Fairy Fencer F And Natural Doctrine Get Their Release Dates Swapped

By Ishaan . August 2, 2014 . 12:28pm

NIS America have shared updated release dates for two of their games slated for this year—Fairy Fencer F and Natural Doctrine. New release dates for the two are as follows:


Fairy Fencer F – September 16th (U.S.), September 19th (Europe)

Natural Doctrine – September 23rd (U.S.), September 26th (Europe)


Previously, the release dates of both games were swapped with one another. It looks like NISA decided to release Fairy Fencer first, for whatever reason.

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  • Anewme…Again

    I guess that’s good, i’m looking forward to FFF, but couldn’t care less for Natural Doctrine.

    • Postnjam

      I am, it’s technically the first PS4 JRPG in Europe. My PS4 has been sitting there JRPG…..less

      • darke

        I still think it’s technically the first JRPG on the PS4, full stop. Unless you count MMORPGs as RPGs.

  • Revyatheworldeater .

    Means I get time to play Fairy Fencer F before Ar nosurge comes out.

  • the9reen9uy

    Either way, September is going to be one damn expensive month..

    • Soltrigger

      Hyrule Warriors, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, Naruto Shippuden:
      Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, and Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star
      come out in September as well. I think everybody’s wallets are going to be
      hurting that month. Including mine.

      • the9reen9uy

        Not to mention Destiny and Danganronpa 2.. X_X The wallet-pain is real

        • Soltrigger

          Dear Arceus, it’s worse then I thought! How will are wallets ever survive!?

        • I noticed these too.

          I hope some of these publishers aren’t expecting huge first week sales. They HAVE to have noticed this.

          Hope they’ll be happy with copies selling later on in October, November and December.

        • mike dickson

          you forgot persona 4 arena ultimax

  • Suriel Cruz

    BEST. NEWS. TODAY …and decision by NISA. ^ ^
    Fairy Fencer f! <3'

  • Tyler Beale

    I…want….FF….but I missed out on the LE (like I did with Neptunia mk2)…

  • Alex Sargeant

    Weird. More interested in Natural Doctrine. Idea Factory and I don’t get along.

    It’s not like there’ll be a shortage of games then anyway, so I can wait the extra week. I wonder what prompted the switch. I’ve never heard of release dates -switching- directly before.

  • Kaitou21

    That sucks i really wanted to get Natural Doctrine earlier, too bad about the delay, been a while since I’ve had a Valkyria Chronicles styled RPG.

    • Luis Es.

      Lost dimensions is kinda like valkyria chronicles. THe demo is out on the Jp psn if you’re interested in checking that out. I really hope that comes out state side.

    • Chris Yuen

      As a fellow Valkyria Chronicles fan, I would advise you to temper your expectations. It might seem Valkyria-like at the start, but it’s really nothing like that.

  • Steven Higgins

    Still gonna wait ’till October for FFF

  • Kornelious

    Well that’s odd…..But awesome! I was looking forward to Fairy Fencer F more than Natural Doctrine so this is good news…..Though It’s a bit sad that I won’t be able to receive both of the awesome Limited Editions for on the same day leading to an overload only this coming August 19th can compete with……But I’ll live :P

    Also does anyone find the reversible cover of Pipin for the game just…..weird?

    • Zero_Destiny

      I love it! lol

    • Zero_Destiny

      I love it! lol

    • aizen310

      lel what the heck XD

    • Jadfish

      that’s the camoflage cover for the closet otaku.
      Bring that thing back to the hood and brothers be like “yo what that green thing yo carryin’?”
      and you reply “shits for mah cousin’s birthday yo, got her a pstripple last year, ya dig?”
      and yo street cred be safe dog

      • kao

        Closet otaku is literaly the first I thought of when I saw that weird reverse cover.

        • darke

          They should have done a pixel-image for the face. With that logo you could claim it’s a throw-back classic JRPG and people would think you were totally hip-and-retro.

          • kao

            Well at least the cover isn’t as obvious as something like neptunia.

            But I don’t mind, as long as the game is fun i’d proudly walk around with even a senran kagura game..

    • Jeremy Lafferty

      It’s because they couldn’t show the sideboobs.

  • Anontastic

    Anyone here play Fairy Fencer already? How is it, like, compared to Neptunia? Better? Worse? Different? I’m just going to assume it’s better than Mugen Souls (bleh!), but I might be interested in picking this one up if it’s better than Neptunia~

    • There are plenty of videos up online for it. I can’t tell, mainly because I ignore the Neptunia series :P But you can check out some good vids regardless.

      Maybe this is helphful? Someone on Gematsu threw this in the comments

      –the Youtube channel “MasterLL” has a lot of Fury Fencer vids it seems.

    • Jeremy Lafferty

      I own the import. Haven’t played too terribly much of it due to being moon deficient, but it’s very good. Obviously similar battle system to Neptunia V since it uses the same engine, but the storyline is refreshingly different and the characters interesting (and adorable).

  • Ooh. NIS pushed Fairy Fencer out of the same release week as ArNo Surge I see. That’s kind of good, since they’re definitely going to be competing for the same audience. But sucks overall, because I’m certain that the same audience is going to be split between them and end up broke anyway.

    Let’s take a look at this two week window in September, release-wise.

    We have Naturo Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, Hyrule Warriors, Ar No Surge, Natural Doctrine and Fairy Fencer F.

    September will be TERRIBLE. Thanks for spacing these out, guys! Ugh. Sales will just be worse for everything overall.

    I hope I can get TWO of these…

  • Zoozbuh

    Yay, that’s more like it. What even is ‘Natural Doctrine’ anyway? Hasn’t caught my interest at all.

    • Tarkovsky

      SRPG by Kadokawa Games. It’s apparently very brutal.

      • darke

        Wasn’t there an article recently about how they’ve toned it down somewhat with a patch? Or at least gave it some difficulty options or something.

        I don’t mind challenging games, but running repeatedly into a wall isn’t fun. :(

    • Tarkovsky

      SRPG by Kadokawa Games. It’s apparently very brutal.

  • Yan Zhao

    Im more interested in FFF, so this is good news to me.

  • GigaGaia

    Thanks, was planning to get Fairy Fencer F and not Natural Doctrine.

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