Visual Art’s Kinetic Novel, planetarian, Is Coming To Steam

By Ishaan . July 3, 2014 . 5:00pm

Visual novel publisher Sekai Project have partnered with Visual Art’s to release planetarian, a “kinetic novel”—which is a sub-genre of visual novels—for Steam.


planetarian is a visual novel set in a post-apocalyptic world, with a linear story and no choices presented to the player. It was originally released in 2004 using digital distribution through Visual Art’s’ “Key” label.


“We are very excited about the opportunity to promote planetarian on Steam,” said Chrig Ling, licensing executive and co-founder of Sekai Project.


“The partnership between Visual Arts and Sekai Project is one that will have a positive effect on the industry. Though it had been speculated for years that such a partnership was perhaps impossible, I’m happy to say that we’ve made the impossible, possible.”

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  • ADiSiNS

    That’s awesome! I wonder if this will make way for more Key novels in the future!

  • kenshinx13

    …Key project coming west… THERE IS A GOD

    • RablaAndrews

      Its actually been available in English on iOS for quite a while now.

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

        There’s also an english patch for the PSP version. I used it on my UMD and it worked perfectly.

  • NegativeZero

    Kinect visual novel?

    Planetarian is pretty good. Presumably this is just packaging up the pre-existing translation rather than re-doing it all from scratch?

    • Kilicool64

      It will use an improved version of the old fan translation.

  • HellMuT


  • Ladius

    Sekai Project’s offer is becoming more and more interesting, it’s always good to see new publishers moving up in the vn and jrpg space.

  • WikiSonic

    This is nice to see. I really hope this opens up the possibility for more Key releases in the west. *cough*AngelBeats*cough*

  • UmikazeVN

    I already have the iOS version, but I might buy it on Steam just to support the localization of more Key titles.

  • Shippoyasha

    Damn. These are pretty big hitter titles already. I kind of want to see more obscure ones out there now that the big ones seems poised for Steam.

    Kind of want VNs with erotic themes, but I’m guessing such releases will have to happen outside of Steam for now unless they manage to get an adult gamer channel.

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      Well… you can still get a translated digital copy of Miles: Knight Of Anal Tyranny on Manga Gamer or Lightning Warrior Raidy 2 on JAST. Just saying :s .

      Also, Manga Gamer has been teasing Euphoria for a long time so if you aren’t too disgusted and offended by that one you could check it out if they actually translate it instead of translating nukiges.

      • Xerain

        Those aren’t necessarily VNs though.

      • Andrew A

        They’ve been teasing Euphoria? Nice. I’ve been wanting to play this every since I read Nargrakhan’s review years ago.

        • Juan Andrés Valencia

          They have. Constantly. That said, I hope Kotaku or hell… most gaming websites never find out about it’s release. If you’ve ever heard about the game you know what it involves and not even with it’s built in censorship option you could get away unscathed as a developer for making it.

          • JazzyMan123

            As someone who read through the whole of Euphoria, yeah….the content is just….let’s just say it has pretty much every nightmare you can think of in one package.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      You know darn well where Steam sadly stands on AO/unrated adult content. To the point any version of If My Heart Had Wings would have to also eliminate the possibility of the current uncensor hack working.

      I’d hope GOG might be an option, or say JAST step up with a better digital storefront.

      • LTB

        From my last contact with GoG, they said they were not interested in doing visual novel releases.

        Maybe their stance will change with time though.

        • 4shiki

          That’s disappointing to read…

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    Oooh, that’s wonderful to hear. Hopefully I can get around playing it when it gets released on Steam one day.

    I rarely play Visual Novels though…

  • Zak Ledward

    Now for Clannad to get Steam release

  • Holy cupcakes!? I had to read that three times just to make sure I was reading that right. I don’t even care about my suffering wallet. xD

  • Keko

    Planetarian today; Little Busters! tomorrow (with EX routes)!

  • Let’s get an official Little Busters and Rewrite release, now that’d be great.

  • Callonia

    I’m kinda shocked. Because ya know.. key.

  • Rita Tong

    I get to cry buckets again.

    Totally don’t mind tearing my heart up again to support more visual novels though.

  • MellowMadman11

    Just so nobody gets confused, it’s a kinetic novel not kinect novel. Kinetic, as in, you just advance through the story like a regular visual novel, there are no choices to make in this game unlike most of Key’s titles.

    Still a very good game though.

    • Solomon_Kano

      I read that title several times and still kept seeing Kinect haha.

  • Matty

    I love these Sekai Project guys. They keep ’em coming! I hope Steam is treating them well though.

  • Wondering_Zero

    Good stuff to the guys at Sekai Project. I wish I could have swung by their panel to cheer for this announcement. I’m hoping that this does well enough on Steam for them to get the chance to release Rewrite and Clannad down the line. I’ll be telling all my friends to read this one. I’ll definitely get it day one release, and if they can do what they did for narcissu’s soundtrack…Well I’ll be glad to pay top dollar for both of those.

  • rekka_zan

    Yay moar VN! I hope If My Heart Had Wings will also come to Steam.

    • Kilicool64

      I hope it won’t. It would suck if Moenovel got away with their complete disregard for translation quality and extreme censorship. From what I’ve heard, IMHHW simply wasn’t a good choice for a non-ero release because some of the sex scenes in it were important. And they went far beyond censoring just them and also censored anything even remotely resembling sexual innuendo, and even kisses. If getting a T rating is this hard, then just go with an M instead. How many people between the age of 13 and 17 are interested in VNs anyway?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Doesn’t much matter if the audience being targeted is adults who would play a T rated VN but not an M or AO one. And that seems to be the audience buying that particular title.

  • 0_0. Now this is a surprise. I want some Clannad or Little Busters.

  • Alphabet Soup

    Mind=blown! Will definitely be purchasing this when it hits Steam. Well done, Sekai Project, for bringing down the Key barrier. (Was it SP who did the iOS translation as well?)

  • M_A_K

    Oh god Planetarian. Oh Yumemi, how I miss you after so many years.

    One of the best, if not the best VN ever.

  • shield

    this is tear gas,lol

  • JazzyMan123

    That’s a really big surprise here. Though I’ll remain sceptical on whether SP will really bring over any other Key titles…especially Rewrite, Clannad and LB! (EX version) considering how the three of them are some of the longest VNs ever written lol.

  • Blick Winkel

    So… Hoshino Yumemi or Reverie Planetarian?

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