Final Fantasy Artniks Dive Announced For Smartphones

By Ishaan . June 30, 2014 . 8:30am

Square Enix have announced Final Fantasy Artniks Dive, a free-to-play RPG for iOS and Android devices. The game will be released via the GREE platform this Summer.


Final Fantasy Artniks Dive will play like a classic 2D Final Fantasy game.You’ll be able to explore large maps, complete dungeons and defeat enemies. Square Enix say you’ll be able to summon over 100 different monsters in the game.


Additionally, Square say that the game will feature original characters, and that you’ll be able to outfit them with weapons created using collected crafting material.


Pre-registration for Final Fantasy Artniks Dive opens in Japan today, June 30th, and you can sign up here. If you refer a friend to the game and they register for it as well, you’ll get bonus items that you’ll be able to use.

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  • alhamega

    At least it will be free.

  • Monterossa

    What’s about that “quality committee” that they agreed to not use Final Fantasy name on trash titles like this? they probably forgot about it already.

    • ThomasTruong

      The quality committee consists of a chimpanzee, a magic 8-ball, and a senile grandmother playing a copy of Flappy Bird on a stool.

      • iamtehultimatepwnage .

        i dont know whos actually in it ( i think some people behind ff 13 which says a lot about their knowledge about quality imo)
        but your suggestions are probably as effective as the real commitee ;=)

        • Sora96

          Kitase, the guy who directed the highest selling game in the series…

  • KingGunblader

    Square Enix aren’t even trying anymore, are they?

    • Paul Rodriguez

      Sure they are. Trying to get as much money as possible with these free-2-play games.

  • Alex Cattaneo

    Yaaay cool…ow its f2p phone crap…..-_-

  • Aspenharls


  • KiTA

    It looks like the Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light — where they take the Puzzle and Dragons formula and attach it to a more traditional (Read: good) battle engine might be catching on. Hope this gets localized.

  • Land of Green Pasture

    they sure have some budget to make needless app like this, just do your fans a favor and give some new infos bout XV

  • Nah

  • Weggie25

    Its nice their doing this and all but id rather have another Final Fantasy All the Bravest

    Said no one ever

  • Dystopiq

    Thanks Square! More games to play while I’m pooping.

  • Zeonsilt


    • Paul Rodriguez

      It’s OK. That is kind on true.

  • Tincho Kudos

    If they put at least 50% of the time they spent creating weird names for its games, all of these games would be glorious.

  • subsamuel01

    Seems like square is just slapping the Final Fantasy name on every RPG they make.

  • SirRichard

    Had to balance out the SaGa and Mana news, I guess.

  • Ms_Fortune

    If all the bravest is any indication, they might as well slap an upfront fee on this.

  • daylightdies

    I don’t care for mobile games, but I am a sucker for old school RPGs. Color me mildly interested. In the sole screenshot the character design for the player team looks atrocious.

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    Is there a reason all of these very interesting looking free to play games are going to IOS and android instead of handhelds gaming systems? Are these games that the main video companies just won’t touch.

    • Paul Rodriguez

      None of them look interesting. The reason they are getting mobile treatment is because they know they can nickel and dime a bunch of suckers with all their in-app purchases.

  • Sora96

    Clearly everyone below wants Square Enix’s mobile division disbanded which is stupid.

  • Mc-kun

    Where is my TWEWY and Dew prism? I know phone games are common in Japan but come on.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    What is with all the clones fighting? Who ever is in charge of naming these games needs to be fired.

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