Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Is Getting A Whole Lot Of Costume DLC This Week

By Ishaan . June 17, 2014 . 11:34am

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is getting a significant amount of costume DLC this week, alongside the release of a new character, Phase-4, who is another clone of Kasumi developed by the M.I.S.T. organization, an offshoot of DOATEC.


Phase-4 uses a fighting style based on Kasumi’s Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu with added improvements. She has a functioning memory and soul, but testing has shown her to be resigned to her fate and never resist combat orders. As a result, her conscience is filled with sorrow.


Here’s a list of all the DLC coming alongside Phase-4 this week:


Phase-4 Character + Phase-4 Alternate Costumes: The Phase-4 character along with six alternate costumes will cost $12.99/€12.99. Alternatively, you can buy the costumes separately for a $7.99/€7.99 bundle, or individually for $1.99/€1.99 each.

PS3 (US): June 17th | PS3 (EU): June 25th

360 (US): June 18th | 360 (EU): June 18th




New costumes – Overalls: Overall costumes for Kasumi, Ayane, Hitomi, Kokoro, Leifang, Tina, Mila, Momiji, Marie Rose and Phase-4. You can buy these as a set for $14.99/€14.99 or individually for $1.99/€1.99 each.

PS3 (US): June 17th | PS3 (EU): June 25th

360 (US): June 18th | 360 (EU): June 18th



Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z costumes: The costumes that were initially released exclusively to people that purchased the collector’s edition of YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z. These can be bought for $1.99/€1.99 each, and are for Hayabusa and Momiji.

PS3 (US): June 17th | PS3 (EU): June 18th

360 (US): June 18th | 360 (EU): June 18th



In order to access Phase-4 and the costume DLC, you’ll need to download the 1.07 update for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. More details on the update can be found here.

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  • Strawberry Starlet


    Note: Magical adhesive tape included.

  • Raltrios

    That overalls Ayane is weapons-grade dangerous.

    • Demeanor

      Kasumi’s no joke either (or is that Phase-4? Last one).
      Seriously, as much as I like DoA5U, the costumes and their outrageous prices are in my head the definition of both “overpriced DLC” and “unnecessary DLC”.

      • It’s Phase 4. Look at the aura around her.

        • David García Abril

          It’s obvious that they are going to use Phase-4 so people can have Kasumi wearing revealing costumes that the original would normally not put on herself.

  • Masa

    the price on all the DLC for this game must cost the same price as a damn PS4, what fools are still buying all this crap?

    • JMaster3000

      B-B-B-But…. side boob ;-;

    • James Reilly

      Assuming they buy every single piece of DLC (plus gravure videos) even for the characters they never use. Also people think with their dick more then their brain anyway because hoards of people are susceptible to female fan-service so they keep encouraging TN to keep releasing more costumes.

    • butts

      The thing about costume DLC is, wait for it….You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to.

      I’ve had Ultimate since release and have yet to buy any costumes, but if other people want to shell out some cash for some more variety that’s on them. Most characters have a decent amount of in-game unlockable costumes anyway, which is better than something like SF4 where if you want different costumes your only option IS to buy DLC.

      • Arrngrim

        “You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to.” – Not really a valid argument. You could even say they don’t need to buy the game in the first place. The real trap is set for those “completionists” out there, the OCD’ers who MUST own all of the costumes…and they can ONLY get them if they cough up the $$$. TN should offer DLC costumes as unlockable after X amount of weeks/months they’ve been on the market…otherwise…I’m just not interested in supporting insane gold-digging companies. This crap has gotta stop…over the decades I’ve witnessed this DLC money-grab develop into the monster it is today…ugh…*shakes head sadly*

        • butts

          But it is a valid argument when it comes to content like this. Costumes add nothing to the actual gameplay content and are only there for people who want them. You’re not forced to buy them and not doing so doesn’t mean you’re left out of a portion of the gameplay of story like other games that cut story portions or sale extra chapters as DLC. Costumes are a WANT not a NEED, so they’re there for people who choose to spend money on them. And as I mentioned, most of the characters already do have a decent amount of in-game costumes, so it’s not like you miss out on things completely if you choose not to spend money. If you don’t want to buy them that’s on you, but this is still less of a “cash grab” compared to other fighting games where your only options is to buy DLC if you want extra costumes.

    • Hector Velar

      im not planning on buying this one at least not for a while, but i have purchased most of the DLC when discounted and my total was about mid $50ish with psn gold membership. got the game for 39 so thats about 90ish$ for the best DoA game imho. i dont feel is too bad. i pre ordered street fighter x tekken i think it was like 60$ or 70$ biggest piece of crap ever wasted money. so it is about how you look at things and how you do things.

  • psycho_bandaid

    It entertains me that they are charging for what is literally a clone character. Not just a derisive label–it’s canon!

    • David García Abril

      Move set wise, it’s not a clone.

      Not even close.

      • Hector Velar

        it is a clone, of course it is going to have different moves what insentive is there to buy it otherwise? a clone is a clone, you take Ryu you copy and paste sprites make his hair long and blonde, change a few things here and there, add fire to his dragon punch… still a clone. What the fans are critizising here is correct. Let me give you an example i bought DoA 5 for 360 then DoA5U for ps3 because i wanted to support TecmoKoei for the amount of work they put on this game, i purchased tons of their costume packs for the same reason. Now they get lazy, im not supporting that and there are fans like myself that feel the same way I do. This is Kasumi clone with new skeleton animation no texture change.. even the same hair…

    • DaiRaiOh

      She play’s entirely differently, so there’s that

      • psycho_bandaid

        I know, I know… I’m just ragging on them a little bit. I will likely buy this if I have the funds.

        • Hector Velar

          I agree, just because it plays different it is atill a copy and paste charge more scheme, they should at least modified the textures some, given get cyber eyes, maybe gray hair or something that stands out that people wont look at it and say “well that is a clone”…freaking machine guns like the fembots in Austin Powers…something is better than nothing. but it is an optional DLC you have the choice to buy it or not, I’m holding my cash for the Tengu girl. I may get this one once is Very discounted on PSN gold membership. like 5$ for her an all her costumes may be fair.

  • Callonia

    That is weapons grade armor!

  • ShafakCool

    Are there people still playing Dead or Alive Dimensions online?

    • Poked

      Sometimes I do play Dead or Alive Dimensions online…

  • John Hayabusa

    Phase-4 looks smoking hot!

  • WyattEpp

    Eveyone’s going on about the sideboob, but Marie Rose doesn’t have any boob to side.

  • Those overall outfits are disturbing. How do they fight without a Janet Jackson?

  • Tom_Phoenix

    You know, at this point, I’m starting to think that Tecmo Koei has given up on ever producing any more titles in the series and will just continue to release DLC costumes until the end of time.

    • I dunno, I think this is actually pretty smart. They’re using the DLC to experiment with new characters. Both Marie Rose and Nyotengu look interesting, and once they’ve caught on, they’ll be staples from DOA6 onwards.

      Personally, I think letting people try individual characters out this way allows them to be more flexible than, say, Street Fighter. They don’t have to balance everything all at once, and they’re constantly making improvements and tweaks to the game over time.

      Of course, to be fair, Street Fighter kind of can’t do that, because the competitive community is such a big part of that game, and you need all the characters available at once to maintain that.

      • Göran Isacson

        I read that last statement, and for some reason it just reads like such a “damning with faint praise” moment that it goes right from hilarious to tragic. It’s like a Tecmo Koei exec would say “Well of course we can prolong our games title by producing shameless amounts of DLC! We’re not like those Capcom losers who can’t get away with it because they’ve got too many people actually playing their game!… wait.”

        • Hahahaha, I had the same thought immediately after I typed that. Like, wait a moment… who’s actually happier/making more money here?

          • Göran Isacson

            *title = shelf life, but you know what I mean. Truth be told though I have no idea what DOA5’s standing in the tourny crowd is, but it sure does look like they’re subsisting from outfit DLC a whole lot more than gameplay revisions/updated versions.

          • I don’t think DOA has a very high standing in the tourney scene. Last I checked, Tekken was more popular than DOA and it didn’t get selected for inclusion in EVO 2014, until Namco stepped up to sponsor the event. I can only imagine where that puts DOA.

            That said, I think DOA has a different mix of fans than most fighters. Team Ninja know their audience well, which is why they’re able to pull off DLC characters efficiently and without too much drama.

  • wahyudil

    I will wait for the super hyper ultimate arcade nonewcostume plus alpha edition

    • Tincho Kudos

      Turbo remix

  • Kornelious

    While I’m not one to purchase many DLC costumes for the game, I will be purchasing the Character + costume pack for Phase-4 as I did for Marie :)

  • greavah

    I hope there will be a doa “Complete edition” released on a cheaper price later, all this dlc is way too expansive in my opinion.

  • Yan Zhao

    Even all of Phase 4’s alt outfits are basically recolored version of Kasumi’s DLC outfits…ok.

    As much as I’ve supported this game by buying a few DLC costumes here and there, its getting ridiculous. There’s probably over 200-300$ worth of DLC costume alone now.

    • Arrngrim

      Correct, the main reason I immediately dropped out of this game (interest-wise), was the ridiculous DLC I saw them churning out for Step 3. Remember the days when we unlocked costumes by…playing the game? Hahaha….anyway, just gonna wait for DOA:X3 for the Xbone…it’s coming, oh you know it is…

      • Yan Zhao

        To be fair, DOA5 had a sleuth of unlockable costume in-game, more than any recent fighters by far. So I cant get too mad at them, but at the same time, the completionist in me is crying.

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