You Can Engage Up To Eight Enemies At Once In Azure Striker Gunvolt

By Ishaan . July 7, 2014 . 12:59pm

In Azure Striker Gunvolt, your primary weapon is the Lightning Ring, which Gunvolt uses to damage enemies and objects. In order to aim the Ring, Gunvolt uses his Dart Gun to shoot enemies and tag them as targets first.


Depending on the kind of cartridges loaded into the Dart Gun, the flight path and number of enemies that you can lock on to changes. Below is a look at five of the darts in the game, although there are more than that in total.


Violet Dragon: The standard dart. Allows for automatic fire and three lock-ons.


Water Dragon: Can be fired in one of five directions and ricochets around the screen. Holding down the fire button changes the firing direction. This dart allows for one lock-on.



King Cobra: Holding down the fire button charges a shot that can pierce through enemies. This dart allows for up to five lock-ons. As previously reported, this is one of the attacks that can be powered up using equipment.


Teknos: Two darts are fired at the same time. One goes up and travels along the ceiling, while the other goes down and travels along the floor. Allows for two lock-ons.


Hydra: A small drone hovers behind Gunvolt, firing darts in seven directions. Allows for up to eight lock-ons.


Judging by the different behaviours of the various darts, it looks like Gunvolt will allow for some drastically varied playstyles, depending on the kinds of darts you use and how you choose to target enemies. Watching more proficient players go through the game should be very interesting once it’s available.


Azure Striker Gunvolt will be available in North America this Summer.

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  • John Diamond

    I was wary of it, and i haven’t changed my mind that it looks easy, but i’ll have to try it. maybe actually tagging the enemies is where the difficulty comes from

    • Göran Isacson

      Yeah, I was wondering where the challenge was when the lightning ring seemed so incredibly OP and safe. I also wonder if the darts changes the properties lightning as well, since it seems to alter its color. Some darts may produce more powerful lightning bolts?

      • Mastery

        Yeah, the fact that Hydra has the highest limit of enemies targeted and is also a drone that autofires for you, it’s probably the least damaging, especially on single targets like bosses.

  • J_Joestar

    Teknos looks like Search Snake.

  • Kornelious

    Wait, the gun is just to target the enemy, and the ring is for attacking? I was kinda hoping you attacked with the gun and what-not….Hmmmmmm….

    • Look on the bright side; it doesn’t play exactly like Mega Man X or Zero after all. Which is basically what everyone thought upon seeing Gunvolt dashing, jumping and shooting… like Mega Man X/Zero :)

      • 하세요

        But…my lemons :(

      • Kornelious

        I wouldn’t mind that….At least then you are going with a formula you KNOW will work…..I dunno, I just feel that it kinda takes away from the action -_-

  • Man, between helping out with Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, and then doing Gunvolt and Mighty No.9, Inti-Creates is having a very good 2014. Good for them. I’m glad people are paying attention to them now, because the MMZero and ZX games are WAY too overlooked and under-appreciated.

  • Yan Zhao

    Cant wait to play.

  • Land of Green Pasture

    oh god it’s already summer isn’t? it’s really dry here and there in Europe, sucks to be an Asian here… and the release date for EU is yet to be announced…

  • D. Collins

    I wish I could ENGAGE in this dang game!!
    !!! !! !!!!!!! !!!↑↓←→B A START= INVINCIBILITY

  • Namuro

    Nice! This game looks a lot more complex than it appears to be, with all these customizations!

    Ooh… I wanna play it now!

    • Ric Vazquez

      Same here

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