With No F-Zero Or Wipeout On The Horizon, Perhaps Radial-G Can Fill That Void

By Ishaan . July 9, 2014 . 3:31pm


Over the last few years, we’ve seen a number of smaller developers attempt to fill the void that was created when Nintendo decided to bench F-Zero and Sony closed down Wipeout developer Studio Liverpool. There have been a few decent attempts to replace those games—some of which we’ve covered in depth at Siliconera—but what we haven’t really seen is an attempt by someone with experience making racers.


This is what gives me hope for Radial-G, even though the idea of yet another futuristic racer is hardly new. The game, which is asking a mere £50,000 on Kickstarter, is directed by Geoff Cullen, who has helped design games like Split Second, Pure and Moto GP ‘06. In fact, the majority of Cullen’s LinkedIn resumé is a long list of racing games he’s helped develop over the years. Prior to his days as a designer, he even served as a QA Technician on one of my personal favourites—Extreme-G 2.


Radial-G is being developed by Tammeka Games, a five-man team based in Brighton, UK. When it ships, the game will feature both single and multiplayer modes, support for up to 32 AI and human opponents, nine race tracks (with more to be released in future updates) and three ship types (again, with more scheduled for future release). A future update will also add weapons to the game.


The game’s single-player mode will feature a story that you can play through, and you’ll have the ability to customize your ships for different race tracks as well. On that note, the race tracks in Radial-G are tubular, which means you can race along the bottom or the sides as well.


Radial-G is currently planned for release in Q3 2014. The game is being developed with Oculus Rift support in mind, although naturally it works on a regular PC monitor as well. A playable single-player demo of the game is available via its Kickstarter page.

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  • HarakiriKami
  • ThatGuy3190_7

    I think why most futuristic racers fail to fill the F-Zero void is because they do not have any or lack characters and/or their backstory.

    • HarakiriKami

      And the gameplay’s rather different in general

    • Ginko29

      WipEout doesn’t have any of that and it’s (was…) awesome!

    • TrevHead

      I disagree, speed, arcade like but nuanced handling with electronic beats and a sci-fi look is what makes a great Futuristic Racer

      • ThatGuy3190_7

        I agree with you there, but F-Zero had something that separated itself from other futuristic racers.

      • We have all that, plus more!

    • DesmaX

      Oh yeah, I miss such fascinating characters such as Captain Falcon and… and…

      • ThatGuy3190_7

        Mr. EAD, James McCloud, Samurai Goroh, Bio Rex, Zoda, Leon, Gomar & Shioh, Dr. Clash, Blood Falcon, Jodi Summers. Just to name a few of the many and memoriable characters.

    • NightzeroAX

      You forgot epic music (Mute City, Big Blue, Fire Field etc.)

      • ThatGuy3190_7

        Let us not forget about Silence (Dream Chaser).

  • DesmaX

    Split/Second and Blur were actually pretty damn good.

    Let me try that demo

  • TrevHead

    Interesting take on the sub genre, all the indie FR’s I’ve played over the years are just poor man’s clones of WipEout & FZero missing much of the nuanced handling that make the genre so great. Putting the game on a tube allows the devs to side step all that while still focussing on speed and electronic beats.

    • Thanks for the feedback, be sure to get involved and support us reach our goals of releasing a full game

  • Mace

    I just want a racing game where I can go fast again… I miss Wipeout. I was hoping FireSprite would have something to show this past E3. And a new F-ZERO is way overdue. Distance looks pretty cool though. Very Rush 2049.

    • Mir Teiwaz

      I believe Miyamoto said they wouldn’t make another one until they find something new to do with it, which I feel is just friggin’ stupid. Put it on WiiU in 1080p/60 like Mario Kart is and I’m sure people will love it. It doesn’t NEED to do anything new.

      • HarakiriKami

        Yes it does.

        Tired of fucking sports games that are just roster updates that fans gobble up every single fucking day.

        Honestly though Mario Kart 8 is scratching my F-zero itch playing with just Coins and mushrooms.

        (that and the games on the Wii U, GCN VC is long overdue BTW, hope they put M2 on it and its as nice as the GBA games are)

  • Shippoyasha

    The best thing about F-Zero GX was the hilarious post race interviews and characters all having really over the top, comic book style characterizations and personalities. The way Sega did the music was godlike as well.


    The stage they are showcasing in that video does look very much like Fire Field in GX. It looks pretty good. I wonder how the sensation would be like with Oculus.

  • PreyMantis

    Still looks kinda slow in comparison to F-Zero…

    • We’ll have faster ship options in the full game if you get involved and pledge support

      • PreyMantis

        That’s great to know, but I’ve learned my lesson with pledging.

  • Dray

    F-Zero: The best SciFi racer ever made. Why was it stopped? The rise of noob gamers. PS copied five years later with a release of the inferior wipeout. They made their last game 7 years ago whereas F-Zero made theirs a decade ago. To this day I am pissed that they won’t make a new one. I was so good at the game, made so much money at the arcades too on AX. They don’t have those anymore either, near me, so my old GX memory card with all the data has just been collecting dust…nothing can ever match F-Zero on a console. Closest experience one will get these days are mobile games.

    • Eder García

      Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that he doesn’t know what to do with F-Zero so, imho, Nintendo took some F-Zero ideas and focus on Mario Kart

      • Dray

        Yeah but I don’t like that. That’s practically killing off fzero for good, as much I like Mario kart, by using is physics with the hysteria surrounding MK there’s no way they’d bother with the old racer. They gave up on a genius racer. The ship is the weapon. The world is the course. There’s no consolation for such a loss.

    • Or Radial-G ;)

  • I just want a new Extreme G game, if that’s not too much to ask. I can’t remember how the 3rd one faired, but the first 2 were such fantastic games.

    • I don’t even know who has the rights to Extreme-G any more. They used to be with Acclaim.

      • Yeah, that’s the problem. I guess we’ll just have to wait for a former dev or big fan to start an indie version of their own.

        • I miss Extreme-G immensely, too. I always thought it had better weapons than Wipeout did. Rear-Fire Rockets were so much fun to use. Plus, the bikes in Extreme G had real personality.

        • Like we have, you mean? :)

      • Paul Rodriguez

        Throwback Entertainment owns it. Along with various other Acclaim IPs (Vexx, Aggressive Inline, among others). I’m not sure about the total number of titles they own but it is over 150.

        • Oh, wow. I think I recall reading about this ages ago and completely forgot about it. Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunate that the IP is with someone that likely doesn’t intend to do anything with it…

          • Paul Rodriguez

            I really do not understand what their intentions were behind the purchases but I remember hearing they intend to do something with the IPs (take them to the next generation I think was used). It’s been about 9-10 years since that.was said.

          • Your comment reminded me that I’ve actually e-mailed Throwback Entertainment a couple of times over the last few years, to ask about Acclaim’s IP. I guess it must have slipped my mind completely. Sadly, they’ve never replied.

          • Paul Rodriguez

            It must have slipped their minds as well (just like their IP ownership). Perhaps someone should get in contact with them. I’d like to see them license some games out instead of leaving them on the wayside and forgotten.

          • Yeah, at the very least, I’d like to see Extreme-G and G2 on the Virtual Console if nothing else. I still have my old PC copy of Extreme G-2, but the blasted thing just won’t work on modern versions of Windows.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    I miss Extreme-G. Throwback Entertainment buying Acclaim’s IPs was a terrible idea. They have no interest in them. Right now it seems they are interested in little things like their sports app on iOS. Reviving some of the purchased IPs, be it on consoles, handheld, or even mobile would be something great. I do not see it happening as they have amassed a HUGE library of titles and have done nothing with them. It’s a crying shame.

    This reminds me of when 3DO was on the chopping block. Many of their IPs sold but not many returned. There were even some that never even found a buyer.

    • You know it’s unfortunate when the closest thing we’ve seen to Extreme-G in recent memory is Final Fantasy VII: G-Bike (which looks great, but it isn’t a racer). God, I miss that series so much. To this day, I feel Extreme-G had better weapons and race tracks than Wipeout has ever had.

      • Paul Rodriguez

        I adored the Extreme-G games. Between games like Extreme-G, Wipeout, Kinetica, and Jet Moto, Extreme-G was the game I came back to the most. I think the world is ready for a new one.

        • For now and probably forever, we’ll have Radial-G – help make it happen!

  • Namuro

    Hey! Not cool, brah! I was just getting my eyes crossed, ready to watch in 3D, then you switched back to a normal video!

    You took away my immersion!

    Anyway, it’s pretty cool that the game supports Oculus Rift as well. Speaking of which… I keep thinking that maybe Nintendo will come up with their own reality headset for the next console… If they do, maybe they’ll release a new F-Zero, then.

    Also, if they do, that fake trailer from 2005 will (sort of) become a reality as well!

  • NO! Split/Second talent making a futuristic racer?! I really don’t want to throw money at another Kickstarter right now :'( *reaches for wallet*

    I wanted another futuristic racer so badly these past few months that I’ve been picking up old PS2 ones from Amazon for <$17 or so. Games like Extreme-G 3, Powerdrome, Midway Arcade Treasures 3 (it has Rush 2049 on it), etc. Hearing that a Split/Second guy is working on it? That just seals the deal. But MAN! UGH! Can't he wait for some other campaigns to finish up!? Robotech Academy? Timespinner? Twinsouls? UGH :(

    • Sorry! But glad you are excited about it too, we certainly are

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