PlatinumGames Show Off Bayonetta 2’s New Weapons

By Ishaan . June 18, 2014 . 11:02am


During E3, Nintendo and PlatinumGames provided a good look at Bayonetta 2, complete with commentary from director Yusuke Hashimoto and producer Akiko Kuroda.


During the live-stream, Kuroda demonstrates some of Bayonetta’s new moves and weapons—one of which is a scythe that can turn into a rifle. Bayonetta also equips a weapon on her feet called Undine, which can either be a flamethrower or fire a stream of ice, depending on its elemental affinity.


Bayonetta 2 will be released this October.

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  • Brimfyre

    I love that at the end it cuts to the cartoony stars of the Mario games after 20 minutes of showing demons and a half naked woman.

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

      This sexually charged, demonic hack and slash was brought to you by the kawaii characters of Nintendo where family is always first :)

    • Shippoyasha

      Japan has their priorities right. I am not even being sarcastic.

  • subsamuel01

    Really hope this sells well, definite day one buy for me.

  • SMT

    Well, looks like I need a Wii U now…
    My poor, poor wallet. ;_;

    • ConkerBFD

      Make like I did and sell your wallet! Why have an empty one?

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    This whole game looks beautiful…including that little surprise at the end. As one person remarked, it is destructive poetry in motion. :)

  • Ardus

    Damnit I dont want a WIIU but nintendo isnt giving me much of a choice.

  • Hentailover

    “A scythe that turns into rifle”…
    I need this in my life…

  • A scythe that turns I to a rifle…… Rwby?

    • mikebrand83

      Ruby: “It’s also a gun.”

    • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

      for someone who doesnt know what rwby is ~ i dont give a damn~

  • Scourge626

    Pretty sure they were watching this when they came up with the Scythe Rifle…

    • powerprotoman

      ya no i doubt the people who made gun nunchucks with a bruce lee motif and more importanly bayonetta watched something as bad as RWBY(matter of fact i know they didnt dont belive me go ask hedeki kamiya)

    • darke

      I hope not. WiiU owners are suffering enough at the moment; they don’t need to suffer from a game with terrible visuals and awful acting as well!

      • mikebrand83

        For what was essentially an indie production with a budget a fraction of typical action anime series? You might not like its visual style, but RWBY’s action choreography completely blows away virtually all action anime in existence.

        • darke

          I wasn’t comparing it anime. When it’s action choreography and visuals is worse then computer games then it really has problems.

          You don’t get a pass for being bad by being ‘indie’. A good ‘indie’ of anything; games, movies, animation, they all know to work within the limits of their resources.

          Maybe it got better with time, I only watched the first part when it was released, but it felt like it was popular because RvB was popular, rather then standing alone by itself. (shrug)

    • DragKudo

      I guess you never heard of Margaret Moonlight.

      • Scourge626


        • DragKudo

          D: Play no more heroes 2

    • Nanashrew

      How that series is even popular I have no idea. The fight scenes almost no one ever makes contact so it looks like a bunch of phantom punches being thrown, and the visuals and animation look like MMD version 1.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(๑ʘ∀ʘ)┘ I need this in my life now

  • johnnythunder

    scythe that turns into a rifle? so the girl from no more heroes 2?

  • goa ahsd

    Bayonetta’s overall story is a complete mess and the characters are deathless dull… but thats ok because the gp is top notch quality

  • Guest

    Mods I think it’s time to do some cleanup…

  • There are no words to describe my hype lol =^_^=

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