This Is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s New Flagship Monster

By Ishaan . July 14, 2014 . 4:31pm

Like its predecessors, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has a new flagship monster. While we don’t know what its name is, the monster was featured in the latest trailer for the game, and he’s also on the game’s cover in Japan (above).


Whether or not this new monster will be featured on the cover of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in North America and Europe remains to be seen.


The original version of Monster Hunter 4 never made it over to the West, so Capcom could simply decide to stick with the Gore Magala, who was the original’s mascot for the game’s Western release.


In fact, the Gore Magala was one of the main attractions at Capcom’s E3 booth this year. The publisher erected a large statue of him at their booth, and allowed people to have their photographs taken next to (or on top of) it.


Also, unlike the new monster, the Gore Magala looks very distinct, so he probably would be the better cover choice in the West, simply because he’s more eye-catching and doesn’t resemble any of the existing monsters in the series.


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  • flameraver64

    Is that Rath Soul armor? Regardless, that Rathalos Charge Blade is badass

  • Red Antares

    Japan onry!

    • Jeremy Noble

      nope. It was announced that it was coming to america and EU a few months back.

      • Namuro

        I think he’s talking about the game case…

      • Red Antares

        If this is true then I stand corrected.

  • Anewme…Again

    Is that the only new monster for MH4U announced until now ?

    • flameraver64

      If you don’t count subspecies, then yes. I suspect there’ll be at least one more, the “endgame” monster.

      • 하세요

        Hope it’s better than Dara, because he’s one massive punching bag. The random meteors are the only scary thing ._.’

  • Rudy Soto

    Good choice, because personally I’ve yet to experience Monster Hunter Toothless for myself.

  • Armageddon

    Why does that monster look like a chicken?

  • Tetris

    That is one sexy case.

  • 하세요

    Man, I want to go digital to get this immediately like I did 4, but that physical is lookin’ mighty dandy. I should go physical since this is the G version.

  • dracometeo

    Edited: [Black Fatalis] and [Crimson Fatalis] in monster hunter 4 so……. [White Fatalis] confirmed?

    • Ruins72

      black is the normal, crimson is the sub.

      • dracometeo

        Ops…. you’re right. It’s been awhile since i play Monster Hunter so, i got the name wrong….. Thank you for correcting me!

  • lel

    magna metal rathalosmon

  • Namuro

    The new monster’s Japanese name: スティーブ

    The localized name: Stephen

    • Natalie Rath

      LOL WHAT!?

  • That’s one sexy weapon.

  • Can we make a kickstarter for Black 3DS boxes outside of Japan?

    I know its silly but there are kickstarters for potato salad.

    • 하세요

      It’s a little too late to bring over the “Mature Games = Black Box” thing.

      Plus, you better include a Black 3DS Box party like the Potato Salad party or no donation from me! >:

      • Haha, of course there will be a party!


  • Gore Magala looks way more interesting and intimidating. I gotta be honest, this monster looks like a Frontier monster and most Frontier monsters look like mainline monster rejects.

    • That’s actually a really apt way of putting it. If it weren’t for the great animation in the trailer, he would totally look like a Monster Hunter Frontier refugee.

      • Namuro

        I wish they would put some of the Frontier monsters in there… Gogomoa would fit right in with all the trees that he can hang and swing about.

        • sd28

          ah they should put in that black rathain

  • Lemski07

    COVER = UBER HYPE dammit..

  • Land of Green Pasture

    this one… is STEVE isn’t it?

  • kusanaginico

    the e3 demo was the demo of mh4 translated wasnt the demo of mh4g because dont have the new moves wwww

  • J_Joestar

    looks like he’ll be the type to stick to aerial attacks a lot.

  • triablos

    Really hoping this is the case for 4U in the west. I liked the 3U case, but it screamed ‘guy teams up with dragon and wear matching colours’

    I’d be happy with the original 4’s cover too if they just went with magara.

  • Mseevers95

    His name is Steve

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