Capcom Planning Next Street Fighter, Will Announce Something “Soon”

By Ishaan . July 13, 2014 . 7:47pm

Capcom Deputy Head of Consumer Games Development Yoshinori Ono gave a tiny speech before the Ultra Street Fighter IV finals at the EVO 2014 championships today.


Ono jokingly apologized for Street Fighter still being at “Ultra” while the Tekken series is currently at number 7. He went on to say that Capcom are planning the advancement of the Street Fighter series, and asked the crowd for their patience.


Capcom will be announcing something “soon,” Ono said, although he didn’t specify just when this would be.

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  • César H. Sandoval

    Better be SFV and not another reissue of IV, Ono!

  • MasterScrub

    Oh so THAT’S what he was saying. I couldn’t make out a word of what he said.

    • Haha, don’t be mean. He tries hard. It isn’t easy for Japanese speakers to adjust to English unless they have a chance to use it very often.

      • MasterScrub

        I’d never be mean to Ono, I love the guy! I think it’s great he’s actually bothered to learn English when he could easily just use a translator.

  • subsamuel01

    Seeing as how they just released Ultra I don’t expect them to make an announcement this year at least.

  • The Watcher

    Coming 2018

    • ThatGuy3190_7

      You know, that actually sounds accurate.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    it’ll be Ultra Street Fighter 4 Arcade Remix :V

    • Paul Rodriguez

      It’ll be Super Ultra Street Fighter Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α IV

      • Ni ~Algidus~

        don forget the “DASH”

      • Black Heaven

        Curse you! I wanna say that too. :D
        I’m a minute too late!

      • Kaminari683

        Sassafras… Beat me to it…

    • Richard N

      It never gets old. It will live on like Cake and Arrow jokes.

      • ishyg

        At least it will live, unlike Megaman barely breathing through licensing.

        • Richard N

          … what does that have to do with anything about Street Fighter? Wounds are still fresh I see.

          • ishyg

            Wounds of the heart never heal, even with time.

      • Death Metal

        Pretty true. :3

  • Paul Rodriguez

    All this fighting game news is going to overload me.

  • 古戸ヱリカ

    The next Street Fighter will jump straight to Street Fighter 9, to make up for all the other versions.

    • makoko and sakura as women i wonder how powerful they will be

      • Death Metal

        You mean as “adults”? Because they have always been women. :P

        • they are still girls makoto lilke 16teen
          and sakura like 17teen

  • God

    About goddamn time!

  • Guest

    So I guess the dream of Tekken x Street Fighter is dead.

    Can’t believe it’s already been 4 years since the announcement.

    • DragKudo

      They were going to announce another game before T7 GOT LEAKED.

      Getting sick of these comments.

    • Vinny hawj

      You need to read carefully. It was leaked from Ono. Bastard, We could of have Tekken X street fighter trailer, but that Ono leaked it.

      • Justin Graham

        Ono is one crafty son of a Blanka.

    • I believe Comic Con is where this is going to be announced . Where are most crossover from? Comics! Harada showed a short teaser trailer of Tekken 7 at evo and said when he walked on stage he is working on 3 new fighting game and has 3 announcement. But he wanted to show us something eles beside tekken7 Because it was leak he just went with it ! July 25, 2014, is San Diego Comic Con.who knows what will happen …..

    • ffboi7

      Still got Comic-Con in a week. I think it would be great if they showed off TxSF at Comic-Con since thats where they made the initial announcement. So lets just hold out one more time before we hammer the final nail into its coffin.

  • Frank Bautista

    Considering Mortal Kombat X’s getting more info being released and Tekken 7 was just announced, it’s only fitting Capcom should rally up some Street Fighter interest by announcing a new installment!

    • ffboi7

      Yap agreed. So far Capcom, SNK and Tecmo are the only ones of the major fighting game developers who have yet to announce anything for the current gen systems. Netherrealm has MKX, BamCo has Tekken 7, Arc System has Guilty Gear Xrd which comes out this year. Hopefully with TGS coming up soon we’ll get an announcement from all 3.

      • Death Metal

        Man, forget SNK, as much as it hurts to say that.

  • DragKudo

    I’m joking or am I?

    • fairysun

      Lol, one of the best movie I ever watched.

  • Wargreymon559 .

    Mehh give me Bloody Roar or give me death?

    • Stickz

      I remember picking up Bloody Roar 2, i knew nothing about it, I liked the cover and it was cheap (<5 euros), that was maybe the best value I ever got :) Jenny was awesome <3

    • Not until Konami actually gives a crap about Hudsonsoft.

      They’re like EA. Acquiring companies and doing absolutely nothing with them.

  • Twilleppac

    Yeash, can’t even wait for the dust to settle on Ultra can they…

  • Digidyne017

    Giga Ultra Super Street Fighter IV, now including Urien!

    • ffboi7

      The FGC would be fine with this plus 3 more characters.

  • Chardo

    Capcom vs Snk 3 plz

    • leingod

      The King of Street Fighters would be freaking epic.

    • My only complaint about cvs3 would be two things if it looks like sf4 and play’s like sf4 o god!
      I prefer it to play like kof13 or sf3

      • ffboi7

        SFxT didn’t turn out too bad. Though I’d prefer if they used their new engine (Panta Rhei) and made everything from the ground up rather then recycling SFIV models for CVS3. Or have a true collaboration with SNK Playmore and work with them on new sprites :D

      • Lionxie

        CvS2 was a mix of SF Alpha, KoF, and SFIII. A Dash of Garou and Samurai Shodown too in K Groove.

        I think putting SFIV-like systems to honor it is fine. Just like CvS2 did to its previous versions of KoF/SF. It would have to be tweaked of course just like all the other Grooves but it should have things from KoFXIII/SFIV to honor it in addition to the other systems from older games.

      • Chardo

        neither actually, I would prefer it to play like Alpha3 or kof98

  • RunningWild1984

    What I want to know is where is the next KOF?

    Or Virtua Fighter. SNK! Sega! WAKE UP.


    • NeoStrayCat

      You’re not the only one…>_>

    • roockie112

      I feel your pain

    • Snk is currently working on a new 3d fighting game

      And sega doing that Dengeki Bunko Fighting ..and . BLADE ARCUS

      i don’t have any news about Virtua Fighter

      • Mnstrzero00

        3d? Wtf?!

      • leingod

        You sure about SNK? I’d freaking LOVE if SNK updated KOF or SamSho like Arc Systems did Guilty Gear.

        • Solomon_Kano

          If not actively developing, they are at least hiring for a 3D fighting game. KOF, to be specific.

          Seen here:

          Note that they’ve separated the 3D KOF hiring from their pachinko and smartphone hiring notices.

          • leingod

            Oh, boy, hope you’re right. It does say “King of Fighters” somewhere between all those japanese characters, at least. Let’s hope it’s not some rhythmic spinoff or something weird like that.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Ecole and French Bread are developing DBFC. We can only guess at who’s doing Blade Arcus, if not Sega’s own, since they haven’t said.

      • Death Metal

        Artist is Tony Taka in Blade Arcus?

      • k.b.a.

        OH JOY SNK MAKING 3D!? i still have wounds from trying to wash the last SamSho and KOFMI out of memory. and sega– i’ll just stop here.
        while i don’t mind the anime fighter entirely, i miss the fighting games composed mostly with martial artists. i miss the Art of Fighting… dunno if anyone will get what i’m talking about here. on all levels

  • Shippoyasha

    Dang. Announcements of announcements.

    I can only imagine an Evo crowd going ballistic if they show off some gameplay footage of Street Fighter 5 or something like that. I kind of hope they unveil a major trailer when next Evo comes.

  • Atmey

    My bet on new Dark Stalkers, as for the “leaked” video a while ago.

    • Jumbokitty724

      I REALLY hope it’s a new Darkstalkers <3

    • I pray to god it’s a new Darkstalkers or rival schools

    • Göran Isacson

      Considering Dark Stalkers was the game Capcom went to when they wanted to experiment with mechanics and such, one could hope that they’d take the opportunity to experiment with the PS4 and what it can do and make an experimental Darkstalkers game for the platform.

      But, as always: one mustn’t get ones hopes up too much. Hope for Darkstalkers but prepare for Street Fighter, I guess.

    • k.b.a.

      “leaked”? you mean presented by ono like 3 years ago

  • leingod

    Rival Schools!

  • Jadfish

    Man I would love if it turns out to be another IV expansion. The problem with Street Fighter development is that they use so much time refining each game with iterations, that when it comes to making a new main title, that title has no hope of being as polished and filled with content as the prior one.

    • Death Metal

      While that is true, I guess enough is enough. Time to work on a new title and then polish that if needed, then.

    • k.b.a.

      if they made the next street fighter game with only the currently existing characters who didn’t appear in sfiv at all, and i guess including EX chars and King Cobra… how many characters would that give us? Eagle Birdie Maki Sodom Q Sean Kairi V.Rosso R.Mika Karin…

  • H.A.MK

    Capcom, make Capcom All stars with the style of UMVC3 or ST4. Maybe then you might be able to regain some of your loses and regain some faith from the fans.

    • Niitsuma from capcom said he would like to be a part of a Capcom vs. Capcom game if it happens . Lol this was last week

    • ffboi7

      If anything it has to be in the style of the Marvel series since Capcom no longer has the license for Marvel it would only make sense for Capcom to use the gameplay style of Marvel and apply it to a Capcom vs Capcom game. If they do make a game like that then they have to really use every IP they have to get some fans interested. Also half the cast can’t be SF lol.

      • H.A.MK

        You are right. I would be a happy man if I could play a team of Akira from Rival Schools, Sigma from MegamanX and Samanuske from Onimusha or Classic Jill from MVC2. This concept could work greatly if Capcom held an online survey of characters the fans want in a game like this. Better yet, they should do this with a crossover from SNK and make the all times waited for Capcom VS SNK 3.

        • Lionxie

          I would love a CvS3, but i am also afraid they will butcher it. As long as they kept what made the first two CvS games so good, then it should be okay. But you know how it is with this company Dx

        • k.b.a.

          cvs3… needs to be JUST like cvs2 simply expanded upon… but not with comeback BS such as ultra. and maybe not focus either. gotta show SFIV and KOFXIII love somehow.

          as for an online survey, yes a capcom only HYPE crossover 2v2 fighter [for the love of god do not give EVERY character an airdash] with new characters added on a cycle and picked by the community. a beautiful melding of all that moba money gush and capcom lore… since i’m not seeing a new final fight anytime soon among many other titles

      • k.b.a.

        i’d rather it function closer to tvc, mvc1 or any of the earlier 2v2 crossover titles. 3v3 is messy, umvc3 is fun but filled with tod and potential tac combos. the differences in iteration matter greatly. and while this may make someone on the internet upset, the latest entry may be a great game but perhaps not the greatest. each one has it’s good and it’s bad

        • ffboi7

          I understand. I still think the worst parts about UMVC3 is TACs, but I think most would rather have a MVC2/3 style of game without most of the useless fluff.

  • devilmaycry0917

    something “new”??
    must be Ultra Street Fight 4 HD Remastered Edition for PS4/XB1

    • John Lawson

      This. Next Gen gaming is last gen re-releases.
      and the worst part is people eat it up.

      • It’s not a bad thing to update a fighting game. As long as the update is not pointless i don’t have a problem with them updating it . even though i wouldn’t mind them updating street fighter 3 ^.^ But that’s just me …..

      • Kroz

        while i agree with you, i think the one genre that should be re-released to a newer platform are fighting games. people still just wanna play third strike, which is why it was a good idea to put that on the next gen consoles at the time.

        • John Lawson

          yeah but Street Fighter 3 had a few years before re-release, I’m talking about games like The Last of Us when the game just came out last year and being re-released and suckers are eating it up.

    • SlickRoach

      Mega Ultra Supreme Hyper Omega Climax: Electric Boogaloo 2 – Part 6 Street Fighter 4 Ultimate Gold Limited MLG EVO Fisticuffs Edition

      …featuring Evil Ken and Evil Dan, plus 3 new playable stages!

  • xxx128

    While i have absolutely no problem with champion, turbo, super and hyper updates this reads like they are desperate to run the franchise into the ground now like they did with resident evil or konami did with silent hill.

  • triablos

    Its nice to see capcom supporting their games years after release. I know everyone thinks they’re just milking, but remember this is DLC (new name =/= new game) which costs not a lot of you upgrade from each game. They even release retail versions (at full price obviously) for first timers so you don’t have to buy the original and pay for each DLC.

    I’m not a competitive fighter but I know that those who are appreciate balances and updates to games like this.

    • ffboi7

      Agreed everything you said is true, but they’re still guilty of charging for costumes that are already on disc. They’re one of the few developers at the moment who would rather update a game then release a new full fledged game. Also none of the retail release of SFIV after Vanilla/Original SFIV has been full price. Every iteration since then has been $39.99 with Super being the only title so far that required a new copy of SFIV in order to access the new content.

      • triablos

        Okay yes, on-disc DLC is something that needs to go.

        Didn’t know about the iterations being less, but here in the UK they’re more or less the same as a new game from what I recall (then again everything gaming is overpriced here).

  • Mc-kun

    Unless its:

    New Darkstalkers
    Sammy vs Capcom
    Capcom vs SNK
    Breath of Fire

    I’m not excited and I’ll continue to boycott Capcom.

    • SlickRoach

      After seeing BoF 6 I think it’s cool to just let it rest in peace instead of trying to Frankenstein it.

      • Mc-kun

        What BOF6 exist? As far as I know they only had: BOF dragon quarters (Which is BOF 5) and a PSP port of BOF 3 and nothing else beyond that.

        What I’m saying is that like Square enix there’s one bad game but instead of making adjustments they decide to milk out their cash cow instead no matter how many times it might fail. There’s a lot of bad SF games out there but it didn’t stop them from making more.

        SE had the horrible So4 that was 360 only (why)
        Capcom had Dragon quarters
        Nintendo had Virtual boy and that one Mario game
        Sammy had GGoverture

        • SlickRoach

          There was an article about BOF6 on here a while ago. Apparently it’s an online, web-based RPG made for touch screen Computers and smart phones. Interpret that however you want to. Some series like Banjo Kazooie get games like Nuts & Bolts, making me wish they’d never attempt to bring it back in the first place. And games like Thief 2014 don’t really help me stay optimistic when a game gets dusted off for a modern resurrection.

          • Mc-kun

            Ah thanks. Well that makes it even worse then. Capcom can’t be bothered to do much outside of their flagship games on consoles and seem to shift everything else to the wayside. A Japan only phone game for touch screen computers and smart phones?

            Sounds like BOF is the TWEWY for Capcom.

          • ishyg

            Unlike TWETY though, BOF isn’t a remake. So it might be that it’s permanently bound to mobiles. TWEWY on the other hand might get a sequel, though it really depends on which version sold better.

          • Mc-kun

            Well what I mean is that TWEWY is put on the half arsed burner similar to BOF. Despite not having a sequel in years it gets ignored (like Chrono Trigger but that’s another story.)

            Meanwhile there’s several FF games coming out, KH III, and many others so I don’t expect a TWEWY sequel until maybe….2020 if we are lucky.

          • ishyg

            Ah, I see what you mean. Did Dragon Quarter do terrible? I think it was well-received by critics. I think TWEWY (sorry for the typo on last comment, TWETY WTF), did good as well, both in sales and critics view.

            Most of the good games don’t get sequels, and it puzzles me as well. I’m waiting for a Chrono game for a long time now. Currently Squeenix’s focus is on KH, FF and DQ, as well as Eidos’s IPs, so I’m not confident that we’ll get another sequel or even a new IP. Same can be said with Capcom. I wonder why they put BOF on mobile, but maybe it has more to do with it being in Japan and Japan being big on mobile than anything else.

          • Mc-kun

            I think BOFDQ did sort of bad in Japan but I’m not 100% sure. It must had because I never heard of BOF 6 nor any other information about BOF after that anywhere until today.

            Mobile games and handhelds are big in Japan compared to consoles and PCs (outside of VN games.) So Capcom being Capcom probably decided to cash in by not only going into the mobile fad but also releasing a game that people probably wanted for a while. It failed though on both ends because it was half arsed.

            It could be the same for the TWEWY game. Fans have been begging for a sequel for years because it was a really received game (compared to BOF,) but instead SE decided release a mobile game in the same fashion. A sequel would cost too much money but a mobile game not so much.

            It sad because I used to love Capcom and Squaresoft (back when it was called that,) a lot in the day but now it seems to focus on quick money games and even then no ‘fan related contents.’

          • ishyg

            Oh, well I did read up the story here so I am sort of aware. I haven’t heard or read about it since then. I’ll check BOF6 when it comes out. The release date says summer, and it’s summer right now here so I’ll expect it to be around the corner now.

            Currently I wonder how much mobile games could cost. Granted that both iOS and Android publishing comes cheap, there’s still some cost regarding asset production and development. If Squeenix have risked it and produced a sequel that would do so well given that the first one did pretty good and is still a hot topic thanks to word-of-mouth.

            It would be lovely if they produce sequels or even a new game based on the said franchises, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

        • Armane

          BOF6 is a phone game. Capcom are dead to me.

  • soulz

    What if capcom bought all rights to Bloody Roar!!!….yea right T_T.

  • Yan Zhao

    Considering what a successful cash cow SF4 has been, Capcom has to be pretty stupid to deny Ono the greenlight for SF5.

  • MaskedHeroxx

    I honestly won’t want street fighter 5 jus yet

    If they do I would prefer a brand new off cast like third strike

    But I cant wait to see it on ps4 …

    Damm streetfighter in ultra HD I cant wait for that day :-):-):-) dang capcom jus do it

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