Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon Will Be A PS2 Classic This Week

By Ishaan . June 22, 2014 . 5:00pm

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon will be available as a PS2 Classic in North America this week, Sony have announced.


Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon involves the Narumi Detective Agency being hired to solve a missing person case. Similar to a number of the Shin Megami Tensei games, Raidou can converse with monsters and attempt to persuade them to join him.


The game will presumably cost $9.99 like the other Shin Megami Tensei PS2 Classics before it.

  • Tetris

    This is the last SMT PS2 game on the PSN, isn’t it?

    • Daru Titor

      I think so.
      I am so happy right now :D

    • Mr_SP

      Yes. DDS 1, DDS 2, Raidou 1, Raidou 2, Nocturne, Persona 3, Persona 4.

      …Megaten was really active on PS2.

      • Ash_Riot

        Best era for Atlus fans, definitely. Introduced a lot of us to MegaTen/Atlus games on the whole.


  • I guess it’ll soon be time for me to get a $50 card for PSN. Nice to see all of the games on PSN now!

  • Shane Guidaboni

    Yes! I can finally beat this game. My PS2 can still run my disc, but the load times are atrocious for some reason.

    • MaidKillua

      I have the same problem with Nocturne despite the disk being in great condition and the console reading other games just fine

  • Barrylocke89

    It may not have a Raiho plushie to go with it, but it’s great to see all of the PS2 SMT games are available on the PSN now.

    • Paul Rodriguez

      Still have my plushie but because the box is empty on one side I threw in an ugly Stewie Griffin plushie to keep Raiho company.

      • I also put another plushie on the other side except it was Teddie. I believe I got it when I pre-ordered that Persona 4 Exclusive Social Link Expansion Pack.

        • Mr_SP

          Didn’t keep the box, but Raiho is still up on the shelf.

        • Paul Rodriguez

          I wish Gamestop did that. All I got was an art book when I pre-ordered Persona 4.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    Not buying since I own both titles but cool nonetheless. I want to see another Devil Summoner just for the long title.

  • Yan Zhao

    This game is amazing, anyone who hasnt played it yet should try it. Its way better than the first game.

    • Spirit Macardi

      What they don’t tell you early on though is that luck is probably the most important stat, and not one you can ignore like the majority of RPGs out there (with the exception of Fallout: NV).

      Seriously, if you don’t start putting points into luck from the beginning you’re going to be royally screwed.

      • Audie Bakerson

        I wouldn’t do it right at the start because there’s a segment that turns that into a waste of points early on. Once that is over however, dump a bunch of points in it.

      • JohnNiles

        Oof, thanks for the tip. I hate getting screwed by stat builds.

      • Yan Zhao

        lol really? I dont recall putting much point in Luck, I more or less went for an even spread with mainly STR as the focus.

  • disgaea36

    and with that we have all the ps2 magami titles atlus literally rules.

    • Now if we could just get Dragon Quest VIII….?

      (I know, not likely.)

      • Timovisch

        Id like to see Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud II and shadow hearts too.

    • James Reht

      technically we dont have Persona 3 vanilla, but it doesn’t really matter

  • Audie Bakerson

    Great game, easily worth the ten bucks.

    Unfortunately, it won’t come with a Raiho plush.

  • Kristoffer Brandberg

    I’ve played the first one and it was awesome. I regretted that I never got to play its sequel. Alas, this PS2 Classic won’t be coming to Europe, will it? Like so many other titles…

    • Timovisch

      Probably not no. This game was never released in Europe on the PS2.

    • Abysswalker90

      Is it really that hard to buy a 10$ pre-paid PSN card? It takes like 25 seconds, and the code is delivered to your email address instantly.
      You could literally be playing the game within one hour if you really wanted.

      • Kristoffer Brandberg

        Care to elaborate that a bit more? If I get this pre-paid PSN card, I would get any game in any region?

        • Abysswalker90

          Look up an online store that sells pre paid PSN cards, and look for the 10$ one.
          Once you pay for it, they send a code to your e-mail address.
          Log into PSN with a US account and enter the code, you will then receive a 10$ credit.
          Any game you buy from each of your accounts is shared by all users on that system.

          Just make sure you get a US version card, and not something else, otherwise it won’t be compatible.

          PS3 is a region free system, and it comes with all of those sweet region free privileges. The fact that a game is exclusive to a certain region shouldn’t prevent you from getting it.

  • Shippoyasha

    Very nice game. I played the PS2 version to death and I definitely recommend it.

    I kind of wished it got a high def retouch though.

    • BentoBlame

      HD Raidou PS2 games would be nice but you know what’s better?

      A brand new, current-gen Raidou game.

  • Wrathful

    Please, please come to Australia, too.

  • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about this game. I loved the first one so if this improves on the original, I am expecting a damn awesome game

  • FX102A

    I bought the original (PAL release) a few years back; sure was tough plus it’s one of those games where if you get a Game Over, it rubs it into your face that YOU FAILED!

    Just ordered an NTSC reprint yesterday, guess that’ll stay sealed for posterity whilst I pick this one up.

    • All Fiction

      It wasn’t released in Europe though, how did you do ?

      • FX102A

        By “original” I meant the first Devil Summoner.

  • Daniel

    Definitely picking this up but it just reminded me i wonder whats going on with Break Record thats DeSu for those who dont know (thats as far as ill make myself clear…even tho i really didnt)

    • Guardian Byakko

      I’m also curious what’s going on with devil survivor 2 break record

  • Hunnybear

    I played the first one, the setting and story were all awesome but the gameplay put me off, basically button mashing, too shallow for SMT series. Is the sequel at least fun to play, like responsive controls etc?

    • BentoBlame

      The second game’s revamped gameplay is much better and more fun than the first not to mention they improved the fusion system.

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    I continue to be saddened they haven’t developed a way for us to play PS2 Classics on Vita.

    • Shane Guidaboni

      That would make too much sense.

  • PSN is being overrun with demons lol

  • Ash_Riot

    Very excited by this, since us in the EU region can finally play it now. Woohoo! Way better news than the SMTIV mess.

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