Your Mii’s Size Influences Its Fighting Style In Super Smash Bros.

By Ishaan . June 27, 2014 . 3:02pm

The physical characteristics of Miis play a role in their fighting style in Super Smash Bros., director Masahiro Sakurai revealed over Miiverse last night.


“Some of the physical characteristics of Miis get carried over when you use them as Mii Fighters,” Sakurai wrote. “The smaller ones become speed fighters and the bigger ones are more akin to power fighters.”


Of course, you can probably change these attributes once they’re in the game. As reported earlier in the month, Miis can be of three varieties—Brawler, Swordfighter and Gunner. Each one has 12 special moves to choose from, four of which can be equipped at a time.

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  • NTaiyokun

    Oh wow. My Mii would be like Sanic hedghog.

    • 古戸ヱリカ

      this game gotta come out fast

    • Noor Mahmoud

      Gotta go fast

    • SlickRoach

      Alternate Sonic skin confirmed!

  • JustAPrinny

    Man can’t wait to play as Senator Armstrong and Professor Pickle in the new Smash bros.

    • SlickRoach

      I used to play Wii Sports in college, ya know…

  • AuraGuyChris

    Don’t worry, Mario. I’d also be freaked out with the big guy’s face.

  • idrawrobots

    I still think the Mii character should have had a move set inspired my The games that Miis are in, Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Party, Wii Fit, Street Pass Plaza.

    • Barrylocke89

      I agree. The different mii styles is cool, but Smash is about celebrating characters and the games that they were in. Wii Sports, Fit, Street Pass etc. is essentially the Mii’s games. So maybe having characters look like the Find Mii Ruler, or using sports equipment in battle would have been cool.

      • lackofstyle

        Well not really, while most characters use moves from the respective games, there are quite a few who don’t. captain falcon, Ganon, heck most of the characters move sets are made up seeing that most of them are not from action games

    • ign0z

      I’d have been seriously disappointed if all they did was to use baseball bats and other sports equipment as weapons, but to each his own (and I haven’t played every Mii game so I might not be aware of all they do in some of them).

    • Hunts Rattata

      There are some moves like that; one of the Brawler’s available moves is throwing a bowling ball.

      • hawk222

        I think that’s actually a shot put.

    • hawk222

      And Wii Music! :D

  • Kinda wish there was a more magically-inclined fighter. I’ll have to settle for Gunner for now, but I’d really love a Mage or Witch archetype added later on.

    • Hope the swordsmen have some magic that way they don’t seem like cutesy Fire Emblem Lords or become Mii!Owains.

      • God

        Red Mage, Red Mage all the way.

  • MrJechgo

    Why isn’t it yet another in-game option, to make it small, normal or tall?
    Sounds like it’s gonna be a hassle to exit the game, change your Mii’s size, return to the game and test it out.

    • ChaosDT08

      unless you have a butt load of them

  • TheSoullesOne

    I seriously doubt it but i wonder if they will have clothing customization it would be sort of cool in my opinion

  • TheGameTagerZ

    50 Cent cool lol

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