Fate/Stay Night’s “Heaven’s Feel” Route Getting Animated Film

By Ishaan . July 27, 2014 . 4:31pm

「Fate/stay night」Heaven's Feel PV01 by pKjd


It’s happening. The Fate/Stay Night visual novel’s “Heaven’s Feel” route is being adapted into an anime film. Anime News Network reports that the annoucement was made at a conference in Shinagawa, Tokyo this past weekend.


Anime production studio, ufotable, who are also producing the new Fate/Stay Night anime series scheduled for release this Fall, are doing the animation for the Heaven’s Feel adaptation. Storyboards are being handled by Takahiro Miura, director of the new anime series.


The Heaven’s Feel route gives the Sakura Mato character a greater role in the events that take place during the game. It is also the route that introduced the popular Saber Alter character.

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  • Wrathful

    I’m confident that Ufotable will probably do justice to this particular route like they did with Fate/Zero. Ufotable is probably my favourite production of this generation.

    • Revyatheworldeater .

      Don’t think I have seen anything not awesome from them. Even when they aren’t the main production studio (I believe they did the cg work for Nagi no Asukara).

  • Fanboy explosion!

  • X_Bacon

    I’m hyped as hell, but I think those experiencing its story for the first time probably won’t understand much, just like the UBW movie.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see the two epic battles near Einzbern Castle in glorious ufotable animation.

  • Luis Es.

    I”m looking forward to this! Playing through each route in the visual novel was awesome and i did it back to back. It’ll be nice to see this looking better then what the game provided.

  • Kornelious

    Well I figured this was inevitable, but certainly not unwanted :)

    Looks like Fate is gonna be pretty popular in the coming months….I can’t wait! :D

  • Alice

    Hype for this too :), we get to see some Rider screen time too!

  • KevinReaves

    Meh fate. Never cared for it.

    • Shame you feel that way, especially if you read the visual novel.

      I will say its original animé incarnation was less than par by far. At least it wasn’t a certain other Type-Moon project that shan’t be mentioned.

  • Laith Rem

    Not a fact, let me repeat not a fact, but it’s prolly gonna be a series of movies since it was named the same way Kara was.

    • Revyatheworldeater .

      That is what I am hoping.

    • doubleO7

      Named the same? What do you mean?

      • Laith Rem

        They were announced as Theatrical Format Anime or somesuch.

        Basically, new movies as episodes in the case of Kara.

  • Guest

    I’ve been waiting forever and day to see an animated version of that fight between Kotomine and Shirou.


  • persona_yuji

    Sparks liner high. Let me hear some of that “Mighty Wind”!

    • Magus KilIer

      That scene was so manly, Mighty Wind was composed exclusively to be in it

  • -Misaki-


  • Alexandra Cordes

    I really hope it isn’t rushed to infinity. It’s not like they’re shoving an entire visual novel route into a film.
    …Crud. Well, it’ll still be beautiful to look at, at least.

  • Armageddon

    What’s heaven’s feel? Is it like saber alter’s story in Fate/Unlimited Code?

    • Jin Kisaragi

      It’s a route in the Fate stay night VN.

    • doubleO7

      It’s the 3rd (and final) story from the original visual novel. They did pull material from HF for some of the Unlimited Codes stories, but its not exactly the same (and not to mention significantly streamlined to work within the confines of a fighting game).

    • Zak Ledward

      As it said in the article, it CONTAINS Saber Alter, but focuses more on Sakura Matou instead of Saber/Rin

    • Suicunesol

      It does feature Saber Alter, yes. But it’s not “her” story, persay.

    • kotaro_14

      It’s the best and most comprehensive route in the game. The feels it produces, the FEELS.

    • Armageddon

      Tnx for the rep guys. I think I get the gist of it.

  • Inuyakira

    OMG!! This is Awesome UTW + HF!
    Fate x Ufotable I love you!
    And Kalafina is on the project too!(finally confirmed!)
    I just can’t wait, It’s gonna be awesome this fall + next year!!

    Now if only Aksys could release Fate / stay night Realta Nua for Vita in English (I’m perfecly fine with english text only and Japanese VA!)
    it will be perfect!

    *copy pasted my comment from “New Fate/Stay Night Anime Series To Be “Unlimited Blade Works””

  • Not sure when is supposed to come out, but Hell yeah! Gotta love Ufotable =)

    • Kit

      It will air in Fall season this year. Around October I guess.

      • I think that’s just the series on October 4th. Or did they say Fall for this too?

        • Kit

          Oh, sorry I didnt notice this difference. I thought this is series they plan for this Fall.

    • ivan012345

      There’s no date yet for the HF movie, the one airing this Fall is the 1st season of the remake series

    • Hieu Nguyen

      Hm. May I ask what anime you get your profile pic from? It looks …interesting.

      • The anime is called No Game No Life, and her name is Jibril. Srry it took me so long to respond. Hadn’t checked my email for a while lol

        • Hieu Nguyen

          Thanks! :D

  • Desfel


  • RagingTiger44

    I’d be hype, but then I remember that UBW movie. I’ll wait and see how this turns out.

    P.S. – I’m aware that the UBW movie was done by a different studio, but still I remain cautious to see how day will streamline 15 days of events into 1 1/2 hour movie.

  • DawnWolf

    Hopefully this is more than one movie (ala Kara no Kyoukai), because Heavens Feel is longer than Fate and UBW combined and then some… and theres no way to condense all the development and events of HF into a short 1/2hour movie.

  • Heartlesswithaheart

    YES! I absolutely love Heaven’s Feel and am completely looking forward to this!

  • RichyGaming

    Why the fuck is Unlimited Blade Works going to have a fucking anime series while Heaven’s Feel gets a movie!? Fuck… I’m already gonna assume this shit is gonna… no never mind. I’m not gonna say anything until it happens.

    • Wrathful

      That’s a wise decision.

    • natchu96

      Well, there’s not point making a SECOND UBW movie now is there.

      • RichyGaming

        Well, there’s NO point IN making another UBW because it already has an animated film. Heaven’s Feel should be the route with an anime show, not a movie. But its Ufotable. That’s why I’m not gonna say anything yet.

        • natchu96

          Well, one of the obvious issues with the UBW movie in the first place was that they pretty much skipped over a bunch of crap.

          So now we can have actual plot happen, at the very least. And it’ll look better, so I guess that counts for something.

          • RichyGaming

            No, no you’re right. I’m pretty upset that Heaven’s Feel won’t last long, but I’m still kind of happy for UBW(I only saw the movie), despite my preferences.

            Looking at the bright side, FSN(If thats how people refer to the series) will have two animations so I can’t complain about that.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    Oh, fuck this!
    UBW get a two cour series and HF will be a rushed movie? god fucking damnit Ufotable, GOD FUCKING DAMNIT.
    yeah. i’m mad so what?
    edit: now that i raged as a net citizen.
    I hope it turns out to be like kara no kyoukai

  • Makoto Yuki

    Uhh… UBW movie already feel rushed, why do they decide to try again with an even longer route like HF???

  • Lynx

    While I can understand UBW as a tv show, I can’t understand just giving HF film(s). Its the longest route but also requires way more prior knowledge of stuff that was established in Zero, Fate and UBW which they’ll probably skim over.

    Meh. I’ll wait and see how this turns out, given it’s being done by the person behind my least favorite KnK film.

  • あっかり~ん

    I hope it isn’t as bad as the UBW one (IMO), but being the longest route I don’t see how they can pull it out without butchering a lot of content.

    • Suicunesol

      Why did you think the UBW movie was bad?

      • echokanon

        Many contents were cut off or diluted.

    • kotaro_14

      That one was produced before F/Z before ufotable. I’d say this one would be more in-line with F/Z and the new F/SN.

    • ekibyougami

      As much as I love UBW, the movie was indeed bad from several scenes/dialogues being cut off or shortened.
      It’s confusing for those who haven’t played the VN (or the eroge).

      • GÍlgamesh Goldenking

        The biggest surprise was that shirou couldn’t even match gilgamesh in the anime and he defeats him in the movie big fail lol he can’t do that lol even saber had a hard time against him and probably she would lose but anime logic before you release your ultimate move lol shout its name and saber shouted exCALIbur but gilgamesh ENUMA ELISH took more time for his enuma elish to be charged and so he was defeated

  • Zak Ledward

    Oh God, F/SN: “You will” Feel route. As much as I want to avoid this film do to the amount of feels in it. I have to do it for Saber Alter.

    “If I don’t come back in two days, my heart probably died.” -me

  • Haruki

    I am surprised they still make content based on fate/stay, I mean its 10years old

    • John Smith

      Comic books are over 50 years old and we’re getting like 4 movie adaptations every year.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      That’s how popular it is.

    • GÍlgamesh Goldenking

      Old is best i love yu yu hakusho more over naruto and db lol dbz = you are immortal lmao
      naruto after pain sucks ._.

      i think lol saber in zero was cool though i will be very happy if somebody lol maybe ufotable release the teasing fate prototype series lol

    • natchu96

      The english translating for Fate/Apocrypha is still going on at that.

      Mordred is hawt.

  • Brotato Chip

    wait so HF is going to be a movie while the UBW gets the series? I don’t know what to feel about the movie part…

    • J_Joestar

      If they go the KnK method with several high quality movies, i could accept that.

  • Flash Fire Blast

    Before you guys complain any further, think about the possibility of the HF movie becoming a series of movies like Kara no Kyoukai.

    There’s no way in hell ufotable can stuff the longest and most plot heavy route into a single movie without losing much in transition. The best way to animate HF is to go for the Kara no Kyoukai approach.

    • Suicunesol

      I would go for that.

      The wait between each film would be madness, though. It takes forever for anime films to come out on DVD, too.

    • Aleister Crowley

      If they cut most of the angst part, I can see it landing at 2 hours, maybe.

  • Go2hell66

    *fangirl squeal*

  • John Smith

    Why does everyone assume that Heaven’s Feel being a movie means it’s going to fail hard? Just wait and see how it turns out, it could be much better than you think.

    And before anyone says anything, yes, I have played the source material.

    • ShadowJetX

      They probably all think its gonna suck because of how the Unlimited Blade Works film was.

      Studio DEEN really isn’t all that great, but I have absolute faith in ufotable, especially after Kara no Kyoukai.

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

        Studio DEEN is arguably the most scattershot studio out there. Higurashi, Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? and… *sigh* Junjou Romantica are great but to balance those out they’ve also released stuff like the awful Umineko adaptation or worse… Pupa.

        “onii-chan! onii-chan! onii-chan! onii-chan! onii-chan!”

  • Aleister Crowley

    I’ve always seen HF as the “What Stuff Are We Missing Route”.
    “Kotomine is cool, have we seen enough of him? Throw it in there.”
    “Sakura is supposed to be a female lead but vanished in the other routes. In there.”
    “Do we have enough exposition in the other routes? Oh, we had to fill it with a balance of general badassery, story and characters? In there.”
    “We now have 3 leads, so let’s Alter off Saber and replace her with Rider, that only had a couple of scenes in the last routes. In there.”
    “Is there enough angst in the other routes? In there.”

    Is how I imagine the conversation went.

  • Oh God. It’s happening! It’s happening! First UBW re-adaptation and now this! I think I’m going to explode!

    • GÍlgamesh Goldenking

      Same here lol because i love fate series watched 3 times already :v

  • Ban The Jackass


  • Alphabet Soup

    Ya know…with all these coming out in anime form and Fate Zero having done so well here…might be a great time for some visual novel licensor to bring the game itself over. :)

    I’ve never played the full game (only part of Fate route), but I’ve heard Heaven’s Feel is probably the darkest of the three routes. Looking forward to this.

    • X_Bacon

      Oh boy, I’d kill for the Vita version in English

    • TagAnarchy

      You don’t know dark until you go through Fate/Zero then Heaven’s Feel in one sitting. Urobutchi didn’t even touch the original VN to my knowledge, and it still has no happy ends to be found. Even the “Harem Ending” is dark and depressing for Heaven’s Feel.

    • TagAnarchy

      And I say Harem in the lightest sense possible.

  • Ric Vazquez


  • Altin

    Despite my hate for Sakura, HF had some of the ballest fight scenes in the whole VN.

    I will be damned if they don’t add Mighty Wind in this. And I will hunt them if they don’t add Light and Darkness during that one fight.

    • GÍlgamesh Goldenking

      O.O i love fate series XD but never played any vn of it so how were the fight in this vn XD kind enough to give me lil bit spoiler lol

      • Altin

        They were good mate. Just type it in on Youtube and you will find plenty. I cant name a single fight scene in HF because of spoilers and I dont want to ruin it for everyone, but it is suffice to say that they have some of the finest in HF ;)

        You could either try to find the VN for yourself to play, or there are some LP videos with all three routes so you can sit down, enjoy a nice drink and read them ^^

      • natchu96

        Going by your name . . . sad news for Gil, he kinda didn’t even get enough time to establish presence before his arrogance got him. As it usually does, but not THIS quickly.

        The rest is good though.

  • Ridho Siregar

    Let us wait for the announcement of figma Sakura.

  • Jeremy Lafferty

    I will watch this for Rider’s sake. That is all.

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