Etrian Odyssey Games Discounted On The Nintendo eShop In North America

By Ishaan . July 7, 2014 . 12:30pm

Another week, another Atlus sale on the Nintendo eShop for 3DS. This week, both Etrian Odyssey games on the 3DS are on discount sale. Their prices are listed below:


  • Etrian Odyssey IV: Legend of the Titan – $19.99
  • Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl – $19.99


Both games will remain on sale until 9am PT on July 21st.

  • Jorge

    The only 2 Etrian Odyssey titles I don’t have…

  • So, is there literally any point where an Atlus game is /not/ on sale on the 3DS eShop?

    I mean, I’m not complaining, but at this point they might as well just do a permanent price drop.

    • machomuu

      Lol, I was just thinking that. I was worried, what with all the games coming out this year, that I wouldn’t have enough money for Persona Q and Ultimax Arena. Looks like that won’t be a problem.

    • DesmaX

      Almost makes me want to not pick their games on release

      • Hahahahaha.

        Your choice there, bud. I’m still wondering what ‘2DX’ means.

        • TheRealMalek

          Etrian 2 DeluXe ?

          (damn i was certain they add already announced it… guess i dreamed it)

          • I can easily assume this, no doubt.

            I just want confirmation at this point.

    • Astralwyrm

      Yes, If you own a EU 3DS.

  • haku67

    Which one should I get?

    • Kaetsu

      IMO, Etrian Odyssey IV is much better than Millenium Girl.

    • moogle.nine

      As my first EO game, I really enjoyed IV. I have MG but haven’t played it enough to say…

    • Ethan_Twain

      Etrian Odyssey IV by a mile. Millennium Girl adds a new story mode, but the story is absolute rubbish. Classic mode is far preferable.

      But even comparing classic mode in Millennium Girl to Etrian Odyssey IV favors EO IV. Millennium Girl has an absolutely horrid system for learning skills through items called “grimoire stones”. Grimoire stones are WAY more convoluted than they ought to be.

      The appeal of these games is old school simplicity and directness. Millennium Girl gets away from that with an unnecessary anime story and unnecessarily convoluted growth mechanics.

      • Ehhh…the story wasn’t that bad and to be honest it gave the game a reason to be played through twice (with the first certainly going into Story Mode, then classic). It gave you something IV didn’t in the regard of having classes you would normally not have at the start of Classic as well (which can later be transferred).

        I will say he’s right about getting IV but I would also say demo both. There’s certainly a lot more to do in IV but I would say that there’s an interesting amount of challenge in either that are different in a lot of respects. Untold adds in a lot of features on mapping and movement that I wish IV had, for instance.

        • Shippoyasha

          I think Millennial Girl arguably had the better characters. It just needed a more solid story. Either way, can’t go wrong with both.

          • Well of course they had better characters – the playable ones spoke!

            Even the silent protagonist a bit.

    • KuroNathan

      EO IV is definitely a much better game then MG. As Ethan mentioned there is a convoluted and contrived system of learning skills in EO that relies heavily on luck and grinding.

      In addition despite having a story mode, MG’s writing is… not good. If you’re going to pick only one game I’d pick EO IV. It also has better map design and class designs (the class change system in MG also was annoying)

      • hng qtr

        I agree with everything except the map design. EO IV dungeons are too small.

        • KuroNathan

          the total number of floors and gimmicks increased though. Keeps things interesting, the only real difference between the two is that in MG all those floors are placed consecutively while in MG they’re spread out.

    • They both have demos on the eShop. You should download ’em both and see for yourself.

      I’d lean more towards EO Untold, even though I have IV. And apparently it’s the better game – I do love it. But Untold is still quite good (going from the demo), and – more importantly – it’s more refined. There are certain refinements made to the mechanics that aren’t there in IV, like the autostep*. The story mode is a great introduction to the mechanics of the game as well, and it seems like a great entry point to the series all around.

      IV is fantastic, really. You really enjoy it when you get into it. But that’s the thing. I had to try the demo 3-5 times to get into it. Untold grabs you much faster since it’s introduction is much more gradual. EO IV wants you to learn a lot up front, and on your own. So if wading through a boring first couple of hours and reading a ton of text is your thing, EO IV has got you covered! It is fantastic, but not the best at first impressions, lol. Untold gets you into a dungeon and killing stuff much faster. You’ll see in the demos.

      So seriously, try them both out! You won’t regret it!

      * – autostep is like, you lay down directional arrow tiles on the maps you draw, and click a ‘Play’ button, and your party will move along the path you laid down. Good for when you’re coming and going a lot, doing grinding or sidequests or whatever. EO Untold has the fast forward option, EOIV does not.

      • Fen Y

        Autostep has been in the series since EO3. What is this?

    • haku67

      thanks for the comments guys. seeing them i’m leaning towards 4 but yeah I’ll see the demos as well. to see which one I should get.

      I never played etrian odyssey games before but I played labyrinth of touhou. that games makes me want to try this series that and the upcoming persona q :3

  • Pdugna

    And stuff like this is why I’m perfectly fine with Atlus charging $50 for Persona Q or $60 for P4U2 even though most games coming out for last gen have been either $50 or $40. Because they have constant sales, heck Atlus seems to be one of the only 3rd party pubs on nintendo hardware that actually has sales.

    • I bet they’ll also be one of the first to throw up 3rd party DS games on the wii U Virtual Console too. Trauma Center AND Etrian Odyssey seem perfect for a bigger touchscreen :)

      Nintendo x Atlus are really buddy-buddy at the moment after all. Nintendo does get along with their parent company (Sega) very well, and they’re collaborating on that Fire Emblem/Shin Megaten crossover too…

  • Adrian Duran

    clearly they are trying to enlarge their userbase when Persona Q is released and the next Etrian Odyssey game (most likely) is announced

  • PowerSerg

    Can’t wait until Persona Q is on sale so I can get it at the real cost of a real 3ds game, except with all that DLC i’ll have to wait until it drops even lower in price. It’s really a shame that they are going so big money on their latest stuff.

  • Wish Atlus would DISCOUNT THE PHYSICAL VERSIONS ALREADY! Even at the bottom of this page, I see EO Untold retailing for 30.99, 35.99, 49.99 and 39.99.

    Hmmm… actually I should check out that 30.99 one. I was waiting for it to get down to $30 (29.99 though).

    Oh sweet, that’s the Amazon link… and it’s actually 29.49 right this moment! Nevermind my previous complaint :D

    I mean, Atlus still takes a long time to knock down the MSRP on their physical games, relatively speaking. So it’s a pain in the butt sometimes. But for now, I’m happy. I’ll pick up the physical copy of EO Untold finally (even though I’m not quite finished with EOIV yet)

    • You never know, some games just don’t get a reduced MSRP. Such gems as Lair and Metroid Other M their publishers never bothered.

      • Shippoyasha

        Nintendo is notorious for their games being their original MSRP for years. Some of their games had the launch-date price for 5, 6 years.

        • HarakiriKami

          Because they sell for that long. God damn Mario kart is at 35.56 million sales total.

          You wont find OOT 3D for less than 40$ now lol. That’s sold like 2 million units for a remake

          But Metroid Other M? Sin and Punishment? 9-15 dollars on amazon lol

          But all their wii U games are like 40$ on Amazon and the third party games are all 10-30$ and its great. I can play an buy so much on my Wii U lol ( and rifle through even more wii games to fill my backlog)

          • You’re generally right – and you’re certainly on the ball with Other M and Sin & Punishment (just checked myself) – but all of their 3DS games seem to refuse to move much. Takes FOREVER to even approach -$10. Luigi’s Mansion 2 came out, what, 2 years ago? It’s only gone down 7 bucks on Amazon (it’s sitting at about $33 at the moment).

            If I had to guess, I would assume it’s them passive-aggressively pushing consumers towards all digital purchases this gen. And focusing on their handheld more since it makes more sense to have a digital game library there. The less money they waste on physical retail copies, the happier they are… not to mention not having to split anything with Gamestop, Wal*Mart, etc. so they actually will stock their games on shelves.

          • HarakiriKami

            … You do know Luigi’s Mansion has sold 4 million copies and is still selling right?

            And the digital prices are higher than the retail prices so that doesnt make sense either buddy.

            And yeah most of nintendo’s games have at max 10$ off them when they’re anywhere near “new” ( not 5 years old yet)

            Their games are “evergreen ” they dont have early hype launch cycles that immediately die after the game comes out like these AAA wester third party games. They sit on shelves at 20-30$ + for years and years while they keep selling.

            A game like Killzone Shadowfall’s price will crater after launch like that because nobody cares about it even if it did sell 2.1 million copies. That shit got traded right back into gamestop.

            And prices tend to stay even higher if a game has a low print run. Trying to get an old DS RPG is insane now lol. Infinite Space is 150$ on Amazon.

            Unlike say Zelda Spirit Tracks which kinda cratered to like 10$ after nintendo overshipped them and stores had a fire sale on them ( people tend to buy games less when they see it everywhere for cheap, I passed on Elite Beat Agents forever when I saw that and I didnt know what it was XD)

          • Shippoyasha

            If it’s like 2 or 3 years, it’s *almost* understandable. It gets into a really silly territory when you have moved a whole generation of games away and the price for new games is still way up there. I don’t really blame people who buy used games by then.

          • HarakiriKami

            The irony being Nintendo’s games have some seriously high trade in value . So getting something used is barely less than the MSRP so you can always make money back if you trade it in.

            Mario kart Wii is still 30$ because people keep buying that shit at 30. This game has sold 35.6 million copies lol.

            Hell people are still buying Super Smash Bros Brawl in Japan( it keeps popping back on the Media Create)

            If you want a nintendo game to go cheap you need to get it off their Nitnendo selects lineup

            If you’re looking for a sale you have to pay attention to their Eshop or the deals online

        • Yeah, tell me about it. As someone who watches game prices all the time, I STILL have Fire Emblem in my Amazon cart. Price hasn’t budged since launch… except for, like, the 3 cents between $39.99 and $39.96. Pfft. Nintendo really just doesn’t give a f–k. *sigh*

    • MXC

      Lol hate to brag but I bought my copy at 24.99 a couple months back.

      • wha!?! Was it new? ‘Cuz I tend to avoid buying used games… especially for a smaller publisher like Atlus. I want as much of my money to go straight to them.

        Just watching Amazon’s prices may be biting me in the butt :P

        • MXC

          Sorry for late reply but yeah it was new. I believe it was a lightning deal if I recall correctly. As was EO4 at the time. BTW might I recommend you, if you have a twitter account to follow @videogamedeals, I have bought plenty of game new and on sale and my Vita-chan thanks to it at amazing prices!

  • Kornelious

    Might have to actually get it this time now that I have more money :)

  • Aogami

    Alright, a lot of people here seem to be bias against Millennium Girl so let me give people who are interested in the games an unbiased comparison of both games from someone who likes them equally.

    EO4: has exploration segments outside of the main dungeons which help break up the pace and it’s subclassing system is easy to use but the negatives are that subclassing is basically another skill tree meaning that you have to divide your skill points between the 2 rather than dedicate them to your main class, also the game is the shortest EO game coming in at 16 dungeon floors and 9 side caves which are only a quarter of the size of a normal dungeon floor and the “gimmicks” for each dungeon are extremely simple not to mention the overall game is the easiest of all EO games.

    MILLENNIUM GIRL: it is much longer than EO4 coming in at 30 floors and a side dungeon with 5 floors just as big as the main ones and in terms of difficulty in both dungeon gimmicks and the main game when comparing the highest difficulties MG is a much harder game than EO4 but doesn’t have any of the side explortion elements of EO4.

    The game has two modes, story and classic, now the story in the former is not complete garbage as other people are saying but it is cliched and something you’ve probably already seen before of course with some differences but nothing that will really wow you.

    Now instead of subclassing the game has a grimoire stone system. Some people are saying that it is completely convoluted but truth is the game only ever explains the way to use it once and that’s it so without a doubt they didn’t pay attention and couldn’t figure out how to us it later but just to keeps things short is that it isn’t as simple as subclassing and you obtain these skills from monsters so it does require a bit of farming to get the skills you want but the upside is that you can have skills from multiple different classes and it doesn’t use any skill points so you can dedicate them to your own class.

  • HarakiriKami

    Millenium Girl has a better 3D Effect than Eo4

    EO4’s the better game, Millenium Girl might get some people into Etrian Odyssey more though.

    So I tend to recommend both

    Eo4 has better music/mechanics

  • They are 14.99 not 19.99

  • Black Is a Status

    you get nowhere fast in these games.

  • I hope they will make a story mode for Etryn odyssey 3 and 4.

    • Fen Y

      Hopefully they’ll make a good EO5 instead of wasting funding on story mode for games that are worse with it..

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