Which Square Enix Staff Are Making Final Fantasy Explorers?

By Ishaan . June 20, 2014 . 9:00am

Thanks to Famitsu magazine, we know who the creative staff behind Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Explorers is. (Via: Game Jouhou)


A feature in Famitsu reveals that Toshiyuki Itahana created the key visual for the game and is serving as character supervisor. In the past, Itahana has been involved with various Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles games as art director and character designer.


Itahana also served as one of the character designers on Final Fantasy IX, did illustration work for Square Enix’s Imaginary Range, and has worked as character designer on the Chocobo games as well.


Meanwhile, Atsushi Hashimoto is the director of Final Fantasy Explorers. Who is he? He’s credited as one of the planning staff on Nintendo and Project Sora’s Kid Icarus: Uprising. He was also the lead planner on the Nintendo DS remake of SaGa 2.


The game’s producer is Hiroyuki Miura. Finally, Gen Kobayashi is serving as design supervisor on Final Fantasy Explorers, while Takahiro Abe is credited as project manager. All of these developers have been involved with the SaGa remakes on DS as well.


Finally, in charge of composing music for Final Fantasy Explorers is Tsuyoshi Sekito, who was the composer for The Last Remnant, and the game’s logo design is by Yoshitaka Amano.


Food for thought:


1. It would appear that Akitoshi Kawazu, who was/is in charge of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series, as well as the SaGa series, is not involved with this game.


2. Kawazu has confirmed that a new SaGa game is in development at Square Enix, so he’s likely busy working on that. We may see some of the staff from Final Fantasy Explorers on that game as well, given their past involvement with the SaGa series.

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  • I guess the lack of Kawazu’s involvement is why this isn’t a Crystal Chronicles game? Shame.

    • yellowmage

      Yeah, especially since it’s so similar to the CC series in terms of art style. And the big-ass crystals, crystalling all over the place. Hopefully once Kawazu’s done with the new SaGa game, he’ll oversee new FFCC games for the Wii U and 3DS. And an HD remastering/bundle of the My Life games would be nice. With all the DLC, of course. I swear, the yukes are the CC equivalent of the galka from FFXI in terms of neglect, even without what happened in Crystal Bearers.

      • To be honest, I think Crystal Bearers killed that franchise, which is why you’re seeing them move away from it. This could have been set in the Crystal Chronicles world if they wanted it to be.

        • Anime10121

          Yep, Crystal Bearers was all kinds of underwhelming :(

        • yellowmage

          Crystal Bearers was good for what it was. I think people mainly judged it for not being what they were expecting, i.e. another straightforward action RPG like the original and Ring of Fates. I’m actually on my second playthrough now, trying to get all the medals.

          And it’s probably good that this isn’t a Crystal Chronicles game; they already tried shoehorning the CC name into a game that had nothing to do with it: Echoes of Time. Remember that? It was awful from a storyline perspective, having no place in the established CC timeline. Gameplay-wise, it was rock-solid, being a refinement of Ring of Fates, which was excellent.

          • The problem with Crystal Bearers was that no one aspect of it was polished enough. It was an “open-world” type of game with very little to actually do. It was an “action RPG” with no coherent battle system that you could learn and get good at.

            I did like the story and I loved the characters, but Crystal Bearers was just kind of thrown out there, seemingly without much thought put into making it the game it needed to be.

            As for Echoes of Time… honestly, that’s my favourite Crystal Chronicles game. I think the story had to be the way it was because of the focus on character building and multiplayer. I enjoyed that game immensely, the fact that they managed to add online multiplayer to it was incredible.

          • yellowmage

            Online multiplayer which no longer works because Nintendo cut off the Wi-Fi Connection. But now we have Nintendo Network! If they took the best parts of RoF (strong characters and story) and EoT (strong gameplay and online multiplayer) and put them into a single game for 3DS, it’d possibly be the best FFCC game yet!

            (And also the “My Life” games for Wii U. Seriously, MLaaK is insanely addictive.)

  • Slickyslacker

    I see they’re banding together the FF spin-off creators, for this title. That’s wise of them, especially considering many of them haven’t done much in recent years.

    • new_tradition

      Seriously, I was just thinking that. I never played any games these people have been credited for. I’m expecting a new experience :O

  • Yue D Andre

    “Itahana also served as a character designer on FF IX”
    Sweet, FF IX still remains me as the best FF game i ever play. Yup, if you ask my opinion, it is better than FF VII. FF VII still a good game though.

    Well, expect more chibi character.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    -just scanned article to make sure Toriyama is not involved-

    • Surgeon of Death


    • kaotron

      It better not be toriyama.

      if it is toriyama then you can probably expect him to shove his waifu lightning in it somehow..

      • Jordan Daku

        I died.

      • Ric Vazquez

        Agreed, Toriyama and Lightning better not be on this.

  • Kuromadou

    Yay for Itahana and Sekito XD

  • Vyse Legendaire

    I dont see Toriyama or Nomura on there so I can breathe a sigh of relief.

    • Learii

      lol ya I was looking for Normura too

  • Haganeren

    I kind of prefer title like “Some Crystal Chronicles staff are behind the new Final Fantasy Explorers game” or something like that shorter than those kind of question which is like a click bait….

    On the subject at hand, it’s neat they try new things with their games. I hope it will be interesting in solo too.

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