The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC English Release “Delayed A Bit”

By Ishaan . July 1, 2014 . 12:59pm

At one point in time, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC was planned for release in mid-2014. That won’t be happening any more—Xseed recently shared via Facebook that they’ve run into delays.


In reply to a fan on Facebook, an Xseed representative revealed: “Nobody wants that game released ASAP more than us, but afraid it’s a bit delayed and probably the end of the year is the best we can hope for.”


Trails in the Sky SC is being localized by Recettear publisher Carpe Fulgur, and will be released for PC and PSP.

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  • Kaetsu

    At this point I’m just glad it hasn’t been cancelled.

    • Firehawke

      Very unlikely it’ll be cancelled, with all of the sunk costs for getting the license and the translation work that’s been done to date. Getting FUTURE titles.. well, that we’ll see.

      • carlospsp

        I doubt they are going to publish any other game of this serie aside of this one.

        • ANNONNY

          Wasn’t there an announcement about how Brandish and this was was the last PSP games they’d touch?

  • Fronkhead

    I’m more interested in the PC version of Trails in the Sky, which was meant to land early this year. I can’t hold off from just buying the PSP version *that* much longer…

  • otakumike

    Just bring it out guys, I don’t care how long it takes. I need to see the rest of Estelle’s story.

  • Firion Hope

    Debating whether to get the first chapter. I had fun when I played it a little but I’m not sure if they’ll do the third chapter (and even if they do they could release it only on Pc where I don’t want to play it) and I don’t want an incomplete game, hmm…

    • supposedly the 3rd game isn’t as connected story-wise as the first two, like there’s no huge cliffhanger or something where you have to get the 3rd game but rather the 3rd game leads into the ones coming after it, though idk about the details or the accuracy of this

    • DesmaX

      3rd is it’s own thing. SC has a conclusive ending

      • Firion Hope

        Oh okay someone was saying that might be the case. Welp in that case I will get it :D

  • MK

    What about FC for PC? Why is it delayed?

    • Bugs/problems with the programming. Estimated expected release date: around September or October.

      EDIT: To clarify, that’s my own estimate based on what has flown around forums and stuff, not official or set-in-stone or anything.

    • DesmaX

      The game code is really old, so the devs are encountering some nasty bugs.

      Doesn’t help that the main programmer for FC isn’t on Falcom anymore

  • DesmaX

    What a shocker.

    Just focus on the PC version of FC

  • Darkwing7

    God has forsakened us

  • Ethan_Twain

    Wait, which game is this again? Is Trails in the Sky SC a remake of the first game or a sequel? What’s SC short for?

    I know that there is a trails in the sky series on PSP that’s supposed to be pretty good and is getting a PC release, but I’m not clear on which part of that is being discussed here.

    • DesmaX

      SC stands for “Second Chapter”.

    • Houten Lee

      Second Chapter, SC continues right off where the first Trail in the Sky left off and will cap off the events at Liberl Kingdom

    • you have FC which is First Chapter, released in 2011 i think for PSP. It is now coming to Steam too.
      SC is Second Chapter, which is the sequel of FC, as it had a huge cliffhanger.
      There also is 3rd which is the sequel for SC. It sets up the whole series for the games that followed (Zero, Ao, Sen and soon Sen II).

  • Holy Diver

    Kinda expected this. Too bad that translating all the next games is something that could take decades, even more to see all the saga on stream or as a digital release for PS3/PS4/Vita.

    • XSeed says they have learned a lot from these projects, they think they can bring out future games faster (if they happen).
      There also is the fact that Falcom is a master a porting games to new platforms, there always will be hope :)

      • Holy Diver

        Thanks for the info. I really hope a great future to this saga in the west and they can bring Zero and Ao too.

        • i agree, i hope the games do really good as Xseed said they cannot justify bringing more of the series if SC doesn’t sell extremely good, to their expectations :) This series deserves it.

      • Roger

        Didn’t know about that at all. Zero no Kiseki script seems so absurd to translate, though. Ao and Sen are probably bigger.

  • Callonia

    Yus! Good to see this is still alive!

  • aizen310

    I hope it’s worth the wait :/

    • zzzSleeping

      It is worth the wait trust me on that!!!

    • if you played FC and liked loved it, you will be blown away by SC. FC basically was one big prequel to set up the series ;)

  • Considering they have more important games to localize like…I don’t know Senran Kagura, I’m not even surprise this is delayed. Not that I’m complaining since I was expecting this but still just concentrate on getting FC released as soon as possible because from what I’m getting here,they probably plan to release both game near or at the same time which in my opinion will slow down the sale.

    • Firehawke

      Senran Kagura isn’t taking any time away from SC. Remember that XSEED is bringing in some outside assistance (Carpe Fulgur) with the translation side of the project. With that in mind, it seems more likely that the workload is more of a slog than originally anticipated.

      • they’re also busy getting FC ready for its Steam release. And they DEFINITELY want to get that out the door before SC.

      • I was being sarcastic but sure….whatever.

        • why is that every time someone replies to you you say you where “just being sarcastic”? I’ve seen you say it a lot after replies lmao

  • Jumbokitty724

    Whoa a psp release o.o I assume it’s a digital thing only?

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      It’ll be digital only [this game was two UMDs as I understand] and playable on both PSP / PSV. Additionally, they are aiming to have the release be simultaneous with the PC version on Steam~.

  • meanwhile I am playing sen no kiseki 2 this september.

    • MrTyrant

      Me too but characters from SC already begin to appearing in Sen II. It’s quite sad because at least I wanted to fully understand their background before their introduction in these newer versions.

  • Kornelious

    Define “A bit ” -_-

    That’s cool, XSeed has a couple other things they need to worry about……It’s not like we are THAT far behind in the Trails series…….. :(

  • no problem

  • Go2hell66

    Did they wait until the initial announcement to start translating the game? I thought they would have been done ages ago but now all their other releases are getting the way :/

    • Firehawke

      There’s an absolutely huge amount of text in there. It dwarfs a Final Fantasy release.

      Also, CF reported this has been in the works since before the public announcement on a blog entry:

      That implies (like my statement below in this article comments) that this is just proving a difficult task.

      • Firehawke

        (Well, never mind.. the edit just took 10 minutes to go through..!)

    • WyattEpp
      See that book in the middle? The one that’s bigger than either of the other two? Yeah, that’s what they’re translating.

      Andrew and Robin were working on it for about a year before it was even announced, but it’s just those two guys.

      • Monterossa

        how about hiring more staffs? this company is so unprofessional and shouldn’t localizing the games if they can’t do it.

        • darke

          In the short term, throwing more people at a problem causes a large training and familiarising delay with the material, and cause additional longer-term loss of productivity due to communication overhead.

          So for a ‘short’ delay, adding more people could possibly make it take even longer.

        • WyattEpp

          You’re really playing the professionalism card? Please. You’ve clearly never done translation or editorial work if you think it’s such a simple problem that it can be solved by hiring.

          I’d also recommend you read The Mythical Man-Month and disabuse yourself of the notion that throwing more humans at something necessarily makes it happen sooner. In fact, buy ten copies so you can read it faster. ;)

    • MrTyrant

      I read that programing both FC and SC for steam was harder than they thought. Maybe it’s the script size or the game itselft but it might not be as easy as Ys for example and was probably the main issue for the delays. This is a conjeture of my part.

    • Naryoril

      The localization is done by Carpe Fulgur, not XSeed. Carpe Fulgur consists of 2.5 people and they haven’t released anything in the past 3 or so years, because they were so absorbed with this game.

  • shytende

    I hope it’ll also be available in EU afterwards.

    I’m just glad they communicate about this project. We can wait a while longer.
    I still have to obtain a perfect score on FC.

    • Tatsuya1221

      Well the pc version is probably not region locked, and while the psp version is digital only, the psp itself is not region locked, so one way or another you do have options.

      • shytende

        I was wondering if I could use my EU save on the US version.

        • Tatsuya1221

          No idea, though all you get for it is a exp up for a single character item, so it’s not a deal breaker for me.

          • shytende

            It would be more an excuse to remind me of the story actually.
            I remember the general outline, but I’ll have fun exploring it again.

  • Hunnybear

    bummer, but we trust you guys just take your time.

  • Blackburn7

    Finally some info on this. No problem with the delay as long as we get some status updates.

  • MrTyrant

    My life is getting delayed. There are so many localization and still my top one is being delayed… all of them but I was kinda expecting that since there was no word of anything it was obvious they are having troubles.

    From what I know one of them is that programing these games for steam is hard.

  • Hatsuaki

    This was sadly expected, I can see it in 2015 now. Sighs.

    • GamerLegend

      This is good since I’ll be busy playing other vita/PS3 games in the fall and winter that I might overlook this game since except for P5, don’t know any other JRPGs coming out next year, which I’ll enjoy when it comes out.

      • Hatsuaki

        Only JRPGs I’ve got my eyes on are Zestiria, Sen no Kiseki II, Shining Resonance and Persona 5 tbh haha. It’s a shame but we’ll just have to wait.

  • Still haven’t finished FC so it isn’t bad for me but for others… I feel your pain.

    Seeing those Vita titles that are released and ones to come… makes my soul weep.

  • dark-kyon

    well meanhile xseed maybe can do a sale discount of the first game to bring more people to expect this second chapter,jrpg these days tend to got sales in psn.

  • Siliconera, why do you keep reporting on the Kiseki series with lack of research? Literally all your articles are taken from Facebook responses which aren’t detailed. At least try to read the forum where Tom posts a lot more about the progress and issues.
    Or reach out to XSeed for a response at least.

    If you did your research the delay for SC follows after the technical issues they are having with FC, which they want to release on Steam first. The games are dated, they have a dated build. They have been in a vicious circle of QA testing to find bugs. Which they cannot resolve easily as Falcom themselves cannot support them with it as they closed their PC department years ago.
    SC will not release before FC is release, they’re trying to push SC for the end of year, probably the beginning of the year.

    Someone who loves the series and does his research on the matter.

    • Brion Valkerion

      Wow overreaction much. Nothing in the article deems need for more “research” they are simply telling those concerned it is delayed. If they said something like “its delayed because -insert something they made up-” sure then berate them, but they did not.

      • nekolife

        His criticism seems valid unless your expectation for articles here is just reblogged headlines. The additional information in this case is extremely relevant (thanks!).

      • in my opinion it is important to point out the lack of information in this article. I have seen them doing it several times with the TitS series making Xseed look bad in some people’s eyes. If a site like Siliconera wants to be reputable it is not acceptable to pull short statements from Facebook and only use that. Especially since the Xseed forums have a lot more information.

    • rekka_zan

      Whoa wait what? Falcom closed their PC department? D:

      • GH56734

        Chinese company JoyLand did some PC ports for Falcom’s catalog (Chinese-language, intact games with just a good upscale for all assets, high quality port, cheap price, but DRM sometimes) for Ys Seven, Zero no Kiseki, Ys Celceta among others (like the Kiseki collaboration with the new art).

        The recent JP Falcom PC releases were them inserting back Japanese text in those Chinese build. Zero PC bombed though in Japan, and for Falcom, that’s their last Japanese PC release.

    • JohnNiles

      Wow. Didn’t the series originate on PC? ._.

      Work lately has been a lot of “inherit code, can’t build due to obsolesence”, so this kind of news makes me shudder.

      • darke

        Don’t worry, it’ll only get worse over the years as our base toolchains get more and more complicated.

        I just tried to compile some Unity3d code that was apparently last compiled with Unity 4.2, in Unity 4.3… and it doesn’t; it needs fixing.

        I imagine in another decade we won’t be able to patch security releases since the minor-minor-minor page release differences in code will require us to nearly rewrite the program to get it to recompile in the new version.

        (Only slightly exaggerating; just very bitter at the moment. :? )

        • WyattEpp

          Build systems are suffering and computers are awful. You have my sympathy.

      • That code at this point is a decade old. 2004 era PC code, made for a very obsolete version of DirectX. Trying to update that for Steam and modern DirectX… Not the least bit fun.

  • Michael Connell

    I’ve waited for translation patches longer than this (someday, Miyako…), this delay is nothing even if Avengers 2 comes out first…that and I’m ashamed to admit it’s been so long since I played FC I’ve forgotten all but the key plot elements, so plenty of time for a replay :)

  • AkuLord3

    Sadface but you know its fine, i’m happy its still coming and all that especially with Psp being “dead” here, least Xseed are bring us some titles. So i can wait a bit more <33

    • darke

      PSP’s even officially ‘dead’ in Japan. There’s not much more officially dead you can get then that. :P

      • DeathDias71

        How do you figure that? Take a look at Japan’s PSP release schedule and I highly doubt you can call it ‘dead’ in Japan. It still has releases up until next year.

        • darke
          • DeathDias71

            The stopping of production of a console doesn’t make it ‘dead’ when there are still games coming out for it. It’ll be ‘dead’ when the last game is released for it. I think our definitions of what constitute a dead console are just different so I’ll just agree to disagree.

          • darke

            Clearly the Mega Drive isn’t dead then either:

            If you can think of a better way of marking the end of a console life, other then “the manufacturer isn’t making it anymore” then I’m all ears. But “people are still making games for it!” isn’t really a useful benchmark, especially not if you want people to take it seriously given the unusual exceptions.

          • DeathDias71

            A better way to look at it is market share. PSP hardware sales are no longer at a point that makes it viable for them to sell it. However software are still selling pretty well in Japan.

            And projects like that, that release games for consoles long after are exceptions but not the rule.

            It doesn’t matter if how you put it “people are still making games for it”, because the market for that console still exist in Japan, at least when it comes to software. It just won’t last for much longer as releases. As a matter of fact a lot of games that were only released on the Vita in USA was actually released on both the PSP and Vita in Japan…so it has remained viable for quite sometime. And just because console manufacturing has stopped doesn’t mean everyone has stopped supporting it just yet.

          • landlock

            I would agree that as long as games are being released for it. Then the console isn’t dead and that includes the Dreamcast really.

      • nekolife

        The PSP game library lives on PSV quite happily though.

      • landlock

        Tell that to Natsume I believe they released a new PSP only JRPG in NA/EU last week.

        • darke

          That can be played on a Vita, right?

          Sony’s not making any more hardware, so I can’t think of a better way of demarking a console’s dead or not. Because if you say “people are still making games for it” then both the Mega Drive and Dreamcast are clearly ‘not dead’ either.

          • landlock

            Nope PSP only as far as I know.

          • Sony always stops making hardware after it is 10 years old, partially because the volume drops off to where it isn’t profitable anymore, partially because the parts start getting harder to source once they’re that old. Of course, software releases can keep going for years after that. PS2 got a new game 13 years after its release despite the hardware production ending at the usual 10 years.

  • Anesia Hunter

    if it’s due to technical difficulties then i don’t mind, since i rather have a fully functional and enjoyable game rather than a crappy glitchy one.

  • Hours Left

    I’m sad the wait will be even longer, but I am still incredibly excited for this game.

  • Limbless

    Winter 2013

  • JohnNiles

    First thought on seeing the article title: “F***”.
    Taking a deep breath, not going to panic.

    • Mar Mar

      Because we trust XSEED my friend =)

      • Monterossa

        I don’t trust them. they have 2 persons do all the translations. what a cheap company.

        • landlock

          That is also one of the reasons they can do so many under the radar games and still release things like Brandish.

          You say it like it’s a bad thing.

        • there’s nothing cheap about that, it enables the translators working on the same level, working at the same quality with the same writing style. Otherwise you need to have an editor who can work solely on projects like this, which is more expensive.

  • Tg

    Will wait patiently until the end of time!

  • wererat42

    If it’s released on PSP I wonder if it it be as a digital format on Vita only. I wonder if it would be possible to copy save data for FC on to Vita.

    Also, having played Recettear, Chantelise, and Fortune Summoners, I have faith that CF will deliver a great localization; however all those games they worked on in the past were relatively small indie titles. The Trails series apparently makes War and Peace look like light reading.

    • The PSP format on Vita is compatible with the original PSP format. I believe you can copy a psp file to your ps3, then transfer it back out to the Vita easily.

  • disgaea36

    as long as its still coming out it doesn’t matter the wait lol You can’t put a price on a great rpg.

  • Rita Tong

    I’ve been waiting for years. A few more months isn’t going to kill me.

  • Kai2591

    Its okay. There’s so many other games to keep me busy.

  • Jadfish

    “Nobody wants that game released ASAP more than us, but afraid it’s a bit delayed and probably the end of the year is the best we can hope for.”

    That wording makes it sound serious. I expect it to work flawlessly when it comes out though, they have a reputation to uphold after all.
    Aaaaand I got Ys Seven and Ys Celceta to beat while I wait anyway, so what’s a few extra months of waiting

  • Vyrhn

    Dear Xseed, you can just put FC on Steam first, I’ll buy it right away…

    • that’s the reason SC is delayed, FC is having issues with porting the game to Steam because of the dated build.

      • Vyrhn

        Ah I see, hope it will be finished soon :)

  • Argama

    Uh-oh, this might end up like Grand Knights History~~

  • CirnoLakes

    I would rather it be ready when it’s ready.

    So I’m okay with delays as long as we get the game in good condition.

  • Haganeren

    I would be actually surprised if it comes out on 2014…

  • DamTheLad

    Stop releasing and lose your times with things like The Vampire Stripper and fix the issues with FC and SC please Xseed

    • darke

      The translators translating Akiba’s Trip aren’t going to be able to help fix problems with code. And throwing extra coders at the problem isn’t necessarily going to help given from the sounds of it, it’s a bit of a mess. (So steep learning curve for the newbies, and time consumed by the main programmers training them up.)

      • DamTheLad

        Well, I hope they will be trained enough to do TC faster ;)

  • Learii

    too old

  • Fox

    And they’ve stopped talking about Steam releases altogether.

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    Dear Xseed
    Please work on the third chapter pronto as soon as you/SC reached your first 10-20k sales mark!

    • hehHxC

      They should focus on chapter 2 and make sure we can play that game.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Not again (T.T)

  • Sergio Macellaro

    No again, danmit.
    I still hope for this and 3rd chapter on PsP (PC too) and thr new games on PSV.
    I wish live to see it happen.

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