Keiji Inafune Will Consider A Mega Man Legends-Style Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter

By Ishaan . July 14, 2014 . 10:30pm


At the SGC 2014 convention hosted by ScrewAttack, Mighty No. 9 project lead Keiji Inafune conducted a Q&A with audience, during which he was asked if he would be interested in creating a Mighty No. 9 game in the style of Mega Man Legends.


Inafune provided an answer to the question, which was then relayed by his translator to the audience. Here’s what he said:


When [Inafune] thinks about Mighty No. 9, the series, he would love to see it go in different directions—any directions that would fit the series. And he just had a question: if you guys saw a Mega Man Legends-style Mighty game come up on Kickstarter, would you consider backing it?


The audience cheered in response to the quote, followed by Inafune saying a few more words. His translator conveyed his quote thusly:


He’ll think about it. So, just to be sure, nothing to announce today. Just to be sure. He’s got nothing to announce today, but the fact is, he just heard all of you shout out like that, so he’s definitely putting that in his pocket and taking it back with him.


Mighty No. 9 is presently in development with the goal of being released in Spring 2015.

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  • Slickyslacker

    Oh, I thought they were planning on starting another campaign before the first game is released.

    …I honestly wouldn’t mind that, though. I’m still not flattered by what I’ve seen of it.

  • ReidHershel

    This fool is playing with my heart.

  • Godmars

    He’s really starting to push it now. No. 9 is little changed from MM, he’s done two kickstarters for it, has the CG show in production, and now is talking about the “franchise” as if its already sold millions.

    Yet Mighty No. 9 wont be out for another year yet. At least.

    • A.Yeh

      CG show is by another company that specialize in CG animation that wants to break into the TV show busniess, seeing the popularity of Yokai Watch. It’s not related to the Might No.9 game, beside using the characters and plot, none of the resource from the kickstarter is being used for the animated show.

      • SwiggitySwag

        He’s talking about the fact Inafune has seemingly built up this franchise in his head before anything has even come out yet. MN9 doesn’t come out until next year and the show doesn’t come out until the year after, yet he’s already posing hypotheticals for future games.

        • MaidKillua

          A fan posed it. He then simply considered it…

          • SwiggitySwag

            I was clearing up confusion between the original comment and the reply, because the wires had been crossed, not commenting on the article with my post.

  • Anewme…Again

    He’s starting to be really ridiculous with Kickstarter.

    He should finish Mighty No.9 first and with the money he make from sales, he could make Mighty No.9 Legend and if by then he don’t have enough money then it could be a good idea to think about starting a kickstarter.

    Now all he’s doing is asking for free money…

    • Actually he’s just answering a question now. That’s all.

      • Anewme…Again

        Yeah, for now…

        • John Diamond

          asking for free money would be receiving money for doing nothing.
          he’ll be receiving funding to make a game in this case so…

    • Yes I agree he appears to be getting ahead of himself and the Mighty No. 9 game isn’t even close to being out so he should just concentrate on that first.

    • Brion Valkerion

      But he also needs to have him and the staff he is responsible for working to earn money. If he/anyone else simply finished one game THEN started planning another game, where would they get paid the weeks/months of initial planning.

      But yeah it was just a question. He knows how to work the crowd lol. Mega Man fans are the most easily hyped, whiney, and hardcore group that don’t actually buy their franchises games ever lol and he knows how to talk to them.

    • charles

      All i hear is a whole lot of hate for what people clearly want? Megaman fans want it. Getting ridiculous with Kickstarter? If I could make a game funded by the community, by getting them to PRE ORDER the game, why not? If you backed the kickstarter, you would even know the amount of Fan/ Backer ideas they take into consideration, making sure they are making what people want.

      They know his quality of games, i.e. Soul Sacrifice. If they want the game, why should he be name called things like for giving people what they want. Cause we all know Capcoms bitch ass won’t make another legends for god knows why.

      again free money? You do know the people who are backing the development are getting the game, on a console of their choice? for example, I backed $20. I can get the game on any platform, for $20. Its an exchange of goods. I honestly just don’t get the hate for someone making a game that people have been waiting for.

      • revenent hell

        Kickstarter is an overused and over abused platform now a days and as far as myself goes it just gets irritating at seeing people use it instead of putting in their own money from previous towards it.
        That’s how business works.
        I don’t begrudge a person new to this field of work to use Kickstarter to get them going but seeing someone with his past career doing this is borderline offensive to me.
        It really does just honestly tell me that they have little to no faith in their product if they are doing a kickstarter for it because obviously they (he) doesn’t want to risk his own money if the game does bomb.

        • ishyg

          “Kickstarter is an overused and over abused platform”

          So if no one put their project on Kickstarter or any crowdfunding platform, would that make the world a better place? Abuse is using something to a bad extent. I don’t think of anything bad with Kickstarter other than promises not delivered well. If anything I think the what crowdfunding contributes is that it mitigates risks. That makes others willing to do their craft, which they wouldn’t otherwise because of lack of funding, small guy or big shot. And not everyone makes a fortune in the video game industry, no matter how famous they become. Also, more often than not, some crowdfunding peeps still pour out money out of their pockets. One risk you can’t mitigate though is failing expectations, and that would be career-ending for the bigger folks, I think.

          But I do agree with you in that it doesn’t offend me if some big name choose to use crowdfunding, but it gives me more respect to those who doesn’t.

          • revenent hell

            Abuse is a term that means mistreatment, I believe “Kickstarter” is highly misused by a great many people. I believe it is overused and over abused so I stated as much. I don’t really care if you agree with my terminology or not I think people flock to it like crack instead of using their own initiative to do/create something so yes, I find kickstater has been used to the point it is now a “bad” thing.

            I find people, such as this Inafune, to be lazy and not worthy of the assistance kickstarter is used for. Part of this industry is risk, if a person doesn’t believe in their game to the point where they feel like they shouldn’t risk the money obviously they are not putting their all in to its development, in my mind.

            Like I said I don’t begrudge all people for using kickstarter, but the ones I do are like him. He has been in the industry longer than I have been alive, he should not be relying on others to fund his projects, he by all rights should be capable of doing so himself with revenue from past games sales.

            Which is what ,really, all businesses do.

            And on a personal note I think he has only been so vocal in criticizing Japans video game industry probably because most think rather lowly of him for his actions such as this. At least they believe in their work enough to risk funds on it, this looser isn’t even capable of that.

          • ishyg

            Let’s agree to disagree then, as I see that abuse as both good and bad. The way I see it, only future customers flock to a Kickstarter, and they can jump on the creation process too. It mitigates risks and points to the right customers.

            Other than that, all points taken, swallowed, and keeping it down.

            “At least they believe in their work enough to risk funds on it”

            Can you give me a few of these people/companies who “funds” their own work? Only one I can think of right now is The Gooch, and Mistwalker’s games are currently on mobile.

            To go back on topic, I won’t like it if he makes an MN9 Legends-style game, Kickstarted or not. Part of what made Megaman great is the gameplay, so that’s fine and all, but what made Legends great is the cast. It won’t feel like a Legends game if it isn’t Megaman in there.

        • MaidKillua

          Just because Kickstarter gets a lot of shitty projects thrown on there and is being used by a lot of people doesn’t really make it any worse. “Lots of people are doing it so I hate it now” sounds pretty hipster to me dude. And as far as spending his own money on it, this is a relatively new studio, they probably don’t HAVE that money yet. And based on the fact that most of the money for MN9 was earned through Kickstarter and spent just making the thing, they probably don’t have enough left to come to fund development of another whole game. Unless it somehow blows everyone away and pulls in call of duty level sales numbers (which will never happen), or Inafune can score a deal with a big publisher to fund his next game, Kickstarter will most likely be the only way. If you don’t like it, just don’t back it when the time comes, no need to complain and bad mouth Inafune

          • revenent hell

            #1) I never said “Lots of people are doing it so I hate it now” If you read everything I said that’s quite clear. I’m not explaining it farther because you obviously didn’t read my post in its entirety.

            #2) He can afford to fund his own businesses projects. When a person opens their own company that is typically how things are done until their products start bringing in revenue, which his obviously are and have been up to this point.

            In my perspective by not using his revenue from his past games to fund this project makes him lazy and greedy and its obvious to me he doesn’t believe in his own work by not funding it.

            #3) I am entitled to have and to state my opinion on and about whomever I want. If you don’t like it or don’t agree you don’t have to read it or better yet why don’t you just not comment on things if you don’t like them?.

            Oh, that’s right I am aloud to have interpretations on anything I desire and I am permitted to comment upon them just as you are. So crazy how this commenting system works on siliconera hu? Who knew people could have thoughts and opinions that aren’t the same as yours and might wish to state them.

            Its not “slander” when its obvious as I have said its my opinion and thoughts about the man and what “something tells me”. Because you have just slandered me by that accusation. Nice how slander works isn’t it?

          • Guest

            Regarding point 1, you basically said that you didn’t like Kickstarter because you’d seen so many people doing it and were getting sick of it. What I said was just a more blunt way of putting that. So yes, in essence you did say it, though it may not have been your intention. As for the second point, he probably spent large amounts of that money on just getting the studio off the ground to begin with. They have to pay for office space, employees wages, development equipment and so on. You can’t really comment on whether or not he should be able to fund this with his own money unless you know his EXACT revenue and expenditure. Which you do not. By any stretch of the imagination. And finally the third point. You previously assume I didn’t read your entire comment yet now tell me to simply not read your comment??? Regardless, I never said you aren’t entitled to your opinion either, simply that I saw badmouthing a developer who’s reasoning you couldn’t possibly know at this point seemed kind of unnecessary and there were more civil ways in which you could show that you disagreed like, as I suggested, simply not backing the kickstarter if it happens. But whatever. Also more to the point Inafune never said that the game was definitely planned nor that they definitely intended to use Kickstarter, he simply asked whether or not people would be willing to back it in the event that they did to gauge their response (which judging by the article was overwhelmingly positive)

          • revenent hell

            Can you please add some spacing between your paragraphs if you would like for me to read this? Because I wont as it is, it hurts my eyes and isn’t worth it to me really as it stands.

            As to # 1) of yours because that’s as far as I got in to reading before I quite, No I did not say that at all. I said it was an overused and over abused platform which is not saying “to many people are using it so I don’t like it”.

            Its saying I see to many people abusing and mistreating it, which is a big difference to those whom can grasp the meaning of words and their usage. Only one whom isn’t very bright would equate what I said to ” To many people are using it so I dislike it” .

            And yes, I find its overuse irritating because its apparent people don’t even try to do things on their own merit anymore and would rather have others provide the easy means for their goals and work to be completed and I find that saddening and pathetic in people who obviously have the means to not require this type of support system but still would rather use it than invest their own money in to the project.

            You can call it a more “blunt” way of saying something all you like , but its not. Its just your terminology to try and make my words appear as frivolous.

            So, No I did not say that at all, not even remotely.

    • revenent hell

      Why bother using ones own funds when people on kickstarter will do it for ya?
      He’s not a struggling “newbie” in this field, he should be able to fund his own projects at this point in time in his career. Frankly, the only thing using kickstarter does is tell me he has little faith in his own work for it selling adequately.

    • ishyg

      “He should finish Mighty No.9 first”

      InXile started Torment though even though Wasteland isn’t finished yet. If there are enough people to do it, why not?

      Though I see it this way: Wasteland and Torment aren’t new IPs and have a bigger team working on it. Mighty no. 9, is not. Granted that the lead is a world-renown designer, and that the game itself looks quite similar with an established franchise, it’s a riskier move to make another Kickstarter campaign at the moment, seeing as they already started a new fund-raising campaign for the still-in-development game. It will either fail, or we won’t see either games in 2015. Focus on one first, I think.

  • Justin Graham

    I think I’m seeing the reasoning for why Kamiya called Inafune more of a businessman than a designer.

  • DuskSharkEX

    Inafune, please slow down! Work on M#9 as needed and then talk about this stuff after it’s released!

    • Crevox

      He got asked a question. How else did you expect him to answer?

      • “We will see.”

        Not “Yeah sure eventually.” especially without seeing how the first game performs.

        • Anewme…Again

          Yeah, the way he answered the question make it seem he’s already considering making a new kickstarter for Mighty No.9 legend.

          • Crevox

            Having high hopes for his new franchise shouldn’t be a bad thing.

          • Anewme…Again

            Nop, that’s not a bad thing, what’s a bad thing is asking fans to pay for everything he think of doing with that franchise.

          • Crevox

            It just depends on how you look at it, I guess.

            Kickstarter is essentially a giant pre-order campaign with many bonuses. If you only want the game, pay the fee of the game in the kickstarter and you’ll get your game; it’s a pre-order. Kickstarter is a “safe bet” to ensure that the game will not be a sunk cost, because development doesn’t start until it is shown that there is money to be made and people are willing to pay for the product. In addition to that, the content the game offers will vary based on how much funding was received. Of course, if you want more than that (special bonuses and all that stuff beyond just the game), you are given the *option* to get those by paying extra. The entire process is also much more involved with the community, garnering useful feedback that will improve the end result, and changes can be made before development, or even development, rather than receiving poor feedback after release and having not much to do about it.

            Compare that to other games, where they make the game, and then hope that they make the money back (or profit) from it. If you want the extra bonuses, you are giving the option of ordering a collector’s edition for many titles nowadays. This is all much more of a risk, because you have games that flop and hurt companies badly.

            I personally see nothing wrong with either method, however, it’s all really in how you look it and perceive it. However, people assume malicious intent, and then things start to go poorly. If you don’t want to pre-order a game you see, don’t, simple as that. If you don’t want the game that is on kickstarter, then don’t give money to it; if you do like it, then by all means, pay however much you want (enough to get the game or more).

            In the end, either way, people pay for the game, and the money from the people is what funds the development. All that changes is *when* the money is given.

          • SwiggitySwag

            Except Kickstarter isn’t a safe bet at all. You know the ONLY requirement for kickstarter is to fufill your backer rewards? Inafune could have walked with all of the money he got for MN9 after the backer rewards and legally would not have had to produce a product.

            If something goes on Steam/PSN/Xbox Live for digital pre-order and something happens, you get your money back. If a company throws a few t-shirts your way and maybe a pin for donating $25, they can walk without producing anything.

            It’s a very flawed system and many people have been ripped off from developers or other industies coming out and saying “well, we can’t do this after all” and thats the end of it.

          • Crevox

            My point is that it’s a safe bet for the company to get the money required to produce the game, not that it’s a safe bet for the consumer.

            Kickstarter is buyer beware. If you donate any money, that’s exactly what it is: a donation. You take the risk.

          • SwiggitySwag

            Right, so that makes it a horrible “pre-order” campaign for anyone other than the developers.

            Since we’re talking on a consumer level (yes I have backed multiple kickstarters), it doesn’t make sense for consumers to view it as anything until it’s eventually released as they could potentially lose their money.

  • Yeah no how about you concentrate on releasing your game first to see how it is.

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

      I agree. Let’s not get ahead of the story just yet. Let’s finish the hopefully successful release of the first kickstarter game.

    • Kenny Loh

      LOL you just reminds me of FFXV also consider about making sequels even the game still not release yet lol

    • John Diamond

      he’s not saying he IS going to do it. he says he will CONSIDER he will do it.

  • Impressionnant

    Kamiya was right. He is a good businessman.

  • Ecchitori-san

    All those hardcore fans. Lol. Anywho, he should wait for his game to release before he can big talk these plans..

  • Shippoyasha

    I kind of hope they do some type of an anime cel shading style if they do. The anime emulation style they were going for a the time was very charming.

    Makes you wonder if Capcom will restart the MML3 project if they see Inafune up to his tricks with a counterpart. It should be a lot of interesting drama online if it happens.

    • revenent hell

      Actually with Mighty No.9 I kind of think Capcom might not consider making any new Mega Man game at all.

      Whether Mighty No. 9 sells well or bombs I kind of feel like Capcom could take it as incentive not to make a new one either way.

      I mean Inafune is the creator of Mega Man so him not being a part of the process, I think would make a lot of folks rethink buying the game to begin with not to mention I think any Mega Man game without him involved would not sell well because of that.

      Now with Mighty No. 9 coming out and about that would just add to the competition for any Mega Man game selling well…. I mean its an easy out for Capcom really….Unless their ego’s get big and they want to prove to him they can do a Mega Man game better that the creator himself can.

      • Tarkovsky

        They actually won’t make one because both sides did not part amicably. It’s a business culture in Japan.

        • SwiggitySwag

          Unless Capcom gets bought or sells the IP for Megaman to an outside company.

      • SwiggitySwag

        There are a lot of people who know the name Megaman but not Inafune. If a new Megaman game was made and it looked good, I’d buy it regardless of his involvement in it.

        • revenent hell

          Actually I have gotten in many a discussion and to refute my points its a common thing said to me
          ” Inafune is Mega Man”

          And to be honest I doubt anyone doesn’t know Inafune created Mega Man, that is as far as people go who actually know about and are interested in Mega Man.

          • SwiggitySwag

            You’re counting die hard fans who play and read up on every game. What about people who know the name megaman and play casually? I know a bunch of people that really like the megaman games yet couldn’t tell me the creators name, well, besides Capcom.

          • revenent hell

            I don’t know a single person who knows about Mega Man and doesn’t know Inafune created it. And most of these people are not “die hard” fans and barely like the fellow or his creations.

            Almost every article about the man points out he’s the creator of Mega Man, no less. Its more common for topics in regards to him to mention it, even if it has zero baring on the article itself, than not to. People who have never even played any of the games know he’s the creator of them merely because of this.

            Though, in all fairness I don’t know anyone under the age of twenty who does know about Mega Man, and if they do know of it, its only because of the anime and they know nothing more about it than “its an anime”.

            Sure, it might not matter to some either way but lets be frank any Mega Man game released today would be appealing to the “die hard” fans more than anyone else and they know who created Mega Man and without him being part of a new Mega Man game they would want nothing to do with it.

            That’s not to say people wouldn’t pick it up at all but most of those “die hards” wouldn’t if Inafune wasn’t involved and that would pretty much crush the game sales wise unless it was like a three dollar digital game or something along those lines.

          • SwiggitySwag

            That’s just feeding into my point, these people are looking up or reading articles about Megaman and as such see his name plastered everywhere. They are NOT the only people who play Megaman.

            Not everyone reads online articles about video games, there were over 80M PS3’s sold during its lifetime. Do you think Siliconera gets even a quarter of those people reading articles on here? Because I can guarantee you it doesn’t.

            Onto your point about the anime, people who know the anime know it’s a game because of the constant promotional work that was done, if they only know it from the anime it would mean they didn’t know who inafune was.

          • revenent hell

            I didn’t say they watched the anime only that they knew it was one because they have seen its name on their guide line up for their local “anime” type channel , do I really need to underline and point these things out ? I said “and they know nothing more about it than “its an anime” … How is this confusing for people to read? It doesn’t even remotely state they watched the anime at all, just that they know it is one.

            And no you don’t even need to be looking up anything even remotely about Mega Man to learn who his creator is because if it has anything to do with Inafune any article anywhere will nine times out of ten mention he is Mega Mans creator whether it holds any type of meaning to the article or not. And I mean for any article, not just “siliconera” topics.

            Sure , not everyone reads gaming articles of any sort but for those who do most will come across the information even if that’s not the point of their interest.

            And regardless of consoles or system sales my point is that any Mega Man game or Mega Man like game(s) (such as No.9) is catering to its following of fans because frankly “Mega Man” is just not that popular of a commodity anymore. Times have changed and so hasn’t the gaming world and if it wasn’t for the fandom for Mega Man those games would probably not sell very well at all.

            And , obviously, they are not the only people who play/have played/will play a Mega Man game but they are in the lead and are the majority of people who do at this point in time and are the main category of folks who will purchase these games.

            Games are to expensive to just waste 60$ on one and know nothing about it, most people will do research in regards to a game that costs over fifteen or twenty bucks . Most people who aren’t already a fan of “Mega Man” wont just randomly throw down that much money and buy the game(s).

            Yeah, sure lets say some people might blindly buy a ” Mega Man” game knowing absolutely nothing about it, but only if its a really, really cheap game. Otherwise the main group of people who will be purchasing these games are “Mega Man” Fans who know about the games already.

          • SwiggitySwag

            Your whole point in this massive comment is trying to work around your previous points most of which aren’t right.

            The leading factor of people buying games now is word of mouth, not online articles, most gaming websites have even seen drops in readers.

            And theres another problem, you assume MN9 is going to be $60 which isn’t even remotely true. The game will probably hit the sweet spot of being $15.

            And by the way, Megaman was never a huge selling game. There will be more people picking up MN9 due to how the gaming industry trends now than would have picked up Megaman years ago.

          • revenent hell

            Uhm No, I wasn’t leading around or working myself around my points…. Because they are mine, and I’ve not changed them, even minimally. You say they aren’t correct, fine. So be it, what you say has very little barring on what I think, know or value anyways since you don’t seem to be very “aware” of what you are talking about or even what conversation you are a part of.

            You’re contradicting yourself by saying people buy games more so from word of mouth than anything else but what do you consider articles about games to be? They are nothing more but an extended version of “word of mouth”. And since I don’t read reviews of games they can hardly be said to be “Video game reviews”

            And you referencing how people hear of and buy games just goes as further proof of what little you comprehended of my words because they had absolutely nothing to do with how people hear of games or buy them. I was not talking or insinuating that topic at all or in any way.

            I did not assume the game would be 60$ or not. You are interoperating things in entirely the wrong way but I am not going to correct you here because it just goes, again, to show you just “skimmed” what I wrote and obviously didn’t know what you where reading. Therefore I am not going to further bother myself to do so.

            And I never claimed Mega Man was a hugely popular game. ” Mega Man” just happened to be more popular back in time than he currently is.

          • SwiggitySwag

            Yeah ok look, I can see that winning online arguments is super important to you so I’m going to go ahead and say everything you said is right.

            100% I am completely wrong about everything and your undying knowledge is something to behold.

          • revenent hell

            There is no “winning” involved here because there is nothing to win. If thats how you view things, its terribly sad.

            But before you have the nerve to critique another’s post and treat them condescendingly you should at least, at a minimum, read that posts in its entirety so you know what the person is talking about and referencing, if done so, then the making up of “conversations” out of thin air that has absolutely nothing to do with what the person was talking about would not be necessary.

          • SwiggitySwag

            u win

            10 points for gryffindor lol

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      I highly doubt it, seeing as they haven’t touched the rest of the MM franchise despite the huge capital No. 9 pulled in.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    I do hope Inafune can take it slow and easy. Slow and steady wins the race…or so they say.

  • Scissors

    He was asked a question and responded. He didn’t announce that he was going to make a Legends-esque game. He just gave a maybe to a question among many that he was asked during an audience Q&A section. It’s not a confirmation of anything – creators give lot of maybes and tease things during Q&A sections all the time, sometimes they come true sometimes they don’t. People’s guards go down during Q&A and in the intimacy of the situation they let certain things slip. It’s a Q&A he’s suppose to respond, if he was guarded off and gave the typical PR “no comment” answers it defeats the whole purpose of the audience asking questions.

    He’s just excited and fantasizing about the hopeful future of Mighty No.9. It would be arrogant if out of nowhere he confirmed that he had definite plans of a Legends-esque game and launched a Kickstarter before Mighty No. 9 was finished, but he didn’t do that. He just entertained the idea and hyped up the fans at the conference. The truth is he probably would very much like to make a Legends-esque game, I’m sure the disappointment of Legends 3 cancellation has been hard on him. Creators plan things far in advance all the time. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him entertaining the idea of a spinoff. I’m sure that would make some people very happy. In my opinion it’s perfectly okay to give a little tease like he did to a future project.

    • Fub Frank


      People are responding here as if he confirmed it.

      • Too true. People in here are over-exaggerating his plans or statements and it’s getting to be a little worrying. They act like he’s been doing a kickstarter every other month. Instead of, you know, one actual kickstarter and a fundraiser months down the line to add in cool stuff consumers might want.

    • Cionyl

      I’m the one that uploaded that video just to show a few friends at first. The context missed because I only saved and uploaded the one clip (wait for ScrewAttack to upload the full VoD!) is that he cited his love for Legends so much during this Q&A. He clearly wants to do another one anyway. I really have little doubt in my mind that this won’t happen some day. I just doubt it’s as soon as people are making it out to be.

    • Yep. Like I said people are extremely bipolar around him for some reason. They love him one minute and hate him the next, whether it’s logical to do so or not. I’m not entirely certain why people don’t take the time to read and just assume the worst automatically.

  • Tarkovsky

    Don’t get me wrong, I respect the hell out of Mr Inafune but he is one heck of a hypocrite. He famously called out the Japanese game industry for it’s lack of innovation a few years back and here he is making more Megaman styled games like Mighty No.9 and Gunstriker. The only noteworthy thing he has done since starting Comcept, whose goal was to create new and fresh games, is Soul Sacrifice. And even then, that’s still a slightly different take on the monster hunting genre. Not to mention, he had his hands on making the horrible game that is Yaiba. Dude, grow some balls and practice what you preach. You can do better than this.

    • revenent hell

      The man lost all my respect a long time ago when he began his speeches to the industry and yet does things like this and mimicking his past success.

      People can defend his words all they like but frankly it dosent change what he said and the fact he can’t live by what he says.

      • Tarkovsky

        I agree. All talk no action. Until he proves that he can do something different, then he’s just living on past glories.

        And the thing is while Yaiba was bad game IMO. It did not even try anything new. I respect Murdered Soul Suspect more because it actually tried to do something different. Bad games fall into 2 categories IMO, ones that experiment but failed, and ones that emulate and failed. I have immense respect for games that fall into the first group. Unfortunately, Yaiba falls into the latter category.

        • revenent hell

          I agree in totality. At least when a bad game fails but it tried to be innovative and try something new you can at least respect that.

          Yaiba…. was just disgusting to me. I adored the past Ninja Gaiden games but in all honesty even just watching the trailers for this game made me instantly mentally reject it

          Its like he tried for a style of what he thought of would be cool and appealing to young teenagers or something but I played it anyways and was sorely angry I even bothered to.

          It was just a saddening and horrible experience all the way arround

  • Heropon

    I don’t care much about Legend style but i hope he will considered another game with Battle Network/ Starforce style

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    Don’t cheer for a hypothetical Kickstarter! Wouldn’t it be better if Mighty No. 9 did well enough that he wouldn’t *need* to kickstart the next game?

    • The Watcher

      I just like kickstarter for the Bonuses so it don’t matter to me. Judging how the peoples reception to his latest kick starter probably won’t make as much money from MN9 if he never mentioned it in the first place.

    • Vanadise

      Not necessarily. MN9 would have to do *absurdly* well to not only pay for itself but also to pay for his entire studio’s upkeep for the next few years that it would take to make another game; considering that much of his potential audience backed the Kickstarter and isn’t going to be paying him any more for the game, the odds of that happening are unlikely.
      So if that doesn’t happen, the other alternative is that they get backed by a big publisher like game development studios usually do, in which case they’re subject to the publisher’s deadlines and creative control.
      Honestly, I’d rather have another Kickstarter so that he’s only responsible to his fans and can continue to communicate directly with them.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    Righteous. Nothing else needs be said

  • Make.. it.. happen! :D

    • Ric Vazquez


  • Asclepius

    I guess he forgot about his first announced project outside Capcpom that is KAIO..

  • SwiggitySwag

    OR he just uses the funds from Might no. 9 to make a new game! Goddamn how many kickstarters are we going to endure from this one guy going forward?

    He hasn’t delivered on his original crowd funding project yet and has already started crowd funding more money towards mighty no.9 and is now talking about a future kickstarter towards another mighty no.9.

    This is all getting too much.

    • subsamuel01

      We still don’t even know if Might No.9 is going to sell well enough. I have nothing against crowd funding, I never backed anything in my life, but I do buy the games when they actually come out.

      • SwiggitySwag

        I know we don’t, but my point was why even pose it as a potential kickstarter project rather than just asking if he was to make another MN9 in the Legends style would they buy it.

    • xPhoenixMoon

      I love how he makes only one main kickstarter and another that really isn’t something big but just for voice acting, now everyone acts like all the guy does is make kickstarters.

      It was a simple question he asked fans. What harm was there in that and what harm is there in people wanting it? It is crowd funding, if you don’t like it, don’t support it, pretty freaking simple concept there eh?

      Oh my two kickstarters are just too much to handle. /s

      I don’t see you clowns making your own studios, let alone paying employees to work for you. Not only that you people bitching probably have no god damn idea how much it actually cost to make a game these days and manage your own development studio.

      So I feel like telling you all saying this to STFU, you’re just being little bitchy babies about this.

      • SwiggitySwag

        Yeah you’re not completely biased or anything.

        • Michael Cortorreal

          So that means…if I ever become hyper famous like him in a X company that creates things, then drop from it because it doesnt let me do my thing or let me be creative enough (total respect there), create my own company and start a campaign to fund one of my projcts to get things started for my company.

          Its okey for me to give the perception that for each new project im gonna make, I have to be asking for people support, instead of using the profits of my pasts projects to make new ones?

          Man! You gotta admit that hinting such a thing when you’re someone like Inafume (a legend of a person) it leaves kinda bad taste in your mouth. With such answer one can think this:

          1. He believes MN9 wont be selling as much as many would believe.
          2. He’s gonna ask for money each time he wants to create something

          Not that either of them will occur, BUT still that impression is there.

          • SwiggitySwag

            I know it is, which is why I said that was the impression he was setting.

          • Michael Cortorreal

            Well what can be done about that, If he does a Legends esque mighty game…with kickstarter, then hints his next project will be kickstarter, then I am sure, he’s abusing it.

            For now, he just hinted that possibility, no need for rush here, let time pass, let events be made, then we can judge.

      • revenent hell

        Actually anyone who even minimally knows anything about business can interoperate how much something costs in this regard, hell most people don’t even have to know that much. Just being a consumer of goods can give anyone a vague idea.

        But that doesn’t mean people wont have opinions about his usage of kickstarter just as you have yours, and everyone is entitled to state them.

        The revenue alone from Soul Sacrifice could have most likely funded this project and that is how good businesses work. You take the income from one project, or a few, and apply it to the next. People will have opinions on this matter that don’t correlate with yours.

        And as far as people “acting like all the man does is make kickstarters” In all fairness two out of six of his games have had kickstarter elements. Take out Soul Sacrifice Delta and that is two out of five and either way you look at it its almost half of his products funded or partially funded by kickstarter.

        In my mind if you cant afford something you shouldn’t do it. If he couldn’t afford this business then why did he even bother to create it?

        • Vanadise

          I get the feeling that you don’t actually know anything about business, and no, just being a consumer does not mean that you know how much it costs to develop a game.

          When a game is in development, the developers still need to eat. You have to rent office space, buy development hardware, and pay salaries for a team of developers for the couple of years it takes to make a game. You’ve got to pay for art, sound, programming, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, and legal fees. Even tiny indie games produced by only a couple of people can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop after you add up all the costs; anything resembling polished release from a reasonably-sized studio quickly adds up to millions of dollars. Some indie developers are willing to work on games in their spare time because it’s a labor of love and they’ve got a second job that will pay the bills, but that style of development won’t produce a big-budget game in any reasonable amount of time.

          Games don’t earn a single penny until *after* they’re released, and no single person can afford to fund a game in development for multiple years unless they’re independently wealthy. Game development doesn’t pay enough to get rich unless you’re one of the few people at the very top of the AAA industry.

          So unless you want your developers to starve to death on the street, you need somebody to fund your development up front, and traditionally that means you have to make a deal with a publisher. That means you’re subject to the publisher’s deadlines and demands, and after the game is released, the publisher is going to keep a lot of the money from the games’ sales in order to earn back all of the cash they gave you for development in the first place.

          After everything is said and done, *if* your game is successful, you’ll get some extra money from it, but that’s not going to be nearly enough to fund development of another game without help from another investor.

          That’s how game development has worked for a long time, but then Kickstarter came along. Kickstarter has made it easy for gamers to directly fund developers, which means developers are beholden only to their fans and can work directly with them rather than being constrained by publishers.

          Inafune is still not going to be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams after Mighty No. 9 is done. He’s going burn through that $4M developing the game and paying his employees, and he might end up even spending more than that if the project goes over budget and the schedule slips. He’ll be able to earn some extra money after the game is already released, but he’s probably already earned the vast majority of the money that MN9 is going to make; keep in mind that most long-time fans who are interested in the game already got in on the Kickstarter and aren’t going to buy another copy.

          So without $4M in his pocket to fund another game, that leaves three possibilities: make a deal with a big publisher, do another Kickstarter, or don’t make another game. Which option do you prefer?

          • SwiggitySwag

            You brought up a lot of good points, but I do need to counter something. It’s true that previously game developers sunk a fortune into their games and even on the indie scene worked part time to get a game finished. However, a lot of those indie games ended up making a bunch of money for these people enough to live and fund other projects, not everyone makes it so big on the indie scene but a lot have and you don’t see them on kickstarter trying to fund new projects because they’ve got the financial backing to continue publishing themselves now.

            Onto another thing, all of Inafune’s financial worries for this particular project are gone. He got his money and then some and is continuing to raise even more money for this game, so unless he’s horrendously bad with budget management he should be fine. The fact now is, every single copy of MN9 that he sells is pure profit, because he doesn’t have a break even point anymore, kickstarter removes that break even point for these people and once the product is on the market anything they sell goes directly to them.

            MN9 will sell far more once it hits consoles and Steam next year. There are plenty of people who want the game who don’t like crowd funding and there are plenty that will just grab it once word of mouth/youtube lets players get their hands on it.

          • revenent hell

            I’ve gone to school for it so I should think I know about it.

            And yes any consumer could roughly imagine how much money goes in to creating a game based on the fact they pay for things and know how much value money has for an item, one can imagine from there.

            While what you say is true for a lot of points your ignoring the fact this isn’t his first developed game for this company, or even his first experience in this field,he has had a few games developed by now you know, and while I find it amusing your selectively ignoring this, its none the less true.

            He has seen income before so pointing out the obvious “the game doesn’t get revenue until after its release” (duh) is rendered null because its not his first game he is struggling to create. And even if it was if he couldn’t afford to open a company and develop games on the budget he can realistically do it on then he should scale down his costs and not spend money he has no ability to earn back..

            And no he, or anyone for that matter does not require 4 million to develop a “polished” game. IF that was what it cost to create every game no game would be developed by anyone other than extremely large companies like SE for example.

            Indie developers do it daily not to mention the sheer number of average Joe’s that are doing it now a days as well while working regular jobs and “making a game” as a hobby. Its much easier than it used to be to do these types of things, but I digress you wish to equate this game to something along the lines of a major developer making a grand titled game….

            Which this is not. It really is an indie game for all intents and purposes. Obviously people expect it to be a certain way as far as its “polish” goes but again, its costs he should have foreseen and if they got to out of hand you sit and look over the work and see where you can minimize your costs.

            Even still he made income on his other games that should and could have been applied to this one.

            In the days before kickstarter people worked hard to develop the type of game they wished to so it can be done. Perhaps bills don’t get paid until much later but I don’t exactly see Inafune as really being in such dire conditions.

            And considering this isn’t his first whirl in the industry I wont cut him slack here. He’s not a “newbie” who doesn’t have experience doing these things. If he couldn’t eat the cost to develop a game then he shouldn’t be doing it or change it to be not so costly.

            Also if he didn’t want to cut contracts and work with publishers then he should get out of the business he is in. Because it is a large part of this industry. That is unless he can afford to not have to worry about their restrictions.

            Your treating this as if he’s a homeless man starving for food and if that was the case he has no business opening a company to begin with. You don’t do that unless you know what your getting in to and relying on kickstarter should not be what he turns to when he is incapable of doing something on his own merit. You look at what your doing and you cut costs to be able to develop the product within ones means.

  • xPhoenixMoon

    Wow people are being such dicks about this, I can’t believe people are calling him a hypocrite for simply giving people what they want. Mostly everyone has been dying for a new Mega Man game and suddenly he is a hypocrite for actually going out of his way to do something he really didn’t have to, even taking a risk potentially having to deal with Capcom’s sour asses.

    As if Mega Man will be the only game he will make with his new founded studio, do you people even know how many games this guy has worked on and what a huge variety of different games at that? Let me refresh your memory.

    So no, he is so far from a hypocrite, what is ironic and also hypocritical is the people calling him one.

    God forbid he actually listens to people and their cries for wanting some of the most memorable franchises that are just being left to rot.

    • SwiggitySwag

      I’m fine with Inafune making games like MN9 and even future titles in the same vein as megaman as long as they’re fun. However they guy did go out of his way to say that originality in the Japanese gaming industry was dead and proceeded to then make games in the same style as his old success stories, which is hypocritical because thats what he campaigned against previously.

      • MaidKillua

        He’s doing this for the fans and presumably out of a love for the series which Capcom killed off. After making that statement he also went on to create Soul Sacrifice, which if you ignore everyone who thinks being in the same genre makes it a Monster Hunter clone, was VERY original and also a great game

        • SwiggitySwag

          Right, which is still hypocritical of him to say.

          I never said his games AREN’T good nor did I say I have a problem with it, in fact my exact words were as long as they’re fun I’ll play them regardless.

          But attaching a statement like “oh he’s doing it for fans” isn’t automatically taking him out of him being a hypocrite. He could have made a game with a similar concept to megaman but an entirely different design/gameplay mechanic behind it to get people hyped, which could very well be the case but from what we’ve seen so far is not.

  • sd28

    so now he cant answer a question with getting hated for it damn that must suck.

    • SwiggitySwag

      It’s not the question so much as the precedent.

      I mean people are excited for MN9, especially those who pledged like myself, but this wasn’t a case of him saying would fans be interested in a megaman legends style MN9 game, it was asking if fans would put money towards a kickstarter for it. That sets a bad precedent because it’s now looking more likely that he’ll continue trying to crowd fund his projects from here on out rather than just making his games and growing his studio.

      Literally every penny earned from MN9 is pure profit once it hits the market, because kickstarter removed all of the risk by using other peoples money to fund it. So if MN9 does well he should in theory be able to fund more projects with his own money and therefore grow his library that way, right?

      • MaidKillua

        He probably only mentioned kickstarted as a fall back on the off-chance that MN9 doesn’t actually sell that well (which is entirely possible) but still has dedicated fans who want more. Wait and see if it actually pulls in enough cash for it to be justified complaining about this

        • SwiggitySwag

          Then him mentioning Kickstarter at ALL was irrelevant for now and regardless still sets a bad precedent.

          It’s even worse if you look at it from the point of view where he’s considering other outlets in case his new project flops and can’t be self published.

  • Roger

    How about releasing the first one first and developing games with your own money?

    I really hope MN9 sequels don’t depend on Kickstarter to be made/get released if they happen, one day.

  • MrJechgo

    Hope that Screw Attack upload the entire panel, because I missed 3/4 of it. Yeah, it kinda didn’t help that they posted a schedule, but NEVER stated which time zone it was. For an East Coast guy like me, it was a real pain to watch the stream.

    Gaijin Goomba gets to ask a question, and it’s worth 1,000 bucks XD

  • Tincho D

    He should first release a playable demo of MN9 and see how much people likes it before launching another kickstarter, least he makes himself look too greedy.

    I’d rather give CAPCOM money via KS to make Rockman DASH 3 than giving money to Inafune again for a spirtual clone that will never satisfy the nostalgia of the people wanting Mega Man Legends 3.
    It seems like Inafune failed to understand that what most people wanting MML3 want is closure for the series instead of a bland looking clone made in Unreal Engine.

    • ThatGuy3190_7

      He can’t outright make Mega Man Legends 3 because the rights to the Mega Man franchise currently belongs to Capcom, even though he is the sole creator. What he can do is speak to Capcom about finishing MML3, assuming Capcom isn’t still sour and salty towards Inafune.

      • J_Joestar

        he supposedly did shortly after leaving the company and was (expectedly) shut down, don’t know if he has tried again since.

        • ThatGuy3190_7

          The way Capcom has been faring recently, they need to put whatever difference behind them and collaborate to complete MML3 and call it a day.

    • Haganeren

      He didn’t fail to understand that. Inafune is a commercial and he wants whatever game he makes to sell… So yeah, using the Megaman Legends 3 wounds is a great idea from a commercial standpoint.

      But i think he is too oblivious right now, a little too greedy.

      • Guest

        He said he would consider it, when asked about it by a fan. He didn’t say “I wanna make this so give me money”. Sounds more like a man who knows how to please his fans than a greedy one to me. If the people want it, and he’s willing to give it to them, then I see nothing wrong with that. The fact that it would earn him money is inevitable since y’know, it’s kind of his job. Shouldn’t affect your perception of what he’s doing in the least

  • ThatGuy3190_7

    Nah brah. Focus on creating and getting out the first Mighty No. 9. By the way, whatever happened to Kaio: King of Pirates????

    • Probably ended up on the Grand Line. You know, to face Luffy and all that.

    • Tony F.

      You see, nowadays people don’t pay much atention to his work when it’s NOT blue robot-related… :/

      That’s why I have a hunch we will be seeing lots and lots of “totally not megaman”. Not a bad thing considering Capcom won’t do anything about it, but still…

    • J_Joestar

      He said it was complete in an interview a long while back, it is apparently in Marvelous’s hands right now and is up to them when it will release.

      • ThatGuy3190_7

        Must have missed the interview. Thanks dude.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    People are morons for hyping his question, who cares about a MML like? After MML2, the reason people wanted a MML3 was for conclusion to the series [moreso after that cliffhanger]. It’s like Shenmue, we want a Shenmue 3 to finish the saga, not to have a game with its gameplay~.

    • Eder García

      what an answer

    • Guest

      And ZX3, too. It’s a shame that series never fully kicked off.

      Now that I think about it, it’s an odd coincidence that all of those series only have two main games so far.

      • Tincho D

        I loved ZX but the sequel kinda killed the saga.

        It doesn’t help Gunvolt looks like it plays nothing alike (Relies too much on the shooting of a couple electrodes and the use of the overpowered lightning gimmick, to the point where enemies look completely trivial as the player can abuse this system to easily clear the screen of enemies and obstacles even from a completely safe distance after a couple shots).
        When did Japan became so casual?

    • Satori Satya

      Funny that the audience in assistance there never realized what you just said.

      But then again, they pretty much cheer about anything. Nothing much going on outside of that event.

  • TheSoullesOne

    Holy crap I said this as a joke a while ago its kinda cool knowing it might come to fruition but in a way I’m kinda torned because yes I want another legends but its not the same if its another cast than I’m used to but I will hold my judgment plus it ain’t even a sure thing so I’ll just wait it out and see what happens

  • Tienron


  • Eduardo


  • How about releasing this game first before committing to another kickstarter

    • Satori Satya

      You do realize that Inafune is the definition of a businessman, do you?

      He wants to keep Mega Man’s… er… Mighty N0.9’s fans glued to his every move. In order to be able to get them to open their wallets down the line.

      So yeah. He will say stuff that he knows will hype them up.

  • RichyGaming

    Just so some of you guys know:
    Inafune isn’t going to use any of the money people sent over for his kickstarter of MN9 for any other game.

    • Daggerfall

      well, it’s a kickstarter for MN9 and nothing else.

  • MasterScrub

    Can’t say I’m all that interested. I loved the characters and the story of Legends, not just the gameplay.

    • leingod

      Megaman Legends was one of the first 3D third person shooters ever, so yeah, the mechanics left a lot to be desired. Still, I think that shouldn’t be a problem today.

    • Ridho Siregar

      Yeah, NUFF SAID! It just doesn’t feel right getting them some kind of replaced, seeing a new Legends-style Mighty No. 9 (which surely will scratch our nostalgia feely-feel-feel-area) rising while Volnutt forgotten away in Elysium.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Think of the possibilities that have been born from this moment, wishful thinking.

  • Yan Zhao

    Just dont start the kickstart until at least close to MN9’s release, or after. Focus on MN9 first.

  • PowerOfTheFlamesIori

    So basically, now gamers both buy the games and pay for the games to be created too?

    Pretty soon they’ll be sending us dev kits and charging us to create games for them .

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