Final Fantasy Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi Will Discuss His Next Project At Japan Expo

By Ishaan . June 26, 2014 . 9:31am

This year’s Japan Expo will take place from July 2nd – July 6th, and the convention has announced that Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi will be attending, and will discuss his latest project.


Just what this project is remains to be seen. Sakaguchi has been working primarily on smartphone games of late, such as Party Wave. The last console game he was actively involved in was The Last Story, developed in collaboration with Nintendo.


Sakaguchi will also participate in a signing session and photo shoot at Japan Expo.

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  • Paul Rodriguez

    hope it’s not a mobile game.

    • I’d laugh at all the old school FF fans who worship this guy as a JRPG God.

  • lackofstyle

    umm..maybe a wii u game…though i doubt it

    On a side note did anyone like last story, i own it (all three rainfall games actually ) but haven’t played it yet.

  • Masa

    How about you rejoin and save the sinking ship that is Square Enix, Final Fantasy needs rescuing! I bet deep down he’s really annoyed at what they have done to the franchise.

    • Guest


    • qygagw wgag

      why. SE is fine. it has FFXV and KH3. noruma is handling XV very well, shaping up to be the best FF ever. you cant ignore the greatness that XV is. Sakaguchi hasnt made a great epic game in ages anyway. he went downhill. BD was the last one that i played that was really fun. hes just nostalgic if you like more standard jrpgs

      • Arcueid Brunstud

        FF 15 is over one knows what it will turn out.

        • LightZero

          I look forward to it but I agree. Personally I don’t think Nomura is as great as his fans make him out to be. He is decent but he isn’t god’s gift to gaming.

          • Arcueid Brunstud

            He is a good but he working on a game different from his own and fans just think it will be the best.

      • crooger

        Until lately, yes, they are in a fine position after getting out of the black hole after the initial releases of FF13 & FFX14. As a result, the former CEO resigned, yet, he’s still there given a lower position.
        And then there’s that Activision/EA Mentality. they thought Tomb Raider and Hitman would generate revenues of COD game and the game were short on the target that was met more 6~12 months later.
        Lastly, the current CEO stated and anounced that the company would focus on core and basic JRPG, due to the “surprising” performance of BD in the west. Realizing there’s more potential.
        I’m not saying they are the best nor the worst for that matter, I do praise them for the Eidos’ and Portables games. Beside that, it’s hard to recall any good SE console releases (Nier? Drakengard?)
        But for me, Nomura doesn’t impress me at all, not my cup of tea to be honest.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          What’s worse is that XIII was made “similar” to Call of Duty because execs thought that is all western gamers want, making linear level design under the belief that westerners are dumb and then say it’s for Japanese gamers despite XIII lacking of that.

          • crooger

            I don’t know about that tbh.

            But what I learned in the last generation, It’s either the management is out touch with it’s core consumers Or the Marketing department is doing bloody job in conducting a market research.
            it’s not SE only, Capcom too. Yet, Tecmo and Koei are doing a decent job. Konami still have MGS and PE Soccer.

            Just remembered Nier had a 2 versions of the hero in west and in japan.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            For NieR’s case, the change is skin-deep as the NieR character has the same motivation and makes the same decisions in his adventure. The only other real difference is that Emil has romantic feelings exclusively to young NieR.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Konami is terrible. The company releases games in the most awkward and inconsistent way. The PSP Silent Hill games are incompatible for the Vita, the MGS HD Collection is difficult to find, the Silent HD Collection is based on an unfinished code and… and… just watch this…!


          • crooger

            The Silent hill, ZOE and MGS Scandal.
            your are right, But I’m was talking about is that they are concentrating on 2 franchises and they aren’t in a financial turmoil. I would pay a good buck for a 2D Castlevania.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            I imagine they will. Judging by their behavior, Metal Gear Solid V will be difficult to find or it will be released a few days after it’s release date and like other companies, Konami will see 6 million copies as a failure.

            I mean look at Capcom, EA and Square-Enix with their attitude last year.

            Capcom’s definitely in some sort of trouble as investors won’t protect Capcom from having some of their IP purchased. If Nintendo could buy Megaman and if Sony could buy Devil May Cry, I’ll be glad if they’re handled with better care and not ignored.

          • Eder García

            “…if Sony could buy Devil May Cry…”
            sorry for breaking that dream but DMC is part of that Capcom’s powerful franchises list so… that possibly means the IP is not for sale.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Or maybe it makes even MORE likely for Devil May Cry could end up in better hands. You can’t consider Mega Man Capcom’s powerful franchise anymore since Capcom openly hates it’s best IP.

            Devil May Cry redefined action games, hack and slash in particular. The likes of Sony Santa Monica would be perfect when you look at how God of War III pushes the power of the PS3 while running at 60fps.

          • Eder García

            let’s take in mind 2 things: 1-Sony as a whole is in financial crisis and that would mean that, even the PS brand is making money, the PS brand doesn’t have enough money in the bank, so they need to be cautious on where to spend the money
            2- Sony is really happy with its current Hollywood-ish 1st party games like Uncharted, God of War, Infamous, The Last Of Us and The Order, so basing on this, Sony doesn’t need the Devil May Cry IP, but if those powerful franchises from Capcom are for sale… i see Sony fighting for Resident Evil because it fits on the kind of games Sony 1st party companies are doing right now (RE reboot by Naughty Dog would make everyone happy)

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            There’s nothing to gain from Resident Evil, it’s been milked to death as a standard action shooter. Devil May Cry on the other hand is also a powerful franchise and it doesn’t deserve to fade into obscurity because Capcom has nothing but open hatred towards Devil May Cry.

            Sony needs a poster child. Nintendo has Mario, Microsoft has Master Chief but Sony is just so inconsistent. It used to be Crash and Spyro but we all know how they ended up for being owned by Universal Interactive. Dante is WAY more recognonizable than the uncharismatic Cole McGrath.

            How would Devil May Cry be more expensive than Resident Evil? Resident Evil just doesn’t worth getting into unless Sony disregards RE5, RE6 and all the movies with Millia Jovovitch.

            I think Bethesda is more worthy to buy Resident Evil since they’re publishing Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within.

            P.S. The Order looks dull and will likely be a poor man’s Uncharted.

          • Eder García

            you are right about Capcom doesn’t know what to do with DMC, but if this IP is on sale… i see MS fighting for it, (Kamiya is working for MS now so, what to do for getting the services of a great Japanese developer for a bit longer? just asking) Nintendo is out of question since they are very happy with Bayonetta (also Nintendo is more interested in Monster Hunter exclusivity and possibly getting Megaman exclusivity as well imo) and if Sony gets DMC… Ninja Theory’s DmC will have a 2nd chance (just look at the image this game offer… it looks like a Sony’s 1st party games) and that’s something i don’t want tbh.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Again, Sony Santa Monica. Unlike Ninja Theory, the makers of God of War can work well with both spectacle and tight responsive gameplay.

            I don’t know, I imagine Microsoft more likely to buy Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Onimusha or Street Fighter but not Devil May Cry. It’s hard to imagine Microsoft showing the campy white-haired clown in a red coat but Sony is often known for more variety from emotional to gritty to wacky.

            DmC? THAT Dante, in my opinion, looks too much like Nathan Drake. I mean the original Dante is as diverse as an orange bandicoot, a purple dragon and Kevin Butler.

            Heck, I rather if Nintendo bought Devil May Cry then we can get a crossover of Dante and Bayonetta at their silliest since they’re both silly to begin with. Even the guys behind Saints Row would be better when you look at the wackiness of recent installments.

        • Rayhan PromisedGallery

          Drakengard and NieR are Cavia’s child. Please, don’t group it with SE’s

          • crooger

            So, published by SE.
            Never the less, I hope to see more of Cavia’s work in future.

      • Aaron K Stone

        Enjoy FFXV…whenever it comes out.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Except they’re too ignorant about foreign countries and they’re proud to admit any problems or fault.

      The likes of Sakaguchi, Inafune, Mikami, Kamiya and a few other outspoken Japanese developers are actually concerned about gamers outside Japan.

      • crooger

        I Know about Sakaguchi’s “Souls with in” and Inafune’s problems.
        But could you tell me what Mikami and Kamiya faults?

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          I don’t know what you mean. All I know that all these developers are more outspoken, honest and are more open to hear and speak to the public whereas Capcom and Square-Enix make terrible decisions and are always tight-lipped regarding what they’re doing with certain IP and why.

          • crooger


  • Yuuki

    Please be Last Story 2!

    • James Enk

      i am not in a rush for LS2 but i think the series has a lot of potential and i want to see a sequel improve on the original some day

    • 古戸ヱリカ

      But if they make a second-Last Story, it’d have to be a prequel.

      • Mastery

        The Second Last Story

    • qygagw wgag

      but it was a decent game at best… Arc rise fantasia had better plot/cahracters and so did TODNW. really ls wat was so special about its narrative lol. its as black and white and simplistic as LO on 360.

      • Pablo Sanchez

        what is TODNW?

        • Chersea

          I’m guessing Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

          Personally, I’d say Fragile Dreams was the Wii’s best RPG in terms of gameplay, but others might differ. The Last Story was definitely a nice game, though.

      • Aaron K Stone

        It had likeable characters and good voice acting.

  • Ryudo9

    I will buy his RPG’s anywhere but I am hoping for a WiiU RPG

    • Sydney Losstarot

      Haha I want it for the WiiU too. I would like to play Sakaguchi’s next game, Xenoblade X, and Zelda. I am going to buy a WiiU once Xenoblade X comes out. X1 and PS4 only has FF Type-0 HD that I am interested in.

      • Ash_Riot

        My dearest enemy…it will be a mobile phone game. Do not worry, since I AM the reinforcements we may reap the rewards of a better world (of Ivalice) again one day.

    • AuraGuyChris

      Careful now. Anywhere also includes your phone.

      • CirnoLakes

        I think that Android and mobile is underrated among some gamers. I used to be too closed minded towards mobile, too, and I didn’t have a lot of mobile devices. But now I bought a few, and have tried using them and learning more about them, and have become more open minded and positive to all of the good things about mobile.

        There’s a lot of bias and bigotry towards mobile where it doesn’t deserve. Gaming laptops are mobile devices, and that’s PC gaming. And more and more software is going to support keyboards, mice, and gamepad. And Android desktops are becoming more and more popular.

        A lot of people used to tell me that I shouldn’t support PC because PC isn’t popular in Japan. But that’s kind of ironic and not true. Because mobile is popular in Japan. And what’s actually the difference between PC and mobile. There are a few differences, but they’re getting smaller and smaller.

        Isn’t a gaming tablet with Windows on it and Steam games a PC? Isn’t a laptop and an ultrabook a PC? Aren’t they mobile devices, too? Is an Android desktop a PC or a mobile device? What if I can buy a motherboard and a CPU and other stuff at Newegg and build an Android desktop? Is that a PC?

        I fully embrace mobile and how popular it is becoming for many reasons. No matter how many people here protest against mobile, it’s going to keep becoming popular, especially in Japan. But it means good things, it means that PC gaming is becoming popular in Japan and my dream of the PC having all my favourite games can come true.

        As long as fun games that I can play with a keyboard or controller keep happening. Mobile is a good thing, it is PC gaming, after all. It’s just another PC platform like Ubuntu or SteamOS.

  • Slickyslacker

    I read “signing session” as “singing session”.

    …I’d love to hear “Suteki da ne” from the man himself, needless to say.

  • MaximDualBlade

    Spirits Within 2 please!

    • Samsara09

      Lol.Nah,he doesn’t have the money to pull it off,fortunately for him.If he pulled of that beast of a movie…surely he is capable of pulling it again if had the resources.

      • Godmars

        That’s what put him and square in the positions they are now.

        • MaximDualBlade

          exactly. negative by negative gives a positive :D

  • AuraGuyChris

    Sakaguchi needs to retake his throne from Tetsuya Nomura and bring back the good ol’ Final Fantasy. Separated, SQEX does nearly nothing and its creator is making mobile games.

    It’s the worst of two worlds, people!

    • qygagw wgag

      noruma has been bringing back greatness. its just PS3 was so weak that it didnt allow him to release Final Fantasy Versus XIII because he was frustrated with the hardware. but now hes satisfied on eighth generation technology, so next year most likely GREATNESS COMES BACK TO SE. everyone falls once in their life. XV KH DQ FF online are all thats left i believe. idk why they dont make more FFD or FFT or FFC

      • Arcueid Brunstud

        Don’t hold your breath with FF 13 Versus.

        • qygagw wgag

          why. you think its a crappy game? you think whe nits ported over to PS4/XB1 and PC once development is finsihed its gonna suck? why the doubts? hnmm. whats so bad about it so far? noruma said movement needed work (he’s aiming for fluid motions and a certain speed).

          • Arcueid Brunstud

            I just think it will be moderate at best. Whats your because the kingdom of hearts creator is working on it.

      • AuraGuyChris

        “its just PS3 was so weak that it didnt allow him to release Final
        Fantasy Versus XIII because he was frustrated with the hardware.”

        That explains the HD-releases and what not to keep the company afloat, I suppose.

        • qygagw wgag

          nah. they gave MT the helm with FF13 and he screwed up big time. him and the rest of his divsion despite it being the largest during its time LACKED VISION (something Noruma has had since he began XV). plus they showed concept footage without knowing how the game would play and that took a few years LOL. and other things smh. but that wasnt the case with VS XII before it changed to XV. Noruma knew he wanted an action game with far less cutscenes more emphasis on immersion and Nojima helped greatly. but it became apperant to him the hardware did not fully allow this to the degree he desired. its no longer the case. in fact he freaked out over how much of a different 7 vs 8th gen is.

      • Wtv

        So the true Final Fantasy that people want is a dark western-centred action game? That’s weird…

        It’s okay to like the game, but don’t pretend that it’s more Final Fantasy than the last ones.

        • Me being part of Four Job Fiesta this year will speak to the inverse of that question.

        • qygagw wgag

          Who said it’s more Final Fantasy then the last? What is not Final Fantasy about it? What makes Final Fantasy? Tell me because the game contains over 15 Final Fantasy themes. It is a real time action Final Fantasy. Not turn base. If you want something more nostalgic gamepaly wise then go play BL LO or BD. If you want something more straight up cartoonish black and white than grey and black with modern themes then play go something more simplistic. This is a new Final Fantasy but still Final Fantasy. Just like comics do – Tony Stark was once in another era until he was recreated into our modern era. XV is similar but not a copy and paste of earth. its fictional. just more gruonded in the story telling, meaning less nature intunded elf races and more human vs human conflict. over resources crystals. go play your turn base random encounter chosen generic heroes fated to save the world game

      • Godmars

        “noruma has been bringing back greatness.”

        Sorry, but by what proven, released, example?

        I’ll grant you that 1st gen HD hardware was under par, but such wasn’t necessarily all on the PS3, which didn’t both rely on DVD while placing monetary based restrictions on said older format.

        Wada want S/E titles on the 360, didn’t care what that would do to production, and Noruma seems to have manged to hold out Wada was finally forced to step down, but nothing really productive happened in between.

        • qygagw wgag

          he said in several interviews the hardware of PS3 was not what he needed to unleash his true potional in developing what we now see in XV. it was the hardware. there was a reason he favoured PS4 the moment the dev kits came in 2011 (switch didnt happen until somewhere in 2012). there was a reason in 2009 his team didnt do a lot apart from testing because he admitted to the general public in more than 3 interviews the hardware handicapped what HE IS SELLING US!!! He didn’t want to make it half-baked. I go on what he said. He is set on giving us a good game to the best of his ability along with the rest of Division 1.

          • Godmars

            Not being comfortable working with hardware is no excuse for someone in a game *company* to ignore working on it, of tying up millions of dollars as well as wasting untold hours just to figure out as much, is far from an excuse. As much as it is a guarantee that *this time* things are right.

            FF13 was nothing but compromise, wasted effort and empty ego on the part of its key dev. Eight years, with no likely end, of as likewise promises on Nomura’s part honestly sounds worse.

      • Eder García

        “noruma has been bringing back greatness. its just PS3 was so weak that it didnt allow him to release Final Fantasy Versus XIII because he was frustrated with the hardware”
        so that’s the reason FF7 HD was never released on the PS3 after that tech demo?

        • qygagw wgag

          There will be no 7 HD. Give up dude. no one is remaking it from scratch with voice overs. and XV partly starts out like it anyway (the modern setting, Lucis – escaping into the fantasy). but thats just a fun tid bit. enough 7. it had many spin offs. even X-2 was stated as canon.

    • Well, I like Nomura so… this world ain’t bad.

  • Sydney Losstarot

    I am hoping for an original game or Lost Odyssey 2. It is a shame that people didn’t get to play Lost Odyssey because they didn’t have a Xbox 360 or didn’t know of the game at the time. I didn’t know about it and found out that it was a Mistwalker game after Blue Dragon came out and I bought the game used.
    I think Lost Odyssey is the closest thing as it gets to feeling like a old school Final Fantasy on a newer generation console. I think Lost Odyssey felt more like a Final Fantasy game than Final Fantasy X, XII, and especially XIII did.

    • Ash_Riot

      You have betrayed us both, dearest enemy! XII was one fine game, I mean, we didn’t appear in it and it was tragic, but come on, hear me out…the game was the antithesis of the usual Final Fantasy and that was WHY it was so great, so refreshing.

      At least we agree on X and XIII, never did like those.

      • Sydney Losstarot

        I never said I didn’t like XII as much as a usual Final Fantasy, just that it wasn’t like a usual FF game that has Sakaguchi’s touch. I enjoyed Final Fantasy XII a great deal, and would like more games with a similar nature as XII, but not as a numbered Final Fantasy game.

        A believe a certain feeling, style, or vision should be in a number Final Fantasy game. That style was not in X, XII, or XIII and doesn’t seem to be in XV, we shall see about that. Lost Odyssey is the most recent video game that made me feel like I was playing a Final Fantasy game that was made in the 90s. Lost Odyssey gave me the same nostalgic feeling from FF that made me become obsessed, hyped, and addicted to play more Final Fantasy games.

        • Ash_Riot

          I sor tof liked LO, but actually because it didn’t give me the feeling of classic FF, it felt like something different for me. I think the cast in that game were more like the Amano style characters rather than what Nomura would ever design. LO was a cool new RPG from Sakaguchi and the developers of Shadow Hearts. Never was a big fan of The Last Story though (really overrated game).

          I disagree that every FF before X all had the same style or feeling. Compare FF7 to FF9. Completely different.

          I think Sakaguchi is more than a little bit overrated anyway. It was basically the likes of Hiroyuki Ito and Yoshinori Kitase who made the series as popular as it ever was, thanks to their work on FF as designers/directors. Sakaguchi has always been the “concept” guy whilst those two were always the guys who made those concepts happen. And I’ll always value Matsuno over Sakaguchi, since his games all have that distinctive style and feel that separates him from his peers. Which is why XII is my favourite in the series by a longshot. No other FF game compares to me.

  • Godmars

    Betting its going to be XB1 related, which will then provide the money to make a WiiU title. If the initial XB1 title(s) don’t crash and burn for want of sales.

    • Chersea

      Isn’t the Wii U meant to be weaker (and therefore cost less) to develop for? I kind of understand he did something sort of similar with first making Lost Odyssey and then making The Last Story, but I don’t think money was the main reason for that.

      • Godmars

        If history repeats MS, wanting entry into the JP market will dump a lot of money his way, the titles wont do well in Japan because the Xbox band is just that bad there, so Sakaguchi will go to the next likely platform because of bad blood with Sony.

        And it was largely about money. The overall resource drain HD graphics represent.

        • LightZero

          MS pretty much given up on Japan. They already know they are dead on arrival. If the Wii U and PS4 is struggling over there there is no chance in hell the X1 will do even remotely decent.

      • darke

        The WiiU is just as expensive to develop for as the PS3 since it’s got the same level of graphics required. It was the Wii that was considered much cheaper to develop for since all that was expected was SD graphics, rather then 720p or 1080p ones that the other last-gen consoles required.

        • Chersea

          I was comparing the Wii U to the PS4 and X1 when I said lower development costs.

    • Kaetsu

      I know Mistwalker has experience working on 360 games but I don’t think the’ll stay exclusive to Xbox One since Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey never sold THAT well. I could see a Xbox One and Wii U release, though.

    • LightZero

      Sakaguchi expressed interest in making a Wii U game. He was impress with the controller. So if his next project is coming to any consoles it would be the Wii U.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Hmm…maybe Last Story HD Remix or Last Story 2? It was Xseed’s best selling localized/published game ever at the time, and they might have had a say; not sure if that’s still true. Lost Odyssey 2 would be interesting to see…I was never a fan of Blue Dragon though.

    I actually think it will be another mobile game…but it could just as easily be something for the 3DS if he is trying to continue his relationship with Nintendo. At that point it would be Itagaki, Sakaguchi, and Kamiya all in one place since Nintendo is making development/exclusivity deals.

  • ivanchu77

    Final fantasy turned to shit the moment this man left square :( , i hope he returns someday

    • Kaetsu

      I would disagree with that. I can understand how you wouldn’t like FF because the series has changed from it’s original formula but the latest games are in no way bad.

      • ivanchu77

        The franchise went from one of the most beloved and respected franchises in gaming, to a laughing stock in just one console generation, the latest games don´t compare in quality with the early days of this franchise, they went from absolute masterpieces that a lot of people consider the best of the best in gaming, to games that get mixed reactions at best.

        Nothing would be better for this franchise that the return of Sakaguchi

        • LightningFarron19

          The Nostalgia is strong with this one.

          You give way too much credit to a series in the past iterations and hypocritically criticize game post 10.

          If I seem to recall, Pre-7 Era only had 2 good games: FF4 and FF6. FF5 was so lackluster that the creators didn’t even bother localizing it for years. FF1 is only good for origin outlook. FF2 and FF3 are so bad that they are the two of the three worst FF games (along with original FF14).

          Golden age wasn’t all that grand either. FF7 was good but did have a a few problems. FF8 had a wonky story and awful combat (why do you think they haven’t expanded on this game despite being one of the top selling FF games?). FF9 was good to an extent but made weird decisions. FF10 was only decent with an okay story, great combat system, a weak cast and an awful graphical design.

          FF11 is like FF1: ONly good for origins in MMO style. FF12 has a decent story, jumbled up character development and a slow, monotonous battle system. FF13 was decent with an okay story, mostly developed characters and a entertaining Persona 3 like combat system. FF14 was a failure of course.

          The only bad in the series is the direct sequels and spinoffs (FF7 compilations, FF10-2, FF13 sequels). If anything, Square needs to stop with the direct sequels and spinoffs since they don’t work. Thankfully they are not canon due to how they are developed and the process of getting them.

          • I don’t agree with some of what you typed, but I do agree that too many fans are blinded by nostalgia these days.

        • CirnoLakes

          To be honest, I think that Final Fantasy was always kind of overrated here in America. And treated as too important.

          But it is true that there is a lot of negativity toward Final Fantasy and Square Enix today.

    • qygagw wgag

      so lets ignore XV…. ok yea ignore Noruma and division 1’s xv. a masterpiece. it doesnt take a genius to realize its a masterpiece

      • Tiredman

        Way, way too early to go around throwing the word masterpiece at the game. Final Fantasy isn’t masterpiece material now a days and this game won’t be anywhere near it until it is released and earns back the series former glory….if it is capable. We won’t know if it is capable for a long while yet.

        • qygagw wgag

          Early days of what? FF12, BD (which is bascially FF4ofL 2.0) Type 0, and RR are fine. I agree 13 wasnt great but sounds better on paper. And it doesnt take a genius to see XV is an epic looking game due. I dont get you ppl and the doom and gloom of FF, not looking forward to XV what so ever. smh.

          • darke

            FF13 was an epic looking game as well. Given the last three major releases of this series were somewhat lacklustre, it’s natural to assume that the latest is also going to be as equally average until it’s released to prove otherwise.

            XIII-2 was the release to be optimistic about since XIII was a dip down in the series, but having produced sub-standard product three times in a row, there’s no “giving them the benefit of the doubt”, they need to prove that this isn’t going to suck.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            I don’t really think that FF12 is really great game here.T_T

            It had one of the worst M.C there.

            And, BD is not developed by S-E there. Don’t forget that Before 14 become RR we know how bad that game become.

            Yeah, we see 15 looks great and cool, but to said it is masterpiece without even playing the game hell even to see anyone tested the game which havent happen till now, everyone should be wary here.

          • Tiredman

            To be honest, FF 12 wasn’t a masterpiece but I am one of the people who really enjoyed the game. I would love either a sequel or another game with that gameplay and graphics style.

            As for FF 13, I own the first and second in the trilogyk waiting on Lightening returns to get cheaper. I could replay FF 13. I don’t want to touch FF 13-2 with a 100 ft pole now that I have beaten it. That game is bile to me. The fact that all the arena combat was DLC irks me to no end. The fact that my absolute favorite optional boss in FF’s is DLC, bugs the crap out of me. The fact that my absolute favorite optional Boss in FF’s theme music was butchered in the arena, makes me want to take up a pitchfork. That boss is Gilgamesh.

            I am tired of modern FF’s. Bravely Default is everything a FF should be, save for the extreme chapter padding from chapter 5 on. There are so many people who tell Squeenix what they want, and Squeenix does not listen, at all.

            They are no longer even a top tier developer to me, let alone create masterpieces. I have my fingers crossed that they will go Ubisoft’s route and give many teams the freedom to make their own smaller games using graphics that don’t force a team to be 50 percent artists.

            I no longer get hyped by Squeenix games. I no longer buy them at full price either. They earned my caution, not my adoration.

          • CirnoLakes

            “And it doesnt take a genius to see XV is an epic looking game due.”

            It doesn’t look very epic to me, though…
            To me honest, it doesn’t look very interesting to me, at all. I’m honestly a lot more interested in Kingdom Hearts 3 than Final Fantasy XV. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been less interested in a Final Fantasy game that was announced.

            When Final Fantasy XIII was announced, I didn’t know how disappointing the game would be. And it was actually very exciting. Everything they showed for it was great. Final Fantasy XV doesn’t seem exciting to me at all.

            It has nothing to do with genius or being smart or anything, either. It’s just an opinion…

      • ivanchu77

        The game is not even out, come on……

      • CirnoLakes

        Final Fantasy XV doesn’t look that interesting to me, personally. I shouldn’t be quick to judge, but what I’ve seen about it so far hasn’t made me feel very excited.

        But neither of us should judge the game by what we’ve seen by far. It’s left a good impression on you, and it hasn’t left a good impression on me. But neither of us know it’s a good game until it’s released yet.

        Well… unless I suppose you’ve already playing it…

  • Yan Zhao

    At least Square is learning after Bravely Default’s sucess. You make a game thats actually like FINAL FANTASY (in the SNES/PS1 era) and people will buy and like it. Common sense. Hopefully this man returns and further straighten them out.

    • Guest

      yea its called XV

    • LightZero

      I always find this statement funny no offense. Sakaguchi has gone on record and say that turn based combat is archaic. He regretted going with that formula with Lost Odyssey. The Last Story fitted his image of what a jrpg should have.

      • Yan Zhao

        Whether he likes it or not, this is what people who grew up in the SNES/PS1 era likes, since that is the only generation were Final Fantasy were considered to be the best.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    I was wondering what he’s gonna do next. I hope it’s either involving Nintendo or Kickstarter.

    • Kaetsu

      Please no Kickstarter. I hate when big developers resort to kickstarter especially when this company is already capable of making Blue Dragon, The Last Story and Lost Oddysey. That would be like if Yuji Horri when on Kickstarter to fund the next Dragon Quest.

      • Eder García

        i heard rumors about Mistwalker in bankruptcy… if not then is in need of money imo so…no strange on seeing Sakaguchi doing a Kickstarter

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        That wouldn’t be possible because Square-Enix owns the rights to Dragon Quest so they can invest whatever amount they want and they whatever direction the game goes.

        Kickstarter is for independent game makers or small game studios to get financial backing from the public who believe in them whereas AAA publishers don’t.

        Capcom wouldn’t Keiji Inafune make a new proper Mega Man so Inafune left, made his own studio and went to Kickstarter to fun Mighty No. 9. If Capcom was involved, they would want half the content cut out and re-sell them as expensive DLC and throw in paywalls and microtransactions and the game a mobile-exclusive.

        Just think of the freedom Sakaguchi can get in making without any executive meddling like the corrupt running Square-Enix.

  • DanielGearSolid

    This is the guy that hates Playstation right?

    • Eder García

      i don’t think he hates the PS brand in general… but i heard he is not a fan of Crazy Ken

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        I would say, he hated Crazy Ken though.^_^

    • LightZero

      He is not that into Playstation, but he has no problem with it. However, he hated as mention crazy Ken.

  • zed grim

    blue dragon

  • SetzerGabbiani

    This Siliconera article from 2012 gives me hope for a Wii U rpg:

    Would be sweet to have a sequel to another Project Rainfall game heading to the Wii U.

    • Kaetsu

      I’d love to see Mistwalker work on a Wii U game since I loved the Blue Dragon games. I never played The Last Story(I will) so I’m not sure if they could continue that series or not but I could see Nintendo working with them on a future project just like The Last Story.

  • PlayLife

    Lost Odyssey 2 for XBOX ONE

    • Guest

      nah blue dragon. but blue dragon 2 is on ds. blue dragon is better for gameplay and funner characters but chidlisher plot since the story fits a rated E game more though LO was cliche in everything except the diaries

  • landlock

    I would have no problems with a Lost Odyssey 2 for the XB1.

  • Kornelious

    Hironobu never fails to make a good game, so I’m hyped! :D

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Mobile surfing game app ftw.

  • Aaron K Stone

    Wouldn’t say no to The Last Story II

    • Ban The Jackass

      The Second Last Story… Not exactly last but second last. :3

  • Please let it be a Wii u jRPG!

    • raphael


    • CirnoLakes

      I would like it on the PC, personally.

      But it does seem like the Wii U is the most popular console in Japan right now.

  • eilegz

    hopefully a console game for ps4 and no mobile game that seems to be a bad trend in the current japanese industry

  • LonelyGamer

    I know what he should do:
    1/Create a new RPG series
    2/Make it exclusive for 3DS
    3/Do the same way as Keiji Inafune who did the Mighty No.9

    • Amber XLeonhart

      that’s exactly what I was thinking XD Well doesn’t have to be on 3DS only xD

  • LaserVision

    What should happen is he should be making Final Fantasy 15. Let’s be honest, at least his Final Fantasies came out on time.

    (ok maybe plus or minus a year. still better than plus or minus 8 years)

  • Ric Vazquez

    Always hyped for a game from
    Hironobu Sakaguchi

  • thnkgod4mentlillness

    The Second-to-Last Story: Last Story 2

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