a very focus QTE game. Like Asura’s Wrath and Naruto before that. Which I’m not saying that Square Enix is lacking that aspect cause dear George have they done a lot of that in the past as well. Speaking from a positive perspective of course I think it’s almost a match made in heaven. Having not only an Asura and Final Fantasy cinematic tone with a Kingdom hearts/.HackGU formula.

  • Zazon Zenzy

    “Kitase explained that Square are not as adept at making action games as they are RPGs”

    Then how can they explain Musashi series and Kingdom Hearts series then The World Ends With You’s fun?

    • LightZero

      They are rpgs….

    • The World Ends With You is developed by Jupiter. KH3 is the exception to the rule, and even that game isn’t a full-blown action game that relies on twitchy reflexes.

  • Slickyslacker

    Guys, shut up about FF VII.

    I mean yeah, it’s an iconic and monumental game that has aged rather poorly, and needs to be remade. But finally getting around to it clearly isn’t a priority for its makers, and the ongoing fan cacophony is pretty much everything that’s keeping hope for it alive.

    If any more VII games are to be made in the near future, they’re going to be Chocobo Breeding and the Golden Saucer casino. Expecting them to just come out with the big remake within this console generation is kind of ridiculous.

  • mc3027

    Can we all just stop with the FFVII remake? It’s not going to happen. It’s time to move on.

    • Godmars

      But they’re not talking about a remake. Rather they’re looking at offering FF7 min-games piecemeal just to exploit the fandom and make money.

  • Will make games but not THE game.

    • Gekokujou

      They probably invested so much into these half-baked games that they no longer have the capital to invest in such a project. Hell, they kept hyping up FFXV and left it at that. Doubt that’ll ever come out. Even if it did it’ll likely be as half-baked as all their other “games”.

  • I personally don’t care for a remake. I’ve played FFVII, once on PSP and another on PC with all the good looking mods. I’ve had my fun, and it’s certainly one of those games where “you had to be there” when it released to garner all these BEST GAEM EVAR fans…

    I just want them to move on.

    • alixraen

      Considering this is the first FFVII game since Crisis Core, I wouldn’t consider this game of all things them ‘not moving on’. Have you seen what they’ve done in the interim? Not exactly sunshine and daisies – at this point I’d love more reviving the older games for even the smallest hint of stability from them. FFVII is a proven money maker, they’re not going to abandon it or move away from it completely forever.

      • I mean a remake of the original.

        It’s almost the same thing I hear on every article;

        -People mentioning why ‘X’ games get made, but not FFVII remake
        -People mentioning how current SE would muck it up
        -Square doesn’t want $$$

        I just see all the negatives… the backlash of the FFX remastered music, the hatred of the audio drama/ novel, the milking… I mean, these are the same guys who want them to remake a classic for them to dig their salty teeth in to criticize?

        This fandom’s kinda going in circles/ flip-flopping… and I think I prolly strayed from whatever I was originally talking about.

  • MrRobbyM

    Look, a remake is fine and all, but a lot of people want it. I could care less at this point but making a bunch of games and not planning a remake is kind of troll-y.

  • Zantetsuken_Gilgamesh

    Yeah im not buying it, don’t believe a word of it.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    This is not the Final Fantasy VII remake I asked for.

  • roockie112

    Why is it so hard to make a Final Fantasy VII Remake

    • $$$$$

      To elaborate, they’ve said numerous times it would take a lot of work. I suppose the company just doesn’t want to invest in that right now (and I’m torn… sure I want a remake, but I do look forward to what’s new and taking the series forward)

    • Slickyslacker


  • Quan Chi

    Hope they remaster dirge of cerberus too with the secret cutscenes translated in english along with vincent’s other morphs. Wouldn’t mind if it was controlled like RE6 either.

  • fairysun

    Need a game of Gold Saucer night date.
    Come on Square Enix.

    • Göran Isacson

      Hire the person who wrote that Pigeon Dating Sim and make a FF7 dating sim. Watch the hilarity ensue. I am all for this glorious future.

  • Wiccan1109

    Its odd how hot and cold they are with that question towards the end of this article, about if they’d remake FF7. It gets asked formally around every year or so and its never a definite yes or no but it fluctuates between positivity. Yes we’d like to do it, no we arent feeling it right now, we want to surpass it, maybe one day FF7 remake will happen, we cant produce that right now and its unlikely we ever will, maybe we will do this if people like this title etc.

    II couldnt care less if they want to expand on it with mini games and side games. I’m not that fussed about the idea of a remake either, but their indecision doesn’t reflect too well on them for me. I think they should either rip the bandaid off and say “NO. NEVER” or just sit down and make it already. Namco did this and it helped me get closure on the vesperia ps3 fiasco. xD

  • persona_yuji

    Oooooor, you could remake FF VII already and move on.

    • I think the budget/staff part of making a G-Bike game over a full-blown remake is what why this was made at this point in time.

  • John Lawson

    SE: “We now know that the Lightning era is more niche than the Cloud Era, so let the new cloud era begin”

  • God

    All i want is that if they make new FF7 stuff, is for Barret to keep his original Mr.T look instead of the Dirge of Cerberus/Advent Children one.

  • Luca Del Gurzo

    Somebody, stop them, please.

  • NimbusStev

    “We’re willing to make lots of new FF7 related games. But not the one everyone wants.”

  • Robert Kupper

    Just let the game rest in peace.

  • Snorlaxation

    Well, nice to hear, but also seems like a dick thing to say, when you consider their history, and what the fans have been clamoring for all these years.

  • bob

    Yeah, right. The last time they did this was 3 months ago. FF7 teasing is part of their company culture.

  • Ann Weschenfeller

    So next is the Snowboarding one, I presume?…Thou in all honesty, I’d dig a FF7 Chocobo Race remake. I’m weak.

    • FallenAfh

      The snowboarding game was already out of feature phones years ago but none of these hypocritical console warriors cared. Now that mobile is (rightfully) demanding greater attention from square they suddenly want to act all sensitive and precious.

  • CrimeGlass

    I don’t want a remake just hurry up and finish the story that Dirge of Cerberus cliffhanger ending needs a resolution!
    also Tifa needs her own game already

  • Izzeltrioum

    When fans demand a REMAKE over XV or an entirely new game you know how depressing/bad things are.

    SE’s fanbase will, eventually, reach Gamefreak’s.

  • MagiusNecros

    It may lead to more FFVII mobile games. Don’t let them fool you. Don’t let them.

  • DrakeClawfang

    This is great news. Because if there’s one Final Fantasy game that needs more exposure in the form of spin-off titles, it’s VII

  • Triplicity

    But Steel Diver already exists!

  • Virevolte

    Screw the FF7 remake ! I want the Moogle Dating Sim ! Noooow !

  • If they’re in for more spin-offs, I wish they could give other entries a shot too.
    Don’t really care if this leads to a remake or not.

  • Firekitty

    I’m going to assume they mean other mini/spinoff games.

    I would probably be okay with a snowboarding game >_>

  • Loli Summoner

    It would be cool if FF14 got this :P

  • KaiYamato


  • zenobia

    not everyone final fantasy 7 remade.

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