Ar Nosurge Will Be Released In North America On September 23rd

By Ishaan . July 1, 2014 . 10:01am

That was quick. Koei Tecmo America went from saying Ar Nosurge may not be released in North America to saying that the game is being released in America, to confirming an actual release date for the title—all within the span of a single week.


Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star will be released in North America on September 23rd for PlayStation 3. The game will also be at Koei Tecmo’s booth at Anime Expo from July 3rd – 6th.


Ar Nosurge will be released both at retail (at “participating retailers”) for $49.99 and through the PlayStation Store as well.

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  • KingGunblader

    Never played a Surge game before. Is it an action RPG? Tactical? Turn-based?

    • Neckbear

      The only other game in this series is a dating sim slash tamagotchi game, so it’s not like you can really say that much about the series as a whole. This game is a turn-based RPG with some input timing a la Ar tonelico 2, at least as far as I know.

      • KingGunblader

        Ah, well that explains why I’ve never played it.

  • r0gamer940

    too many games in spetember

    • Shippoyasha

      I’m aftaid it’d be a prelude to the wallet genocide coming in first half 2015.

    • Mr_SP

      September? The next few months in general are going to be unpleasant.
      August: Akiba’s Trip, Neptunia Rebirth, and Tales of Xillia 2
      September: Ar No Surge, Danganronpa 2 and Fairy Fencer F
      October: Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age Inquisition, Samurai Warriors 4, and I wanted to get a PS4 and Assasin’s Creed Unity.

      Just… My god. What am I going to do now?

  • chibidw

    They had to have already been working on the script for a while if they can drop the game out in less than three months.

  • Ugh… September’s going to be hard for my wallet with all these games coming out T_T

  • Now the world is right America! you get the game before us once again. Now can we move on?

    • otakumike

      No, Europe needs to be digital download only before i’m satisfied.

    • Anime10121

      And this I find rather odd, as the game was announced first in Euro, and even had an NA release uncertain up til recently, and NA still manages to get it first….weird moves TK weird moves (not that I’m complaining, living in the US and everything, but I still find it odd as well)…

      • Zero_Destiny

        It seems that the European branch is just more vocal, the same has happened with Nintendo a bit, actually. If I remember right, Fire Emblem Awakening was announced first for Europe, and we had to wait to get confirmation in the US (and then ended up with the game first somehow too lol).

    • Milewide

      That’s just how it goes. In American games are released on Tuesdays and in Europe it’s Friday. Why? Because tradition! Blame the retailers if anything. :)

      • eh I’m not so bothered by the release date. I’m actually glad it’s on a Friday since I can just play the game during the weekend without anyone bothering me.

      • Keksus

        When why don’t they release it on the 26th in Europe and on the 30th in America?

        I really think it’s annoying how Europe alway has to wait a few additional games and I would like to have it the other way around just once at least.

        I mean I don’t care that much because I already play the Japanese version… but just for the heck of it I would like to see it the other way around once.

        • Milewide

          Silly traditions. Break traditions. Broken traditions good.

  • Kai2591


  • Yagami Mao


  • GamerLegend

    A collector’s edition would be great, but following KT, probably won’t happen.

  • ReidHershel

    September is going to be like (refresh):

  • Stranger On The Road

    September, the month of JRPGs in the west. This will be the 3rd to be released that month… well, conformed to be released.

    • Jorge

      Which is the 3rd? I can only think of this one and Fairy Fencer F

      • DesmaX

        Natural Doctrine is coming September too

        • Jorge

          Gotcha. I wasn’t really interested in that title. Not JRPG enough for me haha

  • Jorge

    Thankfully I have a full-time job to pay for all these new releases.

  • nonscpo

    Oh well hopefully Ciel will make it to the VITA, glad for all you PS3 owners!

  • Anime10121

    Hurry up and let me buy this somebody! Place it in your stores for preorder NAOW!!!

  • Tyler Beale

    And the Vita version is where again?

    It’s funny how TK puts most of their recent games on the Vita, yet only bring over Atelier, Ninja Gaiden, and DoA to the West….

    • Anime10121

      Give it time, the game JUST got announced! They havent skiipped any of Gust’s Vita titles yet, (Ciel was pretty much NisA’s pass, as they were the one’s localizing Gust titles at the time). It’ll probably come over later on, as Tecmo Koei seems to be following Japans release schedule, and if thats the case, the next localization will be Atelier Shallie, then Atelier Ayesha plus, and then either Ciel Nosurge offline or ArNorurge +.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Well the Vita version isn’t even out in Japan yet. It’s kinda hard to localize a game that isn’t even finished being made. ^^;;

      I imagine considering how fast they got this out after announcing it, that it was probably done before the team was fully aware of the Vita version existed in general. KT is kinda smaller so simultaneous translations with the production of the game isn’t something they seem to do ether.

      Well anyways, it might come, as well as the Offline Ciel, but we’ll have to see, and good sales of this will probably only help the case.

      • Tyler Beale

        I didn’t know the Vita version wasn’t out yet.

        But either way, I kinda wish we had more of the DW games (like OP:PW and DWGR) that were put on Vita in Japan.

        Also I think TKA is making a bunch of excuses as to why they’re not going to optimize the Vita version of DW8, when Japan got a patch that fixed everything.

  • Learii

    I have to see the battle system before buying it

    • Jesse

      Here’s a gameplay video from back in January that shows battles, and bits of other parts of the game:

      • Learii

        you don’t have to protect the girl like Qoga right?

        • Jesse

          Only the ones who use Song Magic, I think. Someone else on here knows more about the game than I do. ^^;

          • Learii

            I hate protecting while I focusing on the battle

  • Keko

    Do I need to play/read something before this? Because I’ve only played Ar Tonelico Qoga, but this looks really fun!

    • DizzyGear

      Its set in the same universe but its a diffferant story.
      Qoga on the other hand is part 3 of the Ar Tonelico series. You should track down part 1 and 2 for the PS2 if you liked Qoga. Their worth it!

      • Akimitsu

        Just be wary that there’s a nasty freeze glitch/bug with one of the final bosses in Ar Tonelico II.

        • DizzyGear

          If i remember right this was fixed in the PAL release. There is also a unofficial patch for the NA version somewhere.
          Oh yeah. If your looking for the PAL release of Ar Tonelico 1, it was only released in Italy for some reason but game itself is in English.

          • Mr_SP

            Huh? But… I have the Australian version of Ar Tonelico 1. The collector edition, no less.

          • DizzyGear

            Are you sure its a PAL copy?
            When i was looking for the game i read it was only released in Italy and indeed the only copy’s i could find online were Italian ones published by 505 games.

          • Mr_SP

            …It is the US version. I don’t remember this at all!! What’s going on!?

        • Bob Slim

          I was never able to beat the game cuz of that glitch. I wish I new about it before I got it back then put a lot of hours on both girls sides. Did everything but beat the game I was pissed

          • Astraea’s Eyebrow

            Really? I though that it was only in the optional fight with that boss because I beat the game normally without any freezing o_o.

          • Bob Slim

            For me it was the end boss I guess you was lucky

      • Keko

        I knew about it being a sequel, but the LE was in my store for cheap, so I bought it anyway. I didn’t really like it, but I heard 1-2 are great, so I’ll track those down.

    • Ciel nosurge is the direct prequel to this game and while Ar nosurge is playable without having the Ciel nosurge backstory, you do miss quite a bit.

      There is also loose connection to the Ar Tonelico world in a prequel sense, but not nearly as central as Ciel is.

    • MrTyrant

      I read it can be considered a precuel of the ar tonelico series but it’s a different world I believe however you will see one of Ar tonelico characters appearing.

    • Keksus

      Well, you should’ve played Ar Tonelico 1 and 2 before 3. So it doesn’t seem like it’s that important for you. That said you should play these before. Especially considering that some characters from Ar Tonelico 1 apparently are in Ar no Surge.

      • Astraea’s Eyebrow

        Having played AR Tonelico 1 I’m pretty sure i know who these characters are hahah.

  • Nice to see we had nothing to worry about! Definitely getting.

  • Early birthday present!!

  • TheCynicalReaper

    -Sept. 23rd
    It’s like they hit the G-Spot of consumers. Tell me more dirty words, TK.
    Definitely buying this ASAP.

  • Kornelious

    Well that certainly escalated quickly! :D

    It’s so awesome that we are getting this game so soon, as retail, and with English voice acting no-less! Though I hope when they say “Participating retailers” they also mean Amazon, and not Gamestop (Shivers)……Though there is still one problem……

    It’s being realeased in September! Another game is being released in SEPTEMBER! And on the same day as Fairy Fencer F! There are other months in the year y’know!…….Well it looks like I’m getting a second job X(

    • Shinobikens

      I have like fucking 10 games to get in September. I feel your pain.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        Yeah, good time to go on a diet and start sprinting to work instead of using the bus. Ah, the life of gamer….

        • Kornelious

          Well at least there’s that silver lining……somewhere :P

      • Astraea’s Eyebrow

        Yeah September is turning out to be a huge month for games, and to top it all off theres the destiny PS4 bundle thats got dibs on the rapefest my wallet is gonna go through..

    • pre-order something now, and start paying it off asap. Bring $5 to gamestop every week and you’ll have this paid off at the beginning of September. Then just take a new $50 out for Fairy Fencer F.

      Voila! Still can make do with the one job! XD

      • Kornelious

        Oh if only you knew just HOW MANY games I have pre-ordered X(

  • pekikuubik

    Sounds like KTAmerica was caught off guard. This is unlikely, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they (or is it just one person working there?) weren’t even aware the game was being localised. :P

    • shinserph

      I think they were planning to announce it during Anime Expo, but KT Europe dropped the ball.

  • Hunnybear

    I am confused, wikipedia entry says “It is a continuation of Ciel nosurge released in 2012, and also a prequel to the Ar tonelico series.” So is it a starting point of a series or a middle of something? I am very interested in this thing but very confused about this.

    • Keksus

      What’s confusing about this? It’s a prequel to Ar Tonelico and a sequel to Ciel no Surge.

      Timeline is Ciel No Surge, Ar No Surge, Ar Tonelico 1, Ar Tonelico 2, Ar Tonelico 3.

      • Hunnybear

        but ciel nosurge never saw western shores (right?) so its a sequel to a never released game?

        • disgaea36

          But it’s a prequel to ar tonelico. Don’t be a wise crack now lol

  • Wow, that was quick. It’s a good thing I know how to save money because this Fall is going to be brutal lol

  • Death Saved

    So is DLC included?

    • Nope, that’s the Vita version.

      • Keksus

        There is DLC for the PS3 version too.

        • I thought they meant is DLC already included from the get go.

          • Jason Ryer

            if its crosssave same game vita would be cheaper for all the dlc.

          • True, but if the game is cross save, wouldn’t you need the DLC on both, especially if they are mission/story-based?

  • Keksus

    Ok… so once again they shit on europe by releasing it 3 days later there? What is so fucking hard about releasing it on the same day? I really don’t get it. They don’t add additional stuff for europe. They just release it in english only here too. So why do we get it 3 days later?

    • Astraea’s Eyebrow

      3 days later? I wouldnt exactly call that shitting on you guys. Rune Factory was always a year or two after. Now THAT is a Big Fat Dump lol.

      • Jason Ryer

        SMT 4 over a yr.

    • Well, it takes a lot more effort to coordinate a release across all the EU territories with their stupid, different languages (UK, France, Spain, Italy, etc.) and – more importantly – regional concerns. North America just gets the English version; easy (unless you’re one of those ‘French’ Canadians. pfft).

      Secondly, those regional concerns I spoke of there? The traditional North American day for new media releases is Tuesday. That’s when movies and music come out during the week; games adopted it too (except for Nintendo, who is weird and goes with Sunday a lot).

      I would imagine that in EU, it’s different. It’s probably different between the different nations, and Friday is a good compromise for all of them (at least, for one company to make. In this case, Koei Tecmo EU). Heck, maybe it’s Friday for all of them naturally? Which would explain that 3-day disparity nice and neatly.

      It’s always going to be more complicated playing to far more nations than just USA & Canada. Even when you’re just trying to figure out the best day of the week to launch a release.

      You tell me though – you said, ‘we’, implying that you’re an EU gamer. Is it different across nations? The day of the week when media releases? Is it usually Friday?

    • shinserph

      I think games are typically released on Tuesdays in the Americas but on Fridays in EU.

    • darke

      It’s due to the retailers wanting the optimal time for a physical release to increase their sales. If it was a pure digital release it wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Jumbokitty724

    Will North America be getting the Vita version? * crosses fingers!*

    • Jesse

      Most likely, though probably a bit after it’s released in Japan. ^^

    • Jason Ryer

      From the sounds of it plus is coming as well.

  • Arcana Drill

    *whistles* woaw, that was fast! I was expecting end of 2014 – earlier 2015 release.

  • Astraea’s Eyebrow

    OMG so soon! That made my freakin’ week.

  • Pinkemon

    I guess now that the release date is here I’ll repost something interesting that I’d seen in an Ar no surge article ages ago. (Don’t remember the original poster’s name, though)
    It’s a pastebin where someone explains Ciel no surge’s plot and characters for those who wanna play Ar, though apparently it’s still going to get an update one of these days and the author recommends people to wait so you could let it sit in your bookmarks for a while if you want.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      I’ll just wait for the game to come over

  • Weeb

    Good to see it’s getting a retail release. I was worried it wasn’t gonna happen after they shafted North America with no physical copies of Samurai Warriors 4 on the PS3 and Vita.

  • Jimmy Bump

    Oh no participating retailers who’s on this one? If I had to take a guess I would bet my money on gamestop because of other games being gamestop exclusive (Tales of hearts R *gives namco the death stare*) which sucks because gamestop sucks but better than nothing I guess

    • Jason Ryer

      LOL at Gs exclusive even though i dropped 5 for it. these days its only merch the games will come out on psn as well since devs are watching gamestop like a hawk.

      Id bet on gamestop and amazon by far first then secondary store.

      • Jimmy Bump

        I’m hoping on amazon because at least they don’t act like morons when it comes to games.

  • Red Antares

    Why on september!? why!? D: Fairy Fencer F also comes out in september! My poor wallet… >x<

    • Jimmy Bump

      September is a really bad call too like you have Senran kagura and other Japanese titles so throwing another into the mix isn’t very helpful to the consumer at all. And the announcement of this coming to the US was very sudden aswell.

      • Jason Ryer

        Dont forget the vita port is coming out as well with all dlc. and kagura bon apt for 40 bucks for both packs.Sao hollow still doesnt have a date and im guessing it will soon.,

        AkibrA trip 2 is august -sept, HDFN:REBIRTH is august, disgea 4 is august danganronppa 2 is august or sept.

        Its dry for catch up and steam sales. The summer sales are supposed to distract you till august june and july are always like this.

        • Jimmy Bump

          Its too much I’ll end up leaving games out because I keep forgetting about them so developers stop releasing your games on the same month or months.

    • Suki

      I know right? I just pre-ordered the Fairy Fencer Collector’s Ed and now this comes along. Not like I won’t pre-order it but geez. XD
      Square already got my money for the FFT:CC Collectors so I don’t have to worry about that but now this. Heck, I have so many games on my backlog already that it’s crazy. I just have to work it out. :P

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    September huh?
    Dammit, I already have Arcana Heart III:Love Max, Fairy Fencer f, Hyrule Warriors, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax preordered for that month.

    How about releasing some of these games during the summer you bastards.

    • Jason Ryer

      Localizations costs. Dont forget Tales of X 2 and akibras trip in august and Disgea 4 with all dlc

  • Yan Zhao

    Mah waifu Cas is coming in September.

  • Testsubject909

    *throws wallet at screen in reaction*

    • disgaea36


  • JohnNiles

    Super Danganronpa at the beginning of the month, this game 3 weeks later… wonder if there’s another game in-between for the hat trick.

    • Jason Ryer

      Akibras trip 2 is rumored to be august.

      • JohnNiles

        Yep. It’s a whole month earlier, so I’m sort of counting it separately.

  • disgaea36

    I’m excited so many great games still coming for the ps3 gonna be a busy winter lol

  • Rita Tong

    So like….after having played Ciel no Surge in Japanese, I’m legitimately curious how they’re going to deal with some of the GAPING PLOT that’s going to come up from the fact that they’re no releasing that game first.

    I mean, Ciel’s whole backstory is basically explained there. And it pretty much explains everything that happens from when she wakes up in the real world to who her guardian actually is and all that jazz.

    I mean, worst comes to worst people can probably just read a game summary (or ask aquagon) but I imagine it’ll be a little weird. You can play Ar no Surge without playing Ciel no Surge, but I really think you miss out on a lot of info.

  • Thats good news for the US, I pre-ordered my copy last week here in the UK

    • Xerain

      ….Until you find out out Ar no Surge Plus, and all those bonus features the new version is getting in Japan.

  • Armageddon

    And who said the ps3 was dead in the west? now if only they would announce plus

    • DamTheLad

      With all the JRPG coming in the next few months, it’s far from dead ;)

      • Armageddon

        Do you think it will be like the psp in japan where even after psv got released it still got a lot of support from 3rd parties?

        • DamTheLad

          I hope so, would be awesome that for example Xseed brings over the Legend of Heroes series that got release in japan on ps3 to the west!

  • DamTheLad

    I’m a big fan of the Ar Tonelico and took place with the Mission Atelier guys on Facebook to tell Koei Tecmo to bring this over to the west. Really happy that maybe this has helped a bit!

  • Aristides

    Well done, well done! We’re making progress here. Now give us a collector’s edition and a retail Vita + version. :3

  • Ric Vazquez

    Edit: More waifu for mah collection

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