Visual Novel Bermuda Teases Its Alien Abduction Story

By Eugene . June 15, 2014 . 2:00pm


Visual novel Kickstarter game Bermuda is ploughing for the exit, and to entice fans has added a peek into its alien abduction storyline above.


The game will have bonus conversation scenes before each chapter (though how you’ll obtain them isn’t stated), such as the below video between Edward and Finyomu.



Bermuda’s just gone past the 50% mark with about two and a half weeks to go, which makes it likely to hit its (very reasonable) funding of AUD$2,500. If you need more enticement, there’s also the video above with the various voice actors giving a shout out. These guys and gals have a pretty pedigree behind them, including Gurren Lagann, Sword Art Online, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Atelier Meruru and more.




For those who are willing to give more to help the game succeed, the higher tiers will also get a few extras in the form of postcards. The top tier one will have backers picking up a sketch from illustrator Alastair Sew Hoy, the official artist for Sydney Australia’s Smash! anime convention.


Finally, here’s another peek at some more footage of the game near its start.


Bermuda is scheduled for PC. You can back it here.

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  • Smooosh

    Wow, their experience really shows, great voice acting!

    • InvertMouse

      Thank you Smooosh =)!

      • Smooosh

        No problem, the voice acting really deserves the praise!
        I’ll be looking forward to see if the story is up to scratch. :P
        Is there a release date and a price, assuming the funding goes well?

        • InvertMouse

          No confirmed release date yet but it will be around August/September 2014. The price will be at about $10. I have made another game in the past if you’re interested =):

          • Smooosh

            Okay, thanks for the info!
            I’ll check Unhack out in the meantime. :)

          • InvertMouse

            Thanks; hope you’ll like it =)!

  • Jettythesunfish

    Not bad. While I’m not into visual novels, that won’t stop me from wishing these guys luck on this project.

    • InvertMouse

      Thank you! If everyone had that attitude we’d be a much friendlier community.

  • revenent hell

    I felt like I was watching Curious George as a child and the narrator started talking.

    • InvertMouse

      There is an option to turn off the narrator’s voice for the full Curious George experience =).

  • carlospsp

    They are not ambitious. If they had gotten a loan, invested more in the environment of the game, in the game in general like GUI, expectations, and not jumped into voice acting (and waited this for a stretch goal), they could have gotten much more results, funds and visibility.

    Visual Novel companies should not jump right to voice acting. Voice acting will NEVER EVER be a priority (in my opinion). You can do a very good job and be successfull without it (just look at most of the visual novels at comikets, like the success Tsukihime), maybe pushing voice acting to a PLUS version…

    • InvertMouse

      I do foresee growing more ambitious as time goes by and I have more experience being in the trenches. Because my stories are relatively short (hoping to be succinct), I feel like voice acting is not an overwhelming commitment. Thank you for your thoughts =)!

  • I really like the premise of the game. big visual novel fan so I will be looking out for the release~

    • InvertMouse

      Thank you! And nice Kyoko avatar =3.

  • SMT

    Not a fan of the stealth sections, though I can guess why they’re there (Similar to the Zero Escape series, getting the player involved and immersed, keeping things fresh instead of just the novel section).

    Other than that, this looks quite decent, so keep up the good work and I just might check it out once its finished, I think it’s cool that you actually respond here. :)

    • InvertMouse

      I can understand people having no interest in the stealth sections and only want to experience the story. With me, I wanted to skip all those puzzles in 999/VLR because the tale was so gripping. In Bermuda, you will have an option to skip the stealth segments.

      Thanks =)!

      • British_Otaku

        I feel like 999 and VLR made the puzzles a key portion of the experience and tied into the story though. As for 999 (DS) specifically, puzzles were quick to fly through when you knew the answer and there weren’t that many routes. And as for VLR, the game gave us freedom to jump ahead into routes we already explored and resolve problems super fast.

        If we can skip the stealth sections, how naturally will they fit into the narrative of the game?

        • InvertMouse

          Both you and SMT are right; there’s a good chance players might think the stealth sections are too detached. Anyone remember Utawarerumono’s battles? Perhaps it’s a bit like that.

          Everyone has a different idea on this. Some insist gameplay and narrative must be integrated. For me, I actually am cool with it being separated, but I’ll react depending on the audience. Perhaps this is something I’ll focus further on next time. Hope you folks can observe as I continue to improve.

          Thanks =).

          • SMT

            Well it’s good that you’re open to feedback. As long as you’re whole with it, it’s important to stick with your vision. Since you’re planning to continue along with different projects, there’s no harm in experimenting a little. Who knows, even if the stealth sections are less well received, they could serve as a stepping stone for “gameplay” (In the more standard definition for those unlike us who don’t consider VNs as games) in future projects.

            Best of luck :)

          • InvertMouse

            Thanks =).

            Usually, by the time the community provides suggestions, it is already too late to go back. The feedback, however, can be used for future projects. That means the next time you see a new project, if you see gameplay and narrative integrated, you can go, “Hey, that was me!” XD

      • SMT

        Like British_Otaku said, in 999/VLR, the puzzles basically served a purpose and fit well with the story, by having dialogue spread within them, as well as some character interaction (Not to mention some really good humor in an otherwise serious game, reminding us that the characters are people).

        I like that you can skip them and get to the “good part” (Which honestly impresses me thus far), but by being able to skip the stealth sections, they’re basically reduced to a minigame status, and in a way it feels like its a statement that those segments don’t really mesh with the story.

        It just feels like missed potential, and IMO the game could be so much better if the two parts integrated. I hope I’m wrong because I know very little about the game at this point, but that’s how it seems at the moment.

        And once again (for the third time, the first time was in the first article about this game in Siliconera :P), thank you for reading the comments here. It shows a lot when a developer listens to what the fans want (Whether the developer does something with it is an entirely different matter… sometimes fans don’t know what they want until they have it and realize they wanted it all along).

        • InvertMouse

          Thanks! I’ve responded further with British_Otaku’s reply so please check it out =).

  • nonscpo

    I kinda agree with carlospsp the developers aren’t demonstrating enough ambition if they aren’t using the stretch goals appropriately. I recognize that the developers are just trying to get this project off the ground, but by introducing stretch goal early and by diversifying goals, more people can and will join the project and chip in. As someone who enjoys visual novels I trully believe that handhelds are the best platform to enjoy this medium. Just like a book a handheld fits in your hand and you can immerse yourself in the story. I really hope that whatever their next visual Novel project may be, that these developers will offer a Handheld (3DS, VITA, SHIELD) stretch goal the next time.

    • darke

      Handhelds require expensive licences and dev-kits though, and you can’t just put that as a ‘goal’ without having it lined up beforehand. (Not to mention hiring a programmer experienced in programming on and optimising for your chosen handheld is another expensive but a Good Thing to do.)

      Phone/tablet OS ports are easy/cheap enough though; so an android/iOS port should be doable if that’s what people want.

      • InvertMouse

        Thank you both for commenting =).

        Like darke mentioned, there are financial implications for a lot of the ideas we throw at one another. I am the only programmer and burn out management is a skill as well.

        These days, I game mostly on the go. If there is an opportunity to develop for the 3DS and Vita, that would be great. Now that you guys mention it, maybe these past games could make a come back someday. There are rarely titles that are released on a handheld and the PC, though. What really happens during submission? Another factor to consider.

        Perhaps next time, as nonscpo said, I will get in touch about handheld ports from day one. It will be difficult but we can make an attempt. Getting lucky and knowing people is admittedly a big part of it.

        Thank you for being interested in my projects enough to comment on them m(_ _)m.

  • Mugiwara

    Uhuhu. Seems interesting! :D

    • InvertMouse

      Thanks! I hope you’ll enjoy it =D.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    Fantastic…can’t wait to play this one.

    • InvertMouse

      Thank you!

  • fairysun

    Hmmm, the voice acting sounds great.

    • InvertMouse

      Thanks! Happy to hear it =).

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