GDC Europe Survey Reveals PC And Mobile Still The Top Platforms For Developers

By Ishaan . July 8, 2014 . 12:30pm

The Game Developers Conference Europe has released the results of its second annual “European State of the Industry Survey”. The survey—which tabulates the responses of over 400 European industry professionals—highlights game development trends, tax incentives and more around the European continent.


PC and Mobile:

Top platforms for game development in Europe were, once again, PC and mobile, the report reveals. 58% of survey respondents are working on PC titles, and 60% expect their next game to be released on PC. Meanwhile, 65% are currently working on mobile games, with 64% planning to release their next game for mobile devices.



In terms of consoles, PlayStation 4 is in the lead as the “most active platform,” with 18% of survey respondents working on PS4 games, compared to 13% for the Xbox One. 33% of developers polled expect their next game to be developed for PS4, versus 23% for Xbox One.



The GDC Europe survey also reveals that crowdfunding is catching on in Europe. While less than 10% of European developers presently use crowdfunding for their projects, 41% plan to use it for future projects, despite European legislation making it trickier to do so. In comparison, roughly 11% of North American survey respondents said they accept crowdfunding for current projects, up from 4% in 2013.



The 2014 survey saw respondents pick Sweden—home to developers such as Mojang and DICE—as the “premier current game development hub in Europe”. The survey also indicates that the U.K. and Germany are expected to overtake Sweden as the top hub in five years’ time.


Tax Incentives:

Finally, 47% of survey respondents felt that the United Kingdom offers the best tax breaks for local game development. Tied at a distant second place were Finland, France, Germany and the Netherlands, each with 9.5% of the votes. Despite this, respondents feel that the U.K. is still inferior to Canada with regard to tax benefits.


Photograph courtesy GDC Europe. This year’s event will take place from August 11th – August 13th, 2014 at the Congress-Centrum Ost in Cologne, Germany, co-located with Gamescom.

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  • Kornelious

    Well this doesn’t help the “Phone Game-Every Game” crisis :(

    But that’s just me soooo…..PLEASE DON”T KILL ME!!! X(

    • Stormourner

      kill you over what?

      • Kornelious

        IDK, Just didn’t want anyone to get mad at me over differing opinions :P

  • David García Abril

    “Finally, 47% of survey respondents felt that the United Kingdom offers the best tax breaks for local game development.”

    It should be noted that this was due to a change in the law starting this very fiscal year.

    In other words, tax benefits have been this good in the UK for THREE MONTHS.

    Give it time.

    PS: It’s sad seeing how the Wii U isn’t even part of the conversation. :(

    • darke

      That’s because no one who owns a WiiU seems to care about 3rd parties; they only care about the next Nintendo game. This is the theme repeated in nearly every article about “Nintendo needing to do something to save the WiiU”; they just want Nintendo to release the Next Big Nostalgia Remake rather then seemingly making the platform more attractive to get other games on it.

      • yomachaser

        Nintendo dealt the cards this way so we have to live with it. In this day and age of lots of platforms no sane person would pick their Wii u for any multiplats.

      • dam4rus

        I own a Wii U and I have to admit it, outside of Nintendo exclusives i’m only interested in indie games… not because i want the “Next Big Nostalgia Remake”, but because Nintendo is probably the only company left with some honesty… they don’t care about flashy graphics, resolutions and frame rates (the whole resolution war is pathetic btw), they only care about how much fun a game is. Also, don’t be an ignorant fool, if you don’t own a system. Sure there are Mario games and Zelda games, but what can Sony and MS offer? The same uncharted, the same LBP, the same Halo, the same Gears of War, etc. Nintendo showed a lot of interesting new ip this E3, like Captain Toad, Splatoon, Code Name STEAM, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Hyrule Warriors…

        • darke

          I don’t own the system due to their retarded region locking myself, but sure I’m clearly an ignorant fool who knows nothing about the system because I’m clearly not waiting until it’s region lock is hacked off so I can finally buy one along with the couple of games I’ve been wanting on the platform.

          Also since I’m clearly ignorant, I wouldn’t know that Code Name STEAM is a 3DS title not a WiiU one so irrelevant to this discussion of Nintendo trying to save the WiiU.

          “Nintendo showed a lot of interesting new ip this E3” And that’s the problem, right? Nintendo showed a lot of interesting new IP 18 months after they needed to show it.

          And we’ll get the games Christmas this year? 2 years after they’re released? Maybe? Or next year sometime in Japan, and then Christmas of 2015?

          And most of them are Nintendo first party titles or nostalgia titles too.

          And you also admit to be one of the people not interested in 3rd party titles (other then indie games; but if you want them they’re available on every platform), so you’re completely proving the point. People who buy WiiU only want Nintendo games; so referring back to the OP post, in relation to 3rd party developers there’s a reason the “Wii U isn’t even part of the conversation”.

          • dam4rus

            Ohh, i thought we are talking about new IPs… because Nintendo has NONE right? I think making new IPs are a bit overrated. I mean we got Watch Dogs which is a reskinned poor mans GTA clone, Division which looks like a Rainbox Six game and Scalebound which looks exactly like DmC with dragons…
            See? It’s hard to innovate gameplay and most developer hide that they are making the same thing over and over again by naming it differently. Sure new IP means new characters, but do Nintendo games needs new characters? Would Mario 3D World be better, if instead of Mario we have Jack who jumps on something else? I don’t think so… And new character means it’s better? Most character fall into some archetype… So most of the time we either get a bland character or someone who is exactly the same as an old character.
            Also, i don’t buy AAA games on ANY platform. I have a fairly powerful PC and laptop and the last time I played a AAA game is Batman Arkham City… I don’t buy third party games because they are full of sh*t and i don’t buy games based on marketing *cough* Watch Dogs *cough*.
            I’m tired of big companies big fat lies, tired of big budget cutscene filled games, tired of modern military shooters..
            I have left some respect for UbiSoft for making Rayman Legends, Child of Light and Valiant Hearts, but western developed game leaves me cold…
            I think other people who likes Nintendo and buys Nintendo’s console share my mentality… Because I just want to have fun with a game and Nintendo is one of the few developer who still makes fun games…

          • darke

            Cool. Then why are you buying Nintendo then? You just basically described most Nintendo first party games in your rant about AAA.

            It sounds like you’d have much more fun actually playing indie games on a PC. They come out there first, have a bigger community, and there’s about a thousand times more of them on PC that ever hit the consoles.

            This place specifically bills itself as “great indie games from Japan”: Or you can hit up desura or steam’s early access for hundreds more; let alone just download them off the internet.

            I only own consoles to get non-indie games, myself, so I’ll play the irregular free AAA game I get with PS+ and the like, while continuing to play my indies on my PC.

      • sd28

        it would help if third party game people a reason to buy the Nintendo console version over others as currently there isnt any reason to.

    • Namuro

      That’s to be expected, though. Nowadays, it’s easier to impress the crowd with “pretty graphics”, which is why everyone want to develop on the newest platform that allows them to push the graphical limit… even if just a tinyyyy bit more; rather than coming up with something unique that makes use of technologies like the Wii U GamePad.

      • yomachaser

        Yeah cause that’s why devs don’t want to touch the Wii u.

  • Lavos

    What a shitty survey, just flats out ignores the WiiU.

    • Matty

      Um, I don’t think that’s so much the survey’s fault as opposed to recent events..

  • Princess_Eevee9

    I see the Wii U was ignored due to them being afraid of positive for the system and Nintendo.

  • WhyWai

    and 99% of the mobile games are F2P bullshits..

    • Stormourner

      I think not =P

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